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4 hours ago, storminthedark said:

At the rate of these updates nothing is going to challenge WS for the #1 for a while since it's so far ahead and nothing else is gaining so fast. The next #1 will probably be BYG or Rockstar but not for some time since it needs to catch up unless Watermelon Sugar declines fast. I guess radio is stuck between a rock and a hard place of listeners being bored and tired of the older songs in rotation (Blinding Lights, Adore You etc) but don't have much else to replace those songs with that they're willing to support. It means all these updates are so stagnant though. 


Why has Taylor stalled so much with Pop radio aside from Delicate post-1989? Betty is already getting adds on Country before the add date and her team are pushing it with ads on Country Aircheck too so it's not as if radio as a whole isn't willing to support her. I don't get it. The song went to #1 and has held up decently on streaming too.

It's not really a summer type song. I could see it getting a wind in Autumn. 

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