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Monky_2405's Top100 25.2- Olivia strikes back!


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Yesss pull thru Symphony :clap3: I hope it goes #1 :duca: Breathe and Mo Bounce debuting :celestial:

Louisa in the Top 15 :clap3: Green Light and Everyday -4 :chick3: Love and Stay -3 :'(

Touch and Scared To Be Lonely :weeps: I hope 1 Night and You Don't Know Me debut :duca:

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NICKI #1, BUT...


"Regret In Your Tears" by Nicki Minaj loses its #1 spot just after a week and dropping two spots to #3, but Nicki herself is still dominating this week as "No Frauds", the Drake/Wayne collaboraton, rise up one spot and it's now #1! "Symphony" by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson is up at #2 and the competition for the #1 was very very close, what will happen next week? "Hey Ma" falls from its peak (#3) to #4, Tinashe's "Flame"  is still on the rise, gaining 4 more positions and peaking, this week, at #5. Also on the rise, probably also thanks to the music video, is "No More Sad Songs" by Little Mix and Machine Gun Kelly, this week the song reaches a new peak after 5 weeks as it climbs up to #6! Pretty stable is "Green Light", this week Lorde only loses 1 spot and it's at #7. Fomer #1 "Chained To The Rhythm" slips #5->#8, and if "Ciao Adios" by Anne-Marie is about to the leave the top 10 being #10, "Best Behaviour" by Louisa Johnson is a new entry in the Top 10 at #9, climbing 9 spots since last week!.


What's new on the chart?


The highest debuting song this week is the new Calvin Harris single "Heatstroke", the track featuring Young Thug, Pharrell and Ariana Grande starts at #25. Last week #1 bubbling under track debuts at #27 this week, it is "No Promises" by the Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato! Two tracks, this week, starts on the chart thanks to the amount of plays they got in a just a few days/hours, its "Now Or Never" (#37) by Halsey, the just-released lead single off her sophomore album and "Die With You" (#46), the exclusive track Beyoncé shared on her wedding anniversary! Other debuts: Vanessa White with "Running Wild" (#42), Kat Graham with "Sometimes" (#44), Anton Powers & Pixie Lott with "Baby" (#48) and Black M feat. Shakira with "Comme Moi" (#49)














   100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg100x100bb.jpg   

100x100bb.jpg100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg 100x100bb.jpg

 Gjan - Wasn't Easy

Vérité - When You're Gone

Mandisa - Unfinished

Mura Masa - 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)

Art House & Natasha Bedingfield - Love Looks Like

Cherish - Self Destruction

Hey Violet - Break My Heart

Maren Morris - I Could Use A Love Song

Thomas Rhett - Craving You (feat. Maren Morris)

Ed Sheeran - Galwaygrl




Sigala & KATO - Show You Love (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)  LW: 40   PEAK: 29   WKS ON: 5

Lady Gaga - John Wayne  LW: 42  PEAK: 3  WKS ON: 7

Star Cast - Ain't About What You Got   LW: 45  PEAK:  45  WKS ON: 1

ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever   LW: 46  PEAK: 11  WKS ON: 5

Bebe Rexha - I Got You  LW: 47  PEAK:  40  WKS ON:  3

Leah McFall - Happy Human   LW: 48  PEAK: 24  WKS ON: 6

Gucci Mane & Nicki Mnaj  LW: 49  PEAK: 49  WKS ON: 1

Rihanna - Love On The Brain  LW: 50  PEAK: 44  WKS ON:  3




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Gaga, ZAYN/Taylor, Bebe, Rih out :noparty: Halsey and CCs/Demi's songs are cute :alexz3:
Julia, Jason/Nicki/Ty, Lana, Lea, Ariana/Future, Katy/Skip, Lorde, Nicki (RIYT) down :!ohno:
David/N/W, Iggy, Zedd/Alessia, Tinashe, Bandit/Zara, Nicki/D/W rising :smitten: Symphony should've been #1 tho :keir:

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Now Or Never debuting already :alexz: I agree with Remmy, Symphony should be #1 :keir:

Best Behaviour in the Top 10 :worship2: Breathe, Scared To Be Lonely and Stay rising :celestial:

Green Light still hanging in there :alexz3: Everyday and Love :dancehall3:

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14 hours ago, witness1.3 said:

I hope Symphony ends Nicki :ahh:

How long was Chained #1? At least it went #1 somewhere :eddie:

FFF, Stay, and Love :fan:

Chained to the Rhythm was #1 for 6 weeks! Yeah at least it smashed somewhere :!ohno: 

Symphony and No Frauds were very close this week..who knows :coffee:

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Clean Bandit #1, Halsey is coming!


In the end it happened, this week Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson are #1 with their hit song "Symphony", dethroning former 1-week #1 song "No Frauds", by Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne, sitting pretty at #2! New in top 3 is "Flame" by Tinashe, up two spots from last week! Also up is "No More Sad Songs", the third single by Little Mix in collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, the song is #4 this week (up two spots from last week). 

"Regret In Your Tears" by Minaj loses two spots and this week ranks #5, same kind of performance by "Hey Ma" down 2 spot this week at #6!

Climing the charts in an incredible fast way is "Now Or Never" by Halsey, the song is already in Top 10 in its 2nd week, sitting at #7, the song debuted at #37 last week so it climbed 30 spots! Up from last week is also Louisa Johnson with "Best Behaviour", the single reaches a new peak at #8 (up 1!). Still falling is Lorde with "Green Light" (#9 this week) whilte there's another new entry in the top 10 this week, climbing 6 spots since last week "Stay" by Zedd and Alessia Cara reaches a new peak at #10 in its 7th week charting!



What's new on the chart?


The highest new entry on the chart this week is "Wans't Easy" by Gjan (#33), other new entries are "Me Enamorè" by Shakira (#41), "I Could Use A Love Song" by Maren Morris (#42), "Unfinished" by Mandisa (#43), "When You're Gone" by Vérité (#44) and "Love Looks Like" by Art House and Natasha Bedingfield (#48)


















Cherish - Self Destruction

Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times

Tkay Maidza - Glorious

Thomas Rhett - Craving You (feat. Maren Morris)

Mura Masa - 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)

Samantha Jade - Nothing Without You

Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl

Astrid S - Bloodstream

Hey Violet - Break My Heart

Victoria Monet - Ready




Linking Park - "Heavy (feat. Kiiara)" | LW: 41 PEAK: 16  WEEKS ON: 8 

Little Mix - "Touch" | LW: 43  PEAK: 15  WEEK ON: 6

Sofia Carson - "Back To Beautiful (Stargate Remix)" | LW: 45  PEAK: 5  WEEKS ON: 7

R3hab - "Trouble (feat. Vérité)" | LW: 47  PEAK: 11  WEEKS ON: 8

Clare Bowen - Love Steps In | LW: 50  PEAK: 12  WEEKS ON: 8





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Symphony #1 :clap3:No More Sad Songs on the rise :alexz:

Green Light, Stay, Chained To The Rhythm & Ciao Adios all in a row :alexz3:

It Ain't Me down :dancehall: Heatstroke up :duca:Everyday & Love plummetting :dancehall3:

Sign of the Times bubbling under :angelo: Touch falling off :rip:

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When You're Gone is nice :flower: Halsey +30 :alexz: LEGEND, Now Or Never slays :flame:

Symphony #1 :alexz3: Best Behaviour, Stay and No More Sad Songs rising :celestial4: 

Baby is ok but I need something better from Pixie :celestial6: Touch out :weeps:

Bloodstream on deck :duca: Astrid S lowkey slays :worship2:

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Julia, Lana, Jason/Nicki/Ty, Lea, Ari/Future, Katy/Skip, Lorde, Nicki, Nicki/Drake/Wayne down :'(
David/Nicki/Wayne, Codes/Demi, Iggy, Zedd/Alessia, Halsey, Tinashe rising :worship: Yas these are all BOPS.
Bandit/Zara taking over the top spot :katie2::katie2::katie2::katie2::katie2:

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On 15/4/2017 at 3:52 PM, T.O.A.D.S. said:

I thought Nicki would have a bigger drop

Love and Everyday dropping :rip: 

She'll start dropping faster next week I think, since it is off "heavy rotation" for me now!! We'll see :duca: 

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Lady Gaga heals herself and debuts high!


In a week where songs climb and fall fast, "Symphony" by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson is still #1! Up 5 positions reaching a new peak, just behind the top spot is "Now Or Never" by Halsey. Pretty stable at #3, down 1 position, is "No Frauds" by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake, the music video premiered yesterday and helped the song on the "iTunes" chart! Down to #4 is Tinashe's latest single "Flame", while at #5, reaching a new peak, there's "Stay" by Zedd and Alessia Cara! "No More Sad Songs" by Little Mix is #6, the Machine Gun Kelly assisted track loses two spots this week! Position #7 is the real thing this week, since is where Lady Gaga, with just 4 days of plays, debuts with her new surprise-released single "The Cure"! "Best Behaviour" by Louisa Johnson and Lorde's "Green Light" are non-movers at #8 and #9, falls to #10 "Hey Ma" by Pitbull & J Balvin, featuring Camila Cabello!



What's new on the chart?


Aside the great debut of Lady Gaga's new single "The Cure", the chart this week welcomes, at #31, "Sign of The Times", lead single off the solo debut studio album by Harry Styles, at #47 "Self Destruction" by the R&B duo Cherish and the newest single by DNCE featuring Nicki Minaj, "Kissing Strangers", at #49!


















01. Ed Sheeran - "Galway Girl"

02. Tkay Maidza - "Glorious"

03. Noah Cyrus - "Stay Together"

04. Samantha Jade - "Nothing Without You"

05. Allie X - "Paper Love"

06. Paramore - "Hard Times"

07. TLC - "Way Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)"

08. Thomas Rhett - "Craving You (feat. Maren Morris)"

09. Eden xo - "Drips Gold (feat. Raja Kumari)"

10. Astrid S - "Bloodstream"





Cashmere Cat - "Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello)"  | LW: 45  PEAK: 3  WEEKS ON: 9 

Future - "Selfish (feat. Rihanna)"  | LW: 47  PEAK: 27  WEEKS ON: 5

Art House & Natasha Bedingfield - "Love Looks Like"  | LW: 48  PEAK: 48  WEEKS ON: 1

Olivia O'Brien - "Empty"  |  LW: 50  PEAK: 38  WEEKS ON: 3




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The Cure debuting in the Top 10 :celestial: Nice lil song, a bit overrated but still a bop :jamming:

I hope Halsey goes #1 :duca: Stay in the Top 5 :clap3: Running Wild and When You're Gone rising :celestial4:

Best Behaviour, Mo Bounce and Green Light stable :party: Breathe, Love, Everyday, NMSS and STBL falling :weeps:

Paper Love, Bloodstream and Hard Times bubbling under :duca: these need to debut :duca:

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Fine w/ all the fall-offs :) Ed, Noah and Paramore bubbling under :alexz3: DNCE debuting :heart2:
Harry also joining the chart, and Gaga already zooming into the top 10 :katie2::katie2::katie2:
Julia, Guetta/Nicki/Wayne, Lana, Lea, Jason/Nicki/Ty, Ari/Future, Katy/Skip, Nicki x3, Tinashe dropping :noparty:
Iggy and Lorde stable, Bandit/Zara still #1 :date: Codes/Demi, Zedd/Alessia, Halsey moving upT :smitten:

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Lady Gaga heals at #3, Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd debut in Top20


Third week at #1 for the Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson single "Symphony", while it's pretty stable at #2 Halsey's new single "Now Or Never"! After the huge debut of last week, "The Cure" by Lady Gaga climbs 4 spots and already reaches #3, a new peak also for "Stay" by Zedd and Alessia Cara, the song is #4, up 1 spot from last week. Also up this week and new in the Top 10 is the summer smash by Anton Powers and Pixie Lott, "Baby" is #5! Falling to #6 is former #1 "No Frauds", by the big three (Minaj, Wayne and Drake), also falling (#7) is "Flame" by Tinashe! Another new entry in the top 10 is at #8 this week, we're talking about "No Promises" by Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato! British X Factor winners Little Mix and Louisa Johnson are falling this week, "No More Sad Songs" is #9, while "Best Behaviour" is #10!


What's new on the chart?


Hot Shot Debut for Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd! Their song "Lust For Life", the latest single released off the upcoming Del Rey's album, debuts at #18! New On the chart this week is Samantha Jade's new single "Nothing Without You" (#41) and the latest single by Dua Lipa, "Lost in Your Light" feat. Miguel (#42). Noah Cyrus debuts at #44 with her new single "Stay Together", "Hard Times" by Paramore stars at #49 while Ed Sheeran's "Galway Girl" enters the chart at #50!


















01. Allie X - "Paper Love"

02. Thomas Rhett - "Craving You (feat. Maren Morris)"

03. The Kolors - "What Happened Last Night (feat. Gucci Mane & Daddy's Groove)"

04. Eden xo - "Drips Gold (feat. Raja Kumari)"

05. Charlie Puth - "Attention"

06. Shawn Mendes - "There's Nothing Holding Me Back"

07. TLC - "Way Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)"

08. Keke Palmer - "Wind Up (feat. Quavo)"

09. Tkay Maidza - "Glorious"

10. Shawn Hook - "Reminding Me (feat. Vanessa Hudgens)"





Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - "Scared To Be Lonely"  (LAST WEEK: 45) (PEAK: 9) (WEEKS ON: 10)

Mandisa - "Unfinished" (LAST WEEK: 46) (PEAK: 43) (WEEKS ON: 2)

Cherish - "Self Destruction" (LAST WEEK: 47) (PEAK: 47) (WEEKS ON: 1)

Black M - "Comme Moi (feat. Shakira) (LAST WEEK: 48) (PEAK: 46) (WEEKS ON: 3)

Mariah Carey - "I Don't (feat. YG)"  (LAST WEEK: 50) (PEAK: 2) (WEEKS ON: 10)

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Ed, Paramore, Noah and Lana/Weeknd debuting :date:
Julia, Lana, Lea, Jason/Nicki/Ty, Ari/Future, Katy/Skip, Nicki x2, Lorde, Tinashe down :'(
Iggy + the top 2 stable :heart2: DNCE/Nicki, Guetta/Nicki/Wayne, Codes/Demi, Zedd/Alessia, Gaga rising :smitten:

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