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Monky_2405's Top100 25.2- Olivia strikes back!


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Walking Stroll GIF by Olivia Rodrigo


Animated GIFAnimated GIFAnimated GIFpoz5afw.jpgAnimated GIF

Animated GIFAnimated GIFAnimated GIFAnimated GIFAnimated GIF



In it's 7th week charting Olivia Rodgrigo gets her 5th non-consecutive week at #1 with "drivers license", dethronig afrter just one title "34+35 (Remix)" by Ariana, Mean and Doja, as it falls at #2 after spending just one week at the top spot. Cardi B scores a brand new top 3 as "Up" keeps on climbing and reaches a new peak at #3. Pushed by the Lo Nuestro performance/video, "Baila Conmigo" also climbs and reaches a #5 peak positions this week. Sam Feldt scores his first top 10 as "Stronger" jumps at #8, becoming Kesha's third top 10 hit on the chart. "LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE" by Bad Bunny and Rosalia, after a full week on heavy rotation, enters the chart at #41. The spanish hit is followed, among debut, by another spanish hit: "Location", by Karol G, Anuel AA & J Balvin, debuts at #48. Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan take a bow at #55 with "Let's Go Home Together". Among debuts we also have Rebecca Ferguson's comeback with "No Words Needed" (#68) and Mariah Carey's brand new version of "We Belong Together" charting at #75. "Love Songs Ain't For Us", penned by Ed Sheeran and performed by Amy Shart with Keith Urban enters the chart at #70. Check out the full list below to discover even more debuts and more details about who is climbing, who is falling and who is leaving:























Lil Durk  - "Love You Too (feat. Kehlani)"  Peak: #97  Weeks: 2

Tate McRae & Alie Gatie - "lie to me"  Peak: #21  Weeks: 18

Tate McRae  - "you broke me first"  Peak: #8  Weeks: 26

Marshmello & Demi Lovato - "OK Not To be OK "  Peak: #5  Weeks: 23

MARINA - "Man's World"  Peak: #30  Weeks: 13

Miley Cyrus - "Midnight Sky"  Peak: #2  Weeks: 27

Omar Yotuel, OMar Montes & Breatriz Luengo - "Rebelde"  Peak: #70  Weeks: 5

ZAYNE - "Vibez"  Peak: #50  Weeks: 6

Griff - "Black Hole"  Peak: #69  Weeks: 4


2021 #1 Singles
Albums Chart
rdLqhlV.png = UP su5bFOA.png = Down remote_rec_recing.png = New backcover.gif = Re-Entry

01. Ariana Grande - positions  rdLqhlV.png

02. Bad Bunny - El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo rdLqhlV.png

03. Kali Uchis - Sin Miedo (de l'amor y otro demonios)  remote_rec_recing.png

04. HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III backcover.gif

05. Rita Ora & Imanbek - Bang - EP su5bFOA.png

06. Kelly Rowland - K - EP remote_rec_recing.png

07. Doja Cat - Hot Pink backcover.gif

08. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia su5bFOA.png

09. Megan Thee Stallion - Good News  backcover.gif

10. Astrid S - Leave It Beautiful backcover.gif


2021 #1 Albums

2017 #1 Singles




http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/DJ3128Q4T4TINspro0ibgs_MpFSdR1JueiTiVaBvmu4/mtime:1489269239/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/6ac6f9fc92927aa9d53f23a90bf1cd09.1000x1000x1.jpg?itok=GY6wcRJjhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/1zjc6x5I-Mdfj3CQuwmwhpT3iMCSm8YVuLowDwfCiY8/mtime:1491580595/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/now or never.jpg?itok=KqHAplYGhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/1zjc6x5I-Mdfj3CQuwmwhpT3iMCSm8YVuLowDwfCiY8/mtime:1491580595/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/now or never.jpg?itok=KqHAplYGhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/1zjc6x5I-Mdfj3CQuwmwhpT3iMCSm8YVuLowDwfCiY8/mtime:1491580595/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/now or never.jpg?itok=KqHAplYGhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/4mSitjUrn4RL7ypcq-QpdPHlTMzBszWRI2pVzjPsmH4/mtime:1495169914/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/camila-cabello-crying-in-the-club.jpg?itok=fy3cDAen






Rita Ora - "Anywhere" single cover artworkRita Ora - "Anywhere" single cover artworkRita Ora - "Anywhere" single cover artworkRita Ora - "Anywhere" single cover artworkCamila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artwork


2017's #1 Albums



b8d34f6638467bf020e2292aefc58256.jpgae47ffcbaf379fde96e31377c29239f9.jpgFunk Wav Bounces Vol.1b8d34f6638467bf020e2292aefc58256.jpg

Lust for LifeLust for LifeRainbowRainbow

Fifth HarmonyFifth HarmonyFifth HarmonySkin&Earth

Double Dutchess610461a091822c17e907ae02ec4bf98f.jpg610461a091822c17e907ae02ec4bf98f.jpgBeautiful Trauma

4Meaning of LifeMeaning of Lifereputation

reputationreputationThe ArchitectKimberly: The People I Used To Know

RevivalYou Make It Feel Like Christmas



2018 #1 Singles


Camila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artworkCamila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artworkCamila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artworkCamila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artworkCamila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artwork
Camila Cabello - "Never Be The Same" single cover artworkSZA - "All the Stars" single cover artworkSZA - "All the Stars" single cover artworkSZA - "All the Stars" single cover artworkIggy Azalea featuring Quavo - "Savior" single cover artwork
Iggy Azalea featuring Quavo - "Savior" single cover artworkMeghan Trainor - "No Excuses" single cover artworkMeghan Trainor - "No Excuses" single cover artworkNormani - "Love Lies" single cover artworkTaylor Swift - "Delicate" single cover artwork
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/SQOfX3pYcrl2RoIUKkt6yXVErtSblKoxHPbDgC7Jnf0/mtime:1531732922/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/DiA_ukzWsAYvfkn.jpg?itok=ldsQ_BI8http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/SQOfX3pYcrl2RoIUKkt6yXVErtSblKoxHPbDgC7Jnf0/mtime:1531732922/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/DiA_ukzWsAYvfkn.jpg?itok=ldsQ_BI8http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/EbjM9Vjq2UTrTpPKluzSOW6RzkhHCfCbshErMLXmqMs/mtime:1536903286/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Mariah Carey - GTFO.png?itok=LEK_B1Dshttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/EbjM9Vjq2UTrTpPKluzSOW6RzkhHCfCbshErMLXmqMs/mtime:1536903286/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Mariah Carey - GTFO.png?itok=LEK_B1Dshttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/EbjM9Vjq2UTrTpPKluzSOW6RzkhHCfCbshErMLXmqMs/mtime:1536903286/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Mariah Carey - GTFO.png?itok=LEK_B1Ds
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/EbjM9Vjq2UTrTpPKluzSOW6RzkhHCfCbshErMLXmqMs/mtime:1536903286/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Mariah Carey - GTFO.png?itok=LEK_B1Dshttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/oAFCRbgBD35GdNlWD7jp0JO-kp4U5mg03xE4mHdqEcI/mtime:1538695107/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/with you.png?itok=CYedFM2ihttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/oAFCRbgBD35GdNlWD7jp0JO-kp4U5mg03xE4mHdqEcI/mtime:1538695107/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/with you.png?itok=CYedFM2ihttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/b4BZ5CyNbOfnQVyU_XDFxxc2hSKAaojPzhK-Dfesyvw/mtime:1539287533/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/1539266373_930cbeb3ab2f093e7b3b3f8f234aede7.jpg?itok=UoyHEQhdhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/b4BZ5CyNbOfnQVyU_XDFxxc2hSKAaojPzhK-Dfesyvw/mtime:1539287533/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/1539266373_930cbeb3ab2f093e7b3b3f8f234aede7.jpg?itok=UoyHEQhd


2018's #1 Albums




CamilaCamilaLa LunaBye Bye

CamilaFifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)reputationFatti Sentire

Golden HourGolden HourInvasion Of PrivacyJoyride

Invasion Of PrivacySpeak Your MindSpeak Your MindInvasion Of Privacy

R.O.S.E.Invasion Of Privacyhopeless fountain kingdomNo Shame

Everything is LoveExpectationsLiberationReady - EP


SweetenerQueenQueenCry Pretty

SweetenerQueenA Star Is Born SoundtrackA Star Is Born Soundtrack

A Star Is Born SoundtrackHoneyCry PrettySingular Act I





2019 #1s Singles
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/bOXaoUC0NM3tLicJZ6roKbk9ICwH-J9-Nts8Q8hSTtM/mtime:1541307406/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/ARIANA-TUN.jpg?itok=9eRbrRz-http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/bOXaoUC0NM3tLicJZ6roKbk9ICwH-J9-Nts8Q8hSTtM/mtime:1541307406/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/ARIANA-TUN.jpg?itok=9eRbrRz-http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/bOXaoUC0NM3tLicJZ6roKbk9ICwH-J9-Nts8Q8hSTtM/mtime:1541307406/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/ARIANA-TUN.jpg?itok=9eRbrRz-http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/anCDwDY7iadAhBJo2IJWTdRH2t47xI6iIoCKebMG8ZM/mtime:1538709965/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/DoM_wftV4AAEcSX.jpg?itok=r2X8TI74http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqF
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqF
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/UR9qLN6Wma5yZI17seAM_v6tYWz8R_LV0btUnH2yJoE/mtime:1547405537/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/7 rings.jpg?itok=ypQ9XaqFhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/KLgyT2vDweWrOAbNqI00nrCq83Kle552efaDnyP_eTM/mtime:1552736569/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Sofia-Reyes.jpg?itok=nXdVROqzhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/KLgyT2vDweWrOAbNqI00nrCq83Kle552efaDnyP_eTM/mtime:1552736569/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/Sofia-Reyes.jpg?itok=nXdVROqz
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/agjm9oP7dgEkX3Jj7l7gKFm8ddF8Qk4joW0F5xP3eFI/mtime:1554427269/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/BLACKPINK - kill this love.jpg?itok=Wq3_lWWYhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/agjm9oP7dgEkX3Jj7l7gKFm8ddF8Qk4joW0F5xP3eFI/mtime:1554427269/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/BLACKPINK - kill this love.jpg?itok=Wq3_lWWYhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/agjm9oP7dgEkX3Jj7l7gKFm8ddF8Qk4joW0F5xP3eFI/mtime:1554427269/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/BLACKPINK - kill this love.jpg?itok=Wq3_lWWYhttp://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5
http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/rbk_xMkhbHXlG2MUA8T2zTobuiMg2YmCumRfnwpsccg/mtime:1556255150/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Me!.png?itok=D1SL5GI5http://d2lubch9d26anb.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/bDtsBks0uxw06FER_B0krrquc2zTg7LzxcrqutmzxHQ/mtime:1559291464/sites/default/files/styles/album_artwork__150x150_/public/katy perry - never really over.jpg?itok=70GCzo7D
2019 #1s Albums

A Star Is Born SoundtrackTráiler - EP...Baby One More TimeElla Mai

Paranoia AirlinesThe Sun Will Come up, The Seasons Will ChangeThank U, NextThank U, Next

Thank U, NextThank U, NextGIRLThank U, Next

GIRLwhen we all fall asleep, where do we go?when we all fall asleep, where do we go?Kill This Love - EP
Dinah Jane 1Hurts 2B HumanLove + FearBeauty Marks
DedicatedBeauty MarksMadame XMadame X
Madame XRisultati immagini per aitana spoilerThank U, Next174x0w.jpg
2020 #1 Singles



2020 #1 Albums






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On 20/2/2017 at 5:42 PM, K$Ellie said:

Touch at #1 :alexz: Paris is great, it gets too much hate on here :shakeno:

John Wayne in the Top 10 :clap3: Scared To Be Lonely :smitten2: Back To Beautiful :heart2:

Thanks for your reply @K$Ellie, and for being in here! I chose to use a different method tho and to start over, hoping to see you here again next week :) 

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It is already WEEK 2 on The Monky_2405's Top 40 Weekly Coundtown!!!


As everyone know new singles comes out usually on Fridays (Thursdays sometimes, thanks to timezones) so I decided that,

in order to have a easier way to calculate chart including new releases with a fair amount of time since their releases, this countdown will be posted every THURSDAY and it will consider the timeframe Wednesday-Wednesday! This week I also changed the criteria a bit to allow some songs charting, since it is fair looking at their points! From Today on I will also post the Top 15 "Airplay" and "Singles" charts, those are the playlists I look to in order to the calculate the final countdown, it's a combination of them! Enjoy!!!













Sofia Carson debuts today due to and error occured in the last week calculations.

"Paris" by The Chainsmokers climbs the chart thanks to the new criteria 

"Something Just Like this" by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay debuts #31 with just a few hours of plays, mostly thanks ot its #14 peak 

position on the "Singles Chart" on the final day before the Countdown!



*Graphics are from my http://crownnote.com/ account*




1. Maty Noyes - "London"  | LW: 30 | PEAK: 30 | WKS: 1 |

2. Brooke Candy - "Living Out Loud (feat. Sia)"  | LW: 38 | PEAK: 38 | WKS: 1 |

3. Digital Farm Animals - "Digital Love (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)"  | LW: 36 | PEAK: 36 | WKS: 1 |

4. Amy Lee - "Love Exists"  | LW: 35 | PEAK: 35 | WKS: 1 |

5. "Dia Frampton - Crave"  | LW: 37 | PEAK: 37 | WKS: 1|

6. "Kiesza - Dearly Beloved"  | LW: 39 | PEAK: 39 | WKS: 1 |





1. Little Mix - "Touch"

2. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

3. ZAYN X Taylor Swift - "I Don't Wanna Live Forever"

4. Mariah Carey - "I Don't (feat. YG)"

5. The Chainsmokers - "Paris"

6. Lady Gaga - "John Wayne"

07. Julia Michaels - "Issues"

08. Ed Sheeran - "Castle On The Hill"

09. Ed Sheeran - "Shape Of You"

10. Major Lazer - "Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj)"

11. Zara Larsson - "So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)"

12. Sofia Carson - "Back To Beautiful (Stargate Remix)"

13. Lost Kings - "Quit You (feat. Tinashe)"

14. R3hab - "Trouble (feat. Vérité)"

15. Cashmere Cat - "Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello)"






01. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

2. Landa Del Rey - "Love"

3. Kygo X Selena Gomez - "It Ain't Me"

4. Cashmere Cat - "Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello)"

5. Mariah Carey - "I Don't (feat. YG)"

6. Mary J. Blige - "U + Me (Love Lesson)"

7. Keith Urban - "The Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood)"

8. Anne-Marie - "Ciao Adios"

9. LINKIN PARK & Kiiara - "Heavy"

10. Clare Bowen - "Love Steps In"

11. Sofia Carson - "Back To Beautiful (Stargate Remix)"

12. Keyshia Cole - "You (feat. French Montana & Remy Ma)"

13. Maroon 5 - "Cold (feat. Future)"

14. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - "Something Just Like This"

15. Leah McFall - "Happy Human"


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On 24/2/2017 at 2:00 AM, sumthintoxic82 said:

Chained :clap3:

John Wayne in the TOP 10 :clap3:


Shape of You and Cold debut :celestial:

Thank You :)

Those debuts are due to the new formula I'm still working on! Next week there will be new debuts aswell, by songs that are actually losing on points!

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Welcome to the section!!! :hug:


Chainsmokers/Coldplay and Ed x2 debuting :date: I prefer Castle but both of his songs are great
Zara/Ty, ZAYN/Taylor, Lazer/PND/Nicki, Gaga dropping :'( Lana and Chainsmokers having huge leaps into the top 10 :eek::clap3: Katy/Skip continuing to scalp the #1 spot :jamming:

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On 25/2/2017 at 2:18 PM, Remmy said:

Welcome to the section!!! :hug:


Chainsmokers/Coldplay and Ed x2 debuting :date: I prefer Castle but both of his songs are great
Zara/Ty, ZAYN/Taylor, Lazer/PND/Nicki, Gaga dropping :'( Lana and Chainsmokers having huge leaps into the top 10 :eek::clap3: Katy/Skip continuing to scalp the #1 spot :jamming:

Thanks to you for passing by :) This week chart will see a lot of "old songs" debuting, due to the formula being ultimated..this will mean they won't have a lot of chances to climb but to be in the chart 'cause it is fair!

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Starting from Thursday I will apply the formula I called the "Ultimate" one. My coundown will be the result of the combination of three different charts. In order to let Unplaylisted songs to stay on the charts when unplaylisted and avoid to see these songs fall from 3 to OUT in a week I will calculate points for playlisted songs from the playlist I will consider my "Top Playlisted Songs Airplay Chart" (basically the playlist I listen to everyday) and I will calculate points for unplaylisted song from the playlist I will consider my "Top Unplaylisted Songs Airplay Chart" (a sort of recurrent songs chart). The third playlist will be the one I consider my "iTunes Songs Chart" , where I order songs by preference and sensations! So points for playlisted songs will be calculated lookin' at songs positions in the "Playlisted" and "iTunes" songs charts, while points for unplaylisted songs will be calculated lookin' at songs positions in the "Unplaylisted" and "iTunes2 songs charts! That said, I hope to see you here in 2 Days, when a new countdown will be posted!




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8 hours ago, Remmy said:

Nice :fish1: Tha more tha merrier!

I wish it worked! I did a simulation and even that way points were not distributed in a fair way...I'll stick to the original formula until I can figure out sommergono...I'll post week 3 in a bit!!

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WEEK 3 - CTTR #1, Ari Debuts High!


In spite of my announcement of the ULTIMATE FORMULA I had to apply the original one and I will until I can figure out something better. This week a few new entries, a huge debut by Ariana Grande with "Everyday" and, at least, a new thing! I decided, in fact, to include Italian Songs on my calculations! Stop talking now, here's the 3rd week of my personal countdown!!











ZAYN X Taylor Swift - "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" | LW: 17 | PEAK: 11 | WKS ON: 2 | Unplaylisted / #52 iTunes Songs

Little Mix - "Touch" | LW: 25 | PEAK: 15 | WKS ON: 2 | Unplaylisted / #59 iTunes Songs

Sabrinta Carpenter - "Thumbs" | LW: 29 | PEAK: 22 | WKS ON: 2 | Unplaylisted / #49 on iTunes Songs

4th Impact - Unleash The Diva | LW: 32 | PEAK: 27 | WKS ON: 2

DJ Khaled - "Shining (feat. Beyoncé & Jay-Z)" | LW: 33 | PEAK: 28 | WKS ON: 2

France - "No Matter" | LW: 35 | PEAK: 32 | WKS ON: 2

Mike-Will Made It, Carly Rae Jepsen & Lil Yachty - "It Takes Two" | LW: 38 | PEAK: 34 | WKS ON: 2

Vérité - "Phase Me Out" | LW: 39 | PEAK: 29 | WKS ON: 2 | Unplaylisted / #61 iTunes Songs

The Band Perry - "Stay In The Dark"  | LW: 40 | PEAK: 31 | WKS ON: 2

Ed Sheeran - "Castle On The Hill" | LW: 28 | PEAK: #28 | WKS On: 1

Charli XCX - "After The After Party (Vip Mix) (feat. RAYE, Rita Ora & Stefflon Don) | LW: 37 | PEAK: 33 | WKS ON: 2

Laura Low - "Can't Let It Go" | LW: 36 | PEAK: 26 | WKS ON: 2



Top 15 "Airplay Songs"


1. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

2. Ariana Grande - "Everyday (feat. Future)"

3. Mariah Carey - "I Don't (feat. YG)"

4. Lady Gaga - "John Wayne"

5. The Chainsmokers - "Paris"

6. Julia Michaels - "Issues"

7. Francesco Gabbani - "Occidentali's Karma"

8. Cashmere Cat - "Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello)"

9. Elodie - "Tutta Colpa Mia"

10. R3hab - "Trouble (feat. Vérité)"

11. Sofia Carson - "Back To Beautiful (Stargate Remix)"

12. Zara Larsson - "So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

13. Keyshia Cole - "You (feat. French Montana & Remy Ma)"

14. Ed Sheeran - "Shape Of You"

15. Ed Sheeran - "Castle On The Hill"



Top 15 "iTunes Songs"


1. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

2. Lana Del Rey - "Love"

3. Zedd & Alessia Cara - "Stay"

4. Kygo & Selena Gomez - "It Ain't Me"

5. Ariana Grande - "Everyday (feat. Future)"

6. Jason Derulo - "Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)"

7. Meghan Trainor - "I'm A Lady"

8. Bea Miller - "Song Like You"

9. RedOne - "U Here Tonight (feat. Fetty Wap, French Montana & Dinah Jane)"

10. Loreen - "Statements"

11. Keith Urban - "The Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood)"

12. Little Mix - "Touch (feat. Kid Ink)"

13. Linkin Park & Kiiara - Heavy

14. Anne-Marie - "Ciao Ados"

15. Mary J. Blige - "U + Me (Love Lesson)"


Edited by Monky_2405
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Everyday debuting so high :party: Touch and Statements as well :katie2:

Digital Love is a bop but it's a mess :rip: Back To Beautiful is great, I prefer the Alan Walker remix tho :jamming:

Love +4 :clap3: Scared To Be Lonely, Paris and John Wayne falling :'(

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1 hour ago, K$Ellie said:

Everyday debuting so high :party: Touch and Statements as well :katie2:

Digital Love is a bop but it's a mess :rip: Back To Beautiful is great, I prefer the Alan Walker remix tho :jamming:

Love +4 :clap3: Scared To Be Lonely, Paris and John Wayne falling :'(

Everyday is strong of a lot plays, Statements could've been higher honestly! Digital Love is a bit controversial for me...a minute I like it, the one after I hate it! xD Scared To Be Lonely, John Wayne and Paris are falling due to the fact that they are not resisting to the new releases and are losing positions!

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ZAYN/Taylor and Ed falling off :noparty: But luckily that's only 2/12 so not too bad :keir:


Main Chart:
The 3 highest debuts are all a slay :clap3: Yas at someone else (other than prezli) having Swalla on their c/d :heart2:
Ed, Zara/Ty, Lazer/PND/Nicki, Chainsmokers (Paris) and Gaga falling :sosad:
Julia + Lana moving up together :alexz3: Katy/Skip still at #1 :celestial:


Airplay Songs:
Ed x2, Zara/Ty, Julia, Chainsmokers, Gaga, Ariana/Future, Katy/Skip :jamming:


iTunes Songs:
Jason/Nicki/Ty, Ariana/Future, Zedd/Alessia, Lana, Katy/Skip :jamming:

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2 hours ago, Remmy said:

ZAYN/Taylor and Ed falling off :noparty: But luckily that's only 2/12 so not too bad :keir:


Main Chart:
The 3 highest debuts are all a slay :clap3: Yas at someone else (other than prezli) having Swalla on their c/d :heart2:
Ed, Zara/Ty, Lazer/PND/Nicki, Chainsmokers (Paris) and Gaga falling :sosad:
Julia + Lana moving up together :alexz3: Katy/Skip still at #1 :celestial:


Airplay Songs:
Ed x2, Zara/Ty, Julia, Chainsmokers, Gaga, Ariana/Future, Katy/Skip :jamming:


iTunes Songs:
Jason/Nicki/Ty, Ariana/Future, Zedd/Alessia, Lana, Katy/Skip :jamming:

I'm sad for Castle on the Hill too :sosad: Now that the album's out and I'm lovin' it it just may gain a little bit in plays and performance, who knows!!

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I might just have found the perfect solution for longevity, stay tuned for next week's countdown!

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14/40!  Issues :D  and I forgot too add Everyday on mine again :rip: its gonna have a late debut LOL



hope ya check mine out sis



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16 hours ago, T.O.A.D.S. said:

John Wayne dropping :emofish:

I hope Everyday snatches that #1 :fan:




2 hours ago, Sempiternal said:

14/40!  Issues :D  and I forgot too add Everyday on mine again :rip: its gonna have a late debut LOL



hope ya check mine out sis



Thank you for your visit guys :blush:

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We are just one sleep away from WEEK 4!

What will happen?

Will Katy still be #1?

Where will Lorde and Little Mix debut?

Has the leaking of "Hey Ma" influenced the chart at all?

Come back here tomorrow to find out!

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How will the chart look a week after the release of Lorde's lead single? And did "Hey Ma" leaking have any impact on the chart?
Take a look below! It's already WEEK 4 on Monky_2405's Top 40 Weekly Countdown!








*Graphics are from my http://crownnote.com/ account*



Strong debuts for Lorde and Little Mix! They owned the airwaves this week and thanks to the fact of being so high on iTunes Songs they managed to debut in the Top 10!

"Hey Ma" debuts #31 thanks to the few plays it got from me yesterday night and the fact it has quickly established as the second favorite song of the week, as the ITunes Songs charts shows!

Last but not least, "Ciao Adios" by Ann-Marie finally breaks into the top 10, on the day the video is being released!





Loreen - "Statements" | LW: 32 | PEAK: #32 | WKS ON: 1 |

Lost Kings - "Quit You (feat. Tinashe)" | LW: 33 | PEAK: 10 | WKS ON: 3 | Unplaylisted

Zara Larsson - "So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) | LW: 35 | PEAK: 16 | WKS ON: 3 |

Ed Sheeran - "Shape Of You" | LW: 36 | PEAK: 23 | WKS ON: 2 |

Francesco Gabbani - "Occidentali's Karma" | LW: 37 | PEAK: 37 | WKS ON: 1 | Unplaylisted

Elodie - "Tutta Colpa Mia" | LW: 38 | PEAK: 38 | WKS ON: 1 |

Christina Grimmie - "Invisible" | LW: 40 | PEAK: 25 | WKS ON: 3 |



Top 15 "Airplay Songs"


1. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

2. Ariana Grande - "Everyday (feat. Future)"

3. Mariah Carey - "I Don't (feat. YG)"

4. Cashmere Cat - "Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello)"

5. Keyshia Cole - "You (feat. Remy Ma & French Montana)"

6. Kygo & Selena Gomez - "It Ain't Me"

7. Lady Gaga - "John Wayne"

8. R3hab - "Trouble (feat. Vérité)"

9. Sofia Carson - "Back To Beautiful (Stargate Remix)"

10. Zara Larsson - "So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)"

11. Julia Michaels - "Issues"

12. The Chainsmokers - "Paris"

13. Elodie - "Tutta Colpa Mia"

14. Ed Sheeran - "Shape Of You"

15. Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa -  "Scared To Be Lonely"



Top 15 "iTunes Songs"


1. Lorde - "Green Light"

2. Pitbull & J Balvin - "Hey Ma (feat. Camila Cabello)"

3. Little Mix - "No More Sad Songs (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)"

4. Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)"

5. Lea Michele - "Love Is Alive"

6. Kygo & Selena Gomez - "It Ain't Me"

7. Becky G - "Todo Cambio"

8. Jennifer Hudson - "Remember Me"

9. Lana Del Rey - "Love"

10. Zedd & Alessia Cara - "Stay"

11. Bea Miller - "Song Like You"

12. Ariana Grande - "Everyday (feat. Future)"

13. Jason Derulo - "Swalla (feat. Nicki Mnaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

14. Anne-Marie - "Ciao Adios"

15. Meghan Trainor - "I'm A Lady"

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Hey Ma??? Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Green Light and Love Is Alive being the 2 highest debuts :worship2::worship2::worship2::eli:
Lazer/PND/Nicki, Chainsmokers x2, Gaga, Jason/Nicki/Ty, Ariana/Future slipping :noparty:
Zedd/Alessia, Julia and Lana rising upT :celestial: Katy/Skip still on top yas :celestial3:

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It Ain't Me is growing on me! Go Everyday! and I'm glad queen Lorde is back, the new single was fantastic :clap3: 

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