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Billboard Charts (February 19-25, 2017)


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They don't want her to win... :priceless:


Why is Closer still so high, I don't know anyone who heard it in the last month or so. :skull:

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10 hours ago, DELE2125 said:

Why are you deflecting? I guess you can't deal with the receipts of my post. :cm:


As for CTTR, it has already outpeaked some pop girls latest lead singles and is expected to remain in the top 10 this week :alexz2:

Answer my question. :cm:

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2 hours ago, MusicTalker said:

What was the formula change this time?

There was no change. Just underestimated Closer streaming and overestimated LOTB streaming

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4 hours ago, Rawr said:

how is bruno so high...

Maybe because he spent the whole week at #2 on iTunes and #8 on Spotify charts, and broke the top 20 on airplay? :doc:

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6 hours ago, ARTPØP said:

I hope "Bad Things" manages to get at least 1 more week in the top 10. I hate when songs spend 9 weeks in the top 10. It's such a messy, uneven number. 

I remember when 9 weeks on the Top Ten was considered impressive lol. 9 doesn't bother me as much as 19, which Weekend has now done twice, Starboy and Can't Feel My Face. That's truly ugly.

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Hello, does anyone have predictions for Stay by Zedd? Will it debut next week?

nvm, already saw @simmnfierzig's prediction.


Do you guys think it can go TOP 20 or maybe TOP 10?

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