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Films you watched recently

Pol McCutie

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below her mouth - 8/10 

love, simon - 8/10 

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flower moon

Promising young woman - its was okay... first half was a bit lame tbh


chaos walking - absolutely shocked  at how much I liked  this :ohwow: thought it looked super lame from watching the trailer but it really felt an interesting new concept and the actors were really well cast.

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4/5 The Beguiled: The entire cast trying to seduce that injured man and the ending lmfaooooo 

4/5 Godzilla (2014): This was so good and epic, can't wait to watch the sequel


On 3/19/2021 at 5:29 AM, pxxxtrick said:

Sex and the City: The Movie 

Sex and the City 2


I’ve put these films off after finishing the series last year because I’ve only heard negative things... but I really enjoyed both! They were cute for what they were. It was also nice to see all the characters again.


I love those two movies, so fun and relaxing IDGAF


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Promising Young Woman - Whoa, my thoughts are already explained in its thread. Still thinking about it. I spent two day at work this week talking about it and explaining its plot :toofunny2: 4.5/5


Palm Springs - I was so hyped for this after seeing its reviews, getting some recognition at the Globes and becoming massive B99 stan, but low key disappointed, it wasn't really funny type of comedy, and eventually I didn't care much despite movie being good, it just didn't do much for me. 3.5/5


Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Now we're talking. It took me a while to get to the second half of this franchise, despite really liking MI1 and MI#, they still didn;t really blew me away, and oh my, what an action masterpiece this was. I loved those little funny moments, and Jeremy was great addition. That Dubai sequence blew my mind and I LOOOVED that projector gadget, hopefully they use it more in the future. So hyped to see the rest. 4.5/5


I Care a Lot - Also posted in its thread, very fun movie to watch, and it kept my attention the whole time. 4/5


You Were Never Really Here - HORRIBLE. I simply had to fast forward last 20 minuets or something, movie is unbearable, unwatchable, pretensions, Joaquin Phoenix is horrible to look at, after travesty of The master and this I am never watching his movies again. I cannot explain enough how much I hated it and how much I hate this type op movies. 0.5/5 (Would've been ZERO but Letterbox has 0.5 as lowest score so... )




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