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Taylor Swift: The Receipts


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18 hours ago, nicedude said:

Where is this from? Mess at her soundtrack singles outselling her actual singles.


Speak Now (Promo single) sold better than RED (single) but I didn't include that to the list cause it is not even actual single:deadbanana2:

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I Don't Wanna Live Forever 


US: 942,000
UK: 288,000

Germany: 170,000
Australia: 100,000 
Canada: 95,000

Italy: 50,000
Sweden: 40,000 

France: 40,000

Belgium: 15,000

New Zealand: 15,000
Japan: 8,000


= 1,763,000

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Someone needs to update the OP next week when it hopefully hits 1M. 


IDWLF is Gold in Spain


Canada - Platinum (80k)
Australia - Platinum (70k)
Italy - Platinum (50k)
Sweden - Platinum (40k)

Spain - Gold (20k)
New Zealand - Gold (15k)

Belgium - Gold (15k)
UK - Silver (200k)




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