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Ariana climbing to #1 again :alexz:


Ava debuting :)


Halsey also climbing :duca:

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ATRL.Net, a revisit and a formal goodbye.


Hi Chart Guys!


How are you? It's been awhile...


Found a new home for my personal music charts through crownnote.com. I have been using it since 2018 and I am sure you will like it or in my surprise you are already using this music chart website. Unfortunately I wasn't able to extract or reproduce my personal countdowns from 2010-2016 due to I may have missed an update here in Atrl.net which leads my chart archives to be lost. My last post here I think was in the end of 2018 or early 2019 and I am very grateful for atrl.net for being my shelter as a chart addict for more than a decade(member since April 2009). Hopefully, I can find my lost charts/threads here so I can re-work it through crownnote.com.


I am writing this as my formal disclosure to this nostalgic site but I will not shut down this account, you can still message me here if you want but I will be more active on my new home (crownnote.com)


Let's follow each other!. Here's my link https://www.crownnote.com/users/powerhouse-philippines


PS. I remember secretly doing personal chart posts during our computer subject when I was studying decades ago, 'twas a very treasured moments. 


PSS. Thank you to all fellow chart geeks here whom I become friends with and have exchanges opinions through YTTs. Thank you ATRL.Net :heart2::heart:

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