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Lana Del Rey


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Born To Die: Paradise Edition





Jesus ****ing Christ I could go on for days about how good her discography is. Literally not a single dud in 3 entire albums. HOW?! HOW?! Queen of the fucking universe. :clap3:

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Ultraviolence is for sure her best album. I absolutely adore each and every track apart from Is This Happiness and Pretty When You Cry in their own ways. I wouldn't mind a combination of UV and BTD for the next record - I didn't take to Honeymoon at all really.

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Just now, Delilah. said:

Fine china is bad stop


one of her only smart career decisions was to scrap the rick version of UV

Fine China is obviously better than GnR. Like a million times better. That Enya sound, the typical Lana mood. Beautiful melody. Everything GnR failed in.

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Ok, I can agree with this. 


Well as long as there are some Blackest Days I'm fine with It. Honeymoon got better in time but still by far not as good as BTD and UV. 


I mean It's not bad and I like It but I don't go back and listen to It as often as her first 2,5 masterpieces. :gaycat5:

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27 minutes ago, Delilah. said:

yes honeymoon does it's job perfectly. I'm asleep within 2 minutes of the title track every time. 

She hasn't even started singing 2 minutes into the song, lbr

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Trash Magic makes me so happy


"Boy, you wanna come to my motel, honey?

Boy, you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?

Don't you know that I have really, never loved nobody, but you?"

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I have the PE box set, but I never bought BTD/Paradise separately, and I never bought UV physically, so this is happening



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