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Participate in pop culture games and tournaments.

Games Rules



3 games per person at a time.

You can only run 1 tournament at a time, but you may have a maximum of 3 games open, these include Musical Chairs and Album Survivors. Personal survivors are the only ones that do not count.


No "spam" games aimed solely at increasing post counts.

Games that can continue endlessly without the thread starter having to update are not allowed.


Don't bump your threads unnecessarily. 

Only bump your thread if 24 hours have passed since the last post or if there is an important update. Don't bump your thread once the game has finished, try to let it come to an end naturally. 


The ATRL rules still apply.

While competitive banter is welcomed within this section, you are not immune from being warned. Cheating, posting too many times in a row, spamming too many threads and abandoning games can all be warned for disruptive. Personal attacks and fighting will not be tolerated. Banned members are not permitted to participate in any games. Passing on messages from a banned member is against the rules.


Remember to post your results in the List of Finished Games & Winners.

If you start a survivor or tournament, but in the end you don't post the winner, what's the point of hosting it in the first place?


Musical Chairs & Survivors


Request to host an album survivor in the pinned thread.

Album survivors are claimed on a first come, first serve basis. You can only request to host an album survivor once the date and title of the album are officially known. To request, simply post in the pinned thread, for example "March 14th, 2014: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once". If you believe someone is misusing the thread or falsely claiming a survivor, please report the post or send a help request. 


You must wait 1 week after an album release to post a survivor for it.

This gives people enough time to listen to the album. However, this waiting period does not apply to hits compilations, because everyone has heard the songs already. 


You can only reserve up to 3 album survivors at a time.

To make it fair and to give everybody a chance to host, we ask that you only reserve a maximum of 3 album survivors. If you notice somebody with more reserved, please report it to the moderators. 


You can decide what's eligible to be voted off each round.

But keep it reasonable. Don't have people vote off like 10 things at once (that's too many), and don't have a survivor with 100 items that goes through them one by one (that's too few).


You cannot bring back songs or items that were voted off in previous rounds.

It annoys people and makes your survivor or musical chair biased and unfair. If you resurrect songs or items that were already gone, your entire survivor or musical chair will be closed. 


You must count all votes, completely and fairly.

Don't claim votes won't count just because you dislike someone or something. That just makes you look stupid. If you fail to count all votes fairly, your entire survivor will be deleted. If you suspect cheating, use the "Report Post" feature. 


You cannot duplicate a survivor that has already been done.

Survivors for singles and videos are not the same, but any other duplicates will not be tolerated, not even "deluxe" or "international" editions of albums that have already been done. However, re-releases are allowed. 




Do not copy or steal a tournament.

If somebody else already hosts the game you wish to host, then you won't be allowed to open it. We don't allow multiple versions of the same game. To find out if your idea is already claimed, please post in the Games Discussion thread and ask for advice before opening it.


Do not abandon your tournament.

Abandoning your game or getting banned whilst hosting, will result in a disruptive WP. If you can no longer run your tournament, please make arrangements for another member to take over and finish it. Joining a game only to have it abandoned or closed can be frustrating and unfair to the players. Members who consistently quit or abandon games they are playing, will be taken on a case by case basis and may face consequences.


Reviving tournaments.

If there's a particular tournament which hasn't been active for a long period of time, you must contact the original host before you take over it. If you do not get a reply within 3 weeks, then contact the moderators and provide proof that you asked the original host (screenshot or link to the message) and you may be given permission to open it.

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