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Fan bases and music discussions.

    Base Rules



    • One active Fan Base per artist/celebrity.
    • Fan Bases are not allowed for fictional characters, or band members who have no notable solo career.
    • Social media personalities must have a sizable following and be known for more than one or two memes.
    • The thread title should be the same as the artist/celebrity's name, and should not contain additional information.


    • If you are not a fan of the artist or you don't have a genuine positive interest in them, do not post in that artist's Fan Base thread.
    • Do not bash other artists or their fans. Do not plot against other fan bases.
    • Incidental, brief off topic conversation is allowed. Recurring, lengthy off topic conversation is not.
    • Do not use Fan Base threads as glorified chat rooms. Do not post if all you are doing is saying hello or goodbye. Use Walls/PMs for small talk.
    • Do not bump a Fan Base thread if you already have the last post in the thread and there is no news to share.




    • Don't post threads in retaliation to other threads.
    • Don't post threads that are very similar to other currently active threads.




    • Don't start a rate out of the blue. Check the rate signup thread to learn about the process.
    • When hosting a rate, make sure the rules are clear to everyone. Be transparent when revealing the results.
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