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      Absolute 1.2 coming 2/28   02/20/2017

      ATRL will be down at various times during the day on 2/27 to prepare a UI, functionality and bug fix update for 2/28. Absolute 1.2 adds post numbering, additional fields under post author including join date, more editor features, similar threads, an option to turn off avatars, an option to change the forum font from Rubik to Arial, new themes, more ATRL+ Beta features and more.    


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TV, film, video games, sports, books, magazines.

    Entertainment Rules



    Thread titles:

    • Don't use disruptive formatting or shock value in order to lure people in. Don't capitalize words when it's not needed.
    • Thread titles of centralized discussion threads should always begin with the name of the series, film, video game, etc.


    In addition to pure file sharing, the following fall under ATRL's file sharing policy:

    • Unofficial TV live streams
    • Streaming or download links to leaked episodes


    When it's okay to post spoilers:

    • TV: as soon as the episode airs in its main territory.
    • Movies: one month after the theatrical release date.
    • Books/Video Games: one month after it's released.
    • Sports results are never considered spoilers.

    You are nevertheless encouraged to always use spoiler formatting when revealing a major plot point, even if it's from something very old.




    • Use the entertainment type prefixes for centralized discussion threads or for news stories.
    • Use the discussion prefix for spin-off discussion (e.g. favorite character from show X, actor Y's best performance).
    • If a TV thread expires, anyone is allowed to create a new one.
    • TV threads for series with new contestants/characters each season should be split by season.
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