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Celeb news, gossip, photos, tours, events.

    Celebria Rules



    Thread titles:

    • Use celebrities' actual names. It should be clear to everyone who the thread is about.
    • Use their full names if multiple relevant celebrities share the same first name (e.g. Kylie, Justin).
    • Don't capitalize any words in the thread title.
    • Don't be subjective in the thread title (e.g. "looks tragic").
    • Don't use descriptions designed to lure people in.
    • No vulgar or suggestive language.



    • Always provide a source, whether it's an article, photo or tweet. It had to have come from somewhere.
    • Screenshots are usually not a valid source. If the thread is about a deleted tweet, provide more evidence that the tweet existed.
    • Be mindful of the infringement rules. Don't copy more than 50% of the article in the post.




    • Anything marked as a blog, editorial, op-ed, opinion etc. usually isn't news, unless the article was written by a celebrity. Post it in Base.
    • Gossip is allowed, but emphasize it in the thread title ("rumored", "alleged", etc.)
    • Music reviews (and consolidated Metacritic threads) belong in Base.
    • Music-related lists belong in Base.
    • Do not post articles from sources that anyone can write for (e.g. Examiner) or that are otherwise unreliable.
    • Do not post old quotes, old interviews, old scandals. Current events only.
    • Do not post threads about the adult entertainment industry or its stars.
    • Not every celebrity tweet is news. If it's only interesting to fans, discuss it in the celebrity's Fan Base.




    • Post only recent photos, or photos that recently surfaced.
    • Casual photos (from social media or paparazzi) must have news value in terms of the celebrity's look, their location, their behavior or their company.
    • No nude leaks.
    • Nothing that requires warning tags, unless it's from something official like a magazine or a calendar.
    • No paparazzi photos of children of celebrities.




    • A tour thread can be created when the tour is officially announced.
    • The first post should be kept updated with all of the tour's dates. If you want to take over from a neglectful thread starter, send a help request.
    • For the opening date a separate review thread can be created as Celeb News.




    • Events in Celebria cover any award show, festival, or non-serialized television program that emphasizes celebrity and/or musical performance.
    • The timing of the thread depends on the event and how much discussion can be expected beforehand. Event threads will be closed if the moderators decide they are premature.




    • Post only recent live performances.
    • Amateur videos from tours should be posted in the tour thread. If it has news value, post as Celeb News.
    • Professional tour videos that have recently been uploaded on the artist's official channel should be posted in Base.

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