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Headlines, music, videos and more.

    Music Rules



    Sharing copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.


    Album and single threads should only be used for discussing the actual music, not the illegal ways to obtain it. Discussion about leaks is considered off topic and should be kept to a bare minimum. ATRL will not facilitate the leaking of music in any way.


    • Do not tell people where they can download copyrighted material, or hint at it in any way.
    • Do not ask for illegal links or downloads, or hint at it in any way. This includes walls and PMs.
    • Do not post streaming links that have the download option enabled.
    • Do not post unofficial streaming links to (parts of) albums before or shortly after their release. 


    You risk being permanently banned from the Music section if you break these rules.


    Any link may be warned/deleted if we receive a DMCA complaint, so post them at your own risk.




    • An album thread can be created when both the album title and month of release are known.
    • Album threads will be closed three months after release. Album discussion should then move to the artist's Base.
    • Reissues can have a new album thread if more than 25% of the track listing is previously unreleased material (excluding live versions and remixes).




    • A single thread can be created if the song is confirmed to be a single and the title is known.
    • Single threads will be closed when the single has completed its chart run in all relevant markets.
    • A prominent remix with a new featured artist can have its own single thread.




    • As owner of a single or album thread, you are responsible for keeping the first post updated. The following information should be added as it becomes available: the exact release date, artwork, track listing, official purchase and streaming links, official video(s).
    • If you want to take over a single or album thread from someone who is taking longer than a few days to update the first post with required information, send a help request.
    • Arguing about thread ownership or the content of the first post is not allowed. 




    • Newly released (snippets of) tracks that are not singles.
    • Newly leaked older tracks. This includes demos of existing songs.
    • New official remixes. Don't create multiple threads for different remixes of the same song.


    • Do not post a thread if there is no stream available for the song, and the song is not available for purchase.
    • Do not post tracks from an album that was already released or leaked in full.
    • Do not post unofficial remixes, mash-ups, instrumentals or acappella versions of songs (post in Base instead).
    • Do not post tracks you have created yourself (post in Blogs instead).




    • A music video thread can be created when the video is available to watch in full.
    • Teasers should be posted in the single thread.
    • Lyric videos should be posted in the single thread.
    • Behind the scenes, alternate versions, dance versions, etc. should be posted in the single thread and/or existing video thread.
    • Live performances uploaded on the artist's official channel should be posted in Base (or Celebria if recent).




    • Reissues that lack new material, DVD releases.
    • News about current or upcoming musical projects.
    • News about an artist's musical career. 
    • Major news related to an album or single that can't be properly discussed in the existing thread and/or deserves extra attention (e.g. a track listing, an album/single cover, etc.)
    • News about the music industry, record labels, outlets, streaming services, etc. If data-related, post in Charts.
    • Do not post reviews (post in Base instead).
    • Do not post news about tours, performances or award shows (post in Celebria instead).

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