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Industry trends, stats, Billboard, iTunes.

    Charts Rules



    • Discussion in the Charts forum should be more serious compared to the discussions that you would find in Base. Prediction threads and argumentative threads should be posted in Base, not here.
    • Always provide a source if available.
    • Don’t create a new thread for something that can already be discussed elsewhere, especially if it’s a song or album’s underperformance.
    • If you want to take over from a neglectful thread starter, send a help request.


    • Social media achievements should be posted in Base.
    • TV ratings and box office figures should be posted in Entertainment.
    • Chart prediction threads should be posted in Base.


    The Charts forum is structured as follows:




    • Countries' official charts and genre charts.
    • Other official music charts that appear weekly.
    • Official year-end charts.
    • News stories related to any of the above.




    • Threads about chart metrics that are updated daily or continuously (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, station countdowns, etc.)
    • Discussions about chart methodology.
    • Achievements and news stories not related to a single official chart (e.g. certifications, touring grosses).




    • One thread per artist to collect all of the receipts. Discussion is limited to these receipts.
    • Any other music related stats that have been compiled or that you have compiled yourself.


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