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  2. tombiz

    Ariana has two songs smashing on radio. Why?

    She's a succesful radio legend, that's why.
  3. MadMagical

    Worst music video of the year?

    Delicate was cute! You tried it. I'll have to go with the Bey and Jay visual album. The same black excellence casting and pretentious art + choreo got real tired.
  4. Erotic

    Can Katy comeback?

    Yes, a comeback should be very easy for the FEMALE MJ
  5. Harmonous

    How do you ask a guy if he's gay/bi?

    He cryptically said that we can go anywhere that I choose if I don't want to go to the club & his voice got a little softer. Plus, all summer, he persistently tried to get me to go to the club, but I declined. Honestly, I try to avoid deluding myself because I'd absolutely HATE to be wrong, but something about our exchange..I dunno... It's probably not even worth asking cause he did say one day he wants to settle down with a wife + he was already married really young (he's 28 I think) but divorced and is now going all out I guess....but then again it wouldn't hurt to try.
  6. ViviLittleM

    Lady Gaga

    + it's a duet
  7. Clueless

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    jnkfdgjkg it's from 2016
  8. Thickorita

    Katy Perry

    it's literally cut from the same cloth as booty luv mr brexit and made with the same budget that kp5 will have so get used to the mixing
  9. Anyone want to be my husband?
  10. Torturo

    Lady Gaga

    what else could be ASIB related and something that is change of plans in terms of promotion
  11. Erreur2 La Nature

    How do you ask a guy if he's gay/bi?

    "Do you wanna see me down on my knees ?"
  12. Kékette

    Lady Gaga

    Ok, I leave you with your mainstream conversations, bye
  13. Blade Runner

    2019 Oscar predictions / Oscar discussion

    And what about it?
  14. Themistocles.

    What makes someone "boyfriend material"?

    A person capable of commitment, honesty and reciprocation.
  15. judaskills

    Lady Gaga

    WHEW just listened to BTW while cleaning and the 1-2-3-4 punch of MTN, BTW, GH, and Judas is too much. I feel sorry for people who say Joanne is her best album.
  16. Pharaoh

    Björk was raped again

    Sooo... when was she r*ped?
  17. Lights and Waves

    K-Pop Thread: Sweet Talk to Me, Jinyoung

    Don't under cut my queen's success can you please go one day without annoying me like
  18. hausofbryan

    Lady Gaga

    Gaga is not going to perform Shallow on Ellen It is filmed like, today, and she likes having weeks to plan performances.
  19. Scotland

    What makes someone "boyfriend material"?

    She's my only friend. Nobody else can stand me.
  20. alfonso12

    House parties > Nightclubs

    Mmm I love both. Going to a nightclub and then making a house party when the club closes is the best thing ever.
  21. Avocado

    Lady Gaga

    i love this post listen to ivi
  22. ViviLittleM

    Lady Gaga

    just a little reminder that LGN still didn't say if it's a song and if yes, which one!
  23. brainmaniac

    Bigger: Avril or Britney?

    That’s the same for Britney though
  24. Samuel

    Katy Perry

    marginally better but keep it still booty luv didn't die for this
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