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  2. UnusualBoy

    Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina candle EXPLODES in UK home

    Gwyneth's puss puss is a terrorist confirmed!
  3. pablozedd

    Lady Gaga

    EPs are tiring, and not cool for a stablished act, imo. I'd rather her releasing stand alone singles, or collabs for other artists albums. There's at least 3 trendy artists rn that'd be down for a collab with her, she just need to make it happen. Cardi, Bad Bunny and BTS maybe even Sam Smith... I just don't want her to disappear from music for the longest like she does, long gaps are awful.
  4. K$Ellie

    Slayyyter - "Troubled Paradise"

    YUP YUP SOUNDS LIKE A MASSIVE SERVE I already love Throatzillaaa and Self Destruct grew a lot so the album will probs slap
  5. AllyGayTor

    Pop girls who unsuccessfully tried to branch out

    “Her box office” pls- Acting is a completely different realm that involves talent...not data
  6. Thinking Of You

    Why didn’t ageism exist in the 80s?

    The 80s were so good to the legends that were 40+ years old. Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, etc. all had #1 hits then. Aretha and Tina both had full fledged eras where they were consistently getting #1s and Top 10 hits. Why does ageism exist now but not then?
  7. KillingYourCareer

    German Charts including airplay since Dec 4th 2020

    Was it Katja the German girl I obsessively hate? I swear I'm convinced she, Loredana and Shirin David are the same person, I googled them and they even look nearly identical. As far as I know, no country in the world counts airplay in their certifications. Countries with SPS singles charts that also count airplay are: Belgium, Denmark (with little impact, but still), Iceland, Germany, and any country that uses Billboard charts in absence of national ones (US, Canada and Argentina). Do you have an idea where I can find BVMI's chart methodology so I can figure out how they calculate airplay poi
  8. Bxtch

    Slayyyter - "Troubled Paradise"

    Sounds like a bop
  9. tbhmatt

    Little Mix

    Taste! Yes, their Black Magic performance at the BRITs was outstanding. To think, that was their debut performance at the BRITs.. My favourite of theirs has to be their Woman Like Me performance, though. It makes me sad to think we may never see Jesy on a stage like that again, alongside the rest of them. For me that’s where Jesy truly comes alive.
  10. It's not the format that's the problem, it's the cast, as user above said, just look at the UK S2 cast, I was so hyped up and that premiere flew by, I was genuinely laughing and having great time despite the episode having basic format and challenges, the cast was simply interesting that it felt fresh I do personally like S13 queens but you can just see how in US they always go for certain storylines and always have the same variations of similar type of queens, I do personally do not mind it and I am always hyped up for new DR but I can easily understand how people may get bored
  11. Aristocrat

    Ariana Grande

    Somebody just told Deux Moi that Ariana is on Certified Lover Boy
  12. I will be watching for sure but I hope there will an interview with her about the whole situation. I just want her to say something
  13. Was there a reason for the sudden boost?
  14. TheLucky99

    Maskless Camila enjoys outing after trip!

    So those are the people that taught her to be a racist ...interesting
  15. Eglė

    Madison Beer - 'Life Support'

    I hope Big Taste mainly produced the whole album He has such an impeccable taste and sound textures
  16. Oktober Knight

    Your fave's highest peaking single from every album?

    Which country's charts are you going by?
  17. Bussea

    Which artist is the most stubborn and refuses to get help?

    Azealia Banks Demi Lovato
  18. Vrx.

    K-Pop Discussion Thread: (G) Idle Spreads Burn

    Ugh god let’s hope they pull a G Fad with him I’m tired of his garbage clogging the charts
  19. abrahamjmr

    What producer should your fav work with?

    Hello no. She should work with Bloodshy and Avant though.
  20. Blue Honeymoon

    Biggest/Weakest 5th studio album era

    Biggest: Daydream Weakest: Lotus
  21. GentleDance

    Azealia Drags Abortions

  22. Jorge

    Loco's Weekly Faves

    Excelente #1 Girl Like Me, Del Mar, Not The End Of The World
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