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  2. JDC

    God talks to Selena about JLO

    Well, God serving taste JLogend keeps winning
  3. PoKiTaurus

    ATRL's Family Feud 7 | welcome (pg. 4)

    Can I write essays for my answers?
  4. Mezik

    Carrie Underwood - ‘Cry Pretty’

    Omg, 28,000 is her largest sales week here.
  5. In 15 more year POC will make up the majority so.....
  6. moijejoue

    Are Colored Eyes The Biggest Sign Of Whiteness?

    Overall this. But having bright eyes doesn’t automatically make you more beautiful than those with darker eyes. It’s a sum of all your facial features.
  7. deader than ever


    Namjoon did amazingly well given English isn’t his native language and that he must’ve been super nervous. I’m proud of all of them but especially him
  8. Clueless

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Love Me Like You Do is an American radio classic
  9. andresg770

    WWE | Hell in a Cell Live

    I know I'm probably so 2000 and late, but I just noticed the wrestling/WWE references in Cardi's "I Like it": Just in case it isn't clear from my translation, the Jimmy Snuka thing is a reference to the Superfly Splash, which was his (and now also his daughter Tamina's) finisher move. Who knew all these reggaetoneros were wrestling fans??
  10. Erreur2 La Nature

    Like It Ain't Nuttin'

    Considering it got 3M views in more than a full year, I think no one liked or know about it. It's honestly terrible and I love fergie.
  11. Mezik

    Carrie Underwood - ‘Cry Pretty’

    YAS. My streaming power.
  12. B-Luke

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    This is amazing
  13. Mr. Grey

    Selena announces exit from social media

    My god, she´s so dramatic. Like gurl, there are people dying, war raging and continents falling apart from political turmoil.
  14. Ghost

    Like It Ain't Nuttin'

    I did not. I recognized talent and bought DD
  15. Keith

    Why is "Halo" such a classic?

  16. Stankonia

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    The fact that you are trying to compare Janet's current stats to Advil's when the former released her first album 2 years before the latter's birth only highlights how much of a huge FAD your fave is 20 years in, Janet was releasing the GLOBAL smash Allah For You who went #1 in multiple countries, broke radio records and her album debuted with 600k+ in its first week in the usa. 15 years in, GP literally thinks Advil is dead and she hasn't had a hit in like 10 years.
  17. whatyouwant_

    Panic! At The Disco - “High Hopes”

    UK Midweek 17 Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes
  18. Harsh weather forced them to create inventions and colonialism gave them the budget
  19. mokitsu


    the vocal showcase of the tour should become All Night or something. plus it's way more uplifting and it fits the "Everything is Love" redemption story arc. the TidalX performance gives me chills everytime and makes me emotional, it'd be such a highlight.
  20. PhoebeBuffay

    Avril Lavigne - ‘Head Above Water’

  21. Floraholique

    Cardi’s HT setlist?

    Wait the Super Bowl’s in Atlanta this year? They better give her a ****ing set. The disrespect and the flop, white washed Halftime show if she doesn’t get it. She put on a better show in Coachella than Maroon 5 has in their entire career
  22. Kékette

    Lady Gaga

    Cool ! I pray ! I thought that... LGN ^^
  23. Queen Conchita

    Liar Game 3.5 : Mayhem Mansion

    i'm confused
  24. ordinarynam

    Lady Gaga

    a top 10 debut would already be great for The Shallow
  25. LustSpell

    Ariana Grande - breathin

    everything about this song screams effortless smash.
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