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  2. Life Savers

    Nintendo Base

    The game encourages experimentation. I did YouTube some things but make sure you try alternate solutions before you do, it's more fun that way. For stamina remember you can cook an elixir/dish too.
  3. peterstyles13

    Taylor to perform in China (Tencent Music Awards)

    The fact that they picked her as a headlining act too
  4. Ivan_brit

    Dua Lipa f/ DaBaby - "Levitating (Remix)"

    Maybe because when Physical was released DSN was getting bigger at the US I assume they don’t want to kill DSN or also they knew that DSN will totally overshadow Physical. But yes Physical deserved better anyway I saw at some estimations Physical is close to be certified platinum at the US
  5. brraap

    Younger Now vs Tell Me You Love Me vs Rare vs Positions

    I can't decide between Rare and TMYLM, but Rare resonates with my personal life more so that one But both are beautiful bodies of work. Then its positions > younger now >>>>>>> 34 + 35 OT: Plastic hearts that would easily top this list
  6. Sapphire

    RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under | airing late 2021

    we need Courtney Act on the judging panel
  7. Iceland

    Maskless Camila enjoys outing after trip!

    Tea! they’re in Miami, but it’s not the first time they’re out with masks. That Karen-behavior is a NO!
  8. brainmaniac

    Biggest/Weakest 5th studio album era

    What am I not understanding? I’m well aware songs went Top 10 on radio without a commercial release back then. But a song’s Hot 100 run is obviously dependent on its airplay and the airplay for Forever wasn’t that high. So obviously, it wasn’t going to do that well on The Hot 100 even had it been eligible to chart. It may have gotten a Top 10 peak but the longevity wouldn’t have been strong and it would not be enough to overcome 1989’s overall single success
  9. Rev8

    TB: What was Oprah's deal with Mariah?

    Wouldn't be surprised, Mariah was still building a legacy for herself and lots of industry ppl were jealous to see her get a Check mark by a Legend like Whitney in her first decade
  10. cruelcooper

    Taylor Swift - 'evermore'

    undeniable fact: long story short is the worst song on evermore.
  11. Attitude

    Nintendo Base

    Mess at Walmart selling Captain Toad for $4 dollars. I managed to get two copies.
  12. Jared

    K-Pop Discussion Thread: (G) Idle Spreads Burn

    SISTAR doing disco pop 4 years before the 2020 trend. LEGENDS.
  13. Yog

    Sam Smith

    Sam always had amazing in female artists...
  14. StrangerInTheDark

    Dua Lipa f/ DaBaby - "Levitating (Remix)"

    Because there was no room for it. DSN started exploding in US just before its release while they already had planned to launch new single with album I guess.
  15. Pozeidon

    Video Games you played recently

    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and it's so gooooood I think this is the first AC game that I'm really enjoying.
  16. revivval

    New pop girl releases a BANGER

    What a mess l-
  17. TheFameMonster

    Smallest: Lotus vs Smile

    Didn't Lotus outchart Smile?
  18. xfreshkidxx

    Smallest: Lotus vs Smile

    Both tanked but NRO was a cute hit. Your Body is only certified in one place.
  19. Attitude

    Vinyl Talk

    Where did y'all order your Mariah vinyl? Her webstore?
  20. crf13

    [ROUND 4] Kylie Minogue - 'DISCO' (pg. 10)

    Save: Miss a Thing Dance Floor Darling Supernova Off: Celebrate You Magic
  21. OnMyCoolJ

    Mulatto f/ Lil Baby - "Sex Lies"

    this would've smashed in the 2000s..in the ja rule / nelly era
  22. So odd pretty ****ty :/ the good thing is that he is okay kinda not surprised tho, seen many ppl say he comes off as arrogant (still not a reason to do this but there are all kinds of ppl I guess)
  23. Enzolorenzo

    Biggest/Weakest 5th studio album era

    Biggest: 1989 Weakest: Smile or Lotus
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