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  2. Nick_317

    Swifties come for Ariana, why?

    That's the best you can come up with? Try harder
  3. Hunter_13

    Canada: folklore 47K, matches Lover!

    Her stability
  4. ScarletWitch

    Stanbase with the most excuses for idol's flops?

    Madonna stans BY FAR Their tired excuses have been for almost a decade now
  5. Lights and Waves

    Elon Musk says pyramids were built by aliens, gets dragged

    The layers of your stupidity are sending me
  6. dweebz

    France: Folklore #12, Cardigan #138

    France dont **** with ha.
  7. Alaska.

    Kesha - "Little Bit Of Love"

    I don't understand why most of you want her to ditch HR and start working on another project right now. Sure the era is pretty much dead but she should save the folk album for when she's able to tour again. For now, let her milk this album as much as she wants lol
  8. Safe&Sound

    Is Coachella - Woodstock Lana's best song?

    It's not from NFR so it's invalid
  9. Buzzcutseason

    Katy Perry - 'Smile'

    If Teary Eyes is THAT song, why doesnt she release it or if it will be pushed as a single with the album release then why are they releasing a big budget video for Smile two weeks before the album?
  10. Taylor fanboy

    Fearless/Red/Reputa re- enters BB200

  11. Ari29

    Beyonce's lack of support for the LGBT community

    So why did she have people from the ballroom scene voguing in her videos as early as 2006, before it was trendy like it is now? Why was she incorporating J-settes, which yes are from HBCUs, but have a real history with black gay men in the South? Fact is she supports a very specific, and often overlooked segment of the LGBT community.
  12. Queenyoncee

    Beyonce's lack of support for the LGBT community

    Stop lying, it's pathetic
  13. katyhudson

    Fearless/Red/Reputa re- enters BB200

  14. The Second Coming

    Dua Lipa f/ Madonna & Missy Elliott - "Levitating" (Remix)

    At least they can play the social distancing card for this OMG, Dua keeping us fed
  15. Safe&Sound

    Honeymoon Avenue is Ariana's best opener. Why?

    Totally agree The melody is totally the highlight of her discography And the outro is unique! I love it
  16. ariananext

    Swifties come for Ariana, why?

    people (the gp) don't care about taylor music in most of europe, her music isn't what europeans like most of the times - that doesn't mean her fanbase can't take her music top 10 before you start @ me with charts, i don't care
  17. Thinking Of You

    Stanbase with the most excuses for idol's flops?

    Barbz are the worst at it
  18. My Tears Ricochet

    Stanbase with the most excuses for idol's flops?

    Beyhive. The way they've been making up excuses for Beyonce's own music ventures flopping since EIL, Spirit peaking #98 with a 2B movie backing it, The Gift selling 900 copies in UK and Black parade tanking on Spotify even after getting #1 placement on TTH.
  19. Prisoner

    The Magnus Opus that inspired "Folklore"....

    wait a minute... i totally see some influence of GL on folklore. august sounds like taylor was tryna recreate Push.
  20. wesleywalrus

    France: Folklore #12, Cardigan #138

    stable which is a good sign
  21. Also, how are the schools gonna handle the recess/lunch time? Also 6ft apart in the outdoor seating area? But students gonna take off their masks and eat right... Not to mention that they are like germ superspreader, the mess... At this time you might as well just wear the BioHazmat suit to work
  22. Taylor fanboy

    Fearless/Red/Reputa re- enters BB200

  23. Kisuke


    How the red formation tour outfit looks so good on a 4k tv, imagine a full tour shot in 4k.
  24. There goes, the last great American dynasty...
  25. Safe&Sound

    Stanbase with the most excuses for idol's flops?

  26. dylanx

    Swifties come for Ariana, why?

    Actually Ariana posted on her Instagram congratulating Scooter when the news broke, but deleted the post when Taylor voiced her displeasure. Probably left a bad taste for some fans.
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