Letter to Membership: COVID-19 & Forum Upkeep

This announcement is no longer active


To the ATRL Membership,


Our Statement On COVID-19

I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy during these uncertain times, as well as practicing social distancing to protect others in your community. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our day-to-day lives, the staff are aware that ATRL can be a wonderful resource for members to take advantage of to stay connected. We would like you all to re-familiarize yourselves with our rules and policies at this time, especially if you are new or re-visiting after a period of time away, by seeing two links at the bottom of the forum: Rules and ATRL FAQs


The staff would also like to formally introduce our policies surrounding the discussion of COVID-19 on our forum. 

  • COVID-19 is a serious situation that is causing a wave of sickness and death throughout the world. Members who fail to acknowledge the urgency of this pandemic by openly mocking or trolling in serious discussion threads will be warned and barred from making new posts for 3 months. As always, ATRL welcomes all respectfully-stated, inclusive, and sensitively-minded opinions. 
  • The sensitivity of the COVID-19 situation calls for accurate sharing of information on the internet. Threads and posts that attempt to spread misinformation in relation to the virus will be removed. Misinformation refers to information that is not supported by a reputable source. Many members on here like to reason that their opinions are facts—while that is perfectly fine when a number of you (still) try to claim Camila is a main pop girl, that is unfortunately not the case when we are making claims about COVID-19. We will be monitoring and removing posts that are not linked to reputable sources of information.


Notes on Forum Upkeep

The staff would like to apologize for a lack of response to the membership over the past few months. We are actively taking measures behind the scenes to ensure our members, your reports, and your help requests are better served by staff, especially due to the software problems our forum continues to endure. While we cannot promise that software issues will resolve any time soon, as those issues are more or less our of our control at the moment, we are moving to improve member-to-staff communication. 


As always, if you have any questions, please visit ATRL HQ or submit a help request. Do not message staff directly, as those messages are ignored. 


Thank you all, and please continue to enjoy the forum respectfully, 

Juanny & The ATRL Staff