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  2. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    You got tons of people still gettin' low on That's the Way Love Goes in the club. There are millions of locations other than your hometown. Hell, I'm surprised more than what I thought knew When I Think of You. Like give it up. lol
  3. Grown K

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    The Targaryen prequel is coming with sex and dragons, written by George RR Martin himself, so yeah.
  4. boyandhistiger

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    i dont think there will but of course i really really really hope they keep trying to aim for the same quality.
  5. Juanny

    Back to back eras that were completely different

    ARTPOP/Cheek To Cheek
  6. itsdavimiguel

    Cheryl - ‘Let You’

  7. An anti-money laundering worker, Tammy McFadden at Trump's bank was fired for repeatedly flagging up suspicious transactions on him and his family's accounts. Donald's leaking blood like a used tampon and it's only a matter of time before the sharks get him! Get ha, Jade!
  8. americanlife

    Ariana Grande fans cover 'Level Up'

    Not them voguing and doing meme dances
  9. rowlet

    Worst: GOT fans or haters

    people like in that instagram post^ + the book fans and half of r/freefolk are on the same level of annoying for me
  10. Oxygen

    Ariana coming this Summer?

    Hoping she releases a TUN deluxe
  11. Caesar

    Google Pulls Huawei’s Android license

    It has to do with the Trump trade war with China if I’m not mistaken
  12. RajibDavid

    Normani serves Black Goddess

    Ha body
  13. Yvess

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟: Round 3 @ page 47

    I love the fighting spirit! Come thru sis!
  14. Wes

    Worst female #1 this year so far?

  15. Roman Holiday

    Social House & Ariana Grande - "Haunt You"

    Damn, she should have snatched this fr herself.
  16. Fireman25

    Britney Spears dealing with 'emotional issues"

    Right. They are trying to make her look fragile and an emotional mess before her court date in order to convince the judge to keep the conservatorship. I know exactly what they are trying to do here
  17. Squall

    H100: Old Town Road 7x #1, I Don't Care #2, Bad Guy #4

    Worry about your own fave, she's fine
  18. cityfolk

    Ariana Grande fans cover 'Level Up'

    The most original joke ever made Maybe Ciara fans should invest more time into purchasing and streaming their fave's album instead of wasting it trying to tear down someone currently demolishing the charts. Level Up is a bop regardless.
  19. X~MoviePoP

    Britney Spears dealing with 'emotional issues"

    I believe it
  20. Cryptique

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    the GP can name a Shania/Avril Song or at least know one when they hear it.. can't tell the same with the forgotten Janet. poor ha.. i still love Feedback tho
  21. heartbeats

    Katy Perry

    the way history repeats itself is so funny ava and kim petras (of course they're not on the same level as the katy and germanotta but the comparisons are there and it's funny to watch) kim petras- shades ava max, same initials as katy, works with luke, quality singles, conventionally pretty ava max- wants to be a misfit, the weird girl, thinks her music is very meaningful, she looks a lot like gaga @Thickorita thoughts
  22. confide in me

    Worst female #1 this year so far?

    Shallow is NOT the worst
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