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  2. MasterExpose

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

  3. yASSsss

    Lady Gaga

    Todrick Hall has an album called ‘Haus Party’. Its not happening
  4. Terylee

    Benioff and Weiss Pull Out of Comic-Con Appearance

    Disappointing. Freefolk had so many plans for them.
  5. badgirlriri

    The Lion King (2019) 🦁👑 | Be Prepared

    This will be a MONSTER
  6. Elite Four Brad

    Kim working with Trump to free A$AP Rocky

    yeah it recently was reported this week, but it got overshadowed by the racist stuff
  7. scenekiller

    Is HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI one of Lana’s best vocals?

    Let's not forget how Young and Beautiful and Gods and Monsters were originally: In The Land of Gods and Monsters (ITLOGAM) Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young and Beautiful (WYSLMWINLYAB)
  8. channel orange

    Bulgarian Talk

    Такова начинание не е възможно
  9. Beyoncé TLK really is doing the business
  10. Archetype

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    They should give everything to Sunflower.
  11. Brando

    3 biggest pop girl classics of the 00’s decade?

    3 is too restrictive. Most of those songs you guys fight over are equally remembered.
  12. paradisedarkness

    Iggy Azalea - 'In My Defense'

  13. FAN

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    Using these songs (which I don’t even think half are even contenders - it’s too mainstream) here’s what I predict: Leaders: Bad Guy Without Me Old Town Road 7 Rings Sunflower Speechless God’s Country Sunflower Contenders: Dancing With A Stranger Señorita I Don’t Care Talk You Need To Calm Down MIA Someone You Loved Spirit Please Me
  14. éclat

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    I wonder if Rihanna will make the cut.
  15. Elite Four Brad

    ATRLers hating on Nas X. Why?

    I don't really hate him, I just find him an annoying twitter troll and the meme died out months ago when it got old.
  16. based

    Katy Perry - "Never Really Over"

    Ah both my faves in the top 5 now. They won!
  17. Khal

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

  18. She just always stays here. I CAN stand it!
  19. whatyouwant_

    Panic! At The Disco - "Hey Look Ma, I Made It"

    This will miss the TOP 10 just because they aren't investing on streaming, ugh, **** you Elektra/FBR SHAZAM US #25 +3
  20. Scion

    Lady Gaga

    This album title It's between this and Haus of Gaga for me. G A G A sounds basic and lame tbh.
  21. mcohen

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    Adele is releasing in the next 5 weeks?
  22. Alessandra

    Kim working with Trump to free A$AP Rocky

    tHiS iS PrOoF tHaT DuMp iS NoT a rAcIsT!!!!!
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