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  2. Blue Jeans

    Gay or European

  3. Outlaws

    Taylor Swift f/ Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - "ME!"

    New single, please.
  4. Buyonce1814

    UK Talk

    Well we did swipe left on 1000 likes a few weeks ago. You've been been shown to everyone now
  5. ThePinkWidow

    Katy Perry

    Make sense since Miley is releasing next friday Maybe Katy's dropping it early since Miley and her are close prepare your wigs ladies KP5 era is about to start so soon, I can feel the it
  6. -Lewymocha-

    Quentin Tarantino snaps at female reporter

    Margot is one of the best actresses of this generation. Stop it.
  7. iiSuperManii

    Lady Gaga

    BTW is Not her best album stop lying to yourselves
  8. -Lewymocha-

    Quentin Tarantino snaps at female reporter

    Wait doesn’t he have two of the most iconic woman lead movies of all time? Like if he was truly a misogynist, he would never even write a female lead movie because he would think nobody would be interested in a story like that. Some people need to just stop.
  9. itsjem

    Halsey - “Nightmare”

    Up 3 spots on HAC to 44 with 41 spins and 0.188 audience gains!
  10. mariahcarey

    UK Talk

    Vote labour
  11. The rats sansa and tyrion being non-factors
  12. Lukey

    UK Talk

    It's not Which is why I'm not getting many likes again
  13. YR.

    Taylor Swift f/ Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - "ME!"

    Republic paying radio to stop playing ME!ss, second single coming
  14. highwind44029

    Wtf Happened to Pop Music

    This was a #1 hit 4 years ago. Most pop music of 2019 is better than this song, so no, 2019 is not the lowest low of the decade.
  15. AvrilLaQueen

    Marina leaves Twitter

  16. selenachris

    Hottest Bed Buddy in Pretty Little Liars?

    The first one
  17. Buyonce1814

    UK Talk

    Then why is your Tinder profile set to Manchester?
  18. velocity

    Killing Eve: Season 2 | Renewed for 3rd Season!

    i finished all the episodes of season 2 out right now and the last shot of niko and gemma whew vilanelle really did that
  19. BobBertran1992

    Quentin Tarantino snaps at female reporter

    But yet he treated Uma like ****.
  20. hypocrateen

    Lady Gaga

    "leave the misinfo to @ gagadaily" I-
  21. mariahcarey

    Britney's mom's bff exposes B's team

  22. Massive_Teardrop

    Harry Potter TV series, here for it?

    Film in the next ten, release in fifteen or so - absolutely yes!
  23. Outlaws

    Will NCT smash?

  24. What a beautiful answer I'm on a Butti stan rant so I hope the bernie bros here don't get too bothered
  25. highwind44029

    Hottest men in Game of Thrones?

    Ugh Joffrey a MAN tbh. Ramsay is meh though.
  26. inxxitari

    Miley Cyrus - 'SHE' (EP)

    We- I-
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