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  2. Legendairy

    Sam Smith - “How Do You Sleep”

  3. killer_rose

    Mariah Carey

    The vile comments about Mimi are just disgusting. A meme rapper, who stans for Miki Minach and probably JLO can't take anything away of Mimi. The delusional ATRLers are seriously trying it.
  4. Swag Koons

    Ed's & Khalids Beautiful People top UK Charts

    bland vanilla forgettable
  5. argos

    Beyonce's Lion King only 6.8 on IMDB

    I'm not trying to tell it's going up. I'm just saying it's at 6.8 and that it is below those movies, you draw your own conclusions.
  6. Kevin2803

    Monky_2405's Top100 18.7 - Senorita #1 + The Lion Queen

    Ed blocking Banks The bad guy version with Justin kinda deserves to flop
  7. Century

    Madonna, Taylor among most admired woman in world

    Michelle at #1
  8. MrLovett

    Beyonce's Lion King only 6.8 on IMDB

    It was 5.2 yesterday, before it’s release, because of trolls. With it’s sharp incline, I guess that tells us what the public are thinking.
  9. Ohno

    Iggy Azalea - 'F**k It Up' ft. Kash Doll

    Oh wow another one added to her videography She looks so good omg
  10. Insanity

    Merkel trashes Trump

    Is it even news anymore when everyone trashes Trump
  11. mariahcarey

    GaGa is moving in w/ Bradley!!

    Get that D
  12. KimmyBella

    Madonna, Taylor among most admired woman in world

    Facts are facts, America!
  13. ArtForFreedom


    https://today.yougov.com/topics/international/articles-reports/2019/07/18/2019-worlds-most-admired #11
  14. 6_INCH_HEELS

    Iggy Azalea - 'In My Defense'

    This is very one dimensional.
  15. EarStyle

    Beyoncé - ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

    I'm expecting a documentary around the creation of the album and Africa etc.
  16. Legendairy

    Annoying gifs/reaction pics str8s use

    truly horrendous edit I just had enough of my work's gc They don't try as much or are they uncreative? idk.
  17. 5hfangurl

    BANKS - 'III'

    will i ever get over contaminated? i have my doubts
  18. MissedTheTrain

    BuzzFeed announces “Internet Live” event

    Will this be another DigiFest mess?
  19. FreeXone

    Janet J performing in Saudi Arabia

    Are you hired by her? You're like the Kelly Anne Conway to trump. Just admit Janet ****ed up and move on. Will it have Superbowl 2004 effects no...but she needs a slap. She also needs to lose weight and stop wearing ugly make up clothes and hair.
  20. SHRINE

    Sam Smith - “How Do You Sleep”

    I don’t hate myself at all it’s just such an atypical queer video in that there’s so much more to the community than the amount of stereotypical queer that’s in this video - it’s a poor attempt and representation. That’s why, but average try at thinking you’re all clever trying to psychoanalyse me like that
  21. Kevin2803

    Pinkoverblue's Some Kind of Countdown [July 18th, 2019]

    14/25 Charli climbing to #1 AND #2 Miley almost top 5
  22. Bxtch

    Charlotte Lawrence - "Why Do You Love Me"

    Yeah they have the same vibe! really hope the album follows the same sound
  23. Robyn.

    Lil Nas X: "Let's break the record"

    He won, Mariah is part of the past now. Good riddance!
  24. https://today.yougov.com/topics/international/articles-reports/2019/07/18/2019-worlds-most-admired 1. Michelle Obama 2. Oprah Winfrey 3. Angelina Jolie 4. Queen Elizabeth 5. Emma Watson 6. Malala Yousafzai 7. Peng Liyuan 8. Hillary Clinton 9. Tu Youyou 10. Taylor Swift 11. Madonna 12. Angela Merkel 13. Deepika Padukone 14. Priyanka Chopra 15. Ellen Degeneres
  25. 6_INCH_HEELS

    Beyonce's Lion King only 6.8 on IMDB

    Ohh, its going up. Great. Is that what you were trying to tell everyone with this thread? That it's going UP?
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