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  2. Jeremiah

    Lana caught smiling cuz a bitch livin lavish

    We'll see if she keeps smiling once I drag her by the hair to her record label so they can finally decide a date release for NFR.
  3. Blue Rose

    Drag Queens Drag Taylor Swift for almost 14 minutes

    This tea may be old but it’s still delicious.
  4. Serendipity

    UK Politics 🇬🇧 Theresa May resigning in two weeks

    I feel like some drama is incoming
  5. Serpentine

    Taylor slays with 'Shake It Off' & 'Me!' The Voice France

    Yes she did the literal meaning of slay
  6. Blank

    More annoying stanbase: Normani or Camila stans?

    Both are annoying, but some camelizers tend to be racist and/or bullies so they take this one, right @Iceland
  7. unclefloprry

    Halsey - “Nightmare”

    Bleeding hard on iTunes
  8. AbeHicks

    Millie Bobby Brown getting ready for pride month

    It started with the Meghan Trainor lookalike whose hijab she forcefully removed.
  9. Drag Queen culture is so tired
  10. DanDuke

    This is Lana’s best song. Why

    Have you heard the Nikonn remix? That is also brilliant. https://youtu.be/mJNUpDeRhLo
  11. Lemonaade

    How do you really feel about entertainment industry salaries

    What bothers me more is the discrepancy in pay within the industry. For every Rihanna who makes like a million a week, there’s like 1000 minimum wage working hopefuls wanting to be an artist. I work within the industry and the pay gap is seriously ridiculous. It’s one of the only industries I’ve worked in where two people can have the exact same job and be worlds apart in pay checks.
  12. getback

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Season 11: Did It.. K-Pop?

    Mercedes is cute sis. let's not lump her with the tragedy of Soju, Kahana and Ariel
  13. Dingdong123

    Taylor Swift f/ Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - "ME!"

    The Me! music video is pretty to look at, but that’s the only thing it has lol. Blank Space has the amazing story line and the crying and crazy Taylor. Bad Blood had the massive girl squad going and the Marvel-like action. LWYMMD had all the old Taylor chit chat and the easter eggs references. Shake It Off video really had the song smashing that’s why it became big. With Me!, all it really us are the gorgeous visuals. No concept, no storyline, no direction where it was headed. The thing is, she can create effective videos without the need for over the top effects and budget. As long as the song and the video jives, connects with each other and are engaging. See: YBWM, Delicate and Wildest Dreams.
  14. Nn this is all I could find but I know there was an active thread about it before.
  15. MissedTheTrain

    Taylor refuses to sign autograph

    Screaming, a pic from 2012 (and she hasn’t done anything Diet Coke related since 2014/2015). People are DYING to drag her into politics any way they can
  16. Materialboy215

    Lindsay responds to Paris

    Yes she tries way too hard! The Lindsay bash was completely unnecessary and out of no where. It seems if she's not talking about Kim Kardashian, Nicole, Britney or Lindsay then she doesn't have anything to talk about. It also seems like she is still living like she's 25 or whatever, I mean look at how far Nicole has come over the yrs? Then look at Paris?
  17. HiBear

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Someday (I Will Understand)
  18. Bacardo

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Bye Bye
  19. Serendipity

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Season 11: Did It.. K-Pop?

    Beat mug, limp wrists Points were made
  20. pavi

    Charli XCX performing in arena tour with Rita Ora

    Love how Rita still shows so much affection to this song even tho it's basically Charli's
  21. Almighty Gaga

    More annoying stanbase: Normani or Camila stans?

    This. The Camila stans have stuff to back up their stanning. The sheer existence of Normani stans is just absurd.
  22. Who cares. They sound jealous
  23. Lady Claire

    Miley Cyrus - ‘She Is Coming’

    She actually surprised me, the songs are really good. Cattitude is kinda trash but the production got me curious... Those songs have the same vibe as Nightmare by Halsey (trap with rock influences and pop melodies). I guess that's the new trend for the girls, Kim Petras also released a song with that vibe I'll check that for sure
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