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  2. AvrilLaQueen

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    The audience during chorus, I-
  3. Ari29

    Did Nicki Help Or Hinder Female Rap

    I’m sorry but what? You have that all the way mixed up. I can tell you’ve never been to a Ms. Hill show because her audience is VERY different compared to a Kim or Nicki audience.
  4. Aurora

    Katy Perry

    She's one half of Dreamlab y'all. THIS Friday?!
  5. Tira

    Where's Nicki Minaj?

    Most likely laying under her rapist murderer boyfriend.
  6. Mariano

    Gaga steps out; video shoot wrapped

    He is clearly a Kat tho, first and foremost. Swifties aren't that bitter, they can be shady, but not in that kind of "hey I'm angry" way
  7. Entela

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Ugh Her MIND It amaze me sometimes Poor HasBeens they just don't have the range
  8. Cryptique

    Born This Way turns 8 years!

  9. Mariano

    Gaga steps out; video shoot wrapped

    what? When has Gaga been in Europe, let alone Amsterdam
  10. Scarface

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Yeah, the message and image was risky, not the sound. BTW was still a pop album.
  11. Mystic Boy

    Chained to the Rythm VS Shallow

  12. Tira

    New boxscores l Nicki Wrld Tour

  13. ProudLBS

    India elections - Right wing wins!

    keep socialism in the trash where it belongs
  14. Swag

    Gaga vs. Janet Jackson: Better Music

    The Blasphemy, RN & The Knowledge are as fresh today as they were 30 years ago
  15. Mattyboy

    H100: Old Town Road 7x #1, I Don't Care #2, Bad Guy #4

    No it wasn’t. Stop quoting me. I was comparing it debuting with twice as much streams as I Don’t Care. If you want a perfect comparison (I’ll officially stop mentioning it after this) takes a look at the week Old Town Road went #1 before the remix. Old Town Road (1st week at #1): 22,000 sales, 46m streams, 11m radio FEFE (#3 peak): 24,000 sales, 65m streams, 15m radio It WOULD HAVE topped the Hot 100 in most weeks with little competition. That’s my point.
  16. Anticipating

    New boxscores l Nicki Wrld Tour

  17. Outlaws

    Is Cardi starting to flop?

    Stan culture is really toxic most times, ugh.
  18. Mariano

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    A legend of course BTW wasn't 4
  19. Cryptique

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    so???.. it was a POLITICAL Statement at the times where going Political ain't cool
  20. Entela

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Yeah basic rnb songs...sooo groundbreaking
  21. Haus

    Marina leaves Twitter

    also lol @ people joking about "see you in two weeks" or w/e, obviously she will return. i have literally no doubt. her poetry has been pretty existential and lust for life wasn't entirely well-received, at least the political tracks. marina released an existential political album and was dragged. really, the audience just isn't big enough for it. most people in western civilization aren't bothered by the state of the world, at least not to the point that it affects their mental health. i see lana and marina as people who, like me, can't ignore or shut out what's going on and it's cast a significant shadow over us. i'd rather be put in an induced coma than be lucid the rest of trump's presidency. marina took those feelings and put out an album tackling her feelings head on. and it's a hard thing to write about politics and make it 'good' and acclaimed… especially pop. like i said in the op, L+F is incredibly meaningful to me and i think marina had the same misconception that there's more people feeling like us than there actually are. hope was a cry for help if i've ever seen one and i've been worried about her since. the fact that she's pursuing another art form before releasing her next album says it all. she's trying to process whatever she's going through but the music isn't working for her anymore. she was dragged for hope, change, coachella, bpbp… the audience for these girls simply doesn't want it. and i understand to an extent that pop is 'supposed' to be an escape, but that's exactly what L+F, hope, and change are to me… well, more like release which is even better. so anyway, yeah. i'm really ****ing sick and disgusted of lana fans not respecting her process and spamming every post she makes about the album when she's being more vulnerable than ever by trying out and sharing her poetry. i know she could easily clue us in but what good would that do? i doubt she has any idea when she'll be ready, and no matter how she might explain that, there'll still be atrlers saying "**** this b*tch " and "welp. unstanning."
  22. TurntUp

    Ciara sees the bright side in flopping

    Why would we be laughing at a successful millionaire on her 7th album 15 years into her career?
  23. HotFriedChicken

    UK Talk

    Didn't even realise there was an election today
  24. Aurora

    Katy Perry

    Dreamlab did most of the good songs on Revival (Selena) so we're perched. They've done a couple random bops for artists like The Veronicas and Bella Thorne too so I'm down. Hopefully they bring a more upbeat edge. We need pop BANGER like Con Calma, 365 was a nice chill bop, but we need a BIG summer song.
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