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  2. DevinWylde

    We need bubblegum pop Nicki back!

    What about the current musical atmosphere gives you the idea that her going poppier will bring her more success?
  3. Proseductice

    Britney Spears dealing with 'emotional issues"

    Her team is just.........the absolute lack of brain cells.
  4. Sabbath

    Random Thoughts

    you deserve better, he might be funny and nice and everything but it looks like you guys aren't a good fit for each other, plus if he doesn't want to make it official and you've been dating for a while he's just wasting your time and your kindness for putting up with all his weird antics like not going out or want to be seen (tf?) if it's healthy for you, you can still talk to him so he's not that hurt, but you're not responsible for his mental health, he needs a specialist if it's really bad and that will be better for the both of you, it's not fair for you to carry with that or it will start affecting your mental health as well and don't worry, you will find someone when it's time, you're still young and have a lot of good qualities
  5. liberalmusiclover

    Ciara sees the bright side in flopping

    Only an idiot would say Her Excellency Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a global Ambassador for Barbados, Cosmetic Mogul, Luxury Fashion House Head (in which she owns 50%), and Music LEGEND isn’t a trailblazer.
  6. boysandbombs

    We need bubblegum pop Nicki back!

    she really might as well. she tried rebranding as the big street rap diva and nobody is really having it anymore. if she's really a cartoon then BE a cartoon. nobody's here for serious obviously-WAY-too-many-****s-given nicki.
  7. Greg.P

    Demi Lovato

    Okay tea but that guitar solo needed to be longer
  8. LadyGagaStan93

    Lady Gaga

    This was dumb, she can actually sing though.
  9. Frozens

    Black Women with the Biggest Potential?

    No one cares about tinashe except you and this weird obsession you have with her. If you want to lick her help kitty than maybe you should dm her on instagram or twitter. Stop regressing your lesbian feeling for tinashe, it’s obvious to everyone and you’re not very good at hiding it. Rihanna didn’t come out the gate with this so called “it” factor, it was bought. Maybe tinashe should sleep with her boss or get passed around the industry like Rihanna did. Do you think brandy is a superstar ? she’s far from it boo, you clearly just an example of major corporations brainwashing the general public.
  10. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    I guess so. But hey, you got your own local bar with the vintage jukebox.
  11. I won. James charles crazy fans hacked Gage instagram, Snap & Twitter and leaked his nude on his twitter. The gays won
  12. Wii

    Google Pulls Huawei’s Android license

    And rightfully so
  13. Oxygen

    Ariana coming this Summer?

    4 extra songs integrated into the tracklist would be amazing, especially if they are summery like bloodline. She can push one of the songs as the forth single.
  14. fridayteenage

    Did the 'GOT' Ending Make Daenerys a Bigger Legend?

    nah, just a loser and another victim of the starks
  15. Lyrical.

    Emilia Clarke feared Beyoncé would hate Daenerys

    The way these stories about my legendary fave always has these dummies seething! They wish their faves were praised even half as much I-
  16. ksmith

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    I think there will be but I don't think it will be for a while. It does feel like all the "big" things are ending or have ended though. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, I mean, even Twilight. Now Game of Thrones. So many huge franchises.
  17. Destiny

    Back to back eras that were completely different

    BEYONCE and Lemonade (only commonality is "visual albums")
  18. fridayteenage

    Game of Thrones | The Iron Throne | Do y'all hear sumn?

    best scene each episode: 1 sansa tells tyrion he's dumb for trusting cersei 2 sansa asks about the north of dany & reunites with theon 3 sansa discusses her apprehension of the mad queen with tyrion 4 sansa tells tyrion the truth about jon 6 QUEEN IN THE NORTH The ending scene basically told us who the REAL main characters of the series are - Sansa & Arya & Jon. Whew, Game of Starks!
  19. Invisibility

    Normani serves Black Goddess

    Looking healthy
  20. RajibDavid

    Bills Bills Bills vs What a Girl Wants

    What a Girl Wants >>>
  21. Timber

    Chartmasters: BTS has sold 38m CSPC

    In total, BTS concludes on 38 million equivalent album sales. This makes them the most successful act debuting in 2012 or later, topping sales totals of Ariana Grande. https://chartmasters.org/2019/05/bts-albums-and-songs-sales/
  22. Mellark

    Sara Bareilles - 'Amidst the Chaos'

    I plan to see her in November. Now, has she ever considered to go outside of the U.S.? Most of the dates are in the U.S. but I believe she can expand to Canada at least. Or is she busy with Waitress?
  23. HelloLovato

    Demi Lovato

    He has been working with the JoBros as of late, so I guess it makes sense.
  24. Fireman25

    Britney Spears dealing with 'emotional issues"

    I also think she doing all this pap videos on purpose to show everyone she is not unstable.
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