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  2. dperkins

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7279

    No. Top 5 at best.
  3. Harranger

    [Vote NOW!!!] Top 100 Greatest K-pop Songs of All Time

    @Park Jinyoung unnie...
  4. Taz

    Beyoncé - ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

    The fact she used the biggest animation of all time to release that Afrobeat album she's been trying to release for so long I just-
  5. Mitchell

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

  6. getback

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    I have to laugh.gif
  7. Ari29


    The track with her, Jay, and Childish sounds interesting on paper and the title is cool but idk. I’m kinda nervous I’ll be letdown with that 1
  8. Orpheus

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    These are the choices?
  9. Scion

    Lady Gaga

    Eaux, not T*drick. Welp, one more reason to hate him! OT: I hope the Sophie collabs are still coming. Ready for her Ponyboy/Faceshopping tbh!
  10. Gorgeous

    Taylor Swift - 'Lover'

    The fact that i have to get a boyfriend before august 23.
  11. FameFatale

    Lady Gaga

  12. Elite Four Brad

    Female Top 10s on Pop Radio that missed Hot 100 Top 10

    Intuition, What The Hell and Delicate
  13. James_Dean

    Scott Mendelson drags Cats on Twitter.

  14. Black Canary

    POSE ™ 003 // yeah and? water is wet

    Some of the photos yall posted in this thread are probably better than ones yall will submit
  15. mathekr

    Katy's ET tweet goes viral

  16. zayngomez

    Harry Styles casting news sparks new meme

    the one with the dog. Harry is really attractive plus hes proven himself to be a good actor. yall should stop disrespecting him like this. His name alone would drive people to the cinemas all over the world
  17. Аshanti

    Ellie Goulding is the pits. Why?

    Hate Me is literally SOTY. Gays screaming about ‘selling out’ while on ATRL sporting Katy Perry and Kim Petras avis jajaja
  18. Yanko

    Lion King | RT: 57% | MC: 55

    me calling it beyonces lion king in the first place was me mocking the hive who trolled the entire forum for months before the movie got panned - a panned mess.
  19. boubour

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    the amount of content we’ve been getting this year...I feel like an ARMY, except we’re getting actual quality
  20. Navyofbadgals

    The Color Game 8 | ROUND 11 UP NOW 💚

    Smh 😔😔😔
  21. lonnie

    3 biggest pop girl classics of the 00’s decade?

    It gets more recurrent streams than all past Gaga hits
  22. bestfiction

    Vinyl Talk | Daydream

    It's her former label that releases these. They have been re-releasing all of her singles from those 4 albums since 2018 and thanks to this, they were re-entering French charts and some of them even re-peaking Her power
  23. Erreur2 La Nature

    3 biggest pop girl classics of the 00’s decade?

    Oops Toxic Crazy in Love
  24. Ari29


    I’m interested in hearing all of the songs with African artists, I’ve never really been exposed to that music before so I look forward to hearing it. The collab with Tierra Whack and Kendrick since Freedom was one of my fav tracks from LEM
  25. Enigmanotta

    Vinyl Talk | Daydream

    I finally received my signed ionnalee vinyls, EATBF and RTF… only to find out while opening the package that she signed them on the plastic shrink wrap. It's the first (and hopefully last) time that I receive "signed" vinyls like this. I cut the side to keep them intact over the albums. Still, they could've unwrapped them, made her sign them and wrap them up again. Amazon Canada actually had interesting sales during Prime Day, even though their selections weren't really of my taste. Both LEMONADE and the Bohemian Rhapsody OST were on sale for half their usual retail prices. The 2015 remaster of Private Dancer was also in promo for 5$ less. I finally bought the collector boxsets of the 3 first Kylie albums. Great deal in the end!
  26. Lipgloss

    [UPDATE] Spotify: Beyoncé OUT WW, OUT US (Day 7)

    "I write" Nope, not real.
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