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  2. Love Drought

    Forbes: "Normani to be unstoppable"

  3. Stankonia

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    But did you get your refund? I'm sorry but the way she cancelled your show right after you came for Janet's touring reliability is still a huge kii I'll help you count. In the last 3 years, Janet cancelled a total of 0 out of 82 shows. Mariah on the other hand cancelled 6 out of 46 shows. The State of the World Tour alone probably outgrossed Mariah's last 3 tours COMBINED. Your reads are tired, outdated and cringy af considering who who stan for. Moreover, imagine bragging about someone who had a career peak in the mid 00's having better streaming stats than someone who started her music career in the early 80's and who was blacklisted by some of the most powerful entities in the entertainement industry throughout the 00's Congrats on this impressive feat I guess! But sadly, the question remains: Why was Caution such a gigantic FLOP (Unbreakable outsold its TOTAL sales in less than a week! ) and why did none of her singles chart on the Hot 100 if people care about her music so much unlike Janet's? The court demands compelling answers to those matters sir.
  4. RideOrDie

    Top 2 Carly Rae Jepsen songs?

    Warm Blood No Drug Like Me
  5. jdmc218

    CÉLINE DION Carpool Karaoke

    What?! No That's the Way It Is?!
  6. IgorF

    Katy Perry

    Apparently it's solo, not feat.
  7. iiSuperManii

    Lady Gaga

  8. Joesuxx

    Charli releasing music for 5 months straight

    Tbh she’d get more hype and attention if she took a year off and came back with a traditional release pattern and an album. With so many leaks and releases it’s hard to keep up and difficult to maintain interest
  9. St. Francis

    Gay mosque opens in Canada

    It's nothing but plain immaturity.
  10. Blue Momo!

    Avengers Endgame | passes 2 billion gross

    Which is what Avatar did in the first place so there'd be nothing wrong with it. anyway... PLEASE y'all watch it one more time
  11. iiSuperManii

    Lady Gaga

  12. Bicassie

    Your 'Beauty Marks' trinity

    level up Set Greatest Love/Thinkin bout you
  13. BlackoutZone

    Lana Del Rey - "Doin' Time"

    Yes actually it is and BAR
  14. SelenaTheWinner

    CÉLINE DION Carpool Karaoke

    Shes So Awesome!!!
  15. But atrl told me yang supporters were basement dwelling trolls
  16. skyandground

    Songs with an amazing outro?

    A good outro really elevates the whole song. Some examples: Lorde - The Louvre Madonna - Don’t Tell Me Utada Hikaru - Addicted To You Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name Frank Ocean - Solo Beyoncé - 1+1 Tinashe - Bated Breath Feel free to suggest more examples!
  17. Petty Bourgeoisie

    Is Toni Braxton's 90's slayage underrated?

    It is underrated (on ATRL) because those three eras gave her real classics with staying power, songs that are better remembered than most Mariah/Whitney singles from the same time. Even lesser singles like I Don’t Want To and I Love Me Some Him are classics.
  18. yASSsss

    Lady Gaga

    LG6 is going to be a POP record. Deal with it,F*gg*ts
  19. EarStyle

    Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI

    New song coming today on Zane Lowe!
  20. yas sis clock the OJH --- Lou M Taylor is evil, we're fighting her to #FreeBritney so it's not gonna happen
  21. TeeJay

    Avengers Endgame | passes 2 billion gross

    it will if it gets really close. They will re-release a new version with extra scenes or something to push it over avatar. They will not settle for being RIGHT behind it if it gets very close and not try to push it past it.
  22. Inverted

    Nicole Scherzinger

    We're like the Britney stans talking about "remember when..." Except without the success to brag about.
  23. St. Francis

    Nasmaraj & Noah dating(?)

    "some chick"
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