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Found 490 results

  1. ...on The Simpsons they also shade Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  2. I don't know if you guys have seen it but I saw it and I was crying on the floor from laughing. My stomach hurt so bad I felt the need to share with y'all, although you all have probably seen it already
  3. Mess at the owner casually driving off after knocking out the other guy
  4. Highlights: 1:43 — "the women's reputations were questionable" 2:46 — "there's a lot of mommas and daddies that'd be THRILLED that their 14-year-old was getting hit on by a district attorney" 5:30 — racism ended after the '80s until Obama brought it back 6:28 — African Americans vote for Democrats because they're stupid
  5. "Just because you can explain it, doesn't mean you should excuse it."
  6. yummy
  7. A Colombian family was attacked in St. Thomas, Canada by a racist psycho. He heard them speak Spanish and thought they were Muslims or something so he started screaming "ISIS! they are terrorists!" and then began swinging. The husband apparently has a broken rib :(
  8. omg you guys I’ve been binge watching this girl all night and I may have finally found someone crazier than trisha. the next ATRL icon?
  9. Bannon the last minute the guy who plays Putin is high key daddy
  10. queen is having another meltdown
  11. The thumbnail
  12. They got me SHOOK
  13. "What's WRONG with her? WHY does she do that job? How can she look in the mirror every day and say 'I am doing the right thing for the American people,' because you are NOT. You are not. This is Kellyanne Conway territory. This is horrible. [...] This is our president, and that is the spokesperson for the President of the United States, sitting there defending his racism, his bigoted language, his stupidity. This is where we are. [...] It's sick. The whole thing's sick. [...] I don't know how you do it. You are raising three children. STOP."