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Found 350 results

  2. skfsfhs gender reveals r cute but they're highkey extra like 80% of the time what do u think?
  3. Anybody seen this video? Or familiar with Suave Cali's Youtube Channel? I got my everlasting life with this video!!!!
  4. This little girl is basically every ATRLer ever. I love her. I don't even want to have children and I want her as my daughter.
  5. The randomness of man trying to fight with a shovel, The female 'huuuh' 'huuuh' and the pants coming off
  6. Iconic
  8. If you don't wanna/can't watch— activist has reported hundreds of tweets, none of which were dealt with. activist is unhappy with this. activist decides to go to local corp headquarters in germany and spraypaints a bunch of racist/discriminatory tweets that he reported to show twitter how massive the issue is. hateful language warning, I guess. like you can see the awfulness of the tweets' language what do you think? I think what he did was right. twitter coddles neo-nazis and alt-reich people way too much. the way how twitters like ten_gop and /pol/ news network are allowed to flourish just goes to show that twitter seems to not give a **** about their site becoming a safe haven for open racists
  9. ATRL's ex-member Rose Mulet had a message for North Korea, so she decided to make a song about it. Opinions?
  10. So my boyfriend loves to take and edit videos and we had some fun with this masterpiece. We shot It in like 20 minutes and I had to do the lip-sync very fast so he could slow down the footage. He also made me wear this hideous headpiece at the beginning which is so horrible but also reminds me of Cher which is fine again. We had such a good time Have a look (and a good laugh too)
  11. the sheer amount of sugar in this one abomination that they dare to call a "milkshake". a 32oz milkshake + a bunch of other sugary **** that is bound to give you some serious metabolic dysfunction I am actually digusted by just looking at this. a 91cm "milkshake" with cotton candy, waffles, ice cream, sour strips, cookies, gummies… edit: shared or not it's still disgusting. like, 32oz milkshake? waffles? ice cream? it's pretty extra is it not I get that they called it a "novelty item" but it sure as hell ain't if they're wasting that much resources to make these diabetes snacks
  12. I discovered Trisha yesterday after a series of gifs and lord have mercy, it's been a wild ride
  13. I just watched this video and I cringe so bad.