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Found 130 results

  1. eaucitronnée

    Ted Cruz drinks bug

  2. eaucitronnée

    Sad TV show clip (watch till the end)

    please watch until the end
  3. AvrilLaQueen

    Do All Muslims Think The Same?

    A great episode, interesting points were being made!
  4. Scotland

    Rose Mulet debuts comeback single

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adisIGtL60E Are we stanning?
  5. The queen of Turkish pop music. Great voice, sexy image.
  6. umich

    Elephant knocks girl down.

  7. I meant to make this thread sooner, but WTF is this nasty parenting. What Mom talks to their child that way about their drawing? What a b****. Low-key kind of disturbing.
  8. BobBertran1992

    Meghan McCain wants to say ONE thing

    Let her talk!
  9. Price of Fame

    Vegans pick out the Meat Eater

    That short haired bitch is
  10. DougAF

    Christians pick out the Atheist

    We’re you able to guess correctly before the ending? Also were you surprised at how many homos were in the group?
  11. Surprising no one, there IS a connection between these two. Top comment:
  12. https://www.facebook.com/578044748/posts/10158013311079749?s=2204474&sfns=mo
  13. Kim Kardashian

    UK MP violently grabs peaceful protester

    It's a developing story but it seems as though he had no reason to react with such force. He is the MP for Cities of London and Westminster.
  14. Whis

    Looking for a meme

    Its a video from a blackgirl snorting coke and then suddenly screaming loudly as if she is about to die Can you help me find it please?
  15. Shawn via IG stories, June 8: i am SCREECHING
  16. Youtakemehigher

    Girl steals bat in fight

    i am SCREAMING this video is sending me