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Found 289 results

  1. I know this is an old video but I just discovered it
  2. Anyone remember this classic where Tyra shots down that Hot Homophobe model?
  3. This gay baseball player just came out on live TV Ryan Jordan Santana’s teammates embraced him. He is so cute. Takes courage to come out to his straight male friends.
  4. Wow, her vocals have improved SO much
  5. Wow, her vocals have improved SO much
  6. Share, stream, buy the song.
  7. Queen of cooking!
  9. who remembers this gay icon? Cuca is SHOOK
  10. Queen Chelsea Handler learns royal etiquette and is educated by a hunty and it's hilarious
  12. Have you guys seen this TED talk? Megan Phelps is an ex-westboro Church member who left the Church a few years back alongside her younger sister. At one point, she was actually one of the most adamant and diehard fans of the Church's teachings. Now her and her sister are devoting their time to give back to the Jewish and gay communities they had discriminated. I have so much respect for her because she left everything and everyone she knew behind and started over, this time with a kind heart. Just to show you how much she has changed, this was her originally on the Tyra Banks show: Katy didn't lie when she said we need to listen and communicate with each other. Megan's life changed when she had a friendly and insightful twitter conversation with a Jewish blogger. This eventually opened her up to all the people she was taught were going to hell. Some of y'all could learn from this queen.
  13. This clip doesn't really focus so thought it fits more in The Lounge area than in Base. Zariya is part of HARNESS, which connects communities through conversation to inspire action and power change. When this part came up in the Livestream last night, I didn't know what to expect. I was floored with her poetry, and I'm not really one that cries much, but I definitely teared up from this, it was really powerful imo. If you'd like, what do you think about the things she touched up upon on her Spoken Word?