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Found 231 results

  1. North Korea Releases New Video Showing the White House Under Attack X Don't know if I should be terrified or amused because watching Kim is like watching a super villain try and one up the hero in an Saturday morning cartoon but never actually meeting his goal and the hero always ****s him over in some way in the end.
  2. WTF.
  3. Spanish Fascists make Nazi salute at funeral of Franco's vice-president X
  4. This one was messy.
  5. This poor child I hope these assholes rot
  6. An ATRL Gay Teas
  7. I know I know - he's annoying and so on but It's a good reason to celebrate one of the most iconic pop videos of our generation.
  8. Snapchat ain't going down without a fight.
  9. Take care of your blood pressure cause this will make you want to punch someone. 1 minute in and this white dude never heard of Missy Elliott...
  10. listen to the kids, bro