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Found 600 results

  1. I released it a week or so ago but didn't post it here cuz u lot are pretty annoying but hey!
  2. I can't embed the video for some reason
  4. i got this video as an ad and i wanna die at how cringy it is. Their channel is like a cringe compilation.
  5. 2:30 is when the mess really starts.
  6. Them not getting If You Seek Amy
  7. Help, I'm having an existential crisis right now . How come we are so Omnipotent compared to smaller-than microscopic matter, starting from the Space-Time fabric, electrons, atoms etc; but at the same time, we ourselves are so NON-EXISTENT compared to celestial bodies? And these massive girls being pathetically tiny compared to all the galaxies, super-massive black holes, nebulae, superclusters, and ultimately our observable universe which size is supposedly bigger than 93,000,000,000 LIGHT YEARS... And all this not even being a nanogram in between all the millions, if not, BILLIONS of other alternative universes - coming ultimately to the multiverse theory, parallel dimensions with the exact same characteristics and so on... I CAN'T, I...