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Found 183 results

  1. Nokia's 3310 phone has been relaunched nearly 17 years after its debut. Many consider the original handset iconic because of its popularity and sturdiness. More than 126 million were produced before it was phased out in 2005. "The 3310 was the first mass-market mobile and there's a massive amount of nostalgia and affection for it," commented Ben Wood from the technology consultancy CCS Insight. The new 3310 qualifies as a "feature phone" rather than a smartphone as it only provides limited internet facilities. It relies on 2.5G connectivity - which has slower data speeds than 3G or 4G - and is powered by the S30+ operating system, which allows web browsing but has a much smaller range of apps than Android or iOS. Its single camera is also restricted to two megapixels. It also comes with the modern version of the classic game Snake preinstalled. Its launch price is €49 ($51,75; £41.51). Source: BBC Nokia 3310 was the Madonna of mobile phones
  2. Verizon disclosed plans to pilot test a new super-fast wireless service with customers in 11 cities starting in April. The next generation, or 5G, service will provide Internet speeds at a gigabit per second or faster, comparable to the fastest speeds offered by fiber optic wired services from Google, AT&T and others. Read More
  3. He wouldn’t pay the rent, so he paid in blood, police sources said. A Bronx real-estate broker turned deadbeat tenant died at the blade of his frustrated landlord Wednesday, stabbed repeatedly outside his apartment just days after his last court appearance in an ongoing eviction case, sources said. Cops found Zakir Khan, 44, bleeding from several stab wounds to his chest outside his home on Logan Ave. by Barkley Ave. in Throggs Neck at about 6:30 p.m., cops said. Medics took him to Jacobi Hospital, where he died. more
  5. To be honest I'm tempted to spend that much money 😳
  6. My baby Larry isn't playing. Good for them though, the app store is so cluttered with wasteful apps. Source:
  7. Inspired by some recent posts in Random Thoughts, of people posting their Computer/Phone wallpapers. Figured I'd make a thread for it. What background/wallpaper do you have on your computer and or phone? My Mac: I have a basic one for my iPhone, but I'm currently looking online for a good one. Share yours!
  8. The company says there were two separate flaws with the Galaxy Note 7’s batteries. The first battery had a design flaw in the upper right corner that could cause a short circuit, according to Recode, while the second battery — used for replacement units — had a manufacturing issue that could lead to fires because of a welding defect. Some units of the second battery were also missing insulation tape. Samsung conducted an investigation with 700 dedicated staff testing 200,000 phones and 30,000 extra batteries, also commissioning three outside firms — UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland — that ended up finding similar results. Samsung has instituted an eight-point battery check to prevent the problems it had with the Galaxy Note 7.