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  1. Janet Jackson, Janet, or Miss Jackson if ya nasty... is the type of entertainer that only comes around once in a generation. The first paragraph of her Wikipedia page states, "she is noted for her sonically innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, and elaborate stage shows," which is better than we could ever sum it up. Over the years, her music has meant so much to us, prompting us to ask questions about her, ask questions about the world, and even ask questions about ourselves. In this thread we will celebrate her career, her artistry, and most importantly, her everla
  2. At the turn of the millennium, there was one question on everyone's mind: Were we headed for a technopocalypse, the long-feared collapse of man's hubristic attempt to conquer nature? Or was this the dawn of a new digital era, finally launching our lives fully into cyberspace? Time has given us a clear answer. But like the rest of the culture, R&B seemed to absorb that anxious debate by splitting into two camps. While a back-to-basics resurgence put neo-soul in the CD changer of every auntie, Starbucks and Grammy voter, a bold young class built on the genre-blending decade of ne
  3. JoAddams

    1990s Female Hits Rate

    Welcome to 90's female bops rate! There's mandatory list of 104 songs that you will rate, and an optional list of 117 songs (so in total: you must rate 221 songs)! RULES: 1. Rate each mandatory song (104) from 1-10 - only 1 decimal. 2. Rate at least 50 of the 117 optional songs from 1-10 - only 1 decimal. 3. You can rate 10 songs "11" and 10 songs "0" - however, each of your 11s and each of your 0s have to go to a different female (ex: You can rate Mariah's "Hero" a 0 and "Without You" an 11 but none of her other hits can get a 0 or 11). 4. If you rate both
  4. Tinashegrande6

    This was POP 2020 (Part 2)

    Hello all and welcome to This Was Pop 2020! Following on from @touya kinomoto‘s rate at the end of last year, we will now be looking at 5 other albums that 2020 gifted us. Folklore and Future Nostalgia were part of @supaspaz‘s TW2020 rate, hence their absence here. At the start of the year Bad Bunny dropped YHLQMDLG (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana), developing on his original Latin trap style by incorporating more of an “old-school” reggaeton twist. He was closely followed by The Weeknd and his Grammy snubbed album, After Hours. Exploring a more synth-pop/electropop s
  5. Ace Reject

    Rate Signup Thread

    ONGOING RATES 1. More Than R&B Rate Host: @supaspaz 2. This Was Pop 2020: Part 2 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 3. British Excellence: 80s Alternative Edition Rate Host: @madonnas 6. Miss Jackson If You're Nasty: The Janet Discography Rate Rate Host: @Auburn 7. The Radiohead Discography Rate Rate Host: @Nemo 8. Close But No Cigar 10s - The #2 Singles Rate Rate Host: @jdmc219 9. This WAS 2019: The Re-Up Rate Host: @Ace Reject 10. 1990s Female Hits Rate Rate Host: @JoAddams COMPLETED RATES 1.
  6. THE RATE Annyeong Blinkeu! In celebration of their upcoming 5th anniversary as a group I officially present to you "BLACKPINK: THE RATE", in which we will determine ATRLs top pick from their discography! For any non Blinks who are interested, I encourage you to still participate as their discography contains only a small collection of songs for a 5 year old kpop group Rules: 1. Rate every song from 1 - 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) 2. You're allowed to give 2 songs an 11 and 2 songs a zero 3. Dec
  7. with a career spanning fifteen incredible years, it is officially time to take a holistic look at Taylor Swift's singles catalogue to create a definitive ranking. from autumn leaves to august's daylight, Taylor's observational style and intricate ability to transform even the most simple feelings into powerful burning, vibrant colours that leap out and captivate an audience. throughout her career we've been privy to the boundless evolution of one of the greatest songwriting voices of a generation and explored a number of different musical styles, all culminating into where we're at today
  8. (Diana Ross and) The Supremes Singles Discography Rate Due to Mary Wilson's recent passing, and it being about 50 years since the group was a consistent Pop/R&B Mainstream presence, I thought that it was a good idea to start a rankdown of their singles. I am only going with their singles since ain't nobody got the time to go through their 20 ALBUMS, and the Diana Ross rate only dealt with singles. What does there even need to be said about The Supremes. They are seen as THE BLUEPRINT for girl groups. Several bops, fashions, vocals, performance skills, stage presenc
  9. Send me a list of your top 25 Bands, duos and/or groups. Ranked, by May 19th. FYI, 'Sade' is a band. Participants Results
  10. Hello. Welcome to another madonnas rate. We are celebrating the legendary UK groups that defined and made UK New Wave, and all its sister genres (Post-Punk, Jangle Pop, Synth Pop). We're going to be looking at each groups essential singles, rating them on a scale of 1-10 and ranking the songs based on their average. There will be panned classics and unexpected victories for sure. But for now let's introduce each of the groups. The story of Joy Division is a tragic one, as the lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide at age 23, months before their sophom
  11. Nemo

    The Radiohead Discography Rate

    Hello, Welcome to The Radiohead Discography Rate! Since their 1992 debut with their bonafide classic "Creep", UK rock band Radiohead have built a powerful legacy for themselves, becoming one of the most celebrated & acclaimed alt-rock groups in modern history. That's why we're taking the time to appreciate and rate their immaculate discography! The songs included are 1) all tracks on their studio albums (with the addition of 'In Rainbows Disk 2' & 3 previously unreleased tracks from 'OK COMPUTER OKNOTOK 1997 2017') 2) official EPs & B-Sides 3) official non-album singles.
  12. Welcome everyone to the 2010s edition of the Close But No Cigar Rate! Originated by the awesome @umich, we will be continuing and determining the ultimate songs of the '10s that were so close, but unfortunately could not take over the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100! Some deserved, some were questioned why even that far, and some even blocked themselves. But, some runners up were even bigger smashes then the quick little #1s. So hello, let's celebrate that!! RULES: Rate each song from 1-10. ONE 11 and ONE 0 are allowed. One decimal allowe
  13. A parallel to @touya kinomoto rate Oh This Was Pop 2020: OH Sh!t: At Least You Tried Welcome to @Insanity's very first rate on ATRL! It’s been a year for boys of pop who tried to put out albums but either failed commercially or critically. Atop the list is Justin Bieber’s early 2021 album Justice. Coming from his lul in 2020 of Changes, Justice is a step up and a fantastic album. Currently Justice holds a 63 metacritic score which is up from Changes 58. Justice is predicted to sell 130-140k SPS which is down from Changes 231k, a major drop.
  14. Ace Reject

    This WAS 2019: The Re-Up

    Quick shoutout to @supaspaz for making this amazing banner, and to @SLIME for allowing me to pick up where he/they left off. 2019. The year before the world fell apart. The last year we knew what 'normal' was - although we didn't know it at the time! A year that seems at once easily memorable and hard to recall. What pulled it us through climate change, political instability, and the release of Joker? Music, as it always does. Particularly music that gained critical acclaim. Whether it was Lana Del Rey hunkering down and writing the fractured Laurel Canyon by way of Pe
  15. Tinashegrande6

    This was POP 2019 (Part 2) | All Results Posted

    Welcome back to This Was Pop 2019! Now that we’ve reviewed the AOTY nominees, it’s time to visit some of the other year’s great pop albums. Starting us off, we have our recent queen of controversy, Taylor Swift and her 7th studio album, Lover. After the decidedly darker tone of her previous era, Taylor decided to deliver a much brighter and more light-hearted aesthetic for this album. Preceded by the #2 US singles Me! and You Need to Calm Down, the album opened with 867,000 album equivalent units moved and debuted at #1 on the BB 200. It is currently certified 2x platinum in the US
  16. Women ruled 1995. From #1 hits from Whitney and Madonna in the second decade of their career, to Selena's post-humous smashing, to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, women were dominating and defining pop culture. In terms of albums, it must have felt like there was a classic album coming out once a week (I don't know tho I was 3). In this rate, we will be looking at some of the most genre-defining, groundbreaking, and most importantly, personal and emotionally naked records released by women in the year 1995. Björk, coming hot off the heels of her crossover and critical smash,
  17. Welcome to Billboard R&B #1s: The Rate! In part one, we will be rating all of the songs that reached #1 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1990, 1991, and 1992, featuring ATRL favourites such as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Tevin Campbell! The Songs: The Rules: 1. There is a total of 106 songs in this rate. You must score every song from 0 to 10. One lucky song can receive an 11 from you, and one lucky song can receive a 10.5 from you, if you so wish. 2. PM your scores to me. Don't post them in the thread! 3. Decimals of up t
  18. We're kicking off Janet's 20 Year Anniversary of one of her most iconic albums of her career. ALL FOR YOU! In 2001, Janet released her highly anticipated 7th studio album with an outstanding response. Her fifth consecutive studio album to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 and her highest first week sales of over 605,000 copies, reaching 7M copies worldwide in total! 19 years in her music career, Janet continued to dominate the industry, and we're here to celebrate it with another definitive ranking! Rules: - There will be two separate lists: so
  19. Thank you @TRF.!!!! So, we're doing things a bit differently this time around. We know how these girls started, so let's quickly sum up their aughts experiences: Mary had arguably the greatest highs this decade. She had successfully kicked her drug and alcohol habit, and had her first number one hit on the Hot 100! She crossed over without ever crossing over, and created some of her most enduring classics; she found love - finally! (It was not meant to be, but that is not a tale we will be telling today!) Brandy had some peaks (the birth of her daughter, her
  20. Yes, it's me again - and I'm back. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize was started as a response to the Mercury Music Prize; it attempts to highlight the British (or British produced) pop artists the MMP usually ignores! It's been going on for 16 years now (!!!) and ... I've been a follower. So we're rating them! In a three part rate series that will be fun for the whole family. Your girl's back sistren!!!! Shoutout to da boy supaspaz for the banner! How to rate? Rank all songs from 1 - 10 and send to me via PM by MARCH 30th. You g
  21. PiecesOfYou

    Non English Pop Rate (LA ROSALÍA GANO!)

    Hello Everyone! This is my first rate in this site and I'm very excited! For this rate I wanted to celebrate all kinds of pop music around the world who are not that primordial or talked about in here (This site is mostly English Pop and Kpop centric) and I thought that it would be fun an also an opportunity to know more artists and music! I include songs of the following languages: Spanish, Japanese and French, I choose these 3 because they have a lot of good music and interesting artists! 1. You have to rank all the songs from 1-10, yo
  22. Another one? Yesss After doing the Non English Pop Rate (that ended 5 days ago ) I was a little bit upset that I didn't choose better songs for some of these girlies so I had an idea, why I don't do a rate exclusively for some of these girls? And well why not, I have the time and the inspiration so let's go! I choose 4 girls from the French Selection of the Non English Pop Rate, these girls a
  23. bestfiction

    [FINAL UPDATE] Disco Revival of 2020

    2020 was the year that made it impossible for most of us to go to clubs, dancefloors or discotheques so we could dance and free ourselves from the weight of the world for a while. Luckily for us, there were a handful of musicians who felt the same way too and decided to bring the dancefloor to our homes! Welcome to the “Disco Revival of 2020: The Ultimate Lockdown Party” rate, in which we’re going to listen and rate four albums that played a huge part in the wave of disco revival last year and brought to us joy and escapism in these dark times. In the beginning of the year, Kevin P
  24. Welcome! We are rating ICONIC female hits of the 2000s. Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Anastacia, Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, Shakira, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Evanescence, Fergie, Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Pink, Rihanna and many more If you're interested in the rate and want to be in the tag list, please reply to the thread with a post and I'll add you! INTRODUCTION This list was hard to come up with, and I don’t think it’s possible to make o
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