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Found 34 results

  1. ATRL loves females. And what more would we love than two or more females working together, right? So today we celebrate the all-female collaborations that had us shookt and our weaves vaporized throughout the years. Below is a Youtube playlist of 84 all-female collaborations spanning from the year 2000 to 2009 from either solo acts or duos (no groups allowed) that are official singles and at least 40% relevant. Start the trip down memory lane with an intro featuring an album cut from Lady Gaga's Joanne that perfectly encompasses the message of this countdown. (Forgive the watermark because I'm broke and can't afford the premium version.) NOT ON YOUTUBE PLAYLIST There are a handful of videos there that are not available on all devices so here's a Spotify playlist instead of those songs. And if you're more of a audio-only person or wants to listen to the songs on-the-go, here's a Spotify list too of the 77 songs that are available on the platform... NOT ON SPOTIFY PLAYLIST ...and here are the other 7 on an alternate Youtube playlist. THE RULES absolutely NO TROLLING! I am a troll myself so I'll know which one of yall doin it the scale is from 1 to 10 and you are allowed multiples of 0.25 (e.g. 3.25, 7.5, 4.75) you may give up to 5 songs 0's but you're not required to you may give a 11, a 12, and a 13 to three unique tracks DEADLINE IS ON CINCO DE MAYO 2017 so you have a month to fully absorb all 84 tracks FULL LIST OF SONGS PM Friendly List Enjoy! Sorry if the formatting is a mess because I'm actually on mobile lol but I'll update everything when I get on a PC!
  2. Welcome to ATRL's 150 Greatest Albums Of The Millennium! My name is ManDown, and together, we will be deciding on and counting down the top 150 albums released this millennium. After the hugely successful ATRL's 250 Greatest Songs Of All Time in February, which had an astonishing (almost record breaking) 191 participants and 10.7k posts, it was decided that albums needed their time to shine! All members from all fanbases are welcomed (and encouraged) to participate! Submit an unranked list of 25 to 50 (any number in between is fine) albums you consider to be the best of the millennium via PM to me. Each album will receive one point, regardless of position. All ballots (regardless of number of albums nominated) will be counted the same; you are just given the option to choose whether to submit a short ballot (for casual music fans) or an extended ballot (for hardcore music fans). Albums released between January 1st, 2001 and December 31st, 2016 will be accepted. Only albums and mixtapes may be submitted. No greatest hits or EPs (6 or less songs)! One album per artist. Group entries are counted separately from solo artists, so you may submit one for each (e.g. 1 for Beyoncé and 1 for Destiny's Child). Keep in mind this is for the millennium, not just 2012-2016. While there are no rules regarding how many releases per year you can include, try to be diverse. Rallying for your favorite album(s) is fine (especially in your base thread). Sharing a sizeable list with the intention of having others submit it is not. May 24th at 12:00AM CST
  3. Hi again! Welcome to the second part of This Generation Pop Girls: The Singles Rate. After the first part, where we rated #1’s and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream won, it’s now time to rate top 10 hits. All our 9 girls have at least one of them, so this time the competition is even bigger. Which songs will make it to the top 10 and will be rated again in the final act? And which song will win this round? -Rate every track from 1-10 and send me a private message with your scores. -Decimals are NOT allowed. (yeah, you have to take some decisions here; If you do I will round numbers. Since we’re rating 60 songs, some of them will probably get the same score. Your 11’s, 0’s, 10’s and 1’s will be crucial to decide the songs positions in this case, so use them wisely!) -You can give a 11 to the best song of the rate in your opinion. -You can give a 0 to the worst song of the rate in your opinion. -Be clever! Don’t be afraid of using 10’s/1’s for your favourite/least favourite songs! (I also suggest you to not use more than ten 10’s and 1’s, to increment your ballot effect.) -NO trolling / delusional ballots (example: all 10’s to Katy songs, all 1’s to Taylor songs) -Use the PM-Friendly list. -No comments allowed. You will comment about the song when during the results reveal, it will be even better! -For your information: collabs and soundtracks singles are not included in the rate; just official album/EP singles. -Have fun! PM FRIENDLY LIST Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - The Way - Problem - Break Free - Bang Bang - Love Me Harder - Focus - Dangerous Woman - Side To Side - Skyscraper - Heart Attack - Hot N Cold - Waking Up In Vegas - The One That Got Away - Wide Awake - Chained To The Rhythm - LoveGame - Paparazzi - Bad Romance - Telephone - Alejandro - Judas - The Edge Of Glory - You & I - Applause - Million Reasons - See You Again - 7 Things - The Climb - Party In The USA - Can’t Be Tamed - We Can’t Stop - Pon The Replay - Unfaithful - Break It Off - Hate That I Love You - Don’t Stop The Music - Russian Roulette - Hard - Cheers (Drink To That) - Where Have You Been - Stay - FourFiveSeconds - Needed Me - Love On The Brain - Come & Get It - The Hearts Wants What It Wants - Good For You - Same Old Love - Hands To Myself - Love Story - You Belong With Me - Fearless - Mine - Back To December - Begin Again - I Knew You Were Trouble - Red - Style - Wildest Dreams - YouTube Playlist Deadline to submit your ballot: April 27 Once again, special thanks for the graphics to @prézli
  4. Deadline: May 26th Goodies | The Evolution | Fantasy Ride | Basic Instinct | Ciara | Jackie | Other PM Friendly List
  5. I am your host MP2K and I welcome you all to THE NEW WAVE OF R&B PART 2. Traditional R&B may not be as prominent on the charts as it use to be, but the R&B genre is forever evolving and there’s always discussion about — where it’s at, where it’s going, who is doing it right, who is doing it weird, and who is even doing it at all. People call it alternative R&B, also referred to as PBR&B, a term meant to be a joke but used by music journalists to describe a stylistic alternative to contemporary R&B. Whichever the label, many artists categorized into this sub-genre find the labels very offense. Well, guess what? They’re gonna have to deal with it as we’re here to rate them. It all began in 2011 when a new wave of R&B artists emerged with uber left-field music and garnered supporters looking for new R&B music to get into that was different from the same ole. Now in 2017 this “alternative R&B” seems to be the norm; a phenomenon in music. The Weeknd and Frank Ocean are on top in the music industry in their own respective ways, influencing some of the more mainstream artists such as Usher, Drake, Rihanna and Beyoncé to dabble into such a sound. Three years ago we rated sixteen 2nd tier artists of this "new wave" (popular acts The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Miguel were excluded). Each of those artists were some of the most relevant and fresh faces at the time, most have went on to continue to release music ‘til this day, and some went on to scoring top 40 hits (ie. Tinashe). R&B is brimming with fresh ideas and experiments gone right and it shows no signs of withering away thanks to these new emerging artists we’re about to rate for the second installment. Here is another batch of artists that are continuing to make the 2010’s pass in history as the decade R&B became “great again.” Disagree? Then I'm awaiting these lashings: Rules 1. Rate ALL 75 songs from 1 to 10. 2. You are allowed to give one 11 and one 10.5. 3. I encourage decimal places, just don't go crazy. 4. Do not troll by giving a specific artist all 1's or 10's. 5. Be fair, take your time and listen to the songs with an open mind. 6. You may send in parts, but you must have a rating for every song by the deadline. Deadline: April 30th (as of now)
  6. The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate The Queen of Soul. 75 million records. 18 Grammys. Rolling Stone's #1 Greatest Singer of All Time and #9 Greatest Artist of All Time. The first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aretha Franklin is a legend to end all legends, but she's so much more than her numbers. Aretha didn't just grow up a child prodigy. Being the daughter of C.L. Franklin, the most esteemed preacher of his time, placed Aretha in the very center of African American culture, a place where the political, social, and musical worlds were inextricably intertwined. She was taught piano by The Reverend James Cleveland, given singing lessons by Dinah Washington, and raised by Gospel greats such as Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward when her father wasn't around. Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald occasionally visited. When Dr. King would come to Detroit, he would stay with the Franklins, and C.L. Franklin would help organize protests such as the Detroit Walk To Freedom. Many would compare Aretha's singing style to that of her father's preaching - full of passion and fire, carefully paced, rising and fluctuating in levels until reaching a climax, then finally taken home. Just listen to "Respect." So Aretha's very roots and foundation are the culmination of a time, place, and movement that transcends us all. She was neither the first nor the last to crossover from church to Pop, but no one else brought Gospel into the secular world the way Aretha did. It's not just her range or power but her tremendous musicality, her thrilling blend of R&B, Jazz, and Pop, and her boundless emotion that makes her the queen of soul. Her ability to put more raw feeling into a line than you could readily comprehend. What Aretha would improvise in one phrase, other vocalists would take entire songs to express. Nowadays we love writing think pieces on the meticulously crafted works of stars and their ideas on the issues of race, womanhood, and sexuality (and all well deserved if I may add). But Aretha's singing, her very existence and place within the musical world, is a triumph warranting a think piece in itself. Every bit of her identity, from the church upbringing to the widely documented tragedies of her tumultuous life, fuel the passion behind the voice. She's the woman who gave us everything from Mariah's Vision of Love to the melodic backing of Kanye's School Spirit, the reason we have Kpop stars like Ailee covering I Will Always Love You on major TV networks (but don't bother checking that one out lol!). There are about a thousand metaphors that try to encapsulate the immensity of the queen. Here's what our president Barack Obama had to say about Aretha: Indeed, there is so much to be said about the entity that is Aretha Franklin, all that she stands for and all that she has accomplished. But I'm not tryna make everyone read her entire Wikipedia article, so it's best to experience her for yourself PM Friendly List Rules – Assign each song a score from 0 to 10 using the list above – Decimals are allowed up to the hundredths place (two decimals) – You are allowed one score of 11 and one score of 10.5 to give to your favorite songs – Submit your scores to me in a PM by (TBA), deadline subject to change since I'm not expecting too many voters – Comments are always welcome alongside your scores – Have fun! Youtube Playlist Spotify Playlist
  7. Welcome to the first official Mariah rate on the new ATRL. Ace Reject said I could open this on the weekend and it's officially the weekend in the Christmas Islands (Kiritimati to be exact). On Dec 18, 1995, Mariah Angela Nuñez Carey revolutionised the pop game when she released the historically iconic Fantasy remix with the late and great hip-hop pioneer ODB. Before Mariah Carey, no one was really attempting to take their hit songs and completely transform it for the clubs/radio/different demographics the way that Mariah did with Fantasy and that is why she is indubitably the Queen of the Remix. As Mariah prepares to…well we don’t know what she’s doing but as Mariah is living her life, ATRLers are cordially invited to relive, for the nostalgia, the grandeur of MC's 27-year career with this Remixes Rate, brought to you by this year’s Lambily Awards “Make It Look Good” award recipient, Buyonce1814, aka me, and the “Anytime You Need a Friend” award recipient, Ventitonic. After a lot of deliberating and back and forth, we have made a final list. There was one rule that we set ourselves; remixes that sound too much like the album version were to not be included. However, for the rate to be approved, Ace Reject insisted we include the Mobb Deep remix of The Roof. We believe we selected the best remixes and we have tried to account for everyone’s tastes and likes. Please join us as we celebrate Mariah Carey’s career and the main pop girl that influenced and changed the remix game. • All songs must be scored between 0-10 • …however, you can score ONE song with an 11, 10.75, 10.5 and 10.25 • You can score songs using TWO decimal points: 5.61, 3.25, 9.97, etc. In fact, this would be preferred in order to avoid ties. • For your ballot to count, you must rate every song • Being an Allison aka a troll will not be tolerated; so, if you give Charmy remixes all 0’s, then ByeBye.mp3 • Please remember to vote Ventitonic for the Meteorite award at next year’s Lambily awards for such dazzlingly astounding graphics • Please remember to vote this thread as best thread at next year’s Lambily awards We appreciate that some of these remixes are long as **** and therefore you’d need time to listen and appreciate them in all their glory. Therefore, you have a month from now to submit your ballots. All songs must be PM’d to me (Buyonce1814) by 22nd May. You may tune in from the 23rd May to see where your fave remixes end up. Someday (New 12” House) There’s Got To Be A Way (12” Remix) Emotions (12” Remix) Make It Happen (Powerhouse Remix) Dreamlover (Def Club Mix) Dreamlover (Bam Jam Soul) Anytime You Need a Friend (C&C Radio Mix) Anytime You Need a Friend (Soul Convention Remix) Joy To The World (Celebration Mix) Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix) Fantasy (Def Club Mix) One Sweet Day (Chucky’s Remix) Underneath the Stars (Drifting Remix) Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix) Always Be My Baby (Always Club) Always Be My Baby (ST Dub) Honey (Classic Mix) Honey (So So Def Mix) Honey (Morales Club Dub) Butterfly (Meme's Club Radio) Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Def 'B' Fly Radio Mix) My All (Classic Club Mix) My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Mix With Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz) My All (Full Crew Radio Mix) My All (Full Crew Main Mix) The Roof (Back in Time) (Full Crews' Club Mix) The Roof (Back in Time) (Full Crews' Radio Version) The Roof (Back in Time) (Morales Radio Mix) The Roof (Back in Time) (Mobb Deep Remix) I Still Believe (Stevie J. Remix) I Still Believe / Pure Imagination (Damizza Remix) I Still Believe (Morales' Classic Club Mix) I Still Believe (The Eve Of Souls Mix) Heartbreaker/Love Hangover Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely Heartbreaker (Desert Storm Remix) ft Da Brat & Missy Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix feat. Joe & Nas) Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Club Mix Edit) Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Revival Triumphant Mix) Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) (Pound Boys Radio Edit) All I Want For Christmas (So So Def Remix) Loverboy (MJ Cole Remix) Loverboy (Dreamy Club of Love Radio Edit) Never Too Far/Hero – Radio Mix Through the Rain (Hex Hector Radio Edit) Through the Rain (Maurice Joshua Radio Edit) Through the Rain (Remix featuring Kelly Price and Joe) Boy (I Need You) [Copenhaniacs Remix] Boy (I Need You) [Topnotch L8 Mix] The One (So So Def Remix) Bringin’ On the Heartbreak (Junior Vasquez Remix) It's Like That (David Morales Club Mix) We Belong Together (Remix) (feat. Jadakiss and Styles P) We Belong Together (Reconstruction Radio Mix) We Belong Together (Atlantic Soul Radio Edit) Shake It Off (Remix Edit feat. Jay-Z & Young Jeezy) Say Somethin' (Morales Radio Edit) Say Somethin’ (So So Def Remix) Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Anniversary Remix) Don't Forget About Us (Tony Moran Radio Edit) Don’t Forget About Us (Desert Storm Remix Edit) Touch My Body (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) Touch My Body (Craig C Radio Edit) I Stay In Love (Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit) I Stay In Love (Ralphi Rosario Melodic Radio Edit) Obsessed (Cahill Radio Mix) Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) I Want to Know What Love Is (Moto Blanco Club Edit) I Want to Know What Love Is (Chew Fu Radio Fix) H.A.T.E.U (So So Def Remix) Oh Santa! (Jump Smokers Edit) Oh Santa! (Low Sunday Edit) Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem) [Ralphi Rosario Traditional Club Mix] Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem) [Johnny Vicious Warehouse Radio] Triumphant (Pulse Club Remix Extended) Triumphant (Vintage Throwback Mix) #Beautiful (Louie Vega Dance Remix) #Beautiful (Sidney Samson Remix) #Beautiful ft Young Jeezy You're Mine (Eternal) [Fedde le Grand Main Mix] You're Mine (Eternal) [Gregor Salto and Funkin' Matt Main Mix] Why You Mad? (Infinity Remix), featuring French Montana, Bieber and T.I.
  8. 2. The Ciara Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: K$Ellie 3. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Reverie 4. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Achilles. 5. The Flops of 2015 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: I am Luke 6. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless 7. The Radiohead Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Tremor Christ 8. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Verge of Obscene 9. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate (VOTE NOW) Host: genetic fail 10. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Mark Rih COMPLETED RATES 1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus Winner: "No Ordinary Love" 3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate Rate Host: Sabbath Winner: "Holding On To You" 4. This WAS 2016: Part 1 Rate Host: Eeveelution Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky" 5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: "M"
  9. Ciara - Jackie v Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile v Leona Lewis - I Am v Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece Welcome to the sequel of "Flops of 2014" rate! For my first rate, I think it did pretty well and had a nice turn out. It also helped that Lea Michele won it, so I thought I'd do another rate with a couple of albums that flopped in 2015. Now, I already know we are going to have people complaining that Piece by Piece wasn't a "flop" and it's unfair that it's included in this. We do NOT need another Shakira situation on our hands. The era in general was a flop and the album was a flop for her standards and expectations, also @Ace Reject said it was fine, so don't blame me! Anyway, I hope you guys participate and help this also be a success! (I can't format) PM Friendly List Ciara - Jackie Jackie (B.M.F) That's How I'm Feelin' " (featuring Pitbull and Missy Elliott) Lullaby Dance Like We're Making Love Stuck on You Fly I Bet Give Me Love Kiss & Tell All Good Only One One Woman Army (Intro) One Woman Army I Got You I Bet (Remix)" (featuring Joe Jonas) Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile Where I Belong (Intro) Unbreakable Smile Nobody Love Expensive (featuring Daye Jack) Should've Been Us First Heartbreak I Was Made for Loving You (featuring Ed Sheeran) City Dove Talk Funny (Live) Art of Letting You Go California Lovers (featuring LL Cool J) Falling Slow Anyway Dear No One Beautiful Things Bottled Up Personal Hollow Something Beautiful Leona Lewis - I Am Thunder Fire Under My Feet You Knew Me When I Am Ladders The Essence of Me I Got You Power Another Love Song Thank You Thick Skin The Best and the Worst I Am (Acoustic) Thunder (Acoustic) Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece Heartbeat Song Invincible Someone Take You High Piece by Piece Run Run Run (featuring John Legend) I Had a Dream Let Your Tears Fall Tightrope War Paint Dance With Me Nostalgic Good Goes the Bye Bad Reputation In the Blue Second Wind Piece by Piece (Idol version) Spotify playlist with all songs (except Personal, by Torri Kelly. So click the name of the title to be linked to a YT version of it) Rules 1. Rate every song from 0 to 10 You are allowed one decimal point (6.5 not 6.75) 2. You are allowed to give two songs an 11 3. You are only allowed to give two songs a 0 4. Do not troll by giving all songs a 10 etc. 5. Be fair, listen to the songs with an open mind 6. Pre-order Places by Lea Michele 7. Get voting! DEADLINE: 27th April 2017 Participants ultraviolet tears august4th Dr. Luke / Lukey K$Ellie
  10. RADIOHEAD DISCOGRAPHY RATE RULES: 1. You should rate every song from 0 to 10. 2. Decimals are allowed 3. You should PM me the complete list. 4. Don't post your rates anywhere public 5. Deadline:24 April 2017. 6. You can comment on songs you've rated. Going to pick them while revealing them! 7. You can give your ABSOLUTE FAV song an 11. 8. Unfortunately, we won't include unreleased cuts, they have too much of them! 9. Rate your fav version of the song TRACKS + PM FRIENDLY LIST PARTICIPANTS @Alexis Neiers @Tom Vercetti @Vxspertine @Mr. Fahrenheit @Park Jinyoung @Hey Gurl Hey @Brando @conatus @Soda Pop Queen @MJLover @Joey Coco @Lucas32 @maddisonbutt @theREALslimSHADY @Wicked @Victon @Themistocles. @Dephira @Kang. @chilicheese01 @I'm JAVIng Fun @theblackestday y'all ready? RADIOHEAD BASE
  11. (PM friendly list) *use for individual tracks from An Endless Sky of Honey section of Aerial + bonus tracks N/A on Spotify To participate, all songs should be rated on a 0-10 scale (ONE decimal place is also accepted: 5.5, 3.2, 9.6, 10.5, etc. - All scores that do not follow this rule will be rounded up or down, depending on how I feel about the song hihi) Participants are allowed to rate ONE song with the special score of 11! Use it wisely, girlies! Comments are encouraged but not required. Trolling will not be taken lightly, you will be spanked like the dirty boy you are. Please make sure your PM looks just like the PM friendly list. No extra spaces -- as it makes it very hard to put into Excel Have fun PM me by Wednesday, May 3, 2017
  13. Welcome to the first installment of ATRL's 250 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Inspired by Rolling Stone's iconic 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list, this is meant to capture the musical taste of the entire ATRL community and recognize the best of the best songs. Beginning on March 1st, I will begin counting down the 250 greatest songs of all time, according to ATRL users. To keep things interesting and fair, I have established some rules. How It Works: All songs must have been released on or before September 1st, 2016 No more than 5 songs per artist per list You may nominate any song, whether it's a single, album track, or demo Each participant must submit a list of 35 ranked songs (25 songs + 10 honorable mentions) NO OBVIOUS TROLL OR FORMULATED BALLOTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. COMING SOON: ATRL's 100 Greatest Albums Of The Millennium
  14. RULEs 1- Rate every song with a score from 1-10 using the provided list above. You may give an 11 to your favourite song and also may give a -1 to your least favourite. 2- Commentary is highly encouraged but not necessary. 3- Troll votes will be skipped without any warning (for example, purposely giving everything on Colours a low score whilst stanning for My Story, etc) 4- The current deadline is March 17th, but this can be subject to change. Have fun!
  15. The Videos ...Baby One More Time Sometimes (You Drive Me) Crazy Born To Make You Happy From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Oops!...I Did It Again Lucky Stronger Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know I'm a Slave 4U Overprotected Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I Love Rock 'N' Roll Boys Me Against the Music (feat. Madonna) Toxic Everytime My Prerogative Do Somethin' Gimme More Piece of Me Break the Ice Womanizer Circus If U Seek Amy Radar Kill the Lights Hold It Against Me Till the World Ends DANCE Till the World Ends I Wanna Go Criminal Work Bitch Perfume Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) [American Dream] Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) Someday (I Will Understand) 3 3 (Director's Cut) Scream & Shout (feat. Scream & Shout (Remix) Ooh La La Pretty Girls (feat. Iggy Azalea) PM FRIENDLY LIST
  16. George Michael. The Father Figure of Pop. A boyband breakout heartthrob turned serious and respected superstar turned reclusive pop artist. George Michael debuted in 1983 as the better half of Wham!, whose debut album Fantastic reached #1 in the UK. George wrote half of the album himself, including credits on each of its singles. Wham! returned a year later with their sophomore album Make It Big, which produced three Hot 100 topping smash hits. Once again, the majority of the record was written and composed solely by George, who was also the sole producer on the record. Wham!'s final album, either Music From The Edge of Heaven or The Final depending on where you live, yielded five more top 2 hits in the UK and three more top 10 hits in the States (including "A Different Corner," for which George was credited as a solo act). Most notably, the album features the Christmas staple "Last Christmas," which was again written, composed, and produced solely by George. Prior to the release of his debut solo album, George teamed up with Aretha Franklin—his favorite vocalist—on the duet "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)." The song won George his first Grammy, while it was also the last of Aretha's 17 top 10 hits (as well as being her second Hot 100 #1, and only UK #1). His debut solo album Faith is one of the best selling albums of all time, with more than ten weeks atop the Billboard 200, four hits that topped Hot 100, and a diamond certification. He wrote and composed every song bar one singlehandedly. Seeking to be more respected as an artist, the follow up album Listen Without Prejudice struck a more sombre tone as George, a major sex symbol at the time, famously refused to appear in the promotional videos associated with the album. The album underperformed, despite producing another #1 hit as well as another classic anthem. A poppier sequel to Listen Without Prejudice was scrapped and George left his label. In between records, George and Sir Elton John performed Elton's hit "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" together in concert, releasing a recording to radio. The song became the tenth and final US #1 of George's career. His third solo album, Older, came after several years of legal battles. It was a major success in Europe, where it still holds the record for most top 3 singles from a single album in his home country. In the States, the album produced two top 10 hits, which became his final entries on the Hot 100 during his lifetime. He next released his first greatest hits compilation, which included a cover of Stevie Wonder's "As" featuring Mary J Blige. The album also included, "Outside" his official coming out song written about an incident where he was very publicly arrested by an undercover police officer for lewd behavior in a restroom. He then released Songs From The Last Century, a flop album featuring covers of various standards and a few more contemporary songs. His final studio album, Patience, came several years later and is most notable for its controversial anti-war single "Shoot the Dog." The only known queer man to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year as a lead artist, who's got more Hot 100 #1 hits than any other queer man in history. Do you have faith in the sound? Rules 1. Rate every song from 1 to 10. Feel free to use decimals. 2. You may give one song an 11. 3. PM your completed ratings to me. Deadline TBA. A Spotify playlist for your convenience. Note that a couple of songs aren't available on spotify. I'll try to track down youtube links for those. PM FRIENDLY LIST OF SONGS
  17. Welcome to the Madonna Discography rate(post Ray Of Light). So let's take some time and appreciate the woman who conquered the dancefloor, lived the American dream, saw the right of light, but still has a rebel heart that shines so bright. I've decided to divide her huge catalogue into 2 parts. This one is about her madgesty since the legendary ''Ray of Light''. It's not that easy to handle a 30+ years career so let's start with her fresher material. Deadline is still not decided. Send me your rates via pm. What You'll Rate: Rules: Listen carefully and rate each song from 1 to 10. You MUST give an 11 to your fave song and you can also give a 0 to a song that you absolutely hate or think it's not worthy its existence. Don't be biased and most of all enjoy this journey. Songs 1. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 2. Swim3. Ray Of Light4. Candy Perfume Girl5. Skin6. Nothing Really Matters7. Sky Fits Heaven8. Shanti/Ashtangi9. Frozen10. The Power Of Good-Bye11. To Have And Not To Hold12. Little Star13. Mer-Girl14. Has To Be 15. Music16. Impressive Instant17. Runaway Lover18. I Deserve It19. Amazing20. Nobody's Perfect21. Don't Tell Me22. What It Feels Like For A Girl23. Paradise (Not For Me)24. Gone25. American Pie26. Cyber-Raga 27. American Life28. Hollywood29. I'm So Stupid30. Love Profusion31. Nobody Knows Me32. Nothing Fails33. Intervention34. X-Static Process35. Mother And Father36. Die Another Day37. Easy Ride 38. Hung Up39. Get Together40. Sorry41. Future Lovers42. I Love New York43. Let It Will Be44. Forbidden Love45. Jump46. How High47. Isaac48. Push49. Like It Or Not50. Fighting Spirit51. Super Pop 52. Candy Shop53. 4 Minutes54. Give It 2 Me55. Heartbeat56. Miles Away57. She's Not Me58. Incredible59. Beat Goes On60. Dance 2night61. Spanish Lesson62. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You63. Voices64. Ring My Bell 65. Girl Gone Wild66. Gang Bang67. I'm Addicted68. Turn Up The Radio69. Give Me All Your Luvin'70. Some Girls71. Superstar72. I Don't Give A73. I'm A Sinner74. Love Spent75. Masterpiece76. Falling Free77. Beautiful Killer78. I ****ed Up79. B-Day Song80. Best Friend 81. Living For Love 82. Devil Pray 83. Ghosttown 84. Unapologetic Bitch 85. Illuminati 86. Bitch I'm Madonna 87. Hold Tight 88. Joan Of Arc 89. Iconic 90. HeartbreakCity 91. Body Shop 92. Holy Water 93. Inside Out 94. Wash All Over Me 95. Best Night 96. Veni Vidi Vici 97. S.E.X 98. Messiah 99. Rebel Heart 100. Beautiful Scars 101. Queen 102. Borrowed Time 103. Graffiti Heart 104. Autotune Baby 105. Addicted
  18. Welcome to Serebro's discography rate Rules: 1. You must rate the songs from 0 to 10. Five songs can receive an 11 from you. 2. Decimals of up to 2 places are allowed. 3. The deadline for the voting list will probably be on 15th April (oh yeah, PMs are gonna be sent to me ) PM Friendly list: y'all better not disappoint
  19. rank dua lipa, zara larsson, bebe rexha, pia mia, & hailee steinfeld from your favourite to least favourite. DUA LIPA: ZARA LARSSON: BEBE REXHA: PIA MIA: HAILEE STEINFELD: for me, it's dua > zara > pia > bebe > hailee
  20. Twenty One Pilots is a Grammy Award Winning™ two person band consisting of vocalist / pianist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. The name of the band comes from the play “All My Sons” which Tyler read about in a theatre class. They put out two self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots in 2009 and Regional at Best in 2011, before being signed by Fueled by Ramen in 2012. Their label debut, Vessel, was released in 2013. The duo achieved breakthrough success with their fourth album, Blurryface (2015), which produced singles like "Stressed Out" and "Ride". As Tyler and Josh carry on their successful Emotional Roadshow Tour, You’re invited to rate the 49 songs that make up their discography as well as 6 “miscellaneous” tracks. All songs should be rated on a scale from 1-10 *** Decimals are allowed, just don’t go too crazy (ex. 8.45 is okay, 7.39685 is NOT!) *** You’re allowed to give ONE song an 11, ONE song a 15 and ONE song a 0 *** You have to rate EVERY song *** You can be strategic but don’t troll too much *** You can post your averages if you'd like but do NOT post your scores *** You can send commentary for any song you'd like and it will be included in the results, this is not mandatory *** You must PM me your rates by Monday March 20TH 11PM EST *** -Be nice to me ‘cause i’m trYING PM FRIENDLY LIST
  21. Hi! Welcome to the first part of This Generation Pop Girls: The Singles Rate. During the next months we’ll rate post 2005 pop girls singles dividing them in moderate hits, top 10’s and #1’s! We will include Adele, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. In this first part, we’ll consider only singles that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; So… no Ariana, Demi and Selana this time around; they will join during the next rounds. -Rate every track from 1-10 and send me a private message with your scores. -Decimals are NOT allowed. (yeah, you have to take some decisions here; If you do I will round numbers). -You can give a 11 to the best song of the rate in your opinion. -You can give a 0 to the worst song of the rate in your opinion. -Be clever! Don’t be afraid of using 10’s/1’s for your favourite/least favourite songs! (I also suggest you to not use more than five 10’s and 1’s, to increment your ballot effect.) -NO trolling / delusional ballots (example: all 10’s to Taylor songs, all 1's to Katy songs) -Use the PM-Friendly list. -No comments allowed. You will comment about the song when during the results reveal, it will be even better! -Have fun! PM FRIENDLY LIST Rolling In The Deep - Someone Like You - Set Fire To The Rain - Hello - I Kissed A Girl - California Gurls - Teenage Dream - Firework - E.T. - Last Friday Night - Part Of Me - Roar - Dark Horse - Just Dance - Poker Face - Born This Way - Wrecking Ball - SOS - Umbrella - Take A Bow - Disturbia - Rude Boy - Only Girl - What's My Name - S&M - We Found Love - Diamonds - Work - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Shake It Off - Blank Space - Bad Blood - YouTube Playlist Special thanks to @prézli for the graphics Deadline to submit your ballot: 21 March
  22. Named after their hypnotically beautiful and talented frontwoman, Sade are an English band that formed in 1982. Throughout three decades of activity, they released six albums that showcased their signature sound, blending elements of jazz, soul, and R&B music. In this time, they released a total of 23 singles; it's our job to decide, once and for all, which Sade single is the best. The Songs: From Diamond Life: Your Love Is King When Am I Going To Make A Living Hang On To Your Love Smooth Operator From Promise: The Sweetest Taboo Is It A Crime Never As Good As The First Time From Stronger Than Pride: Love Is Stronger Than Pride Paradise Nothing Can Come Between Us Turn My Back On You Haunt Me From Love Deluxe: No Ordinary Love Feel No Pain Kiss Of Life Cherish The Day From Lovers Rock: By Your Side King Of Sorrow From Lovers Live: Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Live) From Soldier Of Love: Soldier Of Love Babyfather The Moon And The Sky From The Ultimate Collection: Still In Love With You The Rules: 1. You must assign every song a score from 0-10. You are able to give one song a score of 11, if you so wish. 2. Decimals of up to 2 places are allowed. 3. Ballots are to be sent to me (conatus) via PM. 4. No trolling! If I suspect you aren't being fair with your scores, I may reject them. 5. The deadline is Saturday, March 11th at 10pm GMT. 6. Have fun and happy voting! PM-friendly list: Your Love Is King When Am I Going To Make A Living Hang On To Your Love Smooth Operator The Sweetest Taboo Is It A Crime Never As Good As The First Time Love Is Stronger Than Pride Paradise Nothing Can Come Between Us Turn My Back On You Haunt Me No Ordinary Love Feel No Pain Kiss Of Life Cherish The Day By Your Side King Of Sorrow Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Live) Soldier Of Love Babyfather The Moon And The Sky Still In Love With You
  23. What is your top 5 from this moving album? Mine: Annable Drew Stranger Clay Simone
  24. Where would we be without the Spice Girls? Perhaps still obsessing over the umpteenth descendants of Alanis Morissette and Puff Daddy. By the mid-'90s, pop music had been entirely eclipsed as an industry force, replaced on the charts by new jack swing, grunge and a parade of big-voiced divas wailing power ballads. A dramatic change, however, was waiting in the wings. Enter: five British babes brought together by an advertisement in a trade magazine—the first seismic jolt in a pop renaissance. After conquering their native UK the prior year, Ginger, Baby, Scary, Sporty and Posh crossed the pond in early 1997. Powered by a catchy message of friendship and female empowerment, they became instant sensations in America, too. Unforgettable classics, iconic fashions and even a movie followed—as did a wave of boy bands and bubblegum starlets that fueled the "TRL" era this forum still adores. By the time Geri Halliwell quit some 16 months later to go solo, effectively ending the Spice moment, their debut had become the bestselling album of all time by a girl group. So in celebration of Spice—which was released twenty years ago this month in the US—we are undertaking a definitive ranking of its track list. To participate, please complete this quick song sorter and PM me your results by this Saturday, Feb. 25. Those lists will be completed to determine a universal ranking, which will be unveiled in a countdown event. (Check out the previous rankings of Emotion and Loose to see how it works.) Feel free to use this thread to advocate for your track of choice or to share your memories from the past two decades of Spice. Ten lucky guest writers will also be chosen to explain why their favorite song is the true highlight of the album, so let me know if you are interested. The Definitive Spice Ranking 1. "2 Become 1" 2. "Say You'll Be There" 3. "Wannabe" 4. "Who Do You Think You Are" 5. "Naked" 6. "Mama" 7. "Last Time Lover" 8. "If U Can't Dance" 9. "Something Kinda Funny" 10. "Love Thing"