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Found 95 results

  1. They came from across the pond and conquered the American charts, not to mention the rest of the world. From the Beatles to the Spice Girls to Adele, the history of contemporary popular culture could not be told without the British Invasion that began more than 50 years ago and never really let up. We'll celebrate that phenomenon in this latest edition of the annual tournament you've all been waiting for. Yes, it's that time again! As college basketball fever sweeps the nation, we here at ATRL turn to what we do best: pitting celebrities against one another. We've already crowned the most iconic album cover, Oscar's gold standard Best Original Song, our favorite female video, the one-hit wonder we'll never tire of, the best Record of the Year winner, the greatest #1 hit of all time and Hollywood's hottest hottie. For our eighth (!) edition, we're drawing inspiration from the US' greatest rival for cultural domination: What is the most bloody brilliant British single ever? Throughout the tournament, everyone will have a chance to participate by voting for their favorite songs in one-on-one match-ups, whittling down the field of 64 classics until we reach our champion. But I need your help before we can begin! Please nominate your list of the ten essential singles by UK acts (no ranking necessary) in the thread below. These ballots will be used to determine the final list of competitors and help decide their tournament seeds. Now get to it, because the fun begins this weekend and you don't want your picks to be left out!
  2. PM friendly list
  3. Welcome to 21st Century One Hit Wonders: The Ultimate Rate where we put Part 1's Top 40 against Part 2's Top 40, along with 20 new tracks to find the ultimate one hit wonder! Most tracks are US or UK one hit wonders, majority also being worldwide too. Occasionally a Spanish one hit wonder will pop up for your enjoyment. There'll be artists in this rate that will've had more than one hit in a few countries but the song featured in this rate will be their only 'hit' worldwide or in the US. This rate is mostly based on a worldwide scale; not on a relative scale. • Songs must be rated on a 1-10 scale. • You are allowed to rate two songs a 0 and two songs an 11. • You are allowed to use decimal points but they must be up to the tenth place (3.1, 6.5, 7.8 etc). • You must use the PM friendly list to PM me your votes. Deadline is April 30th and the rate should start shortly after (within 24 hours). Enjoy and feel free to campaign in the thread for your favourites. If anyone who participated in any of the first parts wants a list of scores they gave, PM and i'll send them over x Youtube Playlist Spotify Playlist (Zendaya - Replay isn't available in the UK, so here's the link x)
  4. 6. The 2017 Alternative Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Superpower 7. The ULTIMATE US Girl Group Rate: The 21st Century (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: wabayou 8. Solo Spice Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: EJQL8 9. THIS WAS 2017 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: supaspaz 10. Pure and Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: StonedSoulPicnic 11. St Vincent Essentials Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Pendulum 12. This WAS POP 2017 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Carly COMPLETED RATES 1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus Winner: "No Ordinary Love" 3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate Rate Host: Sabbath Winner: "Holding On To You" 4. This WAS 2016: Part 1 Rate Host: Eeveelution Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky" 5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: "M" 6. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Taylor Swift, "Style" 7. Mariah Carey: The Remixes Rate Rate Host: Buyonce1814 Winner: "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever)" 8. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Cloudbusting" 9. The Ciara Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Promise" 10. The Flops of 2015 Rate Host: I am Luke Winner: Ciara, "Only One" 11. Man! I Feel Like Shania! The Discography Rate Rate Host: Auburn Winner: "Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come Soon)" 12. The New Wave of R&B: Part 2 Rate Host: MP2K Winner: Kelela, "Rewind" 13. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate Rate Host: Reverie Winner: "Ain't No Way" 14. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate Host: genetic fail Winner: Lady Gaga, "Telephone (featuring Beyonce)" 15. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate Rate Host: Achilles. Winner: "Freedom' 90" 16. 80s One Hit Wonders Rate Rate Host: Yndda Winner: Lipps Inc., "Funkytown" 17. This Generation's Pop Girls: Part 3 [Top 40] Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Ariana Grande, "One Last Time" 18. Adele Discography Rate Rate Host: feelslikeadream Winner: "Rolling in the Deep" 19. 2017's Pop Girls ... So Far Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Dua Lipa, "New Rules" 20. 21st Century One Hit Wonder Rate Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) 21. PRIMADONNAS 2: The Rate Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" 22. Grimes Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Oblivion" 23. Entering The Madness: The Weeknd Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "High for This" 24. This Generation's Pop Girls: The Final Act Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory" 25. This WAS 2016: Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Mitski, "Your Best American Girl" 26. Don't Call It a Comeback Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Rihanna, "Love on the Brain" 27. Bjork Singles Rate Rate Host: theblackestday Winner: "Pagan Poetry" 28. Lana Del Rey Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Terrence Loves You" 29. Thank You for the Music: The ABBA Discography Rate Rate Host: conatus Winner: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" 30.These WERE The Singles: 2005 - 2009 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Madonna, "Hung Up" 31. The Hip-Hop Debutante Rate Rate Host: Woo Winner: Foxy Brown, "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z) 32. The UOG of the 80s: Part 2 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 33.Kesha Essentials Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Animal" 34. Billboard's 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century Rate Host: KatyCatPH Winner: Shakira, "Whenever, Wherever" 35. The 21st Century One-Hit Wonder Rate: Part 2 Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn" 36. Ice Princess: The Azealia Banks Discography Rate Rate Host: prezli Winner: "Liquorice" 37. Linkin Park Singles Rate Rate Host: chilicheese01 Winner: "In The End" 38. I Was Thinking Bout Boys: The Singles Rate Rate Host: Carly Winner: Harry Styles, "Sign Of The Times" 39. The Demi Lovato Discography Rate Rate Host: Hanzo Winner: "Tell Me You Love Me" 40. Jennifer Lopez Essentials Rate Rate Host: Killing Your Career Winner: "What is Love?" 41. The Boss: The Diana Ross Singles Rate Rate Host: Subomie Winner: "I'm Coming Out" 42. Finally: The Namie Amuro Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: DR. 43. Read My Lips: The Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: "Murder on the Dancefloor" 44. Kendrick Lamar Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Alright" 45.The Tove Lo Discography Rate Rate Host: Moonlightbae Winner: "Talking Body" 46. The Sleigh Bells Discography Rate Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: "Infinity Guitars" 47. The Selena Gomez Discography Rate Rate Host: SoSickOfThatSOL Winner: "Hands to Myself" RATES ON HIATUS 1. The Radiohead Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Tremor Christ 2. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Verge of Obscene 3. Beyoncè: The Essentials (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: digitaldistortion 4. Electronic Daddy Music: The Rate Rate Host: genetic fail 5. This WAS POP: 2001 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: EJQL8 6. This WAS 2013: The Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: minho 7. 2010 ULTIMATE Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: mike9009 8. The Male Rebellion Rate: part 2 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus 9. The Mariah Carey Videography Rate Rate Host: Kim Kardashian CANCELLED RATES 5. Crystal Castles Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum
  5. The old definition of Alternative Rock doesn't even apply anymore. The genre is constantly evolving and changing the sound of popular music. And these four albums epitomize its diversity, influence and excellence. In Colour forced The XX to have a new creative awakening and to expand their already captivating sound, to tell a confessional, emotional and multi layered story. The result is a heart wrenching & heart warming record that is inspired, flawless, and dramatic in its simplicity. The veterans Rockers have always been consistent in their perfection. Sleep Well Beast is an album that rewards repeat listens and unfurls its beauty slowly over time. The National have yet again made an album that’s as brilliant as it is ambitious. The album won the 2017 Grammy for Best Alternative Album. Cynicism has never sounded so beautiful. Pure Comedy manages to comment on our messy society, while somehow being soothing. It's packed with wit, beautiful textures, sweet melodies, intelligent lyrics and most importantly honesty. Brilliant! Paramore embraced a funkier, 80s Pop inspired sound, and flourished into one of the genre most daring acts. After Laughter takes you on an emotional roller coaster and exudes vibrancy and melancholy. Hayley summarizes "cry hard, dance harder."
  6. A rap superstar at the height of his commercial and cultural dominance cements his status as a future legend. A young songwriter with big hair and astute observations about her generation emerges from behind the boards with the year’s buzziest debut. An indie favorite leans into her emotional angst and pop sensibilities to the greatest acclaim of her critically-lauded career. A Grammy-winning chanteuse returns from extended hiatus to obliterate the curse of the sophomore slump, even if audiences don’t follow. A Nashville veteran, inspired by his young daughter, crosses over to the mainstream by exploring topical issues his genre rarely touches. As pop music floundered in 2017—and the world around us burned, chaotic and uncaring—these are the stories of artistic triumph that we embraced in comfort. Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., SZA’s Ctrl, St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION, Lorde’s Melodrama and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit’s The Nashville Sound dominated the top five in the year-end Pazz & Jop poll, music critics’ annual celebration of excellence. Now things turn over to you, the good voters of ATRL. Which album was your favorite? You can help decide the winner by ranking each of these 65 songs on a scale of 1-10 and then sending me your ballot by Sunday, March 11. Please listen to everything again at least once before submitting. I want honest assessments, not scores based on your memory or biases. Feel free to include commentary if you are so moved. And no trolling or your vote will be tossed. Happy listening! Songs Participants
  7. Welcome to the Ultimate US Girl Group Rate of the 21st Century. In this short and sweet list of forty, we will be recognizing the eight big American girl groups of the 21st century’s most defining and signature hits. This list of iconic acts includes Destiny’s Child, TLC, 3LW, The Pussycat Dolls, Cherish, Danity Kane, Aly & AJ, and most recently, Fifth Harmony. Artists will be split into three tiers of songs: Destiny’s Child (9 songs) The Pussycat Dolls, Fifth Harmony, Aly & AJ (6 songs) TLC (post-2000 hits), 3LW, Cherish, Danity Kane (3-4 songs) We will be rating their most defining hits released in 2000 or later. By “defining” I mean the songs that told the story of the group based on their success, from debut hits to possibly career-ending colossal flops… 1. Rate each track from 1-10 using the list of songs at the bottom of the OP. 2. You may include two 11s and one 0 in your scores. 3. You may add comments on to your scores if desired. 4. Do not “troll” with your rates; e.g: giving all tracks from one album a 1 and from another a 10, sabotaging all songs by a certain artist, etc. 5. Send me your ballots by Monday, April 2, 2018 at around 5:00 PM EST. I may do extensions however if enough users want to do the rate and have not done it by then. Destiny's Child Fifth Harmony The Pussycat Dolls Aly & AJ Cherish 3LW Danity Kane TLC Send me your list with your scores next to the songs. If you get tagged here, this means I have received your rate. *Logos made with
  8. Lea Michele - Places v Rachel Platten - Waves v Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony v Fergie - Double Dutchess v Nelly Furtado - The Ride Welcome to my third rate and the sequel in the hit or in this case "flop" series - "The Flops of" The Flops of 2014 The Flops of 2015 It's coming up to a year since I first opened the 2015 rate thread and I can't believe how quickly it's gone by! I was hoping to open The Flops of 2016 late last year, but I forgot, but nevertheless we are here! As you may have noticed, we've skipped over 2016, but I will get around to doing it, I just really wanted to do this rate (not because it has Lea... I actually had to get reminded that she released last year ). Hopefully this rate won't have any backlash from fans arguing that an album isn't a flop - Looking at you Shakira and Kelly stans Please participate and I hope you have fun! Lea Michele - Places Love Is Alive Heavy Love Proud Believer Run to You Heavenly Anything's Possible Getaway Car Sentimental Memories Tornado Hey You Truce Letting Go Rachel Platten - Waves Perfect For You Whole Heart Collide Keep Up Broken Glass Shivers Loose Ends Labels Loveback Hands Fooling You Good Life Grace Even If It Hurts Without You Wild Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Down (featuring Gucci Mane) He Like That Sauced Up Make You Mad Deliver Lonely Night Don't Say You Love Me Angel Messy Bridges Por Favor (with Pitbull) Fergie - Double Dutchess Hungry (featuring Rick Ross) Like It Ain't Nuttin' You Already Know (featuring Nicki Minaj) Just Like You A Little Work Life Goes On M.I.L.F. $ Save It Til Morning Enchanté (Carine)" (featuring Axl Jack) Tension L.A. Love (La La) (featuring YG) Love Is Blind Love Is Pain Diddy Zone Kleopatra Nelly Furtado - The Ride Cold Hard Truth Flatline Carnival Games Live Paris Sun Sticks and Stones Magic Pipe Dreams Palaces Tap Dancing Right Road Phoenix Islands of Me Bliss Behind Your Back Spotify playlist with all the songs except the bonus tracks which you can find by clicking on the song titles above Rules 1. Rate every song from 0 to 10 You are allowed one decimal point (6.5 not 6.75) 2. You are allowed to give one song a 15 3. You are allowed to give two songs an 11 4. You are only allowed to give two songs a 0 5. Do not troll by giving all songs a 10 etc. 6. Be fair and listen to the songs with an open mind 7. Get voting! Deadline: 20th April 2018
  9. Welcome to THIS WAS POP 2017 featuring Katy Perry with Witness, Taylor Swift with Reputation and Kesha with Rainbow. Look at the some of the most acclaimed albums of 2017. I hope you guys participate and help this also be a success! featuring @KatyCatPH ALL the songs must be rated on scale from 1 to 10. ONLY 0.5 decimals are allowed (1.5 to 9.5). If you give a rate with more digits or others decimals, it will be rounded to the nearest tenth. You can give a 0 the song you think is the worst and an 11 to the best. After listening, send your scores to me (Carly) in a PM. Feel free to send comments about the songs if you wish (Trolling will not be tolerated). NO delusional ballots pls (example: all 10’s to Taylor songs, all 1’s to Katy songs). PM Friendly List Spotify Playlist Act My Age - Witness Dance With the Devil - Witness Emotional - Rainbow The tentative DEADLINE is MARCH 23, 2018
  10. Hello, and welcome to the Britney Spears Discography Rate! Over the past 2 decades, we've witnessed the rise, fall and resurrection of the Princess of Pop, Britney Jean Spears. From the moment she burst onto the scene wearing a Catholic school-girl outfit, Britney has given us 9(ish) studio albums, 2 greatest hits compilations and almost 20 years of hit songs we all know & love. Now the time has come to rate all 154 tracks, including album cuts, singles & B-Sides, to determine just what song is the best song of Miss Spears' career. Now, we tend to see a lot of sabotage going on in these rates so to avoid that and get clear results, I've decided to change it up a bit. Instead of sending a list of scores for each individual song, please click here and PM me your final list by March 17th, 2018. Please do not select the "I like both" or "No opinion" options. The rate will begin the following weekend. Comments for individual songs are encouraged but not required. PS Any lists that don't have Chillin' With You at #154 will be deleted.
  11. Welcome To TOP 100 EMO / POP / PUNK ROCK SONGS OF ALL TIME! Here we will rate to recognize the Top 100 best and most impactful songs falling under one of the most (categorically confusing) and iconic genre of all time. I hope you guys will enjoy! Rules 1. You have 1 month, starting from now - to send me your lists. That means that the last date you can send your rate is February 20th, 2018. 2. PM me a list of your personal Top 50 favorite emo / pop / punk rock songs! For consistency purposes, you can vote for songs only if they have: - keywords of any of the "emo / pop / punk rock" genre label on reliable music sources (you can check on it, but some are obviously under the genre) - with music videos will be allowed 3. Any lists shorter than 50 items is accepted, to a minimum of 30, but in that case the points granted to each song would be equivalent to the bottom 30 of a 50-item list 4. You are allowed to write your opinion on any song you like (20 songs max). 5. Send me, TayRianaPH, your list via PM. 6. If, for some reason - you want to change your rate or re-send it, it's okay - just let me know first 7. Do not troll.
  12. The Spice Girls is THE British girl group. The group originally consisted of Melanie Brown ("Scary Spice"), Melanie Chisholm ("Sporty Spice"), Emma Bunton ("Baby Spice"), Geri Halliwell ("Ginger Spice"), and Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice"). Their debut single "Wannabe" in 1996 hit number one in 37 countries and established them as a global phenomenon. Their debut album Spice sold more than 31 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling album by a female group in history. Their follow-up album Spiceworld sold over 20 million copies worldwide. The Spice Girls have sold 85 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling female group of all time, one of the best-selling pop groups of all time, and the biggest British pop phenomenon since Beatlemania. Among the highest profile acts in 1990s British popular culture, Time called them "arguably the most recognizable face" of Cool Britannia, the mid-1990s celebration of youth culture in the UK. Since the Spice Girls is synonymous with (and only acknowledge) success, we're rating all of the songs from their solo oeuvres that reached the top 20 of the Official British Charts. A.K.A. SPORTY SPICE. Melanie Chisholm began her solo career in late 1998 by singing with Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams on the worldwide hit "When You're Gone". Her solo debut album Northern Star was released in 1999, reaching number 1 in Sweden and number 4 on the UK Albums Chart. It was certified internationally with seven platinum and three gold certifications, including triple-Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry, selling over 4 million copies worldwide, and becoming the best selling solo album of any Spice Girls member. She remains the only female performer to top the charts as a solo artist, as part of a duo, quartet and quintet. A.K.A. GINGER SPICE. Geri Halliwell left the group in 1998 and launched her solo career in 1999 with the release of her debut album Schizophonic, which spawned three number ones at the UK Singles Chart, "Mi Chico Latino", "Lift Me Up", and "Bag It Up", while the lead single "Look at Me" peaked at number two. In 2001, Halliwell released her second album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster; the first single, "It's Raining Men", peaked at number one in the UK and went on to become the biggest hit of her career. She released her third studio album Passion in 2005. Halliwell has been nominated for four Brit Awards (in 2000 and 2002). A.K.A. SCARY SPICE. During the group's hiatus, Melanie Brown released her debut solo album Hot. The album's lead single, "I Want You Back" charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. Other singles from the album such as "Tell Me" and "Feels So Good" both charted within the top 10 in the UK. Nowadays, she mostly serves as a television personality. A.K.A. POSH SPICE. While she maybe the only member of the group not to have a solo number one single (thanks to Sophie Ellis-Bextor stellar first solo outing), Victoria Beckham remains as the only Spice Girl to have all her singles and album chart inside the Top 10 of the Official Charts. She has left the music industry for good back in the mid-00s and is now the face and designer of a high-end fashion house, Victoria Beckham. A.K.A. BABY SPICE. Emma Bunton's debut solo album, A Girl Like Me, brought the UK and New Zealand No. 1 single "What Took You So Long?" as well as top five hits "What I Am" and "Take My Breath Away" and the top 20 hit "We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight". Bunton's second album, Free Me, was released in 2004 and four singles were taken from it: "Free Me", "Maybe", "I'll Be There" and "Crickets Sing for Anamaria". Nowadays, she is most known for hosting a radio show. RULES: Rate each song from 0 - 10. You can give an 11 to a song you truly love, and a -1 to a song you truly despise. Don't be extra with the decimals Comments are welcomed Deadline is on March 30, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM. My time. SONG LIST:
  13. THE SELENA GOMEZ DISCOGRAPHY RATE Welcome to the first Selena Gomez Discography Rate on ATRL! Kiss & Tell 1. Kiss & Tell 2. I Won't Apologize 3. Falling Down 4. I Promise You 5. Crush 6. Naturally 7. The Way I Loved You 8. More 9. As a Blonde 10. I Don't Miss You at All 11. Stop & Erase 12. I Got U 13. Tell Me Something I Don't Know A Year Without Rain 1. Round & Round 2. A Year Without Rain 3. Rock God 4. Off the Chain 5. Summer's Not Hot 6. Intuition 7. Spotlight 8. Ghost of You 9. Sick of You 10. Live Like There's No Tomorrow 11. Un Año Sin Lluvia When The Sun Goes Down 1. Love You Like a Love Song 2. Bang Bang Bang 3. Who Says 4. We Own the Night 5. Hit the Lights 6. Whiplash 7. When the Sun Goes Down 8. My Dilemma 9. That's More Like It 10. Outlaw 11. Middle of Nowhere 12. Dices 13. Fantasma de Amor Stars Dance 1. Birthday 2. Slow Down 3. Stars Dance 4. Like a Champion 5. Come & Get It 6. Forget Forever 7. Save the Day 8. B.E.A.T. 9. Write Your Name 10. Undercover 11. Love Will Remember 12. Nobody Does It Like You 13. Music Feels Better 14. Lover In Me 15. I Like It That Way For You 1. The Heart Wants What It Wants 2. My Dilemma 2.0 3. Más (More - Spanish Version) 4. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 5. Do It Revival 1. Revival 2. Kill Em With Kindness 3. Hands to Myself 4. Same Old Love 5. Sober 6. Good for You 7. Camouflage 8. Me & the Rhythm 9. Survivors 10. Body Heat 11. Rise 12. Me & My Girls 13. Nobody 14. Perfect 15. Outta My Hands (Loco) 16. Cologne Soundtracks 1. Bang a Drum 2. New Classic 3. Disappear 4. Magical 5. Magic 6. Everything Is Not As It Seems Others 1. Cruella DeVil 2. Fly To Your Heart 3. Whoa Oh! 4. Trust In Me 5. Winter Wonderland 6. Send It On 7. One And The Same 8. Shake it Up 9. Sad Serenade 10. Already Missing You 11. Hold On 12. I Want You To Know 13. We Don't Talk Anymore 14. Trust Nobody 15. Only You TBA 1. It Ain't Me 2. Wolves 3. Fetish 4. Bad Liar 5. Feel Me 6. Stained 1. Assign each track a score between 1 and 10 (0.5, 0.1, etc are forbidden). 2. Scores with two decimals (i.e. 0.55) are accepted. 3. You can give a score of 11 to THREE of the songs on the rate. 4. You can give a score of 0 to ONE of the songs on the rate. 5. Send a private message to me, SoSickOfThatSOL, with your scores for ALL songs. 6. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2018! Feel free to comment! I'll choose 3-5 comments to post for each song! Max. 2 lines. Please use this PM friendly list TBA TBA
  14. Pure & Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate The Queen of Country. The Iron Butterfly. The Smoky Mountain Songbird. All three of the aforementioned nicknames have been bestowed upon Dolly Parton. Since moving to Nashville in the spring of 1964, Ms. Parton has captivated the world with her unique voice, brilliant songwriting, and endearing personality. In this rate, we will honor Ms. Parton by rating 40 singles from her discography. Rules: 1. Rate the songs from 0 to 10. You have four exceptions: one 10.25, one 10.50, one 10.75, and one 11. 2. Decimals of up to 2 places are allowed. 3. Comments are encouraged but not required. 4. PM me your list no later than March 23, 2018. List of songs: PM Friendly List: Spotify Playlist Approval from Ace Reject
  15. Welcome To The Tove Lo Discography Rate! We will rate all of Tove Lo's discography - including her collaborations and her soundtracks Her discography isn't long so hopefully a lot of you will join us! You also rate her albums: Give any album a score between 1-200. You can give one album a score of 250 points. Rules 1. Rate every song with a score from 1-10 2.You can give only two songs 11 points, and you can give only two songs 0 points. 3. You are allowed to write your opinion on any song you like . 4. Send me, Moonlightbae, your list via PM. 5. Only .5 decimals are allowed (3.5, 6.5 not 8.2 or 9.25) 6. You might wanna use the full 0-10 spectrum to have an impact on the rate 7. Do not troll. You have a month, starting from now - to send me your rate. That means that the last date you can send your rate is February 20th, 2018 The Albums Queen of the Clouds (Blueprint Edition) 1. My Gun 2. Like Em Young 3. Talking Body 4. Timebomb 5. Moments 6. The Way That I Am 7. Got Love 8. Not On Drugs 9. Thousand Miles 10. Habits (Stay High) 11. This Time Around 12. Run On Love 13. Love Ballad 14. Paradise 15. Over 16. Out Of Mind 17. Crave 18. Not Made For This World 19. Scream My Name 20. Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix 21. Heroes (we could be) Lady Wood Influence Lady Wood True Disaster Cool Girl Vibes Don't Talk About It Imaginary Friend Keep It Simple Flashes WTF Love Is Blue Lips Disco **** Shedon'tknowbesheknows Shivering Gold Don't Ask Don't Tell Stranger Bitches Romantics Cycles Struggle 9th Of October Bad Days Hey You Got Drugs? Collaborations: Strangers Come Back To Me Rumors Fun Desire Say It Close Freak Of Nature Out Of My Head Soundtracks Lies In The Dark Scars Playlists: Youtube Playlist Spotify Playlist PM Friendly List:
  16. In May 1990, Mariah Carey debuted her first single 'Vision of Love', attaining widespread acclaim, a Grammy & the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 25 years and almost 3 billion VEVO views later, Mariah is truly a skinny legend; inspiring artists from Beyonce to Ariana Grande. During her tremendously successful career, Mimi has released a multitude of music videos to little acknowledgement (the self-dubbed 'Elusive Chanteuse' has only received six MTV VMA nominations). We aim to rectify that with this videography rate, where the ATRL Lambily & casual fans can express their appreciation of MC's spectacular videography. You must rate all songs from 0-10 Decimals are allowed to one place (e.g. 7.1, 7.2, etc) You may give out one 11 to your favourite video You may add comments to some of your fave/least fave videos which will be posted with the scores Judge based on the video alone, not how much you like the song Those who participated in the previous rate have the option to either re-rate all the videos or just the 4 not included in the previous rate (TGIFY Homecoming, I Don't, The Star & Lil Snowman). The deadline for you to PM me your scores is February 14th. The results will start on February 14/15th. Kim Kardashian Bitchcraft jdmc218 DTF feelslikeadream Rocket Orpheus Cuddle Fuddle Dessy Fenix Rhistart butterflysupreme Kings. Slamless Buyonce1814 Pikachoo Ventitonic Hilly EJQL8 Nightingale Florges Pecinta Mariah Blackout2.0 Reverie TheWayWeWere OpenBacardi Clueless slw84 noonbob ♛Mariah Carey♛ valinaer killer_rose itsnickcray BlueGangsta
  17. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So what about a GIF? In our age of social media, these moving, looping images have practically become their own language. Having trouble expressing an emotion? There's a GIF for that that. Need to punctuate a perfectly biting comeback? There's a GIF that. Many of them even take on second lives as successful memes. It marks another revolution in the way we communicate. On ATRL, they also give us something else to argue about. Sure, careers stats are fun, but you know your fave has really made an impact when she has a GIF that goes viral. Hit singles, newsworthy moments, memorable GIFs—these are all now ways to mint an icon. (Just ask Tiffany Pollard!) But what are the essential images of our forum? And who is the true Queen of Pop (Culture)? This rate will attempt to answer that question by counting down the 100 definitive pop girl GIFs of ATRL. You can help by ranking what you believe are the 20 best, most important GIFs starring a pop girl—the ones ATRL could not live without. -- beautiful words by ATRL's legendary modney and my friend, @supaspaz (new) RULES: - Select twenty of your favorite pop girl or pop girl-related gifs and rank them from 1-20. - You may include a maximum of five gifs per pop girl in your ranking. - Of those five, only two gifs by the same pop girl may appear in your list's top five. - And to combat ATRL's innate and flagrant ageism, you MUST include at least two gifs by a woman over the age of forty on your list. (For reference: Aretha, Céline, Cissy, Diana, Dionne, Eartha, Fergie, Janet, Jennifer, Madonna, Mariah, Patti, Reba, Shakira, Whitney.) I've compiled plenty of gifs for you to choose from. However, you are not limited to these images. LISTS DUE FEBRUARY 15TH. The top-voted gifs will hopefully result in a countdown of the top 100! PM me your lists, don't post them here! Happy gifing! Adele: Ally Brooke: Amy Winehouse: Aretha Franklin: Ariana Grande: Ashanti: Aubrey O'Day: Avril Lavigne: Azealia Banks: Beyoncé: Bjork: Boy Krazy: Brandy: Britney Spears: Cardi B: Céline Dion: Charli XCX: Cheryl Cole: Christina Aguilera: Ciara: Demi Lovato: Diana Ross: Dionne Warwick: Eartha Kitt: Ellie Goulding: Fantasia: Fergie: Fifth Harmony: Gwen Stefani: Iggy Azalea: Janet Jackson: Jennifer Lopez: Jessica Simpson: Jessie J: Katie Got Bandz: Katy Perry: Kelly Rowland: Keri Hilson: Kesha: Kylie Minogue: Lady Gaga: LaToya Jackson: Lil' Kim: Lil Mama: Lorde: Madonna: Mariah Carey: Mary J. Blige: Miley Cyrus: Miranda Cosgrove: Monica: Natalia Kills: Nelly Furtado: Nicki Minaj: Patti Labelle: P!nk: Rachel Crow: Reba McEntire: Rebecca Black: Rihanna: Selena Gomez: Shakira: Sia: Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Taylor Swift: Whitney Houston: Plus! Her muva Cissy Houston:
  18. 1. Rate every song with a score from 1-10 2.You can give only 1 song 11 points, and you can give only 1 song 0 points. 3. You are allowed to write your opinion on any song you like . 4. Send me, TayRianaPH, your list via PM. 5. Only .5 decimals are allowed (3.5, 6.5 not 8.2 or 9.25) 6. You might wanna use the full 0-10 spectrum to have an impact on the rate 7. Do not troll. You have 2 weeks, starting from now - to send me your rate. That means that the last date you can send your rate is March 24, 2018. LOVE, TAYRIANAPH‼
  19. In the mid-90s, by her own terms, Kylie Minogue was in a creative and commercial 'wilderness.' Launched to fame by her performance in Aussie soap Neighbours, Kylie achieved superstar success by being the Diana Ross of 80s powerhouse purveyors of cheap-pop, Stock/Aitken/Waterman. By 1992, she was free - but where was she to go? She headed to the clubs, and signed with the dance label DeConstruction - an imprint of a larger system. She worked with house producers the Rapino Brothers, but the sessions proved futile (and were eventually leaked). She struck gold with pivotal single Confide in Me, but 1994's self-titled release was set asunder by Kylie's film aspirations - and a public's reluctance to let their 'little girl' grow up. She wasn't a little girl, but an artist coming to terms with her creatively checkered past. She had long been a fascination of indie rockers - who would get to 'dirty' her up? It wasn't until one such legend - fellow Aussie Nick Cave - approached her with a rather unsettling collaboration that a new version of her emerged: IndieKylie. We are here to celebrate that Kylie, as this month marks the twentieth anniversary of her most realized work - Impossible Princess. Originally released in October 1997, the project had an almost insurmountable bout of bad luck; the lead single, Some Kind of Bliss, became her lowest charting single in both the UK and Australia, and the name of the album itself was considered in poor taste after the unexpected passing of Princess Diana. It was ultimately released in the UK in March 1998, and its reception there seemed to point to the end of Kylie's career - by becoming 'indie,' she had forgotten everything that made her her. In Australia, however, the album went two times platinum, and launched Kylie's first tour in seven years. By being true to herself, she had achieved credibility. Kylie eventually went back to pure pop - that's probably how we all met her. But today (and for the next few weeks), we're here to laud a truly confessional opus. Dark, deep, ambiguous in sound and texture, Impossible Princess took cues from the underground of the mid-90s (think trip-hop and BritPop, Bjork and the Manic Street Preachers - with whom she wrote two songs) and filtered them through Kylie's words and melodies. She hasn't done anything like it since, and it is unarguably her most beloved album by fans. How to do it? Play around with this song sorter (made by the lovely @supaspaz, who also designed the banner!) and send me the results by Sunday, October 29th. If you would please be so kind, also send me any thoughts you may have on individual songs - and the record itself. Keep believing in dreams ... and participate!
  20. Please do not separate the list Graphics by the legendary @AlexisNeiers
  21. To participate, all songs should be rated on a 0-10 scale (ONE decimal place is also accepted: 5.5, 3.2, 9.6, 10.5, etc. - All scores that do not follow this rule will be rounded up or down, depending on how I feel about the song hihi) Participants are allowed to rate ONE song with the special score of 11! Use it wisely, girlies! Comments are encouraged but not required. Trolling will not be taken lightly, you will be spanked like the dirty boy you are. Please make sure your PM looks just like the PM friendly list. No extra spaces -- as it makes it very hard to put into Excel Have fun
  22. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is an English singer, songwriter, model, reason why Victoria Beckham is the only Spice Girl with no #1 hit, and future wedding singer of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Starting her career as the frontwoman of the band theaudience, SEB found worldwide (sans America) success with the release of Spiller's Groovejet (If This Ain't Love). Thanks to the success of the song, she got signed to a record deal with Polydor and released her most successful album, Read My Lips. The album sold over 2 million copies worldwide and produced 3 major hits. By 2003, she released her second album, Shoot From The Hip, which produced two top 10 hits, but stalled at #19 on the album charts. In the middle of the album's promotional duties, she got pregnant. Four years later, she released her third album, Trip The Light Fantastic, which produced a single top 10 single. A tour was planned but she scrapped it twice to open for George Michael and Take That. A greatest hits album was planned but it was scrapped and from 2008-2011 she got pregnant, got dropped by Polydor/Fascination, and released the first 4 single of that album before eventually releasing Make A Scene on her label, and she got pregnant again. She joined some dancing show, which actually positively affected her career since it made Wanderlust her highest charting (and first certified since SFTH) album since her debut. She got pregnant again, and made Familia, which is the South American counterpart of Wanderlust's Eastern Europe. RULES: Rate each song from 0 - 10. You can give an 11 to a song you truly love, and a -1 to a song you truly despise. Don't be extra with the decimals Comments are welcomed Deadline is on January 30, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM. My time. SONG LIST: YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: PARTICIPANTS: @JoAddams @Veis @HonourableVomit @Subomie @bestfiction
  23. What are the worst song titles you know?