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  1. 8. The Janelle Monae Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: K$Ellie 7. In a Reverie: The Tinashe Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Pink Matter 8. Charli XCX Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: wabayou 9. 50 Great Female Voices: The Rate Rate Host: Pepo 10. The Flops of 2017 Rate Host: Lukey 11. THIS WAS 2017: THE EPs (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Moonlightbae 12. Billboard R&B #1's Part 1: 1990 - 1992 Rate Host: conatus COMPLETED RATES 1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus Winner: "No Ordinary Love" 3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate Rate Host: Sabbath Winner: "Holding On To You" 4. This WAS 2016: Part 1 Rate Host: Eeveelution Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky" 5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: "M" 6. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Taylor Swift, "Style" 7. Mariah Carey: The Remixes Rate Rate Host: Buyonce1814 Winner: "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever)" 8. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Cloudbusting" 9. The Ciara Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Promise" 10. The Flops of 2015 Rate Host: I am Luke Winner: Ciara, "Only One" 11. Man! I Feel Like Shania! The Discography Rate Rate Host: Auburn Winner: "Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come Soon)" 12. The New Wave of R&B: Part 2 Rate Host: MP2K Winner: Kelela, "Rewind" 13. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate Rate Host: Reverie Winner: "Ain't No Way" 14. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate Host: genetic fail Winner: Lady Gaga, "Telephone (featuring Beyonce)" 15. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate Rate Host: Achilles. Winner: "Freedom' 90" 16. 80s One Hit Wonders Rate Rate Host: Yndda Winner: Lipps Inc., "Funkytown" 17. This Generation's Pop Girls: Part 3 [Top 40] Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Ariana Grande, "One Last Time" 18. Adele Discography Rate Rate Host: feelslikeadream Winner: "Rolling in the Deep" 19. 2017's Pop Girls ... So Far Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Dua Lipa, "New Rules" 20. 21st Century One Hit Wonder Rate Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) 21. PRIMADONNAS 2: The Rate Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" 22. Grimes Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Oblivion" 23. Entering The Madness: The Weeknd Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "High for This" 24. This Generation's Pop Girls: The Final Act Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory" 25. This WAS 2016: Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Mitski, "Your Best American Girl" 26. Don't Call It a Comeback Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Rihanna, "Love on the Brain" 27. Bjork Singles Rate Rate Host: theblackestday Winner: "Pagan Poetry" 28. Lana Del Rey Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Brooklyn Baby" 29. Thank You for the Music: The ABBA Discography Rate Rate Host: conatus Winner: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" 30.These WERE The Singles: 2005 - 2009 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Madonna, "Hung Up" 31. The Hip-Hop Debutante Rate Rate Host: Woo Winner: Foxy Brown, "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z) 32. The UOG of the 80s: Part 2 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 33.Kesha Essentials Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Animal" 34. Billboard's 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century Rate Host: KatyCatPH Winner: Shakira, "Whenever, Wherever" 35. The 21st Century One-Hit Wonder Rate: Part 2 Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn" 36. Ice Princess: The Azealia Banks Discography Rate Rate Host: prezli Winner: "Liquorice" 37. Linkin Park Singles Rate Rate Host: chilicheese01 Winner: "In The End" 38. I Was Thinking Bout Boys: The Singles Rate Rate Host: Carly Winner: Harry Styles, "Sign Of The Times" 39. The Demi Lovato Discography Rate Rate Host: Hanzo Winner: "Tell Me You Love Me" 40. Jennifer Lopez Essentials Rate Rate Host: Killing Your Career Winner: "What is Love?" 41. The Boss: The Diana Ross Singles Rate Rate Host: Subomie Winner: "I'm Coming Out" 42. Finally: The Namie Amuro Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: DR. 43. Read My Lips: The Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: "Murder on the Dancefloor" 44. Kendrick Lamar Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Alright" 45.The Tove Lo Discography Rate Rate Host: Moonlightbae Winner: "Talking Body" 46. The Sleigh Bells Discography Rate Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: "Infinity Guitars" 47. The Selena Gomez Discography Rate Rate Host: SoSickOfThatSOL Winner: "Hands to Myself" 48. St Vincent Essentials Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Strange Mercy" 49. The ULTIMATE US Girl Group Rate: The 21st Century Rate Host: wabayou Winner: Destiny's Child, "Lose My Breath" 50. The 2017 Alternative Rate Rate Host: Superpower Winner: The National, "Dark Side of the Gym" 51. THIS WAS 2017 Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Kendrick Lamar, "DNA" 52. Solo Spice Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: Victoria Beckham, "Let Your Head Go" 53. Kanye West Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Runaway" 54. These WERE The Singles: 1990 - 1994 Rate Host: Superpower Winner: Madonna, "Vogue" 55. This Was 2017 Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Vince Staples, "Yeah Right" 56. The Mariah Carey Videography Rate Rate Host: Kim Kardashian Winner: "Honey" RATES ON HIATUS 1. The Radiohead Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Tremor Christ 2. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Verge of Obscene 3. Beyoncè: The Essentials (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: digitaldistortion 4. Electronic Daddy Music: The Rate Rate Host: genetic fail 5. This WAS POP: 2001 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: EJQL8 6. This WAS 2013: The Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: minho 7. 2010 ULTIMATE Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: mike9009 8. The Male Rebellion Rate: part 2 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus 9. This WAS POP 2017 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Carly 10. The 21st Century One Hit Wonders Rate: The Ultimate Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Queen Conchita CANCELLED RATES 8. Gen Z-List Pop Girls: The Singles Rate Rate Host: skiddo 5. Crystal Castles Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum 10. Pure and Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate Rate Host: StonedSoulPicnic
  2. PM Friendly List Welcome to the Janelle Monáe Discography Rate As of now, this rate consists of 55 songs for which I will provide the links below. If I've missed any important ones please let me know but I tried to keep the number of miscellaneous tracks down and only included the main ones. Sorry for the uglee graphics, I only made them today but I'll try to make up for it with my excellent hosting skills If you have any questions, feel free to ask Spotify Playlist || Youtube Playlist Deadline should be in 4-5 weeks but I'm not sure yet
  3. A wild Tom rate appeared! It's been a while since I hosted something acclaimed worthy but here we are yet again. Pazz & Jop doesn't always get it right the first time, so the second time is the charm with another set of highly praised albums from 2017. With my 3rd year of piloting the sequels of the This Was Album series, some of you by experience should know that I don't settle for just 5 albums, there's always room for more. This rate is special as it's split evenly between three solo acts and three bands (of which two of them made a significant comeback in 2017!). What's also special about this rate is that it's one of the most diverse groups in terms of genre if you care about that stuff. The cast of the show are the following; The Mature and Elegent Kelela, Upcoming Hip Hop Staple Vince Staples, LBGTQ Icon Perfume Genius, Hipster friendly and dancey LCD Soundsystem, Americana styled Rockers The War On Drugs, and Shoegaze Legends Slowdive. The rule goes to rate each song from 1-10. A decimal to the tenths place is allowed. You're also allowed to give one 11 for your favorite song and one 0 for your most hated song. What's not allowed however is trolling, which for example would rating an album or two super high while giving the rest of the albums just 1s/2s/3s for intentional tanking purposes. Be objective as you can and do your best to scale your scores to avoid giving everything just a 10 or a 1. I'm not planning on certain schemes that have occurred in past rates to be repeated in this one so just a fair warning x. Comments are allowed btw. The final deadline for rating is july 1st. So take your time if you need to. I will be doing weekly and final reminders as time further passes on. .
  4. Lea Michele - Places v Rachel Platten - Waves v Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony v Fergie - Double Dutchess v Nelly Furtado - The Ride Welcome to my third rate and the sequel in the hit or in this case "flop" series - "The Flops of" The Flops of 2014 The Flops of 2015 It's coming up to a year since I first opened the 2015 rate thread and I can't believe how quickly it's gone by! I was hoping to open The Flops of 2016 late last year, but I forgot, but nevertheless we are here! As you may have noticed, we've skipped over 2016, but I will get around to doing it, I just really wanted to do this rate (not because it has Lea... I actually had to get reminded that she released last year ). Hopefully this rate won't have any backlash from fans arguing that an album isn't a flop - Looking at you Shakira and Kelly stans Please participate and I hope you have fun! Lea Michele - Places Love Is Alive Heavy Love Proud Believer Run to You Heavenly Anything's Possible Getaway Car Sentimental Memories Tornado Hey You Truce Letting Go Rachel Platten - Waves Perfect For You Whole Heart Collide Keep Up Broken Glass Shivers Loose Ends Labels Loveback Hands Fooling You Good Life Grace Even If It Hurts Without You Wild Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Down (featuring Gucci Mane) He Like That Sauced Up Make You Mad Deliver Lonely Night Don't Say You Love Me Angel Messy Bridges Por Favor (with Pitbull) Fergie - Double Dutchess Hungry (featuring Rick Ross) Like It Ain't Nuttin' You Already Know (featuring Nicki Minaj) Just Like You A Little Work Life Goes On M.I.L.F. $ Save It Til Morning Enchanté (Carine)" (featuring Axl Jack) Tension L.A. Love (La La) (featuring YG) Love Is Blind Love Is Pain Diddy Zone Kleopatra Nelly Furtado - The Ride Cold Hard Truth Flatline Carnival Games Live Paris Sun Sticks and Stones Magic Pipe Dreams Palaces Tap Dancing Right Road Phoenix Islands of Me Bliss Behind Your Back Spotify playlist with all the songs except the bonus tracks which you can find by clicking on the song titles above Rules 1. Rate every song from 0 to 10 You are allowed one decimal point (6.5 not 6.75) 2. You are allowed to give one song a 15 3. You are allowed to give two songs an 11 4. You are only allowed to give two songs a 0 5. Do not troll by giving all songs a 10 etc. 6. Be fair and listen to the songs with an open mind 7. Get voting! Deadline: JULY 2018
  5. Welcome to Billboard R&B #1s: The Rate! In part one, we will be rating all of the songs that reached #1 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1990, 1991, and 1992, featuring ATRL favourites such as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Tevin Campbell! The Songs: The Rules: 1. There is a total of 106 songs in this rate. You must score every song from 0 to 10. One lucky song can receive an 11 from you, and one lucky song can receive a 10.5 from you, if you so wish. 2. PM your scores to me. Don't post them in the thread! 3. Decimals of up to 2 places are allowed. This means I will allow a 9.5, a 9.25, but not a 9.358359392919758. 4. The deadline is midnight GMT on July 1st. There are a lot of songs, but that should be enough time to listen to everything and rate each song accordingly. 5. Commentaries are appreciated, but not compulsory. It's always nice to read why someone gave a 0 to a song, or why it got your 11, or why it got a 9 but not a 10. 6. No trolling! If I so much as even suspect you're trying to rig the rate, I will refuse to count your scores. 7. Have fun! Spotify playlist Not on Spotify: Regina Belle - "Make It Like It Was" - Stacy Lattisaw - "Where Do We Go From Here" - Tony! Toni! Toné! - "The Blues" Tony! Toni! Toné! - "Feels Good" - The Boys - "Crazy" - Tony! Toni! Toné! - "It Never Rains (In Southern California)" The Rude Boys - "Written All Over Your Face" - Tony! Toni! Toné! - "Whatever You Want" Hi-Five - "I Can't Wait Another Minute" - Vanessa Williams - "Running Back To You" PM-friendly list:
  6. Welcome The Official Katy Perry Discography Rate We have gathered here today to rate one of the most successful and critically acclaimed discographies in music history. From OOTB to Witness, we will rate every song Katy has officially released in the past 10 years, including features. Rules 1. You must rate every song with a score between 1-10. 2. Up to one decimal is allowed. This means 9.5 is ok but 9.23413 will not count. 3. You can give one song 15 points and two songs 0 points. 4. Commentary is encouraged. 5. We will also rate each individual album using a score of 1-10. No decimals allowed. 6. Send me your scores via PM with the format in the spoilers tag. 6. The deadline is Midnight EST on July 21st. 7. Make it fun but DON'T TROLL. I will remove your rates if you're trying to rig the rate. Songs PM Friendly List
  7. We will be rating 55 singles from the youngest pop girls the pop universe has to offer to us. Of course, huge successes like Dua Lipa, Lorde, and Zara Larsson were not included, hence the play on words in the title. Still, this rate includes the pretty huge successes that are the ex-Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello and the Grammy award winner Alessia Cara. The rest of them, well, let’s hope for the best! You rate each song on a scale from 1 to 10. Only .5 decimal scores are allowed (ex. 6.5, 8.5). You get two 11s to give to your favorites and one 0 to give to the song you absolutely despise. Feel free to add comments! Just please format them nicely. Use the PM-friendly list. Try to have some nuance in your scores! Spotify Playlist Youtube Playlist TENTATIVE DEADLINE: MAY 12th 6:00 AM EST
  8. Welcome to 21st Century One Hit Wonders: The Ultimate Rate where we put Part 1's Top 40 against Part 2's Top 40, along with 20 new tracks to find the ultimate one hit wonder! Most tracks are US or UK one hit wonders, majority also being worldwide too. Occasionally a Spanish one hit wonder will pop up for your enjoyment. There'll be artists in this rate that will've had more than one hit in a few countries but the song featured in this rate will be their only 'hit' worldwide or in the US. This rate is mostly based on a worldwide scale; not on a relative scale. • Songs must be rated on a 1-10 scale. • You are allowed to rate two songs a 0 and two songs an 11. • You are allowed to use decimal points but they must be up to the tenth place (3.1, 6.5, 7.8 etc). • You must use the PM friendly list to PM me your votes. Deadline is May 3rd and the rate should start shortly after (within 24 hours). Enjoy and feel free to campaign in the thread for your favourites. If anyone who participated in any of the first parts wants a list of scores they gave, PM and i'll send them over x Youtube Playlist Spotify Playlist (Zendaya - Replay isn't available in the UK, so here's the link x)
  9. Welcome to 50 GREAT FEMALE VOICES, the rate which will feature the best, most memorable and evocative female vocal artists who have topped the charts for decades. Both solo singers and famous frontwomen in bands are among those on this list, as it is their voices to gather together on here. In fact we will be focusing not only to singers who hit the right notes, but those who have the most haunting voices that have endured the test of the time; write songs with important historically, politically or emotionally themes; boast the best technique, as well as unique, original, and memorable vocal styling; those known for "singing their hearts out," with deep expression, feeling and musicality and singers, singer-songwriters and musicians who have left a remarkable mark to the musical scene thanks to their stunning large bodies of work. I hope you guys will partecipate, find new music and enjoy the rate! RULES Rate each song between 1-10. Only 0.5 decimals are allowed. You can give a 0 to the song you think is the worst and an 11 to the best. Feel free to send comments about the songs if you wish. Send me your ballot via PM. No trolling. PLAYLIST SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: PM FRIENDLY LIST A special thanks to @Clueless for the spectacular graphics TENTATIVE DEADLINE: June 14th
  10. Over the course of the past eight years, R&B has experienced a revival of sorts that has given the genre new life; life that has produced some of the best acts of our time with the likes of Frank Ocean, Miguel, The Weeknd, Janelle Monae, SZA, Kelela, FKA twigs, and most importantly, Tinashe (among others). After the girl group she debuted with, The Stunners, disbanded back in 2011, Tinashe hit the scene as a solo artist with the release of her critically acclaimed debut mixtape, In Case We Die, and hasn't looked back since. Since her 2012 debut, Tinashe has gone on to release 3 other mixtapes and 3 albums that integrate elements of R&B, soul, pop, and electronic music to create soundscapes that effectively showcase what a multifaceted R&B songstress she is. With 80 songs to sift through, let us take the time to appreciate the hardest working, and most underappreciated female R&B artist out now. For this rate, we will be rating all of Tinashe's officially released music, starting with In Case We Die, and ending with her most recent effort, Joyride. (Also, you all may notice that certain interludes are present while others have been left out. I decided to leave the interludes where Tinashe is singing lyrics in, while others where she isn't I left out.) 1) You must rate of every song in this rate on a scale of 1-10. Decimals are allowed to the hundredth's place. You guys have the option to give one song an 11, one song a 10.5, and one song a 0, so make it count! 2) Once you are finished, PM me your ballots (Pink Matter). 3) No trolling. It defeats the purpose of a rate. If I suspect any trolling, I'll ask you to redo your ballot. 4) Because there will be a lot of songs to listen to (especially if you're a new listener), the deadline for the rate will be Sunday, 7/22/18. If you need an extension, please let me know, and I'll be happy to accommodate you The deadline for the rate has been officially extended to Friday, 7/27/18. If you still need more time, please let me know 5) Lastly, have fun! In Case We Die 1) The Last Night on Earth 2) My High 3) Let You Love Me 4) That 5) Boss 6) I Tried 7) Another Season 8) This Feeling 9) Stumble 10) Crossing the Cosmo 11) Chainless Reverie 1) Fear Not 2) Stargazing 3) Yours 4) Slow 5) Another Me 6) Come When I Call 7) Reverie 8) I'm Selfish 9) Ecstasy 10) Who Am I Working For? 11) Let You Love Me (XXYYXX Remix) Black Water 1) Black Water 2) Vulnerable (feat. Travis Scott) 3) Secret Weapon 4) Midnight Sun 5) 1 For Me 6) Fugitive 7) Stunt 8) Just A Taste 9) Middle of Nowhere 10) Ain't Ready Aquarius 1) Aquarius 2) Bet (feat. Devonté Hynes) 3) Cold Sweat 4) 2 On (feat. ScHoolboy Q) 5) How Many Times (feat. Future) 6) Pretend (feat. A$AP Rocky) 7) All Hands On Deck 8) Indigo Child (Interlude) 9) Far Side of the Moon 10) Feels Like Vegas 11) Thug Cry 12) Bated Breathe 13) Wildfire Amethyst 1) Dreams Are Real 2) Wrong 3) Something To Feel 4) Looking 4 It 5) Wanderer 6) Worth It (feat. Iamsu) 7) Just the Way I Like You Nightride 1) Lucid Dreaming 2) C'est La Vie 3) Sunburn 4) Sacrifices 5) Company 6) Soul Glitch 7) You Don't Know Me 8) Spacetime 9) High Speed Chase 10) Ride of Your Life 11) Party Favors 12) Touch Pass 13) Ghetto Boy Joyride 1) Joyride 2) No Drama (feat. Offset) 3) He Don't Want It 4) Ooh La La 5) Me So Bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana) 6) Ain't Good For You (Interlude) 7) Stuck With Me (feat. Little Dragon) 8) Salt 9) Faded Love (feat. Future) 10) No Contest 11) Fire and Flames Misc. 1) Watch Me Work 2) Player (feat. Chris Brown) 3) Superlove 4) Flame All of the songs are available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. except for Watch Me Work, which is provided for you. If you need help finding links for the other songs, please let me know. Edit: My mistake. The only projects on streaming services are Aquarius, Nightride, and Joyride. Her other projects can be found on mixtape sharing websites so if you need help finding links for In Case We Die, Reverie, Black Water, or Amethyst, let me know! dangerous. Saint ultraviolence.xx starstruckaj Kevin2803 obscurity Kiss It Better Evan_22 Monkey_Juice BlackoutZone Ryanicorn MP2K Rev8 Diarrhoea K$Ellie theblackestday TBA
  11. Welcome to This Was 2017: EPs! In this rate, we will be rating 64 songs from EPs released in 2017 We have a variety of artists, from well known artists such as Bebe Rexha and Julia Michaels to new artists like Bea Miller, Sigrid, Astrid S, etc'.. I hope you'll enjoy the rate, find new music and be happy with the results! 1. You have until Saturday, May 12th to send in your ballot. 2. Rate each song between 1-10 3. Only 0.5 decimals are allowed (1.5 to 9.5) 4. You can give two 0's to the songs you think are the worst and two 11's to the best. 4. Feel free to send comments about the songs 5. Send me (Moonlightbae) your ballot through PM. 6. If you want to edit your ballot later on, it's fine, just let me know 7. Make sure to use the full 1-10 spectrum to make an impact on the rate 9. No trolling or delusional ballots 10. Please use the PM friendly list to PM me your votes. Spotify Playlist Youtube Playlist Deadline: May 12th
  12. Welcome to the Country Girls Rate! We will rate singles released by ‘new’ female country singers. All of them released their debut single this decade, have released at least 4 singles and have reached at least top20 on the country charts. This rate contains 50 songs by 9 female country singers (Cam, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, Lauren Alaina, Maddie & Tae, Maren Morris & Raelynn) We’ll have a top50 of the songs listed, based on the scores they receive, and there will also be a ranking of the 9 singers, based on the average score of the songs. . RULES: Send your scores to me (@lipes) via PM. ALL songs must be rated. You can use a scale from 1 to 10, decimals are allowed. (You can give 10, 9.9, 9.8, 9.7 and so on). You can only give THREE songs a score lower than 3 (from 1 to 2.9), the other scores must be from 3 to 10. You can give TWO songs 11 (eleven) points, choose your two favorite songs. You can send comments for the songs, I will post them with the results. . SONGS: If you want to do this rate, please listen to all songs. - YOUTUBE PLAYLIST WITH ALL SONGS - (You can listen to them on another streaming service). . PM Friendly List: . This is my first rate and I know country is not that popular on ATRL, but I hope a decent number of people do this. You have two weeks to send me your rate. So the deadline is July 30th.
  13. Hey, Sunday Girls! How about we do a rate for a group that laid the foundation for some of your favorite artists? Blondie, or Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri, and several other talented musicians, remain one of the greatest bands of all time. The New York group debuted in the mid-'70s performing among punk acts at CBGB but came to be better known as the face of new wave, by taking that punk spirit and energy and combining it with synth and electronic influences. Blondie weren't afraid to tackle different genres of music and current sounds, then or now, and ruled the charts across the world, putting out hit after hit and penning several absolute classics. The group split in the early '80s, exhausted creatively and amidst tension among the members. It would take them fifteen years to regroup and put out more music. The world eagerly awaited their comeback and the group have kept pushing out music ever since. Rock, pop, disco, reggae, techno, funk, rap(!)... Blondie gave us so much variety in their music, it's no wonder it all still holds up today. So, with all these classics that they have given us over the years, what better to do with them than rate them? Rules 1. Rate each track below from 0 - 10. 2. Decimals are acceptable. 3. Assign a single score of 11 to your favorite track in the rate. 4. Send completed ballots to me in a PM before the deadline. 5. Feel free to attach comments with your scores, they may appear in the results. I'm setting a preliminary deadline of July 31st. The Singles X Offender In The Sun In The Flesh Rip Her to Shreds Denis (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear Picture This Hanging on The Telephone Heart of Glass Sunday Girl One Way or Another Dreaming Union City Blue The Hardest Part Atomic Call Me Rapture The Tide is High Island of Lost Souls War Child Maria Nothing is Real But The Girl Good Boys Mother What I Heard A Rose By Any Name I Want to Drag You Around Fun Long Time Doom or Destiny Blondie's Spotify presence (dear) after their revival is... spotty at best, so here are some Youtube links for some of the songs in question. Maria - Nothing is Real But The Girl - Good Boys - Mother - What I Heard
  14. (Thanks @Clueless for making this playlist )
  15. Welcome to THIS WAS POP 2017 featuring Katy Perry with Witness, Taylor Swift with Reputation and Kesha with Rainbow. Look at the some of the most acclaimed albums of 2017. I hope you guys participate and help this also be a success! featuring @KatyCatPH ALL the songs must be rated on scale from 1 to 10. ONLY 0.5 decimals are allowed (1.5 to 9.5). If you give a rate with more digits or others decimals, it will be rounded to the nearest tenth. You can give a 0 the song you think is the worst and an 11 to the best. After listening, send your scores to me (Carly) in a PM. Feel free to send comments about the songs if you wish (Trolling will not be tolerated). NO delusional ballots pls (example: all 10’s to Taylor songs, all 1’s to Katy songs). PM Friendly List Spotify Playlist Act My Age - Witness Dance With the Devil - Witness Emotional - Rainbow The tentative DEADLINE is MARCH 23, 2018
  16. In honor of our favorite mid-2000s fads and their iconic albums released between 2004 and 2006 I am hosting this rate. To participate you'll have to send me your ranking for each song of the following 3 albums. (1-10) You are allowed to give one song per album 15 and one song 0 points. You don't have to, though Have fun and may the best 2000s icon/fad win DL: July 28 I will round up to one decimal Nelly Furtado - Loose 1. Afraid 2. Maneater 3. Promiscuous [feat. Timbaland] 4. Glow 5.Showtime 6. No Hay Igual 7. Te Busque [feat. Juanes] 8. Say It Right 9. Do It 10. In God's Hands 11. Wait For You 12. All Good Things (Come To An End) Deluxe Tracks: 13. Let My Hair Down 14. Somebody To Love Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby 1. What You Waiting For? 2. Rich Girl [feat. Eve] 3. Hollaback Girl 4. Cool 5. Bubble Pop Electric [feat. Johnny Vulture] 6. Luxurious 7. Harajuku Girls 8. Crash 9. The Real Thing 10. Serious 11. Danger Zone 12. Long Way To Go [feat. Andre 3000] Fergie - The Dutchess 1. Fergalicious [feat.] 2. Clumsy 3. All That I Got (The Make Up Song) [feat.] 4. London Bridge 5. Pedestal 6. Voodoo Doll 7. Glamorous [feat. Ludacris] 8. Here I Come 9. Velvet 10. Big Girls Don't Cry 11. Mary Jane Shoes [feat. Ria Marley & I-Three] 12. Losing My Ground 13. Finally [feat. John Legend] Deluxe Tracks: 14. Get Your Hands Up 15. Labels Or Love 16. Party People [with Nelly]
  17. Big God sounds like Lorde and Kate Bush covering a Bond theme stream one of the best song of the album
  18. Welcome to the fourth installment of “ATRL’s Greatest”. Previously, we counted down the 250 Greatest Songs Of All Time, 150 Greatest Albums Of The Millennium, and 150 Greatest Songs Of The 20th Century. Now, it's time to let the artists shine! You may submit an unranked ballot of 10 to 50 artists to me via a Google Form. It can be any number in between 10 and 50. Each artist nominated will be given one point, so rank on the ballot is irrelevant. Solo artists are counted separately from groups, so you may nominate the group and solo artist(s) as separate entries (e.g. 1 for Justin Timberlake and 1 for NSYNC). Any artist of any country, genre, or level of success is eligible. You may rally voters in your Base thread, just don't spam or submit troll ballots. SUBMIT HERE If the form does not work, please PM me your ballot. Deadline: 12/31 at 11:59PM EST BALLOTS OPEN: NOW (SUBMIT HERE)
  19. Hello, and welcome to the Britney Spears Discography Rate! Over the past 2 decades, we've witnessed the rise, fall and resurrection of the Princess of Pop, Britney Jean Spears. From the moment she burst onto the scene wearing a Catholic school-girl outfit, Britney has given us 9(ish) studio albums, 2 greatest hits compilations and almost 20 years of hit songs we all know & love. Now the time has come to rate all 154 tracks, including album cuts, singles & B-Sides, to determine just what song is the best song of Miss Spears' career. Now, we tend to see a lot of sabotage going on in these rates so to avoid that and get clear results, I've decided to change it up a bit. Instead of sending a list of scores for each individual song, please click here and PM me your final list by March 31st, 2018. Please do not select the "I like both" or "No opinion" options. The rate will begin the following weekend. Comments for individual songs are encouraged but not required. PS Any lists that don't have Chillin' With You at #154 will be deleted.
  20. ATRL's TOP 75 KPOP SONGS of Q1, 2018. [songs released Jan. 1 to March 31, 2018] JUNE 2: Honorable Mentions + Special Awards JUNE 3 and 4: Top 75 Songs Reveal RESULTS 1] BBoom BBoom - MOMOLAND - 741 2] Bad Boy - Red Velvet - 715 3] Roller Coaster - Chung Ha - 701 4] Love Scenario - iKon - 525 5] Black Dress - CLC - 453 6] Dreams Come True - WJSN - 446 7] Egoist- LOONA - 433 8] Baby Don't Stop - NCT U - 393 9] One Shot Two Show - Boa - 385 10] Starry Night - MAMAMOO - 373 11] BOSS - NCT U - 371 12] The Boots - Gugudan - 356 13] Secret Garden - Oh My Girl - 344 14] Heroine - Sunmi - 333 15] The Blue Bird - April - 313 16] Look - Got7 - 289 17] Shinin - Jonghyun - 269 18] My Flower - JBJ - 266 19] Sober - SUZY - 259 20] Jealousy - Monsta X - 249 21] See Saw - Loona (Gowon & Chuu) - 243 22] One & Only - Loona (Gowon) - 233 23] Holiday- Suzy - 211 24] Rubber Band - iKON - 181 25] To Heart - Fromis_10 - 176 26] Daydream - JHOPE - 174 27] Rosy - Loona (Olivia Hye & Gowon) - 172 28] FLOWER ROAD - BIGBANG - 164 29] Jenga - Heize - 164 30] Metronome - Weki Meki - 161 31] It's U - Golden Child - 158 32] Bibidi Babidi Boo - Honey Popcorn - 143 33] BEAUTIFUL - IKON - 141 34] Touch - NCT 128 - 140 35] Gorgeous - VAV - 137 36] Iron Boy - Weki Meki - 135 37] I'm In Love With Someone Else - Suzy - 133 38] Destroyer - MONSTA X - 131 39] ONE - Samuel - 130 40] GO - NCT DREAM - 128 41] Best Friend – IKON - 126 42] Thanks - Seventeen - 125 43] To The Sky- CLC - 116 44] One And Only You - Got7 feat. Hyolyn - 113 45] Omona - Mix Nine - 112 46] The Chance Of Love - TVXQ - 108 47] Nega Dola - BoA - 107 48] Before Our Spring - Jonghyun - 101 49] Distance- CLC - 97 50] Spotlight - VAV - 94 51] Lost in the Dream - MONSTA X - 90 52] Recollection - BoA - 81 53] HUG ME - iKON - 80 54] Mamma Mia - SF10 - 80 55] Miracle- Fromis 10 - 80 56] Just for a Day - Jonghyun - 79 57] Like That - CLC - 77 58] District 9 - Stray Kids - 73 59] Tell Me - Infinite - 72 60] To Do List - Hyolyn - 69 61] Love Line - TVXQ - 69 62] JERK - iKON - 67 63] All right - Red Velvet - 66 64] Same Same - Momoland - 66 65] Your Song - BoA - 66 66] Don’t Forget - Ikon - 64 67] Paint Me -MMM - 63 68] Love O'Clock- OMG - 60 69] DIAMOND GIRL - MXM - 59 70] Fallin' - Monsta X - 58 71] YESTODAY - NCT U - 58 72] Boomerang - Wanna One - 54 73] Airplane – J-Hope - 53 74] Planet Girl - JooYoung - 50 75] Grease - Jonghyun - 49 76] Fly - MOMOLAND - 48 77] Beep - April - 47 78] Hot Potato - N.Flying - 44 79] Rude Boy - MAMAMOO - 44 80] Only One You Need - Jonghyun - 43 81] Renaissance - WJSN - 42 82] Color Me - Weki Meki - 40 83] Full Moon - Dreamcatcher - 40 84] Hide & Seek - April - 40 85] Always, All Ways - BoA - 39 86] Mi Amor - CocoSori - 39 87] True Love - Kim Sung kyu - 39 88] La La La - WEKI MEKI - 38 89] IPU - Wanna One - 37 90] Black on Black - NCT - 37 91] POP – J-hope - 33 92] Sleeplessness - Suzy - 32 93] Crazy In Love - Monsta X - 31 94] Fly With Me - I.M - 31 95] Real Man - The east light - 30 96] Lady - Golden Child - 29 97] Puzzle - TVXQ! - 29 98] You & Me - Sha Sha - 29 99] Shadow - Astro - 28 100] Starry Moment - WJSN - 28
  21. On April 20, 1993, the world became a bit sexier: "That's the Way Love Goes" was released onto radio formats like a bath bomb, and the woman behind it whispered into millions of ear canals all over the world for the rest of the year and beyond. A woman who was iconic for being covered from head to toe, a woman once known as America's baby sister, had finally taken her clothes off. The album that followed would represent a significant sonic, lyrical, and visual shift for Ms. Jackson, as well as a more subtle shift for the industry. Janet. was preceded by two important events: the reported biggest recording contract ever signed as of 1991 being won by a (this!) woman, and the infamous Rolling Stone cover which bore the album art. Hype set her up for success, but it still could not have guaranteed the sheer chart dominance of "That's the Way Love Goes" (the eighteenth most successful song of the 1990s in the US per Wikipedia); the record-breaking first week sales of 350,000 copies; #1 single "Again" being nominated for an Academy Award; need I go on? But beyond the album's commercial pull lied something greater. Janet. is an intersectional feminist statement dressed as a sexual awakening, as focused on the brain as it is on the navel. Its wide playbook of sounds, ranging from opera to funk to bossa nova, perfectly characterizes the ambition that Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis brought to its recording. Janet brushes with opaque black feminism on "New Agenda," but her true power lies in how fearlessly she talks sex. She wants to have you any time, any place, no matter who's around. She would perform fellatio on you in the club, if she were your girl, but she's not. She wants to boom, boom, boom until noon, noon, noon. And she knows you want her, too, but you have to please her, yeah. The Janet of Janet. is not here for your service or your fantasy. She is here to get what she wants, how she wants it, when she says go. And she got it. 25 years have passed. The album is consistently hailed as a coming of age landmark for women in pop, and its sonic landscape remains as unique and opulent today as it did in 1993. While we wait for Janet to acknowledge the anniversary, shall we rank? RULES Rank songs 1-17, #1 getting 17 points, #2 getting 16 points, and so on. Comments are encouraged! Please send rankings by May 19, 2018! That's the Way Love Goes You Want This If This Time Throb What'll I Do Funky Big Band New Agenda Because of Love Again Where Are You Now The Body That Loves You Any Time, Any Place Whoops Now And On and On '70s Love Groove One More Chance SONG SORTER Because the interludes on this album are so short/useless, in lieu of an interlude ranking, here's an optional video rank! Send a list from 1-7 with the same format as the songs list if you want. Videos: VIDEO SORTER
  22. In May 1990, Mariah Carey debuted her first single 'Vision of Love', attaining widespread acclaim, a Grammy & the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 25 years and almost 3 billion VEVO views later, Mariah is truly a skinny legend; inspiring artists from Beyonce to Ariana Grande. During her tremendously successful career, Mimi has released a multitude of music videos to little acknowledgement (the self-dubbed 'Elusive Chanteuse' has only received six MTV VMA nominations). We aim to rectify that with this videography rate, where the ATRL Lambily & casual fans can express their appreciation of MC's spectacular videography. You must rate all songs from 0-10 Decimals are allowed to one place (e.g. 7.1, 7.2, etc) You may give out one 11 to your favourite video You may add comments to some of your fave/least fave videos which will be posted with the scores Judge based on the video alone, not how much you like the song Those who participated in the previous rate have the option to either re-rate all the videos or just the 4 not included in the previous rate (TGIFY Homecoming, I Don't, The Star & Lil Snowman). Kim Kardashian Bitchcraft jdmc218 DTF feelslikeadream Rocket Orpheus Cuddle Fuddle Dessy Fenix Rhistart butterflysupreme Kings. Slamless Buyonce1814 Pikachoo Ventitonic Hilly EJQL8 Nightingale Florges Pecinta Mariah Blackout2.0 Reverie TheWayWeWere OpenBacardi Clueless slw84 noonbob ♛Mariah Carey♛ valinaer killer_rose itsnickcray BlueGangsta !ngwe Mohzy