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  1. Alternative pop saw a massive rise in popularity in 2021, especially among female artists. Many newcomers made waves in the alternative music scene; from the likes of Clairo and Arlo Parks, to Japanese Breakfast and Wolf Alice. However, even among the veteran, “Tumblr era” girls, there was a lot of noise. Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Lorde and MARINA all came back with huge releases in the year. Lana Del Rey returned with both her sixth and seventh studio albums in 2021. “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” and “Blue Banisters” were released during March and October of the year, respectively. Both were met with critical acclaim, however, were seen as a slight disappointment after the release of her 2019 magnum opus, “Norman ******* Rockwell”. Lana stated that “so much of the album” pertains to her “stunning girlfriends” and “beautiful siblings” about “Chemtrails”. On the other hand, “Blue Banisters” has been described as Lana’s “breakup record”. Both peaked within the top 10 of the Billboard 200, with “Chemtrails…” just missing the top spot and debuting at #2. Halsey released her forth studio album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” in August 2021. She described the album as a “concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth”. Many critics believe this to be Halsey’s best project yet and it sits at a favourable score of 80 out of 100 on Metacritic. The album peaked at #2, upon release, on the Billboard 200 and is nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the 64thGrammy Awards. After Lorde’s four-year hiatus, she finally returned with her long awaited third studio album, entitled “Solar Power”. The titular track was released as the lead single on 11th June 2021, it was met with critical acclaim upon release, however, some fans were sceptical with Lorde’s stark change in sound compared to her adored sophomore album, “Melodrama”. After two more pre-release singles, the album dropped on 20th August. It was met with mixed reception from fans and critics alike. While some hardcore fans adored the contrast “Solar Power” had compared to her previous work, others yearned for the old Lorde to comeback with her signature dark sound. The album still managed a respectable top 5 debut on the Billboard 200 despite many setbacks. MARINA returned on 11th June 2021 with her fifth studio album, “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land”. This album had the longest run up to its release out of all included in this rate, having four pre-release singles, the first being released in November 2020. The lyrics on the album are described as having more “vim and attitude” than those on her forth studio release, “Love + Fear”. Many fans saw this album as a true return to form for MARINA as it draws many similarities to her first two beloved albums. The album managed a top 20 peak on the UK charts and garnered critical acclaim, holding a 77 score on Metacritic. The song list in the spoiler below includes all the songs included in the rate in a DM friendly format: Ballots are due (tentatively) by February 20th 2022, which gives you four weeks to listen and rate all 68 songs. I am open to extensions if needed, though. The Participants The Results
  2. What happened to R&B naysayers may ask? Nothing at all. Hip-Hop may have become the most dominant genre in recent years, but let’s not overlook the strides R&B, including all its many sub-genres have taken on the airwaves. Since the last time we’ve met, R&B was starting to have an increasingly regular presence on top 40 radio. While hip-hop and dance stayed at pop music's center since 2017, R&B managed to creep its way back into the mainstream. In ways both satisfying and unpredictable leading to a full-on tidal wave in the years to come. Timeline: The genre maintained the upward course over the last few years. The artists in this rate are more reflective of the culture’s Netflix & Chill generation, while also bringing important social and political issues to the forefront. Sometimes a vibe is all we need, but you’ll still get a sprinkle of impeccable vocals, baby makers and genre bending sounds that we appreciated in 2012. We will be rating some of the songs from artists that kept the genre alive on the charts and acclaim fronts! Rules There will be 76 songs in total. There with be 26 artists with at min. 3 songs to represent their string of Eps and LPs. Rate every song a score from 1-10 and send me your ratings by PM. You are allowed three 11s, two 10.5s and three 0s only. Though they cannot all go to one artist. You cannot give any artist all 10s either, diversify your ratings. You can use decimal points if you wish, but only up to one decimal place. You can add comments about your favorite (and least favorite) tracks! Take your time, but not too much. Feel free to scaffold and send these in sets/half if need be. Deadlines All ballots must be submitted in full by Wednesday 2nd February 2022. Songs Participants One week down. just tagging you all above. Don't forget to subscribe to the playlists below: Playlists: Spotify Youtube
  3. Ace Reject

    Rate Signup Thread

    ONGOING RATES 1. The Sound of the 1975: The Singles Rate Rate Host: @greento 3. British Excellence: 80s Alternative Edition Rate Host: @madonnas 5. The Aly & AJ Discography Rate Rate Host: @prézli 6. Slant's 100 Best Dance Songs of All Time Rate Host: @Tom Vercetti COMPLETED RATES 1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus Winner: "No Ordinary Love" 3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate Rate Host: Sabbath Winner: "Holding On To You" 4. This WAS 2016: Part 1 Rate Host: Eeveelution Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky" 5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: "M" 6. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Taylor Swift, "Style" 7. Mariah Carey: The Remixes Rate Rate Host: Buyonce1814 Winner: "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever)" 8. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Cloudbusting" 9. The Ciara Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Promise" 10. The Flops of 2015 Rate Host: I am Luke Winner: Ciara, "Only One" 11. Man! I Feel Like Shania! The Discography Rate Rate Host: Auburn Winner: "Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come Soon)" 12. The New Wave of R&B: Part 2 Rate Host: MP2K Winner: Kelela, "Rewind" 13. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate Rate Host: Reverie Winner: "Ain't No Way" 14. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate Host: genetic fail Winner: Lady Gaga, "Telephone (featuring Beyonce)" 15. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate Rate Host: Achilles. Winner: "Freedom' 90" 16. 80s One Hit Wonders Rate Rate Host: Yndda Winner: Lipps Inc., "Funkytown" 17. This Generation's Pop Girls: Part 3 [Top 40] Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Ariana Grande, "One Last Time" 18. Adele Discography Rate Rate Host: feelslikeadream Winner: "Rolling in the Deep" 19. 2017's Pop Girls ... So Far Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Dua Lipa, "New Rules" 20. 21st Century One Hit Wonder Rate Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) 21. PRIMADONNAS 2: The Rate Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" 22. Grimes Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Oblivion" 23. Entering The Madness: The Weeknd Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "High for This" 24. This Generation's Pop Girls: The Final Act Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory" 25. This WAS 2016: Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Mitski, "Your Best American Girl" 26. Don't Call It a Comeback Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Rihanna, "Love on the Brain" 27. Bjork Singles Rate Rate Host: theblackestday Winner: "Pagan Poetry" 28. Lana Del Rey Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Brooklyn Baby" 29. Thank You for the Music: The ABBA Discography Rate Rate Host: conatus Winner: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" 30.These WERE The Singles: 2005 - 2009 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Madonna, "Hung Up" 31. The Hip-Hop Debutante Rate Rate Host: Woo Winner: Foxy Brown, "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z) 32. The UOG of the 80s: Part 2 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 33.Kesha Essentials Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Animal" 34. Billboard's 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century Rate Host: KatyCatPH Winner: Shakira, "Whenever, Wherever" 35. The 21st Century One-Hit Wonder Rate: Part 2 Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn" 36. Ice Princess: The Azealia Banks Discography Rate Rate Host: prezli Winner: "Liquorice" 37. Linkin Park Singles Rate Rate Host: chilicheese01 Winner: "In The End" 38. I Was Thinking Bout Boys: The Singles Rate Rate Host: Carly Winner: Harry Styles, "Sign Of The Times" 39. The Demi Lovato Discography Rate Rate Host: Hanzo Winner: "Tell Me You Love Me" 40. Jennifer Lopez Essentials Rate Rate Host: Killing Your Career Winner: "What is Love?" 41. The Boss: The Diana Ross Singles Rate Rate Host: Subomie Winner: "I'm Coming Out" 42. Finally: The Namie Amuro Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: DR. 43. Read My Lips: The Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: "Murder on the Dancefloor" 44. Kendrick Lamar Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Alright" 45.The Tove Lo Discography Rate Rate Host: Moonlightbae Winner: "Talking Body" 46. The Sleigh Bells Discography Rate Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: "Infinity Guitars" 47. The Selena Gomez Discography Rate Rate Host: SoSickOfThatSOL Winner: "Hands to Myself" 48. St Vincent Essentials Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Strange Mercy" 49. The ULTIMATE US Girl Group Rate: The 21st Century Rate Host: wabayou Winner: Destiny's Child, "Lose My Breath" 50. The 2017 Alternative Rate Rate Host: Superpower Winner: The National, "Dark Side of the Gym" 51. THIS WAS 2017 Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Kendrick Lamar, "DNA" 52. Solo Spice Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: Victoria Beckham, "Let Your Head Go" 53. Kanye West Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Runaway" 54. These WERE The Singles: 1990 - 1994 Rate Host: Superpower Winner: Madonna, "Vogue" 55. This Was 2017 Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Vince Staples, "Yeah Right" 56. The Mariah Carey Videography Rate Rate Host: Kim Kardashian Winner: "Honey" 57. Billboard R&B #1's Part 1: 1990 - 1992 Rate Host: conatus Winner: Mary J. Blige, "Real Love" 58. The Katy Perry Discography Rate Rate Host: Ferst Winner: "E.T." 59. 50 Great Female Voices: The Rate Rate Host: Pepo Winner: Tina Turner, "What's Love Got to Do With It?" 60. Charli XCX Discography Rate Rate Host: wabayou Winner: "Vroom Vroom" 61. In a Reverie: The Tinashe Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "Bet" 62. The Flops of 2017 Rate Host: Lukey Winner: Rachel Platten, "Perfect for You" 63. The Janelle Monae Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Make Me Feel" 64. Female Top 5 Hits - '13 - '18 Rate Host: umich Winner: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space" 65. When Pop Stars Grow Up Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4 U" 66.The Kacey Musgraves Discography Rate Rate Host: thecptz Winner: "Merry Go-Round" 67. Beyonce Essentials Rate Rate Host: Kool Aid King Winner: "Don't Hurt Yourself" 68. So Into You: The Tamia Singles Rate Rate Host: jdmc218 Winner: "So Into You" 69. Female Rap Rate Part 1 Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Cardi B, "Bickenhead" 70. This WAS 2018 Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Mitski, "Nobody" 71. Beyonce: The Discography Rate Rate Host: JoAddams Winner: "6 Inch" 72. This Was EXPERIMENTAL POp 2018: The Rate Rate Host: TRF. Winner: Yves Tumor, "Noid" 73. The Ultimate Other Girls: Teen Dreams (Part 1) Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Hilary Duff, "Come Clean" 74. MC30: Mariah Carey Discography Rate (Extra Festive Edition) Rate Host: ThatBadEartha Winner: The Roof (Back in Time) 75. This WAS 2020 (It's The End of the World as We Know It... And I Feel Fine Rate Host: Supaspaz Winner: Dua Lipa, Don't Start Now 76. THIS WAS POP 2020: Oh Shit, At Least You Tried! Rate Host: Touya Kinomoto Winner: Katy Perry, Never Really Over 77. Non English Pop Songs Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou Winner: Rosalía, Malamente 78. The Ultimate Other Girls of the 90s - Part Five Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Christina Aguilera, Genie in a Bottle 79. Her Madgesty: The Madonna Discography Rate Rate Host: @Madame X Winner: Like a Prayer 80. This WAS POP 2019 P1 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: Ariana Grande, thank u, next 81. The Ultimate Little Mix Discography Rate Rate Host: @pengkweeen Winner: Sweet Melody 82. The UOGs of the Aughts 4: Hateration and Holleration Rate Host: @Ace Reject Winner: Mary J. Blige, Be Without You 83. Whitney Houston Discography Rate Rate Host: @GreatestLoveofAll Winner: All The Man That I Need 84. The 2020 Queer Excellence Rate Rate Host: @Blue Rose Winner: Perfume Genius, On The Floor 85. Disco Revival of 2020: The Ultimate Lockdown Party Rate Host: @bestfiction Winner: Jessie Ware, What's Your Pleasure? 86. 2000s Female Pop Rate Rate Host: @naval23 Winner: Madonna, Hung Up 87. French Pop Divas: 2000s Edition Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou Winner: Alizee, Moi....Lolita 88. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize Rate Part 1: '03 - '07 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Rachel Stevens, Some Girls 89. This WAS 2013: The Rate Rate Host: @minho Winner: Disclosure, White Noise 90. Tame Impala Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: New Person, Same Old Mistakes 91. This Was POP: 2019 Part 2 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: Carly Rae Jepsen, No Drug Like Me 92. 1995 Makes The Woman Rate Host: @Madame X Winner: Bjork, Hyperballad 93. The Supremes Singles Rate Rate Host: @UnanimousBB16 Winner: You Keep Me Hangin' On 94. Oh, Shit - At Least He Tried! Solo Boys in Pop Rate Host: @Insanity Winner: Nick Jonas, This is Heaven 95. Miss Americana: The Taylor Swift Singles Rate Winner: cardigan 96. Miss Jackson If You're Nasty: The Janet Discography Rate Rate Host: @Auburn Winner: If 97. 1990s Female Hits Rate Rate Host: @JoAddams Winner: Madonna, Secret 98. More Than R&B Rate Host: @supaspaz Winner: Kelis, Trick Me 99. This Was Pop 2020: Part 2 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: The Weeknd, In Your Eyes 100. Billboard R&B #1s Part Two: The Mid 90s Rate Host: @Armani👑 Winner: Mariah Carey, Fantasy RATES ON HIATUS 1. Electronic Daddy Music: The Rate Rate Host: genetic fail 2. This WAS POP: 2001 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: EJQL8 4. 2010 ULTIMATE Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: mike9009 5. The Male Rebellion Rate: part 2 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus 6. This WAS POP 2017 (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Carly 7. The 21st Century One Hit Wonders Rate: The Ultimate Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Queen Conchita 8. THIS WAS 2017: THE EPs (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Moonlightbae 9. These ARE The Acclaimed Singles (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Wicked 10. Prince: The Warner Brothers Years Rate Host: Madame X 11. Sir Elton: The Singles Rate Rate Host: conatus 12. Charli XCX Mega Rate Rate Host: Pop culture 13. This WAS 2019: The Re-Up Rate Host: @Ace Reject 14. The Radiohead Discography Rate Rate Host: @Nemo CANCELLED RATES 1. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Verge of Obscene 2. Gen Z-List Pop Girls: The Singles Rate Rate Host: skiddo 3. Crystal Castles Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum 4. Pure and Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate Rate Host: StonedSoulPicnic 5. The Radiohead Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Tremor Christ 6. THIS WAS... 2019 Rate Host: Claw 7. Beyoncè: The Essentials (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: digitaldistortion 8. Close But No Cigar 10s - The #2 Singles Rate Rate Host: @jdmc219
  4. KillingYourCareer

    BTS Discography Rate | VOTE NOW!

    Hello and welcome to ATRL's first ever BTS Discography Rate! Why is KillingYourCareer hosting this? On September 12, 2021, I was in my town's record store to buy Lana Del Rey's spoken poetry CD, when I saw BTS' 'For You' Japanese CD on a shelf. I'd been thinking about it for a while, but that's when I decided that I would listen to BTS' entire discography once I got home. In four nights, I listened to all their songs, and loved their discography to the point they have since crossed 2,000 plays on my last.fm, also becoming my 2nd most played artist of the year according to Spotify Wrapped! The fact that I have a soft spot for Jimin might or might not have convinced me to love their music even more. What will we be rating? We'll be rating 149 songs: their entire Korean language output, as well as the original Japanese songs. Japanese versions of already-existing Korean songs, features, short intros and spoken/instrumental interludes will be excluded. Only the main version of each song will be rated. What are the rules? - You must rate all the songs between 0 and 10. I encourage ranking all the songs from your favorite to least favorite and spreading out the 0-10 spectrum among them in order to maximize impact on the results, without trolling or blatant sabotaging. Up to one decimal allowed. - You may award a special 11 score to your three favorite songs. - Ties will be broken. If two or more songs get the same average score, the one with the highest score will be prioritized. For example: if songs A and B both get a 7.5 average and song A has two 10's while song B only has one, song A will be ranked higher than song B. - Once you've awarded all your scores, PM them to me here on ATRL and don't post them publicly. - The deadline is February 5, 2022, so you have plenty of time to listen to and rate the 9 hour, 30 minute long selection! You can use my Spotify playlist with all the songs put in chronological order. N.B.: the songs "Path", "Sea" and "With Seoul" aren't available on Spotify, so here are the YouTube links! Happy voting! Participants: 1. @KillingYourCareer 2. @K$Ellie 3. @CristianGarcia 4. ... PM-friendly list (copy and paste in my PMs and add your votes):
  5. Welcome to The Sound of The 1975 // The Singles Rate // The 1975 is a band from Manchester, England comprised of four members, Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel. They have four studio albums, all four of which peaked at #1 in the UK. They have seen both massive success and acclaim both in the UK and worldwide, with sold out arena tours by their second album. This is the first rate I’m hosting on ATRL so I’m happy to be able to do it on my favorite band. Hopefully, I can find enough fellow fans on here to make this rate not a flop. We will be rating 34 songs by The 1975. This includes 7 songs from each of their albums as well as 6 other non-album tracks and features. In my opinion, their singles are their best songs and highlight all the best parts of their discography so I don’t feel like a whole discography rate was necessary, plus that would get less participants. The due date for now is Friday 14th January 2022, but I don't mind extending if people need more time. The Songs The Rules 1. Please listen to all 34 songs in the playlist below. 2. Score each song out of 10 based on how much you enjoy the song. You can give TWO songs a score of 11 and ONE song a score of 0. Save these for the songs you want to help out the most (or sabotage). 3. Please only give your songs scores with ONE decimal place, for example use 7.5, not 7.58 or 4.2895. 4. You can add comments to your scores as well to make the results more interesting when they’re revealed. You can add comments to some songs, all or none, it’s up to you. 5. Send your list of rated songs to me via DM. Have fun! Apple Music Playlist The Participants The Results
  6. istan4badgalriri

    Rihanna Singles Rate

    ⚓ Welcome to ATRL's Ultimate Rihanna Singles Rate ⚓ As she was recently named the biggest hitmaker of the 21st century by Billboard and with a new album (likely) coming in 2022, now is the perfect time to rate her iconic collection of singles - which includes 14 #1s and 31 top 10s. Features will be included. Promo singles will only be included if they were released in "Single" format on iTunes (i.e. "Wait Your Turn" counts; "Sex With Me" doesn't). 1. Rate all the songs between 1-10. 2. You may give 2 songs a 11 score and 2 other songs a 0 score. 3. Only 0.5 decimals are allowed (e.g. 7.5 / not 7.8). 4. Send me your ballots via PM on here, not in the thread. 5. Don't troll, don't sabotage 6. Comments are allowed (and welcome) DEADLINE: JANUARY 28th, 2022 PM-Friendly List PLAYLIST:
  7. Singer, Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, actress (well...), producer, HSN correspondent, Songbird Supreme, NYT best-selling author, Queen of Christmas, doesn't know who JLo is (who does), Queen of Remixes, Melodyne top 0.1% subscriber, Queen of Melisma, one of the most successful female artists of all time with 19 Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits (which is difficult to get, not everyone has that to their credit), Queen of Shade, prone to heading to the background singers when Aretha sings, taustin13 bait, Mother of Lambs, Razzie-winner, Skinny Legend. Mariah has one of the all-time greatest discographies, and it's time again for the perpetually-messy Lambs to rank her albums. Yes, it's sad yet predictable that I'm reinventing past incidents for my promotional gain, but it's been two years since our last album-only rate and it's time for more intra-base fighting about which albums are her best/worst. Let's be festive and mildly offensive, dahhlings, but no sabotaging. Any ballots with obvious sabotaging will be thrown out. Participants will have until December 8th (at 12:00am EST) to submit scores. FORM HERE: --- --- Our 2019 edition that I hosted and Butterfly won can be found here: https://atrl.net/forums/topic/263777-mariah-discography-rate-butterfly-reigns-results-post3/
  8. Welcome to the 100 Best Dance Songs of All Time Rate inspired by Slant's 2020 list publishing. We'll be listening to, rating, revisiting or discovering dance songs across multiple decades (from the 70s to the 10s) to see which song ATRL considers to be the pinnacle of the genre. Everything dance related from disco (electro-disco, boogie, euro-disco, nu-disco), to electronic dance music (house, electro, techno, trance) to dance-pop will be covered. Among the cult/underground staples there are also tons of household legends and even "MPGs" included so hopefully this will be more inviting for the participants who want to partake. For further inspiration and more information about each of the songs and their history/influence on dance music, you can use the link below https://www.slantmagazine.com/music/100-greatest-dance-songs/ You may or may not agree with their ranking and that's okay since this is our take. However, we're doing a different approach. Da Rulebook: -For this rate, along with the usual rating the songs 1-10, you're also allowed a 10.25, a 10.50, a 10.75, and an 11 to your favorite song(s). You may also give a 0 if you want to, but only one. -Pm me with your completed ratings. Commentary is allowed and optional. If you have a change of heart of some of the songs, i'll allow a revision before the deadline. -No Grumpy Old Trolls allowed (i.e ranking only dance songs from 00s-10s +10 and everything else 1-2, cuz if you do this or "genuinely" feel that way then idk how you got here) Initial Deadline: September 30th since there's a lot to cover. PM Friendly List
  9. Tinashegrande6

    This was POP 2020 (Part 2) | All Results Posted

    Hello all and welcome to This Was Pop 2020! Following on from @touya kinomoto‘s rate at the end of last year, we will now be looking at 5 other albums that 2020 gifted us. Folklore and Future Nostalgia were part of @supaspaz‘s TW2020 rate, hence their absence here. At the start of the year Bad Bunny dropped YHLQMDLG (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana), developing on his original Latin trap style by incorporating more of an “old-school” reggaeton twist. He was closely followed by The Weeknd and his Grammy snubbed album, After Hours. Exploring a more synth-pop/electropop sound, whilst still retaining some of his R&B roots, the album was praised by critics as a reinvention of sorts for the Weeknd. Not wanting to risk keeping her music saved in one spot for any extended period of time, Charli XCX released How I’m Feeling Now, an album written entirely in lockdown, which further delved into her signature electropop and experimental pop style of music. Ariana Grande returned with the somewhat suggestively titled Positions, continuing her blend of pop and R&B whilst covering themes such as sex, love and relationships. Finally, just as the year was coming to an end, Taylor Swift surprise released the sister album to future AOTY winner Folklore, Evermore, further exploring a more indie-folk and minimalistic style. Bad Bunny - YHLQMDLG The Weeknd - After Hours (Deluxe) Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now Ariana Grande - Positions (Deluxe) Taylor Swift - Evermore (Deluxe) I've included the deluxe editions of albums that have them for the sake of completeness. So, with that all being said, onto the rules: Rules: Give every song a score from 1-10 and send me your ratings by PM. You can give three 11s and three 0s. You can use decimal points if you wish, but 1 d.p. only. You can add comments. While this is not a requirement, I’d love to see what you have to say about your favourite (and least favourite) tracks! All ballots must be submitted by Sunday 22nd August 2021. Have fun! PM friendly list: Participants:
  10. A parallel to @touya kinomoto rate Oh This Was Pop 2020: OH Sh!t: At Least You Tried Welcome to @Insanity's very first rate on ATRL! It’s been a year for boys of pop who tried to put out albums but either failed commercially or critically. Atop the list is Justin Bieber’s early 2021 album Justice. Coming from his lul in 2020 of Changes, Justice is a step up and a fantastic album. Currently Justice holds a 63 metacritic score which is up from Changes 58. Justice is predicted to sell 130-140k SPS which is down from Changes 231k, a major drop. The second album was Wonder by Shawn Mendes which peaked at #1 and sold about 95k copies SPS which is down from self-titled 182k but it did not have tour bundles. The album was also a little lower critically from self-titled with a 65 compared to 73 which is not panned or acclaimed but generally favorable. T he third album is Nobody is Listening by ZAYN which was an improvement in charting at #44 while his previous album peaked at #61. The album received a 63 Metacritic score which is generally favorable reviews. The final album is Spaceman by Nick Jonas is his third solo album and first since 2016. Spaceman has garnered a 61 Metacritic score to generally favorable reviews and will peak at #13 on the Billboard 200 with 24k copies sold. DEADLINE May 24th, 2021 Albums In Rate: Justin Bieber - Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) Shawn Mendes - Wonder Zayn - Nobody Is Listening Nick Jonas - Spaceman (Deluxe) Rules Listen and rate every song from the PM friendly list on a scale from 1 to 10; 0.5 decimals are allowed You can give an 11 and 0 to each album (so a total of 4) Comments are welcomed No trolling rates (meaning if I see a bunch of 1’s for one album it will be thrown out) Send your scores to me via PM. Come and enjoy the results show when announced PM Friendly Rate List Listen Here Justin Bieber - Justice Spotify Youtube Apple Music Shawn Mendes - Wonder Spotify Youtube Apple Music Zayn - Nobody Is Listening Spotify Youtube Apple Music Nick Jonas - Spaceman Spotify Youtube Apple Music Participants Taglist If I double tagged you I apologize in advance I am only re tagging those who vote in the poll to be reminded Please don't be rude if you were tagged I'm just going by those who were interested in each albums thread. Thank you for understand!
  11. Welcome to Billboard R&B #1s: The Rate! In Part 2, we will be rating all of the songs that reached #1 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 featuring ATRL favourites such as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Tevin Campbell! It has 3 years since the Part One rate - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/132256-billboard-rb-1s-the-rate-part-one-90-92/ The Rules: 1. There is a total of 54 songs in this rate. You must score every song from 0 to 10. One lucky song can receive an 11 from you, and one lucky song can receive a 10.5 from you, if you so wish. 2. PM your scores to me. Don't post them in the thread! 3. Decimals of up to 2 places are allowed. This means I will allow a 9.5, a 9.25, but not a 9.358359392919758. 4. The deadline is midnight GMT on August 30th. There are a lot of songs, but that should be enough time to listen to everything and rate each song accordingly. 5. Commentaries are appreciated, but not compulsory. It's always nice to read why someone gave a 0 to a song, or why it got your 11, or why it got a 9 but not a 10. 6. No trolling! If I so much as even suspect you're trying to rig the rate, I will refuse to count your scores. Songs - Spotify Playlist -
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