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Found 5 results

  1. Suddenly I can't wait for it to be Fall Hate that he's breaking up the Perlmans though!
  2. Welcome to the A Song of Ice and Fire base, in this thread we will discuss various topics revolving the series of novels from George RR Martin. Rules: Spoilers tags must be used for any information that comes from now on, meaning that if a new chapter from Winds is released you must use spoiler tags to talk about it. While talking about which of the show main plot points will happen in the books is allowed, theories and resolutions solely based on the show are forbidden (you can use the GOT thread to talk about them). You can dislike any character, but please be coherent while explaining why you don't like them in general. Non stoppable rantings won't be allowed. When Winds is published (uoh), spoilers tags will have to be used to talk about any information from it, for at least three months after its release date. NO SPAM Find all Winds released chapters here: http://winterfell.ir/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/the-winds-of-winter.pdf
  3. Insanity

    Good Gay themed books

    Can anyone provide a good book with a main gay character? Sci-fi or mystery is my fav genre. Any suggestions?
  4. velocity

    Book Discussion

    talk all things books!