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  1. So now that Mariah is scoring 1-2 weeks at #1 every year, is it possible that she will eventually recover her iconic record?
  2. Gal's selection as Cleopatra was met with big big backlash from the general public. Fans don't think she'll deliver as the Egyptian queen. However! GaGa with a "strong Italian look", and two Oscar nominations and one win under her belt, would be a good replacement. Should GaGa replace Gal last minute? or should it go to ANGELINA last minute?
  3. naval23

    Future Nostalgia vs. Folklore

    Both are rated 88 on Metacritic and among the most critically acclaimed female albums of 2020, along with being commercially successful. But which one do you prefer? Which lead single do you prefer?
  4. PiecesOfYou

    Best Friends lady perfomance?

    Which perfomance by the Friends girl is superior in your opinion? Her debut in Leprechaun (1993) Her most famous role in Friends (1994) Or her dramatic role in Cake (2014)
  5. Last year Chris Brown got his first top 5 on Billboard Hot 100 in 11 years. This year he got yet another top ten hit, seems like he resurrected his hit power. Jason Derulo got his first top 10 in 5 years with, "Savage Love", now predicted to go #1 this chart week. It would be his first #1 in 11 years. Which singer is bigger in 2020?
  6. naval23

    You Don't Know My Name vs. Diary

    Both were top 10 hits - but which R&B classic do you prefer of Alicia's classic album "The Diary of Alicia Keys"? You Don't Know My Name Diary
  7. jdmc219

    Say vs Do It

    Say What You Need To Say? or Do What You Need To Do?
  8. Feanor

    Katy's best Hot 100 #1 hit?

    Which one of Katy's 9 #1 hits is your favorite? I Kissed A Girl California Gurls Teenage Dream Firework E.T. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Part Of Me Roar Dark Horse Vote for your favorite in the poll
  9. All three legends with legendary careers and discographies. And in spite of their numerous classics, these three songs will always be their signature songs. Which is your favorite and which do you think is the biggest classic of these classics?
  10. Angelo

    Is Christmas Tree Farm a failure?

    I love this song so much! The question is based on Taylor Swift’s standard, Do you think “Christmas Tree Farm” is a failure or success?
  11. Since the Grammy Awards were first awarded 62 years ago, a total of 18 albums have been voted AOTY, which had a female solo artist or an all-female band as the main credited winner of that award. Here are all those 18 albums and the years they won… 1962 1964 1972 1990 1992 1994 1996 1997 1999 2003 2007 2009 2010 2012
  12. Both amazing, but which one do you prefer?
  13. naval23

    I'm With You vs. Who Knew

    Both are their magnum opus, but which do you prefer?
  14. Safe&Sound

    New Romantics v Levitating

    Which euphoric pop track from a magnificent pop album is better?
  15. Both are considered their "magnum opus", from their blockbuster second studio albums Missundaztood and Breakaway, but which one do you prefer?
  16. naval23

    Poll: Pink's 2000s Top 20 Pop Hits

    I recommend picking your top 3 - but up to you how many or how little you want to pick. Get the Party Started Don't Let Me Get Me Just Like a Pill Family Portrait Stupid Girls Who Knew U + Ur Hand So What Please Don't Leave Me Sober
  17. SelenaTheWinner

    Best of Folklore & Evermore?

    Taylor created something absolutely GREAT! So what are your favorites? I was sure I liked Folklore better when Evermore came out, but now that I listened to both a lot and looking at it, I think I have more favorites from Evermore than Folklore. She just keeps topping herself!
  18. naval23

    Cry Me a River vs. Sexyback

    Both are considered Justin Timberlake's signature song, but which one do you prefer?
  19. Taylor's had a big big career and massive success with her last few albums, however, fans were convinced that she had a little slump with "Lover" and was not able to surpass Bey's acclaim with her album "Lemonade". Lover only had a measly 79 on MC, as opposed to Lemonade's 92. Was also robbed of any GRAMMY Award nominations. However! With the release of "folklore", Taylor is back on top with her MC scores, and is on the good side of the GRAMMYs again, with multiple nominations. Did Taylor surpass Beyoncé's "Lemonade" acclaim with folklore?
  20. I was just watching a video about why British people have such ugly teeth and the girl mentions that they don't really care about their smiles. Its kinda weird coming from a country where our oral hygiene is taught to us from the moment we're born and we all wear braces. What's it like for you?
  21. DesiredConsternation

    American Life vs. evermore, bigger and better?

    Which of these ninth studio albums by their respective artists is bigger and better
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