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  1. V3$$3L.

    Bigger Impact: Xtina or Mýa?

    Mýa and Christina Aguilera were both mildly popular pop musicians who peaked in the late ‘90s/early aughts. They both, of course, were part of the massively successful cover of Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade” for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack in 2001. It’s no question that both P!nk and Lil’ Kim went on have hits well after LM or, in the case of the latter, inspire countless musicians in their wake. Which leaves Christina and Mýa. Which of the two TRL-era mainstays is more impactful?
  2. Safe&Sound

    gold rush vs Want You in My Room

    Both songs are the only Jack Antonoff's prodced tracks on both albums by these female pop genius Both songs have flirtitatious lyrics Which one is better? I don't like that anyone would die to feel your touch Everybody wants you Everybody wonders what it would be like to love you Oh, with you, a girl could get bolder I just wanna get a little bit closer And I'll press you to the pages of my heart
  3. Both ladies debuted in the 90s and are known for their vocals. Which one is bigger among Z? Take all metrics into account (hits, celebrity status, impact, legacy, sales, etc).
  4. DiamondHoe

    Best song on Blackout?

  5. DesiredConsternation

    Bigger era: reputation, Lover, or folklore

    reputation 9 million EAS worldwide (3.2 years) 4x platinum eligible (US) #1 single LWYMMD #4 single ...RFI? Attached to the highest grossing tour in North American history Lover 7 million EAS worldwide (1.5 years) 3x platinum eligible (US) #2 single ME! #2 single YNTCD #10 single Lover Attached to the critically acclaimed Miss Americana documentary folklore 4 million EAS worldwide (6 months) 2x platinum eligible (US) #1 single cardigan #4 single exile #6 single the 1 Longest running #
  6. evermore was predicted to sell 60k on its 4th week, while folklore was predicted to sell 30k next week at this point, do you see folklore will surpass evermore on chart despite beimg released earlier? If it does, when?
  7. Smarticle

    Dua's Levitating vs CRJ's Let's Get Lost

    Both feel good bops. Which one is better in your opinion?
  8. Both artists were known for barely contributing to their albums But with ANTi and Lemonade which are more personal for them, they branded them for being contributed more in the making Which album has more contribution by the artist herself? Lemonade? or ANTi?
  9. Queenyoncee

    Bigger: DDU-DU DDU-DU vs Cheer Up vs Gee

    Which of these songs is the biggest overall?
  10. Both are major 80s classics from two of the biggest musicians of all-time. But which one do you prefer?
  11. How do you think it would have fared in comparison to "Chained to the Rhythm"? Discuss, and no trolling/baiting.
  12. Which of Taylor's most streamed singles on Spotify remains SUPREME.
  13. After Hours: One of the biggest songs of all time, but all other singles stalled Fine Line: 2 big singles, but none as big as Blinding Lights Which era was bigger?
  14. Safe&Sound

    peace vs happiness

  15. DesiredConsternation

    bigger and better: Bieber's Anyone or Swift's Hoax?

    Which of these songs which debuted with 2 over 2 million streams on spotify is superior?
  16. 2020 DC superheroine follow-ups with 60 Metascores. Which is better?
  17. Both massive Bey eras, but which one was bigger? Dangerously In Love (Singles: Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Naughty Girl, Me, Myself & I, Dangerously In Love) I Am Sasha Fierce (WW Singles: If I Were a Boy, Single Ladies, Halo, Sweet Dreams)
  18. Itz_Dani!

    Best song on Plastic Hearts

    Now we know Plastic Hearts is Miley’s best album so far and one of the best albums this year But which song is the best one and what are some honorable mentions?
  19. Which girlie is bigger and more iconic? Angelina is top 3 most admired woman on earth and Rachel played by the Friends Lady, is one of the most admired TV characters.
  20. Who do you think will be the first girl to reach 100 tracks above the 100M+ mark on Spotify? These are the 5 girls with the most rn: 58 - Ariana Grande 57 - Nicki Minaj 54 - Rihanna 37 - Taylor Swift 35 - Billie Eilish Discuss!
  21. JonathanLGardner

    Robyn's Best Song

    The Queen of Pop has continued to outdo herself. I never thought I could love another song more than each of these when they came out. So perfectly formed. So poignant. So relevant. So personal. I'm still unsure whether I love any more than the other but for me, these are the top 3 from her incredible discography. She has so many flawless tunes, but these top 3 are just peerless IMO. Can you pick the top 1?
  22. While most artists take 1,5-2 (even more) years to create one album to another album, these artists released 3 album respectively in 3 different years Loud (2010) Talk That Talk (2011) Unapologetic (2012) sweetener (2018) thank u, next (2019) positions (2020) Who delivers the bigger 1-2-3 era punches and serves better music in such short period of time? Rihanna, or Ariana?
  23. Inspired by this thread, but for a newer generation... Out of the major female artists who debuted in 2005-2008, who do you think has the best chance of being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame? These are the women I mean and the year, in which they'll be first eligible for a nomination: Adele Eligible in 2033 Lady Gaga Eligible in 2034 Katy Perry Eligible in 2033 Rihanna Eligible in 2031 Taylor Swift Eligible in 203
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