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  1. DatChickDoe

    Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

    Which song named, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, do you prefer? Selena Kelly Clarkson & Trisha Yearwood
  2. The Music Industry

    What's Taylor's best non-single track?

    Obviously I couldn't include every non-single so feel free to comment if your pick is not on the list in the poll. Just went with some of the most popular
  3. Blankspace2010

    Substance vs. Bite Me

    Which Pop/Punk/Rock song is better?
  4. Yudelkis

    Do you still stream R.Kelly ?

    Do you judge people who still listen R.Kelly or do you consider him as the King of R&B no matter what ?
  5. Gotham

    Break My Soul vs Free Yourself

    Which recently released house-infused bop is better? Discuss
  6. Julia Fox

    SOUR v/s emails i can't send

    Surrounded by drama, an ex, teen angst and heartbreak, both went to Taylor songwriting school and both ex Disney stars, one is brunette, the other blonde, one is younger while the other is a little bit older than her, both pretty, talented, both writes every one of their songs and had Gen z and Tik Tok shook with the triangle drama since more than a year ago… now that both albums from ones of the main pop stars from the new generation… what’s the better album?
  7. Ger-55

    Sam vs Shawn: Bigger and better?

    The random argument started here, and I wonder... what does ATRL think? Also... who do you think is more relevant nowadays?
  8. robattack332

    Gaga's Best Outro

    What is Gaga's best outro of all time? I specifically chose songs that have a switch-up or distinctive change to the outro section.
  9. Bey Admired

    Does critical acclaim matter or not?

    I’m just wondering because I see a lot of people on here discrediting critical acclaim when it’s for an artist/album they don’t like, but then bragging about it when it’s for an artist/album that they do. I’ve also noticed that whenever a black woman gets critical acclaim, people on here push the narrative that it’s some sort of positive discrimination and “politics”. Of course, it can’t just be that there are many talented black female artists out there and that the critics liked their output I’m asking this before RENAISSANCE comes out so I know where y’all stand as I’m a little confused. DISCLAIMER: Your votes will be made public so think carefully about your choice. Let’s settle this once and for all.
  10. little legend

    Gagas best tour?

    Which is Gagas best tour? http://www.farookkhan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/lady-gaga-slc-2011-03-19-09-56-56.jpg
  11. Which of these wedding classics do you prefer from the 20x platinum aka 2x Diamond era "Come On Over" by Canadian icon Shania Twain?
  12. Supervillain

    About Last Night vs Better Mistakes

    Sophomore albums by flop pop darlings, which one do you like more? Animal vs Break My Heart Myself Let Them Know vs Sabotage Shy vs Trust Fall Definition vs Better Mistakes Good Luck vs Sacrifice Let Love Go vs My Dear Love Overthinking vs Die for a Man Crying on the Dance Floor vs Baby, I’m Jealous I Love Your Girl vs On the Go When the Party’s Over vs Death Row LOL vs Empty I Wish vs Mama
  13. Armani👑

    Better Classic - Adorn or Sure Thing?

    Miguel put his miguelussy in both songs, that they ended up being R&B classics But which one you claiming if you had to pick only one
  14. Future Lover

    Pop Girl's 7th lead singles

    Which gal's 7th lead single is the best and which one is the worst?
  15. Taeyong

    Ultraviolence vs evermore

    Cruel World vs willow Ultraviolence vs champagne problems Shades of Cool vs gold rush Brooklyn Baby vs 'tis the damn season West Coast vs tolerate it Sad Girl vs no body, no crime Pretty When You Cry vs happiness Money Power Glory vs dorothea ****** My Way Up to the Top vs coney island Old Money vs ivy The Other Woman vs cowboy like me Black Beauty vs long story short Guns and Roses vs marjorie Florida Kilos vs closure
  16. Taeyong

    Born This Way vs Born to Die

    Marry the Night | Born to Die Born This Way | Off to the Races Government Hooker | Blue Jeans Judas | Video Games Americano | Diet Mountain Dew Hair | National Anthem SchieBe | Dark Paradise Bloody Mary | Radio Black Jesus + Amen Fashion | Carmen Bad Kids | Million Dollar Man Fashion of His Love | Summertime Sadness Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) | This Is What Makes Us Girls Heavy Metal Lover | Without You Electric Chapel | Lolita The Queen | Lucky Ones
  17. Wildcat

    Madonna: U.S vs. U.K number ones

    The Queen Of Pop has had dozens of hits in both sides of the Atlantic but which country has the best number ones overall - the United States or the United Kingdom? Like A Virgin Crazy For You Live To Tell Open Your Heart Justify My Love This Used To Be My Playground Take A Bow Into The Groove True Blue La Isla Bonita Frozen American Pie Hung Up Sorry 4 Minutes P.S: Papa Don't Preach, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Music reached #1 in both countries . Vote and discuss!
  18. Armani👑

    Worst Multiplatinum Song by H.E.R?

    Which of H.E.R's multiplatinum songs is the worst? 6X Platinum 3X Platinum 2X Platinum 2X Platinum 2X Platinum 2X Platinum
  19. Best song? Right There (feat. Big Sean) One Last Time Be Alright the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) NASA motive (with Doja Cat) Worst song? Right There (feat. Big Sean) One Last Time Be Alright the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) NASA motive (with Doja Cat)
  20. We all know Olivia Rodrigo has been covering Avril's Complicated on her SOUR Tour. I then discovered an indie singer whose name is also Olivia [last name: O'Brien], and who also covered Complicated. Which queen named Olivia did the most justice to the pop-punk princess's classic?
  21. aespa - Black Mamba EVERGLOW - Bon Bon Chocolat (G)I-DLE - LATATA ITZY - DALLA DALLA IVE - ELEVEN IZ*ONE - La Vie en Rose Kep1er - WA DA DA LE SSERAFIM - FEARLESS LIGHTSUM - Vanilla LOONA - Hi High NMIXX - O.O PURPLE KISS - Ponzona SECRET NUMBER - Who Dis? STAYC - SO BAD Weeekly - Tag Me (@ Me)
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