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Found 340 results

  1. All the collaborations make sense and they’re genius but now rank them: Prisoner Night Crawling Bad Karma Edge of Midnight 1 being the best, 4 being in last place.
  2. naval23

    Angels Like You vs. Wrecking Ball

    I know "Angels Like You" has the novelty effect, but which one do you prefer?
  3. naval23

    Disturbia vs. Don't Stop the Music

    Which bop of "Good Girl Gone Bad" is superior? European Hot 100 #1 Smash - #1 in 10+ countries US Billboard Hot 100 #1 Smash - #1 in 3 countries (New Zealand, Belgium, USA)
  4. genetic fail

    WAP vs Body vs 34+35

    Which song about sexual emancipation for women is your favorite?
  5. Itz_Dani!

    Best song on Plastic Hearts

    Now we know Plastic Hearts is Miley’s best album so far and one of the best albums this year But which song is the best one and what are some honorable mentions?
  6. Safe&Sound

    Ariana v Miley : better artist?

    2 most successful ex-acts Both have 6 official albums Which one is better artist? Ariana, the sweet Pop/R&B princess? or Miley, the rebelious Pop-Rock princess?
  7. Hector

    Best smash by an artist named Billie?

    So many Billies in history, though understandably ATRL is only familiar with one. Which is your favorite? Billie Holiday - Carelessly (her only US #1): Billie Anthony - This Ole House (#4 UK): Billie Davis - Tell Him (#10 UK): Billie Jo Spears - What I've Got In Mind (#4 UK): Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (#6 UK): Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain (#4 UK): Billie Piper - Because We Want To (#1 UK): Billie Eilish - bad guy (#1 US):
  8. The title is clear: Who has had the biggest year 2020 according to ATRL? Taylor, Ari, Gaga or Dua? Consider the sum of quality, commercial success, visibility and consistency throughout the year and vote wisely.
  9. jdmc219

    Foolish vs Torn

    Which breakout hit holds the R&B title for a song of absolute confusion of a man?
  10. Safe&Sound

    august vs Cornelia Street

    These 2 tracks are the middle track of each album Both are fan-favorite and also cover the vulnerability of loving someone topic Which one is better track?
  11. Wildcat

    Rank 2020 Pop Girl Albums

    2020 is coming to an end, gays. Assuming there's no surprise releases in December (Adele? Rihanna? Beyoncé?) which is your favorite pop girl album of the year? Please rank them accordingly to your personal taste, remember this is NOT about chart success.
  12. chosensparkles

    Better: positions vs Plastic Hearts?

    so which album from Q4 is better? is it positions and its trap pop instrumentals and sexual lyrics? is it Plastic Hearts glam rock vibes and heartbreaking lyrics? discuss
  13. naval23

    Poll: Good Girl Gone Bad vs. Loose

    Both were their breakthrough 3rd albums that became their biggest global albums ever. But which one do you prefer? Singles: Promiscuous, Maneater, Say It Right, All Good Things, Do It, In God's Hands (Others: No Hay Igual, Te Busque) Singles: Umbrella, Shut Up & Drive, Hate That I Love You, Don't Stop the Music, Rehab, Take a Bow, Disturbia
  14. Prison

    Better: Chromatica vs. Plastic Hearts

    Both albums are overwhelmingly well received by fans following disappointing country-leaning records (Joanne, Younger Now). Which 2020 pop girl album is better?
  15. BawBaw

    Where is Rihanna ?!?!

    Where is she ? What is she up to ? RELEASE THE DAMN ALBUMMMM!!! I need new music for gym!
  16. After Hours? Heaven & Hell? Hollywood's Bleeding? S Hot Pink? MANIC? Map of The Soul : 7? High Road? Rare? Romance? SAWAYAMA? Smile? Treat Myself?
  17. Which album is better? I'm going with the long pond studio sessions given by how these songs are taken to another level
  18. Legends only. It's best I start with facts and end with facts. So a stroll down memory lane... During the 25 era, I created a thread called Double Diamond: Will Adele become the 7th? Needless to say, she did BECAUSE, LEGEND! Tea: Whitney (First) The bodyguard November 1993 Whitney houston January 1994 Whitney October 2020 Mariah Music box November 1997 Daydream December 1998 Celine Falling into you December 1997 Let's talk about love November 1999 Madonna Like a virgin May 1998 Immaculate collection October 2001 Shania only female with 3x diamonds. Slay Shania The woman in me November 1997 Come on over April 1999 Up! December 2003 Britney the fastest to reach one and two diamond certifications in her career...before Adele. At least she is STILL the only female to do it with her debut and follow up albums. ...Baby one more time December 1999 Oops...I did it again January 2005 Adele No one sells like the 90s and 00s anymore they said, digital has taken over they said. 21 December 2012 25 September 2016 Breaking yet another Britney record to become the fastest to achieve double diamond status Apparently with SPS Fearless and 1989 are over 9M with one of them being around 9.5M Taylor does well in catalog sales. Will Taylor join other female legends such as Madonna, Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Britney, Shania and Adele to have two diamond (10x platinum, per RIAA) certified albums and make it the great 8? Placeholder for Taylor Fearless December 2017 1989 TBD ***Special mention to Dixie Chicks who have two diamond albums and is the only female group to achieve this feat
  19. naval23

    Poll: Say It Right vs. Umbrella

    The two most global female singles of 2007 as both were top 10 year end hits on the Hot 100 and European Hot 100. But which one do you prefer?
  20. Both are power break-up ballads with amazing lyrics & vocals. But which one do you prefer?
  21. naval23

    Buttons vs. Push The Button

    The better girl group song about Buttons?
  22. Prison

    Who took The Weeknd's spot?

    As we all know the Grammys is getting HUGE backlash for snubbing The Weeknd. I might understand (though he deserved to be nominated imo) the snub in the General Field like Ed in 2017, but the genre categories snub is just inexplicable. Who took Abel's spot in the pop categories? Best Pop Solo Performance YUMMY Justin Bieber SAY SO Doja Cat EVERYTHING I WANTED Billie Eilish DON'T START NOW Dua Lipa WATERMELON SUGAR Harry Styles CARDIGAN Taylor Swift Best Pop Vocal Album CHANGES Justin Bieber CHROMATICA Lady Gaga FUTURE NOSTALGIA Dua Lipa FINE LINE Harry Styles FOLKLORE Taylor Swift
  23. fridayteenage

    Best AOTY 4x Nominees?

    As main artist, these legends' first 4 Album of the Year Grammy noms, sorted by their first time up: 1959 Frank Sinatra: Come Fly with Me, Sings for Only the Lonely, Come Dance with Me, Nice N Easy Henry Mancini: Music from Peter Gunn, More Music from Peter Gunn, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Pink Panther 1964 Barbra Streisand: Barbra Streisand Album, People, My Name is Barbra, Color Me Barbra 1966 Beatles: Help, Revolver, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour 1974 Paul Simon: There Goes Rhymin Simon, Still Crazy After All These Years, Graceland, Rhythm of the Saints 1980 Billy Joel: 52nd Street, Glass Houses, Nylon Curtain, Innocent Man 1988 U2: Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 2010 Taylor Swift: Fearless, Red, 1989, Folklore