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  1. Hongbin

    JO1 - 'Real' MV

    Legends did it again
  2. Rev8

    Kat Von D - ENOUGH

    Surprised no one made a thread about it idonthavegoodmemoriesofher but the song is cute, very 80s
  3. State of Grace.

    Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY

    ANOTHER cultural reset
  4. leightxn

    Amyl and The Sniffers - Security

    New music video for their new single 'Security' off upcoming album 'Comfort To Me' out 10th September. Not sure if there are many/any fans on here but I thought this video was a kii. Amy Taylor is so into vouging right now
  5. Music video for Aeraki just dropped ♀
  6. BlackoutZone

    Dua Lipa - Love Again (Director's Cut)

    Out on CANADA's website https://canadacanada.com/dua-lipa-love-again/
  7. Superbitch

    Camila Cabello - “Don’t Go Yet”

    Out in 17 min
  8. rihannabiggestfan

    Agnes - "24 Hours"

    Serving talent, quality, and VISUALS the GP needs to wake up
  9. worldstarmayo

    JEZTLS - Affair

  10. LiveYourLife

    Khalid - New Normal

  11. Premieres in just under 1 hour
  12. Waited an eternity for this omg
  13. All videos from Survivor era (+ bonus Bills, Bills, Bills, live) now available in HD on YouTube. I consider it negligence because all videos looks like fan upscale Mathew so lazy ass...
  14. EnterTheAttic

    Brandi Carlile - Right On Time

    Just releases. What a song! Great video too!
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