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  1. Ariana confirmed on Twitter that the music video for the promo single “The Light Is Coming” will be released on June 20th too. She already shared a sneak peak of the video on Instagram:
  3. P***y clean, p***y tight P***y clean and that’s no lie P***y don’t mind gettin’ c**k all night P***y make man just cry This is such a bop
  4. I would say this is probably more of a teaser than a snippet. It's possibly not even from the official MV cause this was shot by Grizz (her camera man) and he doesn't do vids for her.
  5. Their vocals are so crisp! I'm slain. Electric Cafe is so underrated.
  6. her voice is just absolutely amazing
  7. Shawn Mendes x Portugal - In My Blood (FPF Official World Cup Song)
  8. The next Viral SMASH? Already #78 on the UK charts.