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Found 807 results

  1. Kim Kardashian

    Marina: 30 minutes

  2. Lady Claire

    Thalía f/ Pabllo Vittar coming soon

    Pabllo confirmed through an IG live that she and Thalía are working on a song + music video that will be released soon. Thalía already hinted at that months ago but now it's happening for real. Where are my sisters latinas?
  3. Sabrina Bryan (the white one) stanning in the comments! Give us the reunion girls!
  4. Goofy

    Aura Dione: New music in April

    The Russian fan club re-shared an Instagram story of her official booking agency, announcing a new song in April. Both the original post and the story were removed. Fan club is still having an April release in their bio: https://www.instagram.com/auradioneru/
  5. ZENO

    YG Entertainment at risk

    I feel terrible for YG's artists, seriously. The fact that this destroyed the rest of BIGBANG and might affect BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON and the soloists as well is truly sad. For someone like me who's been following K-Pop for over a decade, this is shocking. YG might have not treated some artists "well", but in terms of quality, it was always the top one. I don't know what to expect from the future at this point.
  6. Miichael

    Dua working with Nile Rodgers

    Posted by Clarence Coffee Jr (part of The Monsters and the Strangerz)

    Ben Platt - "Older"

    sung on today show and the late late with james carden, so most likely next single from his debut album (which you should all listen to because it's amazing)

    Kevin Abstract to drop a solo album?

    ready for AMBF2
  9. Thickorita

    New ABBA in September/October

  10. Badboidami

    Rihanna sampling "Bam Bam" on R9?

    Check her story. https://www.instagram.com/stories/badgalriri/
  11. xH4RMONYx

    Normani wins iHeart Titanium Award

    Radio Queen
  12. https://www.stereogum.com/2023017/hannah-diamond-true/music/
  13. BlackoutZone

    Grimes teases new song

  14. private radio

    choreo of the year, agree?

    this kind of sophisticated routine is honestly unheard of in a korean gg. this is just a fact that many people noticed. the way they went from hi high to THIS level of maturity. the footwork, the ground work, the levels, the formation, the use of members. you may hate the song, but this song was meant to be for performance. and this isn't even all the versions that we have, and they have yet to show us the dancing on water & wearing heels version
  15. Badboidami

    Nicki cancels Nicki Wrld Tour

    Boo boo the fool
  16. LookinIn

    R9 COMING FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/rihanna-unveils-new-album-fenty-815813/ After a 1,158 day wait between albums, the inventor of pop music, Rihanna, will finally release her long-awaited ninth studio album on Friday April 5th, reminding fans why she’s worth the wait. The self-titled album “Fenty” is versatile and ahead of the curve showing fans and critics why she is a force to be reckoned with. Cleverly enough, each track is named after a product from her best selling Fenty Beauty make up collection. The album serves as an amazing marketing ploy to an already popular brand. It’s a great extension of her brand especially for her listeners who aren’t in the market for lingerie or makeup. Now everyone can have a piece of the Fenty experience. “Fenty” is an ode to success. Rihanna uses this album as a way to be grateful for her success, pay homage to her Bajan roots and reflects on a 14-year career. The album is successful in that she does all of this by reminding us why she is the self-proclaimed “baddest bitch” in her field. The lead single for the 13 track album “Trophy Wife” is a genius track that fans on twitter said “will stick like grits.” It’s the female trap song the pop industry needs. We’ve seen songs like Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Beyonce’s “Apeshit” create pop songs influenced by rap, however, Rihanna shows us how it’s done. She remixes the beat to her 2015 single “Bitch Better Have My Money” as a way to remind listeners that she’s been including rap in her music since before it was popular for a female pop artist to do so. On another notable track on the album “Body Lava,” Rihanna finally gives listeners a song they can wear their Savage x Fenty Lingerie to. The song is the part two of her 2016 record “Sex With Me” and allows Rihanna to express how sex with her is “so amazing.” It exudes confidence, sex appeal and is the sex song we didn’t know we needed. In an emotional ballad entitled “Ma’Damn” Rihanna vulnerably sings about her struggle to find love. Rihanna is known for letting everyone know that she is too good for a man, however, she uses this record to reflect on how sometimes she feels lonely without one. She juxtaposes the notion that “men are trash” with her feelings of loneliness in one of her best vocal performances ever. It’s a piece she and her fans resonate with deeply.

    Cher Lloyd Quits music

    Confirmed on her twitter