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Found 1,260 results

  1. mokitsu

    ROSALÍA x Bad Bunny collab coming?

    They unfollowed everyone on Twitter except each other. https://twitter.com/rosaliavt/following https://twitter.com/sanbenito/following
  2. idkwiam

    Katy Perry and Taylor swift Collab?

    In California Gurls Katy sings Dun Dun And Dun Dun was featured in her shirt. Collab coming?
  3. godmess

    Bat For Lashes - 10/06 | Next Monday

    She has confirmed in the past that she has made a new record. Could be first single.
  4. MrBeyonceFan

    Beyoncé Is recording new music

    https://variety.com/2019/scene/news/jon-favreau-talks-the-chef-show-an-oscar-for-robert-downey-jr-and-collaborating-with-beyonce-1203235422/ TLK soundtrack in 6 weeks and B7 by the Q4
  5. Oxygen

    Ariana: ‘no more singles off TUN’

    NASA was done so dirty
  6. Yusuf Utku Sezgin

    Selena Gomez - Grateful

  7. legendofthetour

    Drake teases album release

    In the back of Preme’s IG story, Drake can he heard saying “a chip to the f—ing six, and then the album d-” it cuts off before he finishes, but I’m pretty sure he was about to say drop. Raptors are 3-1 and only need one more W (preferably on Monday) to win the whole thing...
  8. Her brother said they uploaded by mistake an earlier/scratch version of her new unheard song "Hold Your Head Up" instead of the finished version. Edit: Here's the finished version
  9. Joyride

    Cyn - “Holy Roller”

  10. worldstarmayo

    JEZTLS - Save Me (Feat. Nenci)

    DEBUT SINGLE OUT NOW! SoundCloud: bit.ly/2ZJXD8y iTunes: apple.co/2WsSIqo Spotify: spoti.fi/2V1jt44
  11. kelly-clarkson

    Janine dropped by Atlantic Records

    Full video: Her previously stage name was Janine and the Mixtape:
  12. DevinWylde

    Kevin Abstract teases BH5

    It's coming finally
  13. State of Grace.

    Young Buck teases Taylor/Lil Nas collab

    Young Buck announces "Daisy Dukes And Cowboy Boots." Source in 2015: Young Buck Says He's a Taylor Swift Fan, Wants a Collaboration Thoughts?
  14. Oussama

    Nicki Minaj is coming

    After a long Hiatus from Social Media Nicki Minaj came back to retweet a tweet about a secret project she was doing NM5 is coming OMG https://twitter.com/nmrumorsandtea/status/1136670367983046665
  15. This underrated and overlooked gem is now available on some streaming services in select markets worldwide. I'm not seeing it on Apple Music in Canada but it is now available in the US. Check it out and be delighted, it was produced entirely by The Neptunes and features some of Kelis' best work. One single was released, Young Fresh n' New
  16. Out this year according to the producer's website: https://www.yvesabovesobelow.com/discography He also worked on a new Sky Ferreira single called "Legends"
  17. Grumpy Cat

    AVICII- TIM premiere set up on youtube

  18. richp13

    Donald Trump - ME!

    Who sang it better? Taylor or Trump?