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  1. Would you save a strangers life knowing you would die in the process?
  2. I think demi gets always the most controversial and long threads but pitbulls are catching up fast
  3. MadonnasBoyfriend

    Which drink do you consume the most of?

    For me its Pepsi but Coca-cola is starting to turn me with the straight cola which i just stocked up on. but yea its pretty much pepsi every day. I need to get into water again
  4. The fact they know they can’t possibly win, so their only recourse to keeping her out of office has completely fallen flat on its face
  5. Have you ever sent a risky text to someone ? What was the response you got ?
  6. Tremor Christ

    Family being your biggest hater

    Anyone else feeling this? I recently realised my parents don't love me. They love their son, but they don't love me, the person. I had this feeling of disconnect since I was 7-8, but always felt guilty. I tried my hardest to appease them, to no avail. I used to be ashamed of myself, my personality, my interests, my quirks... It's both sad and relieving when you confirm everything you felt all along were true. It's crushing when you realise you dedicated your whole being to them and there's nothing left for you.
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/18466463/brit-holiday-warning-serial-killer-spain/amp/ Horrible
  8. abrahamjmr

    All About HIV

    Post your questions, girls. Let's get educated today. There was a thread about it in oldtrl. If there was another one created before, I'm sorry.
  9. Yellowfever

    Does ATRL look cheap now?

    The amount of ads it looks TRAGIC and cheap.
  10. Brikenbur

    503 Error vs Ads?

    Which one do we prefer the least? Tbh the ads are throwing me awf
  11. Pristine

    ATRL Shopping Channel debut

    Thots? is she coming for ha QVC and HSN ?
  12. Which month of the year is your favorite?
  13. Severus Snape

    Superior map of the world?

  14. Hello guys, I need some advice and I would appreciate if this could be taken with the importance it should. A few weeks ago and out of shock I created a thread about South America being a dangerous place for LGBQI+ people after, once again, being followed in my city by what seemed to be a targeted attack, I reported to the police but did not get any further follow ups on this from their side. Yesterday, I found out that my ex classmates from my university were quite literally calling me all kinds of homophobic slurs and directing some of those hate messages to a "student" group chat where I used to participate, I left that chat months ago but one of my dear friends sadly came across the messages and she contacted me right away a lot of fear, because the messages included death wishes, along other alarming/disturbing messages. This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, as I have been victim of targeted homophobia in my city before. I am very traumatized by this entire situation and my first instinct has always been to escape. as I mentioned in my previous thread, I am terrified of going out. this has created a lot of mental distress and I do not know how to deal with these situations anymore. I've been desperately looking for jobs outside of South America, but even though in my mid it feels like a "good option", it is almost impossible to get visa sponsorships outside Latam, despite me having an Informatics Engineering and experience working in Human Resources and restarting my career after almost losing my life to an still ongoing illness. Have any of you been in a situation like this before, and is there any advice that could be useful to me to start over, preferably away from South America? I am terrified. I cannot go outside without fear of being ******* killed. this has become an absolute nightmare that I truly do not know how to get out of.
  15. Serendipity

    Turkish Thread

    TURKISH BASE Get in Turks! Hoş geldiniz Have a kiki and spill some piping hot, turkish tea
  16. Ferret

    What’s up with these ADS?

    Of all of a sudden i have like 3-4 ads per page from a clothes store in my city. This is so random. Is it happening to u as well ?
  17. Wicked


    I went looking to see if the old thread transfered over, apparently it didn't. So here we go. Site just had a huge update that you can read about here. The two major updates: Bolded criteria update We have changed bolding criteria such that they are segmented by release type. This means that bold releases now include: The top 7,500 albums, The top 5,000 singles, The top 750 EPs, The top 800 compilations, And the top 150 releases of each remaining type (150 DJ Mixes, 150 Mixtapes, etc). These numbers are based on the proportion of releases which exist in each category. The end result is that the number of bolded releases in every category has increased. Launch of Sonemic recommendations feature We have rewritten the recommendations feature from the ground up with tons of new features and a new algorithm which is a huge improvement in quality over the old feature. - Significantly improved algorithm which can generate recommendations with as little as a few ratings. - Vastly improved affinites tab which shows more detailed information on the years, genres and descriptors that reflect your music taste. - The ability to filter and adjust recommendations to your preference: • Influence recommendations by the ratings of people you follow • Favor newly-released music • Exclude artists you know • Limit recommendations to one per artist, and • Filter to main album types (Albums, EPs, mixtapes) or show all types of releases. - A set of "Challenge" recommendations: Music which is highly rated but is generally the opposite in style to what you normally listen to (according to your ratings), to help you expand your music taste and step out of your comfort zone.
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