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Found 2,784 results

  1. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Is this guy a sugar daddy or scammer?

    I just downloaded grindr for the first time last night and this guy who messaged me wants me to be his sugar baby and stuff, and he promises me money as long as i dont see other sugar daddies(not that i ever had one in the first place or had the intention of seeing others) and that i am truthful and honest with him. I talk to him on whatsapp and his name is Athens Micheal Robert Collin this is what he said to me for me to get the money and i quote directly from our whatsapp convo: His english is broken as **** and idk if giving my account number is secure because I don’t want to be frauded. Is this legit yall?
  2. My friend knew that some people were joking about being COVId - 19 positive. He did it on Facebook and mentioned the businesses and his friend who works for one business. He reported it - and now the businesses are threatening him trying to save face and literally are tearing him down. America keeps getting ****ing extra. Why are people attacking him for saying to get tested. Like literal death threats from Trump Supporters. To be honest, I would not be shocked to find he ends up murdered. It’s a funeral home with a shady reputation and the restaurant is the same. Imagine literal trash attacking a whistleblower.
  3. LanaDelSex

    Most inequitable music genre?

    What genre of music is most difficult to succeed in for artists who aren’t within a typical artist profile? This could be based on gender, race, or body. In other words, which genre is the most gatekept?
  4. Tremor Christ

    RateYourMusic Thread

    I recently started spending time on Rate Your Music. I assumed it already got a discussion thread like but saw that @Tom Vercetti's thread got archived Anyways I'm open to suggestions for a nice OP --- RateYourMusic
  5. After Dreams (89), Final Fantasy VII Remake (87), Nioh 2 (85) and metacritic's 2 best games of the year so far Persona 5 Royal (95) and The Last of Us Part 2 (94) , Ghost of Tsushima is another hit on their hands, with a critical average of 84, with 84 reviews already Game Informer: Sony can't lose this year. It's kind of laughable how they are destroying everyone else in terms of exclusive content...on their 7th year
  6. After last week's first gameplay presentation for Halo Infininite, the entire gaming comunity has been flooded by it's going mainstream: This was the gameplay video: You've probably seen some of them: The decline for Halo from the early 2000s to 2020 How it went from the top, biggest and most famous FPS of its time to literally online memes. Now it's going mainstream and even leaving the gaming community MS has some work ahead of them to clean this mess, seriously...
  7. I'm trying to make a playlist for good songs to relax for before bed. I usually listen to music before bed and I heard calm soothing songs can enhance sleep so I was wondering if anyone had good recommendations for a good album or tracks or if u had a playlist you use?
  8. Scotland

    How serious do you take flirting?

    If someone who's straight-passing or straight flirts with you, do you take it seriously or do you ignore it? and how do you know if its genuine flirting?
  9. Brando

    iTunes play counter?

    Is there any website or script that can reliably count your iTunes most played artists/albums? I used to use last fm, but it stopped counting my ipod plays 2 years ago and the stats are completely inaccurate now. I found a certain script online, but it only counts Top 10 artist and for some reason ignores Beyonce
  10. Source These are early estimates from component suppliers...and it's starting to be more and more likely they will have this console at $400 on release day It's impossible to have it at 170M on its 5 year cycle tho. It also seems like we're back to 5 year generations like during the first 2 PS consoles. Whatever Sony has planned...i'm curious about it. How would they predict this increase in sales in only 5 years on sale? I mean the PS5 has a lot more hype than the PS4 had after the PS3 era but still...
  11. From Track 7 on “folklore” titled “seven”, which covers childhood bliss, love, and trauma. Your thoughts?
  12. Caesar

    The Credit Score / Debt thread

    I was surprised that their wasnt a thread for on credit scores debt on here. I recently paid almost all my credit cards. I’m almost nearing 800, which was one of goals this year. So I can get the American Express card I wanted & have my credit score ready for when I graduate. How about you?
  13. Ventitonic

    Lucia Cole still thriving

    Miss Lucia Cole has been maintaining a new identity, as Isabelle Nuru Dayne, alleged daughter of the legendary Taylor Dayne She can't seem to get the articles and tweets she used to get in her past life So now she's stuck mocking up images of fake articles and appearances that don't exist She blocked me on twitter for showing herself her true self
  14. He has won eight Oscars, with those wins coming for songs and scores from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin andPocahontas. He also has won 11 Grammys, for his work on the aforementioned films. He won a Tony Award in 2012 for best original score for Newsies
  15. slik

    Lovecraft Country

    Looks great!
  16. Serendipity

    Turkish Thread

    TURKISH BASE Get in Turks! Hoş geldiniz Have a kiki and spill some piping hot, turkish tea
  17. Brishka

    Are Scandinavian men the hottest?

    They look like Gods.
  18. Finishing in the top 10 of most year-end lists, FKA Twigs’ Magdalene was seen as a big contender for the alternative categories at 2021’s Grammy Ceremony. However, with the release of critically acclaimed magnum opi like Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters and Taylor Swift’s folklore, it might get overshadowed. Additionally, this is a category typically dominated by groups of White men, and as a Black woman, FKA Twigs would be in uncharted territory. So, will Magdalene get the recognition people had anticipated?