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Found 5,585 results

  1. willmcclure9

    Japanese Gays???

    So I am moving to Japan (Tokyo) in a few months..... Anyone live there? i dont really know anyone there. I am so nervous but excited!!
  2. I put mayonnaise in my ramen, and honey in my mac & cheese. I also put jam on my cheese! I will NOT apologize!
  3. SOURCE POC excellence James Wan and Jason Momoa WON
  4. Rich countries today include the West, East Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore), and Arab oil states. Do you think other nations ever make the jump or will they always be trapped? I think with climate change and automation destroying jobs it might be over for them tbh.
  5. Mr. Blue_Shirt

    Is 'Bi now, Gay later' problematic??

    i watched this video about a guy who came out as gay even though he said that he was bi in interview before. And also this term widely recognize by a lot of people in general because some of gay people (including me before) used to coming out as 'bi' and then in later life they recoginze themselves as gay and i think it's hurt bi people too Is it 'Bi now, Gay later' statement problematic?? PS; This is the video i was talking about
  6. Coklek92

    Ugliest country in the world?

    Less interesting place with no attractive nature can be found in the country. For me it's probably Kuwait
  7. DTF

    Intense loneliness?

    Do you also feel moments of intense loneliness? The kind that comes rarely but when it does it’s a pang that hits right in your chest, it feels like a desperation coming from your heart, a void swallowing you up, and nothing can make it better. ATRL is like an escape from that. My hometown is kind of small and not very populous, so my relationships with my friends and even step uncle are important, but sometimes it just feels like nothing will ever change. How do you deal with it?
  8. Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal legislator, son of Brazil's current president Jair Bolsonaro posted in his twitter: "Attention teachers: your student that starts now the 1st year high school do not need to know about feminism, languages other than Portuguese or history as told by the left-wing, because the vestibular* it will be in 2021 still under the Aegis of people of strain Murilo Resende." The son posted a picture of his father's tweet that says "Murilo Resende, the new coordinator of ENEM** is doctor in economics by FGV and their studies make it clear the prioritization of teaching ignoring the current promotion of "slaying", ie focus on the measurement of education and not only as he was indoctrinated in the classroom. *Vestibular is the exam to enter a specific university **ENEM is the national exam which grade is used mostly to enter public universities.
  9. Mr. Blue_Shirt

    Do you believe in ghost??

    Me personally believe that ghost are exist and i had seen myself several times especially when i'm daydreaming and not focusing in what i do. It's annoying tbh Do you guys ever seen one or two?
  10. Golden

    Why do we shame bald(ing) men?

    What is that makes hair loss on the head so unattractive?
  11. LookinIn

    Michael Scott or Donald Trump?

    I mean both are semi racist delusional idiots. Or are they the exact same?
  12. TheCheshireCat

    Is this dancing low-key cool? (Tektonik)

    It's like voguing mixed with those goth kids dancing under that bridge Apparently it's called "Tektonik" and it's a French, possibly queer thing.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOEwO58a_w8 The girl trying to say "rhythm" but Google read it "pizza hut" at 1:55
  14. ScarJo has a very sultry voice, and has done a lot of music, tom waitts albums cover, soundtrack songs. And in 2020 her solo Black Widow movie will come, should she do a sountrack for that song. I would love for ScarJo to do a "itsy bitsy spider" cover for that film.
  15. lepetitmonstr

    Viral Gaga tweet

    Yes Gaga, yes viral. As a side note, can someone explain the joke. IDGI
  16. Scotland

    Are you an O_H?

    Do you obsessively hate on an artist on ATRL? or have you mistakenly been called an O_H by obsessive stans?
  17. Metamorphosis

    Do you wear deodorant everyday?

    Is applying deodorant apart of your daily regimen?
  18. If there is a store i might want to walk in, i always check to see if its busy or atleast has a few customers because i dont want to be the only one there and the cashier or salesperson is always on me. i know its their job but i just dont wanna interact , wbu ?