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Found 5,380 results

  1. Nexto

    ATRL in the 1950's/60's

    "is James Dean gay?" "is Marlon Brando bi?" "Audrey Hepburn won best actress. did talent win?" "the television era ended everything" "is Jayne Mansfield trying too hard?" "Judy's 15th comeback flopped, why?" "Marilyn's NUDES resurface" "is Tab Hunter a closeted hunty? " "Cleopatra flopped. why?" and the Beatles would be the BTS of the sixties.
  2. Genius1111

    Rome is covered in trash

    https://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/eternally-stinky-city-rome-garbage-crisis-sparks-health-fears?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1562993812 How is it like living there?
  3. Opulent

    Song Word Association Game

    Post the first song that pops into your head and then give a word to the next person I'll start: Fire
  4. NOW

    Do you use Slack?

    A popular chat platform for work + team collaboration for the techie demographic...do u use it?
  5. P!NK2LOVE

    fitness freaks get IN!

    Hey y'all, im trying to find a 12 week muscle building fitness program. I'm 21 and weigh 65 kgs, who can point me in the right direction? I want to put on muscle plz
  6. Cute

    Canadians, house worth?

    go to https://listing.ca/ and see what evaluation you get for the price of your house (type in ur address in the search bar and when it appears, click on the address as it appears beside the word home evaluation) my home value more than doubled since we bought it a few years ago the housing bubble won...
  7. IBeMe

    Do you like coleslaw?

    I've been obsessed with it lately for some weird reason. Do you like it?
  8. PurpleReign

    Why do the gays love A24?

    This is just something I randomly observed, but what is it about A24 that makes the gays watch everything they put out? It seems like every movie that they put out is a huge event with us. Am I reaching on this?
  9. UPDATE: Oh they kept expanding it to more countries, the utter desperation to barely crawl past Avatar
  10. JesusORGod

    Scarlett J Vs. Natalie Portman

    Both are legends but who's the bigger and more profitable name? Natalie: Net worth: 60m Face of Dior Oscar/BAFTA winner Highest grossing 1 Billion+ (for star Wars) Scarlett: Net worth: 160m Face of D&G BAFTA winner Highest grossing movie: 1 Billion+ (End game)
  11. World Eater

    Post Your Last.fm Last 7 Days

    Making a new thread since the last one got deleted for whatever reason http://tapmusic.net/
  12. Serendipity

    Turkish Thread

    TURKISH BASE Get in Turks! Hoş geldiniz Have a kiki and spill some piping hot, turkish tea
  13. ziam

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    Link to the old thread
  14. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/14/novak-djokovic-downs-roger-federer-record-breaking-epic-win-fifth-wimbledon-10290607/ 2nd back-to-back victory + 5th overall. Serbian answer to American TABS (my fave Godga) did THAT once again Let’s celebrate him and his incredible rival who gave a majestic performance at 37 years old
  15. So there is this amazing Chinese photo editing app (can't write the name because it's Chinese letters) and I need to verify myself with my phone number which they then will send a code to. And that's it. But how dafuk do I get a Chinese number. I checked online and it's just full of these scammer websites. Do I need someone from China to help me out?
  16. Gorgeous

    atrl's meme feed

    Only funny ones allowed twitter, insta, yt...
  17. Rules 1. Submit a list of your top 15 characters on Game of Thrones VIA A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME. 2. Your submission must contain 15 characters. 3. Rank you list based on how much you stan them (#1 being the highest, and #15 least liked) 4. OPTIONAL list: Do you despise certain characters so much? You can submit an additional list of your 3 most HATED characters. (I expect to see Bronn and Euron here ladies ). Note: For this list, you can submit from 1 to 3 characters, but no more than 3. 5. When the results are announced your username (tagged) will appear next to the character you stan the most, and the character you hate the most if you submitted the optional list. It'll also appear here in the OP after your submission. If you don't want me to tag you, please let me know. 6. Allowed characters: Dead characters, minor characters, characters from past seasons. Basically any character from the show 7. Not allowed characters: Characters that have not debuted in the show, but are in the books (sorry Lady Stoneheart and Arianne Martell stans!) 8. Do not post your list on the OP. 9. If you submit a list with repeated name, your list will be rejected. As for the optional list. I will omit any repeated name myself. 9. Last day submission: MAY 30th, 2019 Methodology Here's how each character is graded: 1. 1500 2. 1400 3. 1300 4. 1200 5. 1100 6. 1000 7. 900 8. 800 9. 700 10. 600 11. 500 12. 400 13. 300 14. 200 15. 100 The optional list: 1. -1000 points 2. -500 points 3. -100 points After the submission date is over, I will add up the sum of points for each character. Then I will rank each character based on the total number of points. For participants: The results will be revealed gradually. You will be notified before each round of a revelation. If you wish for me to stop tagging you, please let me know. List of participants: 1. @Before the Dawn 2. @R.E.M. 3. @azii 4. @Staryu 5. @♚ PRiNCE HiGH ♚ 6. @Near 7. @Rence 8. @Terylee 9. @TheOnlyOne 10. @Kurwisko 11. @Feanor 12. @Gourgeist 13. @Keith 14. @MayorOfTrollTown 15. @Dracarys 16. @dooart 17. @Truffle. 18. @Witch Privilege 19. @wehan6 20. @SA*KURA 21. @CaptainMusic 22. @vamp 23. @Revenge 24. @Serpentine 25. @Ressti 26. @Jdella11 27. @budgier 28. @Prince George 29. @Swirl900 30. @Zaynsus 31. @Chileno 32. @Scotty 33. @Cleanromantic 34. @enxe 35. @Mark Rih 36. @***** of Babylon 37. @7/27 38. @ikiru 39. @Shendelzare 40. @getback 41. @Aryl 42. @Desire 43. @Marla Singer 44. @Hurem 45. @HonourableVomit 46. @Gaia 47. @LookinIn 48. @Style. 49. @Austin 50. @Gagamon 51. @feelslikeadream 52. @Denyy 53. @YR. 54. @Blue Ranger 55. @BabyBenzz 56. @dirrtydiana 57. @Nerevanin 58. @Raster 59. @EllieRox666 60. @Madonno 61. @Prisoner 62. @Cersei Lannister 63. @Nutitle 64. @montrealxo 65. @MardinBeksloy 67. @Bey'Knight 68. @Henry  69. @Loghen 70. @VelvetCrush 71. @Space Cowboy 72. @LP54 73. @AxelFox 74. @Saintlor 75. @RobDeWittBukater 76. @Scratch. 78. @Prince Tommy 79. @SpankGangsta 80. @Kaizen 81. @chiliam 82. @sparrowblue 83. @SeoMania 84. @YoYo 85. @Reinvention 86. @Seffers 87. @ElleDriver 88. @G.U.Y 89. @Losing my ground 90. @getinthezone 91. @lawmak 92. @masochizm 93. @TaylenaStan 94. @Fetch 95. @Not Like The Movies 96. @Nux 97. @CakeLikeRihanna 98. @DirtyPony87 99. @SitarHero 100. @Destiny 101. @Yanko May the best character win
  18. Cherry123

    2020 Oscars Predictions Thread

    It´s time to start the hype girls. Is Renee Zellweger pulling a Rami Malek this year? Or is the academy supporting the most talented actress of the century, Natalie Portman? ✈️
  19. Kitt

    Best AVI on ATRL

    Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.
  20. St. Charles

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  21. Kitt


    Discuss the site, share profiles, image up/down voting. Related threads: Post Your Last.fm Last 7 Days https://atrl.net/topic/566-post-your-lastfm-last-7-days/
  22. the atrl book club was exciting and promising until it flopped because most of you maggots didn't participate...so would u reconsider joining the book club?
  23. Departure

    Is your first real kiss scary?

    I'll probably never experience it, but is it scary? *real as in someone you genuinely care about...