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Found 2,118 results

  1. Kitt

    Best AVI on ATRL

    Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.
  2. Daddy

    I'm so gay...

    ... I do ballet inspired stretching to unreleased Lana Del Rey tracks every morning. What so gay that only you do?
  3. frenchyisback

    Beto Outraises Bernie: Breaks Record

    Beto: $6.1 Million in 24hrs Bernie: $5.9 Million in 24hrs Word is in December, Obama got behind Beto and has sent his whole team to work for him. Morning Joe were commenting the details. The sweet revenge of Obama 2.0 beating Bernie in the Democratic primary... I'm so excited.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody film editor responds to criticism A scene from the film of Queen meeting manager John Reid went viral when it was mocked for its number of edits. Ottman told the Washington Post whenever he sees the scene: "I want to put a bag over my head. Because that's not my aesthetic." Ottman won the Oscar for best film editing but some have jokingly suggested it should have won a prize for most editing instead. He was unaware that one scene in the film had gone viral because of its high number of edits. "Oh, my God! Wow," he said. "I didn't know about that, but I know why that's out there." He explained that scene was one of the scenes shot by Dexter Fletcher, who took over directing when Bryan Singer was fired for unreliable behaviour . He said that when Fletcher took over, the film's storyline got reordered slightly and dialogue in the original scene no longer made sense, so had to be reshot. Ottman said he was under pressure to make the film's first act move swiftly, but test audiences actually wanted more of the band's early days. He went back and let those scenes breathe more but he didn't have time to do that with that one scene. Ottman added if there is ever an "extended version of the film where I can put a couple scenes back, I will recut that scene!" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/entertainment-arts-47623796?__twitter_impression=true
  5. I mean... just look at this thread. Or anything which includes but is not limited to: Shawn Mendes or Nick Jonas or any other white guy gays rally around. Why is it that so many people find one type of guys attractive and not the others? Is beauty really subjective?
  6. TV General Thread January 2019 Premiere Dates Arrow (CW) Jan. 21 Black Lightning (CW) Jan. 21 Celebrity Big Brother (CBS) Jan. 21 Dating #NoFilter (E!) Jan. 21 Pawn Stars (History) Jan. 21 Food Truck Nation (Cooking) Jan. 22 Siesta Key (MTV) Jan. 22 Many Sides Of Jane (A&E) Jan. 22 Knight Fight (History) Jan. 23 Magicians (Syfy) Jan. 23 Pure Ordination (WGN) Jan. 23 Suits (USA) Jan. 23 Broad City (CC) Jan. 24 Conversations With A Killer (Netflix) Jan. 24 Kindred Spirits (Travel) Jan. 24 Legacies (CW) Jan. 24 Other Two (CC) Jan. 24 Siren (Freeform) Jan. 24 Travel Man (Ovation) Jan. 24 Black Earth Rising (Netflix) Jan. 25 Club De Cuervos (Netflix) Jan. 25 Crazy Cakes (Cooking) Jan. 25 Four More Shots Please! (Amazon) Jan. 25 I Lived With A Killer (Reelz) Jan. 25 Kingdom (Netflix) Jan. 25 Medici (Netflix) Jan. 25 Strike Back (Cinemax) Jan. 25 Sydney To The Max (Disney) Jan. 25 I Am The Night (TNT) Jan. 28 Famous Fortune Fights (Reelz) Jan. 31 Swamp People (History) Jan. 31 Truck Night In America (History) Jan. 31 Will & Grace (NBC) Jan. 31 Need to track your shows? https://www.tvtime.com/ TV Time is the #1 series app for iPhone and Android. TV Time is a global community of TV fans tracking our shows, reacting with others, and sharing the moments that move us. It's that shared love of watching TV. Never missing an episode. Reacting to moments with tears, laughter, intrigue or general WTF. Sitting with others, turning to them and saying at exactly the same time - "Wait, what? Chandler and Monica?" Then the world changed. People's watching habits became fragmented, different. The TV universe got bigger... and yet felt smaller at the same time. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices allowed us to watch from anywhere. Entire series were released in a day. 10 channels became 1,000. TV just kept getting better, and bigger, and better. And more than ever, we wanted to stay on top of our favorite shows. We got enraged when anyone even hinted at a spoiler. And finding our tribes, those like us, to share moments and react to, at the moment we felt it, became so vital, so enriching, so core to our daily routines. And so we created our own multi-platform, virtual TV tracking community of millions so that we'd never lose, only grow, that emotional pull we shared and loved when we first heard those words - "It's TV Time... 'Friends' is on." TV Fanatics on TV Time FutureHive DancingShoes Mr Greenbird Pozeidon Lee!! Changes ainadalkaz Tangane
  7. MAGIA

    Vegan Discussion Thread

    Discussion thread for vegans and vegetarians members of ATRL
  8. I know a lot of people like to have background noise/light when we’re going to sleep. So what’s your favorite movie(s) or show(s) to fall asleep to? I love to put on Lady Bird when I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s one of my favorite feel-good movies, and it’s very relaxing to me. (Doing it right now)
  9. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/03/18/trust-mueller-investigation-falls-half-americans-say-trump-victim-witch-hunt/3194049002/ Americans are waking up
  10. Grumpy Gills

    Woman Licks Airplane Toilet Seat

    Unseasoned, unvaccinated, & ungodly
  11. LoKoPaNdA

    Grad School Base

    Hello everybody I made this thread for all ATRLers working or applying for a professional, Master's or Ph.D. degree to come together and discuss their issues and concerns and socialize. Introduce yourselves, I'll add you to the OP if you wish too
  12. https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/website-update-12-march-editing-scrobbles-subscriber-feature There's also a way to bulk edit scrobbles. https://www.reddit.com/r/lastfm/comments/b19vs1/batch_edit_scrobbles_in_lastfm_userscript/
  13. They have no interest whatsoever
  14. or is it just me that feels that way? a man with money just makes my juices flow
  15. Many Americans tell people who don't speak English to go back to their countries, although the conversation is not about them or affects them in any form. On the other hand, many Americans are expats in other countries, and no one tells them to go back to USA just because they dont speak the local language Explain.
  16. LookinIn

    Clinton/Trump joke from 1992

    Mr. Johnny Carson was far ahead of the times
  17. LordMombi

    Disney Scam: Captain Marvel?

    I kept on hearing about this, and decided to search this up. I like Carol, but, what are your thoughts? "It is also thought that Disney may be falsely reporting Captain Marvel box office numbers, as numerous users on social media have posted pictures of empty movie theaters. Another possibility is that Disney could be buying up all the empty seats themselves to falsely inflate ticket sales." https://www.google.com/amp/s/cosmicbook.news/disney-manipulated-captain-marvel-perception%3famp https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/03/13/new-reports-of-empty-theaters-at-captain-marvel-add-to-movies-controversy/
  18. Daydream

    AVIs that trigger you

    This one triggers me every time.
  19. Metamorphosis

    Do you manicure your eyebrows?

    I’ve been thinking about getting my eyebrows cleaned up as part of my manicure.mp3 routine, but I’m not sure if I should or not. Of course it wouldn’t be over the top, just a little clean-up to make them look nice. Thoughts?
  20. Attitude

    Google Stadia

    Mock up from leaked patents. Sega, Ubisoft, and idSoftware will be at the presentation.
  21. Satan

    iPod Shuffle Game

    i originally made this on old atrl and Bourne/nux recreated it: http://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=529001 https://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=865959 1. Fever - Beyonce 2. Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell 3. Dang a Lang - Trina 4. All My Love - Mariah carey 5. Don't Make Me Love you - christina Aguilera 6. Wu-Tang Forever - Drake 7. Love is a Suicide - Natalia Kills 8. Dramatic - Britney Spears 9. Ease Up Nicki Minaj 10. Cool it Now - New Edition