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Found 2,934 results

  1. *For series that were announced but either haven't gone into production or still in the production process. TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love My Bromance: 2.5 Years Later Miracle of Teddy Bear Oxygen the Series Love By Chance 2 A Tale of Thousand Stars Between Us Manner of Death ATRL’S BL King 2020 Results Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking
  2. The Progressive Politics Thread is a space for fellow ATRL progressives to congregate and discuss progressive politics. It's overarching purpose is to maintain and expand the progressive movement outside of and past the 2020 election with the group consensus that this is an ongoing project and lifelong commitment. The objective of this thread is to provide a solace for Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Justice Democrats, and various other shades of the progressive movement to engage in constructive discussions exclusively within the plane of progressive politics without unproductive interruptions from outside politics. It is not intended to be an echo chamber, but rather a point of focus for the sake of political productivity. The progressive movement can only excel when its participants are unified and unifying. We respectfully ask that you try your best to engage in discourse in a productive, respectful, and well-intentioned manner. Blatantly hostile, personal, and intentionally malicious attacks are not permitted. Please respect that this as a space for progressive ATRL members. Questions from non-progressives about progressivism and the movement are permitted, as long as they are relatively brief and in good faith. Anti-progressive flamebait and trolling will result in a thread ban. This is not a place for progressive vs non-progressive debate. Progressive vs. non-progressive debate can be had in the 2020 US Presidential Election thread. All other ATRL Rules apply.
  3. I just found out all the episodes are available to stream for free on “Tubi” I haven’t seen the show since their Hollywood TV movie... 12 years ago.
  4. Revolution

    Would you visit Africa?

    I just asked my friend and he said no. Would you?
  5. Domagoj Hajduković becomes the first openly gay elected politician into Croatian parliament. He already served in previous parliament, but since last month, before the new elections, he came out of the closet. He now makes history as the first openly gay elected politician!
  6. Video slightly NSFW (Taken from a distance) The section of the freeway has been closed down for over two weeks now and they believe the suspect got on the freeway by going up an off ramp and making a u-turn. The lack of media coverage on this and the amount of conservatives on twitter trying to defend this is just... Edit: 1 of them confirmed to have died
  7. mikeyace16

    Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

    I personally would say yes.
  8. frenchyisback

    Will BLM Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    I think they're a shoe in based on their global impact. Plus, especially if Trump loses the election. Europe won't pass the occasion to rebuke him with a good kick on his way out...
  9. Get the Pinot ready, because it’s turtle time... to have a season rate of The Real Housewives franchise! 68 seasons of the reality franchise has graced our TV screens, and that’s not even including its international counterparts. From ‘Who gone check me Boo!’ to ‘Don’t be all uncool!’, ‘Slut Pig!’ to ‘Bye Wig!’, ‘Herman Monster Shoes’ to ‘So Nasty, So Rude’, we have been blessed with unforgettable seasons of television, and it is time to rank some of the highlights!
  10. Just released today and just got through the whole thing man. This was mess up and had me teary eyed towards the end. Not wanting to get into details if you have not seen it but it has to do with a hunky football jock accused of molesting a 4 year old boy but its a true documentary thats gets real into the case in a similar way that the staircase did.
  11. Welcome to everyone to this Rate! Hello everybody again, last time we chose ATRL´s Favorite Anime And now in this rate you will submit a list of your favorite anime characters of 2 options Level: Casual (Top 20) or Fan (Top 40) Who would be the winner? We will discover in August. Last day submission: July 25th, 2020 The results will start in: August 1st, 2020 Top 20 Top 40
  12. His response to getting called out: ”I quarantined for 8 ****ing days, I hope all of you get ****ing COVID” BONUS:
  13. X~MoviePoP

    Your Body Count in 2020?

    because of corona and quarentine im sure many of us havent been going on hookups or meeting up with guys/girls. So whats your body count of 2020? Mine is 4 or 5.
  14. I just loved how neurotic and perfectionist Monica was. Her competitive streak made her very entertaining.
  15. So let’s say that you are able to select a song, or just piece of music in general, that you would somehow be able to hear for the last time before dying, what would you choose? I thought about this and I think I still can’t decide but this song would be my choice.
  16. Alpha Male

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.