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Found 7,246 results

  1. Her second time after having them with a cheeseburger and Asian food the night before. “Eat what you want, don’t starve yourself”
  2. Digital

    Amy Adams lost twice. Why?

    Living up to her nickname of "The Bridesmaid", Amy Adams continued her streak of losing awards by being a two time LOSER tonight at the Golden Globes. Why can't she ever manage to win? Will she ever win? How do you think ATRL user @MaRy is coping? Discuss.
  3. Horizon Flame

    Janet to Receive Another Award

    Web site: http://www.choreographerscarnival.com/ Tribute:
  4. http://www.tmz.com/2019/01/02/kanye-west-will-not-perform-coachella-2019-stage-negotiations/ I'd call that a win win
  5. Did the "Hoedown Throwdown" songstress lie?
  6. I can't see Madonna not being a headliner so maybe it will be Cher or kylie
  7. Do you think the character Jon Snow would have received more awards had the Golden Globe winner Richard Madden played him? Do you think Kit Harington will have a career after Game of Thrones? Let's discuss.
  8. StrangerInTheDark

    Lily Allen on R Kelly situation

    From her IG stories
  9. Emma Stone apologises for her role as a native islander in the 2015 flop "Aloha" during the opening monologue of the Golden Globes.
  10. But ATRL told me I was crazy to think there's a Satanic Cult in Hollywood... So whatisthetruth.gif?
  11. Monster Megamind

    Golden globes ratings rise! Defying expectations!

    https://ew.com/golden-globes/2019/01/07/golden-globes-2019-ratings/?utm_term=2AEEE81C-12AD-11E9-BE21-E5AC4744363C&utm_content=link&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew But the ceremony hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh was actually upamong adults 18-49, with the telecast scoring a 5.2 rating — rising 4 percent from last year. Also, NBC points out, most other award shows have been down to a far greater degree lately — the Academy Awards were down 19 percent last year, the Grammys were down 24 percent, Emmys down 10 percent, CMAs down 29 percent, and the American Music Awards were down 28 percent. Plus all of those other shows were down in the adult demo too, and the Globes weren’t.
  12. At Sam Elliott’s hand & foot print ceremony in Los Angels today
  13. When Busy Philips was Michelle Williams date to the 69th Golden Globes (2012 ceremony), white Michelle flown to New York City the day after and couldn’t take her Golden Globe (which she won for “My Week With Marilyn”) and asked Busy to keep it at her house until she got back and has kept since for the past seven years. https://m.eonline.com/ca/shows/busy_tonight/videos/282605/busy-philipps-keeps-michelle-williams-golden-globe-at-her-house
  14. Is Angelina Jolie in a “new romance” with Roma writer-director Alfonso Cuaron? On Sunday, RadarOnline published a piece it titled, “New Romance? Angelina Jolie And Handsome Alfonso Cuaron Attend Roma Screening Together – See The Photos.” At the end of its article, which also wrongly claims Jolie will do a tell-all interview about Brad Pitt, the site notes she appeared to be in “great spirits” at the screening. It then floats, “It could be that 57-year-old Cuaron has been making her happy.” There’s a caption that reads how the actress “seemed delighted to be in handsome Cuaron’s company as the pair chatted to one another at the screening.” That’s followed by another image, also in which Cuaron is not pictured, along with a caption that states she “has not had any public relationships and has been very private since splitting with Brad Pitt.” Basically, the website has nothing to support its premise that Jolie may now be in a “new romance” with Cuaron. Here is what Gossip Cop knows. While Cuaron recently split with his girlfriend of four years, Sheherazade Goldsmith, he is not dating Jolie. As far as Oscar-winning actress is concerned, Gossip Cop has been repeatedly assured by a Jolie confidante that “she’s not dating at all, and is focused on her children and career.” https://www.gossipcop.com/angelina-jolie-alfonso-cuaron-romance-roma-director/
  15. that G.U.Y.

    "Hollywood doesnt like Gaga" - insider

    At 00:55 she says she was notified by industry insiders that Gaga is NOT liked in Hollywood. the awards are rigged