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Found 4,110 results

  1. JonathanLGardner

    Michelle Williams Burns In Red Shot

    This would make a flawless album cover. Imagine it on vinyl
  2. Jake is known for being super private when it comes to relationships or life. Someone on ONTD who used to attend SoulCycle classes at his regular spot spilled that he usually picks up chicks there, especially the hot ones with tight bods and what not. That being said, he hasn't had a public relationship since 2013. This one seems different though. He was spotted with a 22 year old model named Jeanne Cadieu in Greece for a vacation back in August though it is said they have been seeing each other since June. In London this summer: Jeanne deleted a lot of posts on her instagram including her wearing a sweatshirt he previously wore with no underwear. There are still some thirst photos that are supposedly taken by Jake though. https://www.instagram.com/jeannecadieu/ They have recently been spotted in New York which confirms they are still a couple. What do you think? He always says he wants to start a family and have kids. Will this relationship work out? With a huge age gap? Discuss.
  3. https://twitter.com/enews/status/1072197275185758215 Camren Normila This makes me incredibly happy
  4. 7. Ariana Grande, ‘Sweetener’ To celebrate romantic and carnal bliss along with career success while trying not to sound too smug, Ariana Grande enlisted pop-factory experts — Pharrell Williams, Max Martin — to clear ample space around her voice. Elaborate yet insistently skeletal tracks let her vocals tease, swoop, push back against pressure, blossom into harmonies and bask in satisfaction. And then, less than three months after the album’s release came a postscript, a single announcing that the romance was over: “Thank U, Next.” Source Dirty Computer was #1. Congrats Ari
  5. Kim Kardashian

    Cher to announce UK/Europe? dates tomorrow

    This teaser has been posted by a couple UK arenas.
  6. rac7d

    Is Jacquees The new King f RnB?

    He seems to have declared himself as so One viral video dont make that or does it?
  7. And 3rd overall... https://www.albumoftheyear.org/songs/best/2018/ ATRL lost again.
  8. 1. Ariana 2. Cardi 3. Kacey 8. Camila 10. The Carters 12. Robyn 21. Gaga 31. Florence 39. Mariah 44. Hayley https://www.billboard.com/photos/8489227/best-albums-2018-staff-picks
  9. Still holding a grudge after all these years
  10. "Due to overwhelming demand from fans, the "Thank U, Next" singer will include more arena shows in already-scheduled major cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. " https://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/8489430/ariana-grande-adds-more-dates-to-sweetener-world-tour TABS!
  11. retromaury

    Nicki Posts Disturbing video

    i really think she’s going thru something. She looks drugged out. that screen cap
  12. Thickorita

    Nicki confirms boyfriend's identity

    It indeed is Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, the rapist/murderer. Congrats to the lovebirds
  13. I feel sick to my stomach after watching this.
  14. Cacciatore

    Charlize Theron serves Megyn Kelly again

    On the set of her next film Coming for her Oscar number #2
  15. New leaked poster for her new fragrance, Rainbow Fantasy, coming in 2019!
  16. Notorious MINAJ

    ATRLer drags Kevin Hart

    why did this just pop up on my timeline
  17. Iceland

    GA Ga sad