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Found 8,261 results

  1. Paula Abdul

    Post career-ending video.

    The way it had been premiered at Paris Fashion Week. Lindsay Lohan's collection for Ungaro was heavily panned by critics and high fashion journalists. I don’t know who had the idea of making her the general art director in this fashion house, but after this debut she was fired. These awful looks and costumes are absolutely garbage and tacky. And the final down catwalk... Damn. She was so high. It was her last chance to save her career in the late 2009.
  2. Glad He's Gone is cute and I love the video but I don't think it serves lead single... Bad as the Boys and Sweettalk My heart are also cute. I don't think Jacques is anything special. I think the real standouts are Mateo and Are U Gonna Tell her? Should they have been the first singles followed by Come Undone? Bikini **** is the best song of the era though. I'm sure we can all agree.
  3. Why can't other pop girls who emerged in the second half of the 2010s do the same?
  4. shookspeare

    was the ROM video overrated upon release?

    don't get me wrong it's not a bad video, however it has no replay value imo and it seems like a product of hype that came and went. ariana looked cute though. do you agree?
  5. Iceland

    Worst Series Finale in History?

    I have to say GOT.
  6. Both have released their debut magnum opuses to the GeePee, but which body of work do you think is better, bolder, riskier and more cohesive?
  7. MusicTalker

    Favorite US #1 radio hit of 2015?

    Related to my other radio #1 threads for 2016-2020. 10 songs topped the overall US radio songs chart during 2015: Taylor Swift - Blank Space Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk! (feat. Bruno Mars) Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do The Weeknd - Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) Wiz Khalifa - See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) Taylor Swift - Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar) The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face The Weeknd - The Hills Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams Adele - Hello Which is your favorite?
  8. filmman

    I can't get into 100 gecs

    no real music sorry
  9. Harranger

    Better 2020 female duo: ROM or Monster?

    Women rule this year huh
  10. What an album, absolutely no skips, complete talent and fire the whole album through. Easily in the top 10 best albums of 2011. She deserved similar success to Florence + The Machina, Marina & The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding. Freedom, Bullet, The Happiest Pretenders, You're Electric, Light After Dark and This Is Not The End Also listen to her new Isolation EP 2020, it's quality
  11. dangerousalex

    Why do Charli stans repent SUCKER?

    I understand the album was her “sellout” and commercially appealing record, however there was nothing objectively bad about this album. Yet the Charli fans insist on doing wayyyyyy too much and act like it’s terrible and her worst record when in all honesty it’s above "Charli" in my opinion. Despite being more commercially appealing compared to any of her other projects, she pulls off mainstream pop while still managing to push this pop-punk combination in multiple songs after attempting to record a punk album as her second album (which her label obviously didn’t allow) so she incorporated it into more pop songs. There are numerous album cuts that squash her other mainstream attempts (such as follow up singles After the Afterparty & Boys) Songs like “Body of My Own”, “Need Ur Luv”, “Caught in the Middle” & “Famous” are fantastic pop songs without being too shallow or meaningless. Of course SUCKER also has some duds (“Die Tonight”) but the good easily outweighs the bad. Moving on from the music, the visuals are also her peak and still haven’t been topped so far. Her performances at award shows/talk shows were also exciting to watch & also seeing her name actually being on the charts was nice too. With the entire “era” feeling like a proper album rollout, basically her only actual one, she was absolutely doing her thing here.
  12. Camila did that. Someone please embed
  13. It’s cute but I don’t use it at all and the song feels like it goes nowhere. Drake’s but the “Oh nana what’s my name” is iconic and the bridge is excellent but sadly i consider this Loud’s weakest single.
  14. skankle

    10 Years of MAYA

    M.I.A's third album MAYA (stylised as /\/\/\Y/\) came out 10 years ago today. The follow up to Kala, which contained her breakout hit Paper Planes, the album was an abrasive and erratic tussle with the internet as it began to be dominated by tech giants and utilised as a tool of surveillance and control. It received mixed reviews at the time and brought controversy after controversy - Born Free's graphic video being removed from YouTube, a lengthy takedown profile in the New York Times by Lynn Hirschberg and a follow up mess as M.I.A leaked her phone number on twitter. Over the past few years the album began to be viewed more positively. Its 'conspiracies'' about internet surveillance were proven true, its abrasive electric sound can be argued to have paved the way for similar sonics that arose in the 10s, and the backlash that M.I.A faced as a political popstar is now seen as unfair in a world where popstars are now all but expected to be political. Here's the first more favourable retrospective look at the album we've had for the anniversary: (because youtube embeds are ugly and big now I'm just gonna post one song)
  15. 55. (+8) Billie Eilish, Khalid - lovely - 1,133,321 - 16,272 63. (+7) Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Official Music Video) - 1,076,536 -8,899 Talent is LOSING. Noooooooooooo.
  16. Females with most weeks top 10 on Billboard 200 : 1. Barbra Streisand — 272 weeks 2. Mariah Carey — 221 weeks 3. Taylor Swift — 196 weeks 4. Whitney Houston — 165 weeks 5. Madonna — 150 weeks 6. Celine Dion — 143 weeks 7. Janet Jackson — 131 weeks 8. Adele — 124 weeks 9. Britney Spears — 107 weeks 10. Lady Gaga — 102 weeks Bubbling under: The Supremes — 92 weeks Beyoncé - 85 weeks Paula Abdul — 84 weeks Linda Ronstadt — 84 weeks Alanis Morisette — 82 weeks Rihanna - 79 weeks = Ariana Grande - 38 weeks ( new artist) Nicki Minaj - 32 weeks
  17. Bey_Rihstan

    Who is the biggest artist on earth right now?

    Drake? Taylor? BTS? Someone else? I heard someone say drake but I’m inclined to say BTS
  18. I just saw a disrespectful thread about what’s my name and I’m not going to allow it on this forum. Please confirm
  19. GoodGuyGoneGhetto

    Are Avril Lavigne’s Hits Bigger Than Xtina’s?

    Are they? Avril Lavigne. • Complicated • Sk8er Boi • I’m With You • Don’t Tell Me • My Happy Ending • Nobody’s Home • Girlfriend • When You’re Gone • What The Hell • Here’s To Never Growing Up • Head Above Water Christina Aguilera. • Genie In A Bottle • What A Girl Wants • Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) • Lady Marmalade • Dirrrty • Beautiful • Fighter • Ain’t No Other Man • Hurt • Candyman • Say Something
  20. Breathe On Moi

    Does Rain On Me feel forgotten?

    Hm? I know it’s only been about a month, but I do feel like there was such a rush of hype on the forefront and literally stans recording themselves crying to the song, running in the rain to the song, etc etc. Now fast forward to now, it just feels like it’s just not a thing. Am I wrong? Is it forgotten? No shades plz
  21. mikeyace16

    It’s time to stop sleeping on So it Goes..

    Easily her most underrated song ever. A ****ing classy sex bop. Much better than Dress
  22. DaddyIssuesX

    Hometown Glory is Adele’s best single, why??

    The first song she ever wrote about wanting to leave her town for university something a lot of people can relate to The instrumentation and delivery is beautiful i still consider it one of her saddest song because those chords just do something to me and it lowkey reminds me of “breathe me” by sia a lot The way people throw it under the rug for chasing pavements
  23. Truly a timeless classic