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Found 7,028 results

  1. naval23

    Rihanna's "S&M" turns 10!

    S&M was released as the 3rd single from Rihanna's blockbuster 6M+ selling era Loud. It was a massive international smash, reaching #1 in 10+ countries including Australia, Canada, USA, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland and Sweden, while reaching top 5 in 25+ countries. It dethroned Katy's Perry "ET" on the Hot 100, selling 293k downloads the week it went #1. It became her 3rd STRAIGHT #1 from the Loud era, and her 5th #1 in the span of less than a year (along with "Rude Boy", "Love the Way You Lie", "Only Girl" and "What's My Name?".
  2. Kanye West

    Is Kelly Clarkson a main pop girl?

    With her numbers, I'm going to say yes
  3. Erreur2 La Nature

    Biggest/Weakest 5th studio album era

    Results for the previous edition : (6th studio album era) Biggest : Reputation - Taylor Swift Weakest : Liberation - Christina Aguilera Which of these main popgirls had the biggest era and which one had the weakest with a 5th studio album ?
  4. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Did you switch on Katy?

    Did it take one +893 iTunes increase of Firework and an inauguration performance for you to go from vehemently claiming she’s over to “We love her again!” moment?
  5. Pink Matter

    Sade Appreciation Thread

    I've recently been getting into their music and it's all damn near flawless! One of the best discoveries I've made in years. For any chart watchers, the band has also been pretty successful! According to the RIAA: Diamond Life: 4x Promise: 4x Stronger than Pride: 3x Love Deluxe: 4x Best of Sade: 4x Lovers Rock: 3x Soldier of Love: 1x This is off the strength of a handful of top 40 hits throughout their career (two top 5 hits, 4 top 20 hits, 5 top 40 hits). According to Chartmasters, as of 2020, Sade has moved 74.8 million album equ
  6. Breathe On Moi

    Have you seen this gif?

    omg wow what an iconic moment, what an important moment
  7. MingYouToo

    Romance vs Future Nostalgia, bigger?

    Both eras led with Mediatraffic (since IFPI has not yet released its 2020 Top 10 as far as I know) #3 YEC singles Senorita and Don't Start Now. Senorita has more global #1s than Don't Start Now, which was largely blocked by behemoth smashes Dance Monkey and The Box in the UK and in the US respectively. Senorita started off the Romance era with a bang, going #1 in almost every major music market and breaking streaming records previously set early 2019 by 7 rings, Senorita currently has over 1B streams on both YouTube and Spotify. Romance followed its SMASHING start with 5 more singl
  8. ReverseWarholian

    Is Enya a legend?

    Four time Grammy winning and Academy Award nominated recording artist Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin otherwise known as Enya has achieved worldwide record sales of more than 85 million The 'Orinoco Flow' songstress is also worth a reported $140 million and is the top selling Irish artist of all time despite multi-year absences from the industry, never having undertaken any concert tours, or given the press any prolonged glimpses into her personal life in interviews. Is she an (understated) legend? Discuss + stream her BB Hot 100 top ten peaking smash below!
  9. After the Clandestino certification update (Diamond + 3x Platinum), she's about to have 5 Diamond singles from her smashing El Dorado era in Mexico La Bicicleta - Diamond + 3x Platinum + Gold (510,000) Chantaje - Diamond + Platinum + Gold (390,000) Perro Fiel - Diamond (300,000) Clandestino - Diamond + 3x Platinum (480,000) If Me Enamore (4x Platinum + Gold (270,000)) gets updated, she will have her 5th Diamond certified single for her El Dorado era. L-O-N-G-E-V-I-T-Y
  10. rihannabiggestfan

    Did Rih's "Raining Men" deserve to flop?

    "Raining Men was sent to urban radio on December 7, 2010, as the album's third single in the United States, and was re-sent to urban radio on January 25, 2011." Has she ever re-sent a song to radio in the US? and this one, of all songs? The effort wasn't worth it. She should have taken the hint after it flopped on radio the first time. Loveeeeeee Song and Sex with Me deserved a radio release more. Releasing this as a single before S&M was wild, but if she wanted to release a single to urban radio a la Pour It Up (which had a video unlike Raining Men), she shou
  11. Minogue

    Kylie biggest legacy pop artist?

    Disco is basically her biggest record since Fever, certified Gold in 5 week, streams are AMAZING (will probably outstream Madame X and Caution in less than a year), fastest selling female album of the year in the UK plus the young Gaga, Charli, Carly gays are discovering her due to amazing critical acclaim and commercial success which will lead to longevity (this is already her longest era in forever) Kylie was the underdog of the MPG since the 80s, is she finally getting her flowers?
  12. She did great in both but I thought the Superbowl was a lot better overall. Refresh yourselves before you vote.
  13. https://m.hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=324792&title=TOP-20%3A-GUTEN-MORGAN He was once called the Beyoncé of 1D. Why is he below Harry’s year old, 2M+ selling album?
  14. Donquizote

    Has Gaga become the most beautiful MPG?

    Her fashion choices, her make up, her talent make her become more beautiful as days go by. Has she become the most beautiful MPG?
  15. Madonna’s third studio album spanned four global classics Live To Tell, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita and Open Your Heart, why do you think this happened? Was it talent? Can you name any other album with four classic singles?
  16. Just received this email for mine:
  17. easily one of my favorite songs EVER, and one of her most underrated tracks there’s really something about songs in 6/8 with soulful vibes... this one though is just an absolutely timeless masterpiece
  18. I'm a stan, but I can't help but think about something after seeing a few "statistics". She's a huge presence, a legend and arguably the biggest star to come around in the past decade. But why are her actual "numbers" so low? For someone who released an album in 2020, her Spotify streams are still falling way behind some of her peers and even ones who haven't released an album in years. I saw the most streamed female artists so far in 2021 and she's like #9, with Rihanna & Dua Lipa and many other above her. On Instagram too, she is strangely faaaar beyond her peers (B
  19. GiftFromGod

    Is Mariah Carey more relevant than Madonna in 2021?

    Both very impactful but Mariah's impact is making its way to the next generation more than Madonna's. Are you surprised?
  20. What's your fave(s)' last multi-platinum solo single in the U.S. and how long into their career did they get it? Rihanna: Love On The Brain (3X platinum) 2017. 12 years into her career.
  21. Maybe the sign language?
  22. Karla Cabello

    was this song TOO ahead of its time

    for certain people
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