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Found 7,745 results

  1. 4 In The Morning was released as the 3rd single from Gwen's platinum sophomore album The Sweet Escape. The album's first two singles went top 10 meanwhile 4 In The Morning only peaked at #54. In my opinion it's one of her best songs so why did it peak so low?
  2. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Is SMS-4x4 the 1-2 Punch we NEVER KNEW WE NEEDED?

    How was your first reaction to SMS(Bangerz) and 4X4 by Main Pop Girls Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in 2013?
  3. suburbannature

    Worst lyric of 2021 so far?

    This one from Demi’s new album is up there
  4. OnikaSlays

    Cyber Sex appreciation thread

    society as a whole wronged doja cat when we didn’t make this a smash. thoughts?
  5. MoonGoodandHappy

    Catchiest Song : Levitating Vs Hung Up

    Which is the catchiest song ? Levitating or Hung Up ? Both songs are so good
  6. Ricardo1993

    Do you consider Xtina a "woman of color"?

    Christina is half ecuadorian, would you classify her as one? I've seen some fighters argue she's just white and then others argue she is a latina woman of color who has been discriminated by being a proud confident female. What do you guys think?
  7. I read this statement in a thread earlier and thinking about it it's something I see people say pretty often on internet, especially in YouTube comments ("he/she's one of the few who sounds very good live") or in stan world. But.. I don't think it's true? Are there really all these vocally untalented people in pop music? I think most of them are able to sing well, and there are many of them who are pretty good, actually. (obviously in this case vocally talented = being able to sing on key and sing well live, not talking vocalists level) What do you think?
  8. AbeHicks

    Can Nicki Minaj Score Another Hit?

    She won 2020 with bagging multiple hits, but she also destroyed her reputation a bit in the process by associating with that thing. However, pop girls often go on to have successful eras after giving birth. Do you see one last hurrah for Mrs Petty?
  9. Shendelzare

    IFPI: Gaga bigger than Dua in 2020, why?

    With the information leaking all over twitter Here is IFPI's top 20 GLOBAL artists of 2020
  10. During the past century, British Monarchy faced many crises and questionings that put the Royal Family and their position at risk. Queen Elizabeth II played a crucial role to keep things together and prevent the fall of the Royals, gaining her image and place as Mother of the Kingdom, a beloved and revered Matriarch that, to this day, British people proudly keep as their leader. Prince Charles, heir of the crown, is a different story. With a history of scandals and complete lack of charisma, he's hardly a reputable and respected figure that the British would like to cla
  11. DesiredConsternation

    TV shows with gay leads?

    What are some shows (not movies) you've seen with gay (character not actor) leads (not support/side characters). Were they good? I'll start - The New Normal 7/10 - The Real O'Neals 6/10 - Please Like Me 9/10 - Barracuda 9/10 - Modern Family (i guess) 6/10 - Queer as Folk 7/10 - Will & Grace 8/10 Drop more below you think i should check out
  12. Despite really good sales it seems luck just doesn't seem to be on Demi's side. She lost out on the #1 spot in the UK with just a 272 copy difference as well.
  13. rihannabiggestfan

    Popgirl Albums w/ 100/100 Reviews on Metacritic

    All women who have had a Year-End Hot 100 hit from 2000-2020 were checked (based on this thread), as well as a small handful of others. =========== Demi Lovato DANCING WITH THE DEVIL... THE ART OF STARTING OVER ---------- Rihanna RATED R --------- Rina Sawayama SAWAYAMA --------------- Annie ANNIEMAL --------------- Robyn BODY TALK BODY TA
  14. About Beyoncé “Look at people like Beyoncé or Britney. They’re desperate to come across as sweet, good little girls, but then you see them in photo shoots that are extremely sexual — tight little booty shorts, and not much else. So why do they try to be virginal in interviews?” She holds a finger to her mouth, Lolita-like, and affects a note-perfect Spears impersonation. “ ‘Oh, gosh, I haven’t even kissed a boy in I don’t know how long!’ ” About Britney “Well, I feel I’ve grown a lot this year, and we did used to be friends once, after all. She seems to me l
  15. In your opinion, are there any albums where the lead single is the best song on the album?
  16. Digitalism

    Is Dr Luke really a good producer?

    We know he can make hits but he always plays safe and reuse his own songs and melodies in other songs He makes songs like an assembly line and you can tell.
  17. JohnWayneHolland

    How did Britney do it?

    Like????? I've seen this video a lot of times and I still can't comprehend it she did that, such a cool concept for a tour.
  18. Selenashunty

    Why did atrl switch on Bad Liar by sg?

    after it got released, i remember certain atrlers calling bad liar a *hands to myself ******ed sister" or revival reject .... and now suddenly they want Selena to go back to that tumblrish indie psychedelic sound? is it bc of the acclaim?
  19. chaneloberlin

    Female rappers dominate radio in Q1 2021

    i just noticed all the girls have done very well this Q1 & wanted to document it, here for ATRL to see: megan thee stallion has just earned her fourth #1 single on urban with cry baby and fourth #1 single on rhythmic with body (two months ago) cardi's up also another rhythmic + urban #1 which tied a general record [not male/female], see below: saweetie's back to the streets + best friend are all back-to-back rhythmic #1s and doja cat is continuing to establish herself as the new top 40 queen as best friend had gr
  20. phreshprince

    34+35 is about what?!

    How did I not know that 34+35 is about a sexual position... (69). Why isn’t this getting people talking like WAP or even Britney’s songs talking about sex?
  21. Inspired by another thread. What are some albums where the best song wasn’t released as a single? In My Head / TUN comes to mind
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