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Found 7,221 results

  1. selena_lavigne

    Katy Perry is still the QUEEN of Twitter. Why?

    Drag ha all you want but she is the most followed woman and third most followed twitter account. Why is this? Let's discuss.
  2. Hey hunties! so it is that time of year! Achievements so far: - Passes 100M streams on Spotify! - New WW Spotify peak at #6! - New chart peaks in many countries! - Most streamed song in a day on Spotify!
  3. folklore: 7 weeks at #1 Chromatica: 6 weeks in top20 Surprised?
  4. I’m trying to make this difficult so pick ONE
  5. nostalgia

    OLD songs you like listening to?

    Beyond pop girls, what old, easy listening songs from the 60s-80s do you love listening to and evoke a memory of a time when you weren't even alive?
  6. Victon

    Courage Vs Courage to Change

    Courage by P!nk was written by Greg Kurstin, P!nk and Sia. (Stream Hurts 2B Human) Both of of these songs have the same pre-chorus and the chorus. Which one is better? The original Courage or the one with Change.
  7. I think we can all agree that this abomination should have never seen the light of day The way it doesn't have a hook and the whole song is just her repeating the same two notes The "homewrecking is fun and quirky hehe" storyline The NSYNC sample being so hamfisted and not fitting in with the song at all The lyrics being shockingly stupid - "cuz I never even ever f**king met you" The views being so much lower than the other singles The locals were pandered to with that Instagram caption'd title and they still said no
  8. Lady Gaga's discography is more acclaimed than Britney Spears' despite more critics have evaluated Gaga's discography. Why? Metacritic and Acclaimed Music are the most renowned websites which combine different reviews from several media outlets. Acclaimed Music All-Time rank #503. Lady Gaga #574. Britney Spears Gaga.htm Spears.htm Metacritic scores Born This Way = 71/100 (34 reviews) Chromatica = 79/100 (25 reviews) A Star Is Born (OST) = 78/100 (8 reviews) The Fame Monster (EP) = 78/100 (14 reviews) The Fame = 71/100 (13 reviews) Joanne = 67/100 (27 reviews) Cheek To Cheek = 64/100 (12 reviews) ARTPOP = 61/100 (30 reviews) Average score = 71,125/100 (20 reviews) Oops!... I Did It Again = 72/100 (12 reviews) Glory = 71/100 (14 reviews) Femme Fatale = 67/100 (25 reviews) In The Zone = 66/100 (13 reviews) Circus = 64/100 (22 reviews) Blackout = 61/100 (24 reviews) Britney = 58/100 (13 reviews) Britney Jean = 50/100 (21 reviews) Average score = 63,625/100 (18 reviews)
  9. JoshSpears1805

    Diana Ross v Donna Summer

    Both amazingly talented women with success, iconic performances and talent but who comes out on top?
  10. DesiredConsternation

    How many year-end top albums does your fave have?

    The Billboard 200 albums year-end chart has been tracking the best selling album of the year in the United States since 1956. Taylor Swift currently leads in both number one placements (3) and top 5 placements (7) where she will soon be extending her lead as folklore already ranks among the top 5 best selling albums of this year. Adele, Elton John and Whitney have two chart toppers each while the Beatles, Eagles, Eminem and Drake each have five top 5 placements. Full list below
  11. 2013 Gaga? OR 2016 Demi??
  12. British girl ballad singles!!
  13. Mariah holds the record for most streamed song in a single day for AIWFCIY with a total of 12,028,987 streams. Will she break it this coming Christmas?
  14. All three are the only songs by British artist this century to top the Hot 100 without going #1 in their native UK. Which is better? Jay Sean (feat. Lil Wayne) – Down Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar
  15. Aguilegend

    Why couldn't Britney keep up with Beyonce?

    Ever since Beyonce debuted as a solo artist, Britney has not been able to outsell or out-acclaim her. Why is this the case?
  16. dangerousalex

    Most underrated album of 2020...

    It's got to be It Was Divine by Alina Baraz. The way it's just over 50 minutes of pure, cohesive R&B bliss and yet was quickly dropped when compared to other R&B albums released this year such as "Chilombo". The way this album is all hits no misses An absolute recommend to anyone who hasn't heard it yet
  17. DesiredConsternation

    Opinion: Katy is not this generation's Paula but Shania

    Shania Twain/Katy Hudson: The two debut albums received little to no commercial success anywhere. One of the Boys/The Woman in Me: Breathrough eras which spawned 2 megahits each. Katy with Hot and Cold/I Kissed a Girl and Shania with Any Man Of Mine and Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Come on Over/Teenage Dream: these were their commercial peaks. Come on Over which was so successful that all 12 tracks on it were released as singles. Teenage Dream was so successful that it was releleased and spawned 9 singles Prism/Up: Their third eras were also successful. Shania got two huge hits with I'm Gonna Getcha Good and forever and for always while Katy also got two with Roar and Dark Horse Witness/Now: Their declines begin. Obviously Shania had completely disappeared for years after Up. Katy's fourth album was only released 4 years after her third. The albums performed poorly and only yielded one successful song each with Life's About to Get Good/Chained to the Rythm The difference is ofcourse that Shania was a strong album seller while Katy was far from it. However with the incorporation of streaming her certifications have been getting a boost. Teenage Dream was certified 7x platinum so it should soon go Diamond and i think Prism might get there when it's all said and done. Maybe I'm reaching but I think the comparison makes more sense than Cyndi/Paula who were already in decline by their sophomore albums.
  18. DaddyIssuesX

    Team vs Candyman vs Ghost vs Spectrum

    Yes there’s no correlation now pick which of these songs is the best
  19. kawk

    Gaga: No collabs, no hits?

    Perfect Illusion: FLOP Million Reasons: FLOP/local moderate hit The Cure: FLOP Joane: FLOP John Wayne: FLOP Shallow ft. Bradley Cooper: HIT Stupid Love: FLOP Rain On Me ft Ariana Grande: HIT 911: FLOP WHY?
  20. I Kissed a Girl hit #1 in 20+ countries, with the majority in Europe. It ranked #4 on the 2008 year end European Hot 100 chart (behind Timbaland's "Apologize", Duffy's "Mercy" and Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love". Hot N Cold hit #1 in 15+ countries, with the majority in Europe. It ranked #2 on the 2009 year end European Hot 100 chart (behind Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"). Why were the singles of "One of the Boys" such European smashes?
  21. The 2000s gave us Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor, Pink, Katy, Gaga, and Miley. The 2010s only produced two new main pop girls: Adele and Ariana.
  22. Now that Gaga's 6th studio album Chromatica has been released and enough time has passed for everyone to form their own opinion about it, the question now arises, who has released the better first 6 studio albums? Taylor Swift or… Lady Gaga Discuss/Decide/Vote... ______________________________________________________ If you want to do an album-by-album comparison, here's a template: Taylor Swift vs The Fame Fearless vs The Fame Monster Speak Now vs Born This Way RED vs ARTPOP 1989 vs Joanne reputation vs Chromatica