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Found 46,248 results

  1. 7 million views in one day. Queen.
  2. Who do you want to win? Who do you NOT want to win? What song do you hope your fave performs? I would love for Rihanna to win Best Urban Contemporary Album, Adele to win Best Pop Vocal Album, and Bey to win Album of the Year. I know it will never happen, but all three deserve recognition.
  3. Country: Gaga vs Rihanna vs beyonce Netherlands: 19K vs 50K vs 49K Ireland: 11K vs 35k vs 69K England: 95k vs 200k (including festival) vs 300K Scotland: 12K vs 22K vs 46K Norway: 8K vs 15K vs 0K Sweden: 16K vs 45K vs 49k Denmark: 10K vs 25K vs 45K Germany: 35k vs 154K vs 70K Italy: 11K vs 70k vs 54K France: 25K vs 120K (+30K but the concert was cancelled last day because of Lille attacks) vs 75K Spain: 20K vs 20K vs 45K Poland: 0K vs 30K vs 0K Austtria: 12k vs 15K vs 0k Switzerland: 13K vs 28K vs 24K Belgium: 15K vs 40K vs 49K Romania: 0K vs 50K vs 0k Greece & Turket:46k vs 0K vs 0K Total: 348K vs 919K vs 860k
  4. Is Gaga the new maRy?
  5. CupcakKe will drop her 4th album when LGBT hits 1,000,000. 300,000 to go!!! STREAM
  6. Much like the 5 stages of grief normal people go through, a pop star goes through 5 stages of a pop emergency during their decline. This typically happens without warning or prior indication of flopping (sometimes under-performances happen beforehand though). By studying the stages of a pop emergency we can tell how our faves are doing and generally. 1. Declaring the pop emergency It is necessary to delcare the pop emergency publibly. As new Z list star Katy Perry points out, acceptance is key 2. Twitter rampage This step is vital as it is iconic. Our current president is currently in between this stage and stage 3. 3. Blaming others As flopping is never one's own fault, the perpetrator of the flop MOST be blamed. 4. Stan wars Before the conflict can be resolved, stan wars will ensue to try to determine the cause of flop and drag haters for karma. 5. Acceptance Finally, the final step is acceptance, where the pop star realizes their place in pop culture and makes a jazz album. WHO'S READY FOR KATY'S JAZZ ALBUM
  7. This explains everything. On election night Gaga was distraught. Hillary was losing, her lead single had just failed to go top 10, Joanne was only selling modestly, and Gaga knew she had to do something about it or CANCEL her arena tour. On election night, she found her arch nemesis Katy Perry, and while Katy was on the verge of tears, trying to channel it all together to write an amazing The One That Got Away sequel cry bop for her fourth studio album. Gaga took advantage of her emotional vulnerability and, taking a cue from her favorite artist Madonna, sucked the slay right out of Katy. Without her slay, Katy had no choice but to bleach her hair and write vaguely political songs over Style demos she stole from Max Martin's recycle bin on his computer. Meanwhile, Gaga was prepping the most epic comeback since Mariah Carey and teaming up with Azealia Banks to enchant Million Reasons her chart performance. Suddenly the tables had turned and a reverse 2013 tea was born.
  8. How interesting
  9. "Diamonds" or "I Knew You Were Trouble."
  10. This thread isn't meant to poke fun at her or belittle her, but she objectively did decline. A lot. She did with Rise, and she certainly did with her new buzz ingle. So, I'm curious what ATRL thinks caued the decline? Is it a decline in music quality? Did the pop landscape change and Katy couldn't catch up? Perhaps her feuds with Taylor and Gaga got the better of her in the GP's eyes? DId her involvement in politics backfire? Are people catching onto her lack of talent? She used to be so popular and one of the biggest pop icons of our time, on par with people like Beyonce. What caused this decline?
  11. She just need exposure, that's all. Unlike Taylor, Adele, Bey, etc. she doesn't have a huge fanbase so it's not shocking that CTTR isn't taking off immediately. It's doing good on streaming besides that. Once the grammys kick in + the MV, she'll be alright. And also Sia's song Cheap Thrills wasn't a huge hit immediately but it went on to be one of last year defining hits. Chill guys!
  12. If their next eras will smash hard a la good girl gone bad/ the fame/ teenage dream (remember, numbers transitioned into these days numbers + streaming), will they take over the main pop girl thrones?
  13. L2 coming at u soon
  14. It worked for Joanne, can Katy get this train back on the tracks?
  15. will Katy/CTTR pull through in the end? or is this truly it? I personally think so. wbu?
  16. I know that her manager is Michael Kives (from CAA) but I can't find any personal email. Or if someone knows how to contact some of Katy's close friends like Markus Molinari, etc... I only find twitter, facebook or instagram profiles but I would need some personal emails. Edit: Just found it. I know that everyone is laughing at me but if you had a chance... Would you help your fave's career before it fades like it happened to other popstars? Well, I would do it... and I will do it. This song can't be saved but they can relaunch the album campaign.
  17. I feel like nearly all of the pop girls have had pretty underwhelming debuts in recent times, and even behemoths like Taylor & Ed are not having debuts we got used to seeing in the peak of sales ( I remember IDWLF being written off as a flop/dud after its debut #s came in, & Ed never had a debut as hyped as SOY before). JT was the last to top 300K if I remember correctly, and I'd put him with Taylor and Ed as like elite tier rn. There's no denying Katy is doing pretty bad in her first week, but my overarching question is do you still think sales debuts really matter in measuring the power of an artist's strength in the music business like they were before?
  18. So we all see what is happening right now. Chained to the Rhythm is only going to sell 45k. But it was not too long ago that Miss Katy was one of the top selling artists out there.She was selling millions upon millions of records. But now the industry is actively trying to destroy her career, yes they are. They cannot do it too obviously, so they are letting her perform at the Grammys and other promo but let it be known right here and now that the Industry has made up their mind. "KATY IS TO BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY." Why? Because Katy woke up. And it has everything to do with her very open support for Miss Rodham.Dont be fooled, this worlds elite WANTED Trump to win the whole time. They had to pretend to want Miss Rodham, but it's all about control; and Donald will be much easier to control, and much easier to use as the fall guy; ti be the one to put the blame on when things go bad, and then ffind the next president. Miss Clinton had too much of an association with the top 1%. The public did not for one second believe Hillary was "one of us". They associated her with the elite. So guess what, if Hillary got into power, the elites of this world would be putting themselves at too much of a risk. Everything Hillary did, would be associated with the top 1%. She was too much of a liability, so they had to dispose of her. So how does this connect to Katy? Well let me all you all tell you the real tea behind Miss Hudson's rise to fame. She was allowed to be a star on the condition that MIss Hudson agreed to be America's sweetheart. Teenage Dream appealed to both sides of the political spectrum. Because that's what they intended all along. Miss Hudson was meant to make the industry billions of dollars. She was put in place to be a money machine for the elites. So she was not allowed to piss anybody off too much. As long as she made the hits, and the right people their money, she would continue to be successful. But Miss Hudson is no chump, no she is not. She has a mind. She has a brain. She is a strong woman. And she refused to let herself be a puppet. So she conspired to EXPOSE the industry by putting all of her support behind Miss Clinton. It was the perfect plan. Miss Hudson would simply be seen as a "democrat", which is cool with the industry (because it makes Katy look genuine to the public for picking a side), and the industry would not know her true plan to expose the industry for the dirty dogs they are. However, Miss Katy, this is where you messed up. You showed your cards miss Hudson, yes you did. You supported Miss Rodham way, way, way too much. To the point where you pissed off the industry too much. You messed your plan up there Miss Hudson. And if youre asking, "well Miss Germanotta and Miss Queen Beyonce supported Hillary" oof course they did, but they were NEVER supposed to be the pop princess, the money making machine, the unity of democrat and republican, like Miss Hudson had been. That was never in Miss Queen Beyonce and Miss Germanotta's contracts. Miss Beyonce was meant to be the R&B queen and queen of the black community. They gave her this role after Aaliyah was exposed of. Yes, Aaliyah was supposed to be what Miss Queen Beyonce is today but I've covered that story more than enough with you all. Go see my past posts if you want the true Aaliyah tea. The Black Community overwhelmingly is Democrat, so it's okay for B to show open support for Miss Rodham. Gaga has always been democrat, so it was okay for her to show support for Miss Rodham. But Miss Hudson? " No, YOU do not show overwhelming support for the democrats, or we will do you in just like we did Miss Nelly Furtado, yes we will. " is what the industry told her. They gave Miss Furtado one era of success to test how loyal Miss Furtado would be to the industry and Miss Furtado sang like a damn canary, yes she did. so they had to make her flop and fly back to the mountains of Northern Canada. Now Miss Camila is going to be Katy's replacement, yes she is. You see how they made Katy dye her hair blonde? Because there can only be one black haired popstar in the industry. .Black hair is a symbol of puppet control, yes it is. But blonde hair is a symbol of having been woken up, and no longer under the control of the industry. That is why all the past legends and queens have been Blonde in their lives; Miss Beyonce, Miss Mariah, Miss Gaga, Miss Brandy, Miss Britney, Miss Xtina, Miss Lil Kim, Miss Lil Mama, Miss Ciccone, all of them. So there you have it. That is why this is happening to Katy.
  19. I think he would like Lorde because she is so different and dark just like his musical art. Although if he fell in love with our 21st century bubble gum pop music without of doubt the flesh embodied voice of pop ms britney spears would gain his attention.
  20. Some amazing albums nominated for AOTY! Who do you think deserves the award most? I say Adele by leaps and bounds. Though my next pick would be the Indie Guy. I really respect that both write their own music and control their sound and, to me, having an AOTY award is about far more than just having a good album, it's recognizing someone's creative achievement and I feel like they really both did a phenomenal job there (not to take away from the other 3, all of whom are talented in their own way, but I don't see the same level of creative control and input from them!)
  21. Too bad she's busy ditching her work with Diplo
  22. Please let them know what you think as well.