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  1. Now that Fergie has left The Black Eyed Peas, and is being shaded by Taboo and, will Nicole finally get her fourth shot (after Eden's Crush, PCD, and her failed solo career) and replace Stacy Ann Ferguson?
  2. Which company has the bigger impact
  3. The musicians of our generation The best song of all time The genius behind this internationally well known cover The inspiration behind Gaga's indie era
  4. Why did the three biggest 80s pop girls (Madonna, Whitney, and Janet) have more top 10s and #1s than the biggest 2000s girls (Britney, Beyonce, Christina)? Britney, Beyonce, and Christina have 5 #1s while Madonna, Whitney, and Janet are between 10-12 #1s Did the 2000s pop girls fail to live up the 80s queen?
  5. a song possibly ha best
  6. It's a Grammy nominated (almost diamond) 10M+ selling #1 WW smash hit and inspired a hugely successful video game series. It has the success and impact to back it up. So, is it?
  7. I was listening to some Pink songs... and everything i heard sounded like from the same album... and there wasnt that much difference between songs YEARS apart. Even her latest album sounds veryyyy dated... They all sound like 2000s classics, but why is it so dated?? nostalgic!!
  8. 'Shape Of You' was a huge WW hit that set up major expectations for 'Divide' Since the latter's release, Ed has found no major single success (which is a shocker to me as New Man is the bop of the century). Even the album's sales have slowed down drastically! Bruno's 7-month-old album outselling it weekly in the US! So was 'Divide' front-loaded?
  9. I'd say Rihanna tbh followed by Taylor
  10. Her solo music >>>>> Dumblonde's
  11. Also I love Miley's new song. Very inspiring.
  12. Even when Green Light flopped, the song is an absolute masterpiece and I dare to say it's better than a lot of recent comebacks (including Gaga, Katy, Lana, Miley, Selena, etc). What do you think about it?
  13. Its honestly so sad how she went from being a breakout artist to having no relevancy How do you think she can Bounce back? I think she should reach out to Nicki and collaborate cause Nic did say she was a generous queen
  14. I need a little help guys. What are the SPS numbers for drake, beyonce and rihanna? I just want to know whos in the lead right now and i cant seem to find the info anywhere.
  15. Which recent smash that was #1 for 12 weeks will stand the test of time and be more remembered by the GP in 10 years?
  16. and the route she should take for SG3?
  17. I think she's alright and I really like her newer material but her voice It's so flat and one-dimensional, there's no tonality difference whether she's singing low notes or high notes. There's no texture. This isn't helped by her vocal processing either. Even when she goes into falsetto in Now or Never the production hides it and smooths it over. It's not even her indie-girl enunciation. I'm ok with that. It's especially apparent when you put her next to Lauren on Strangers. Does anyone else feel this way?
  18. The emotion, the vocals, the video. I love this song so much. I always cry
  19. When it first came out I didn't like it, the song grew on me. And after a long time, I heard it on the radio and realized how nostalgic it felt hearing it again.
  20. Both demos leaked before their respective Era. Both are opening songs on the Album. Which is the better DEMO
  21. I swear nobody else is capable of making such classic timeless melodies in the pop game right now. Shame she seems to go back to safe territory after the album flopped.