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  1. “ After getting their starts as teens, they have each ruled the music world at different times — Spears as a dance-driven performer who has never pretended to be a traditional musician; Swift as a country-bred singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano and even banjo. But they have more in common than being blond bosses in the game. In fact, they have employed the same secret weapon: Swedish superproducer Max Martin. Although Martin hit Spears’ sweet spot with dance-pop confections, he was also behind her best ballad, 2002’s “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” Then, after hardly working with Spears later in the ’00s, Martin returned as a producer for most of 2011’s “Femme Fatale,” updating her sound with an electronic clubbiness that gave an edge to her formerly bubble-gum aesthetic. The result was arguably Spears’ best album ever, but Martin has been woefully MIA for Brit ever since. Meanwhile, Martin and his producing partner Shellback were the key additions to Team Taylor in her makeover from country darling to pop princess. It all started with her 2012 smash “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which kicked off with a twangy guitar line so as not to alienate Swift’s country fans before pouring on the pop crunch. It was a brilliant move.” THOUGHTS?
  2. It has Beyoncé. A big video. Released on all platforms. And urban music is dominating right now. So why it's not smashing? It's really weird if you think about it.
  3. R9

    So now that PR has started for Rihanna’s ninth album (most likely out by the end of the year) and it is said to be dancehall, what songs do you want Miss Fenty to take notes from? Also, feel free to come up with concepts and post them here. Just discuss Rihanna’s upcoming era!!
  4. Genuinely curious, no shade. i feel there are certain qualities that make you stand out as a legend, when referred to in future times. Will Taylor be amongst those that are mentioned? Will she be mentioned for her stage presence? Her ability to dance and perform better then anyone else? Her vocal abilities being better then anyone else? Pioneer in pop music? Does she fit any of those categories? Im intrigued to hear what exactly it will be tbh, I can’t pin point it Discuss and tell me plz
  5. Would you rather go back to 2011 where everybody sounded the same with their autotune singing on generic ass dr luke productions and cheap dubstep breakdowns? Personally I wouldnt. I don't understand why gay men tend to have really bad taste in music. I can understand listening to ****ty soulless pop music at the club when you're drunk, but why would you ever say your favorite musician is an abysmal pop artist? I don't understand why gay men are so fascinated with people like beyonce, britney spears, madonna, or nicki minaj. I'd rather listen to real artists like xxxtentacion, travis $cott, playboi carti, saint pepsi, nujabes and lil peep!!!!! And not only that, there are tons of gay men who act like them enjoying pop music is somehow subversive. There is literally nothing subversive about liking taylor swift. As someone who is mostly into french house, funk, cloud rap and lo-fi stuff, can someone explain why other gay men have such godawful taste in music because I seriously don't get it ? And for those ignorants who are gonna come with basic arguments like "Hip-hop is still homophobic!1!1!!1" then explain this please :***%2c******%2chomo%2cgay
  6. The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  7. Which mid 00's icon that killed her career do you prefer?
  8. and just her potentially releasing a dancehall album has the industry already anticipating a shift in popular sound. she did it with dance pop, the EDM, dubstep and "rihanna voice" now dancehall? she did it with dance pop, the EDM, dubstep and "rihanna voice" now dancehall?
  9. I love when she performs this song live. Truly the crown jewel of the PRISM record. Emotional, deserved more, etc....
  10. Who has had the bigger career with the most influence and impact in the POP realm. Who is the true queen of POP out of here two artist? Discuss
  11. What could it be?
  12. no if's or buts!
  13. Which disney duo do you prefer? Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez or Hilary Duff & Lindsay Lohan Also of the four who is the better actress
  15. does ATRL's 'queen of Instagram' hold up to the self made $900M revenue earning Forbes #3 ranking lip legend Kylie Jenner? in all honesty tho, I feel like Kylie has the current biggest star power among all celebrities (esp. here in the US). thots girls?
  16. Absolutely beautiful.
  17. Sexiest Men Alive 2018: K-Pop Edition! It's summer time in Korea! It's the best time for ATRL's KPop Community to give recognition to the K-Pop industry's sexiest, hottest and most attractive players. How to vote: [READ THOROUGHLY] ROUND 1 1. Each voter shall post their RANKED Top 15 sexiest K-Pop men in this thread mentioning me, @TayRianaPH. 2. There are no restrictions as to the number of member per groups. 3. There are no age restrictions, height restrictions, etc. Vote freely. 2. Pictures are allowed as long as they are within ATRL's acceptable level. 3. As an averaging process, by the end of the round, the host will reveal the Top 40 men which will proceed to the next round. ROUND 2 1. The Top 40 contestants shall be ranked from #1 [best] to #40 [worst]. 2. Those who did not voted in the 1st round may rate in this round, but less credits will be granted to them. Use this thread for VOTING and CAMPAIGNING. ROUND 1 VOTING will end on July 27, 2018. Post your votes in this thread.
  18. Can your fave slay more than one music genre? I'm so glad I stan for a transgenre legend who can go from Jazz to Rock to Pop How about your fave?
  19. Personally, I think it is. The cringy lyrics and the corny melody make it impossible for me to listen to. What are your thoughts?
  20. Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Holds First Exhibitor Screening, Theater Owners Predict ‘Oscar Noms Across the Board’ Lady Gaga's A Star is Born Blew the Audience Away at First Screening A Star is Born Trailer: The Lady Gaga Oscar Buzz Could Be Real There's clearly a ton of Oscar Buzz. What are your predictions for it's MC score?
  21. Which Upcoming RnB girl will go the distance
  22. List atrlers who publicly hate your fav artist. Don't post ppl who don't confess to it. Only users who legit hate your favorite artist and are proud about it (as in have hateful signatures, posts and avis about ur fav).
  23. on a Spotify commentary she said this was intended for a Male artist (prior changes) . It’s very hard to think about a male singing this track at all Has any other female artist had songs originally pitched to male artists to sing