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Found 296 results

  1. BlackoutZone

    Taylor Swift - “folklore”
  2. massedux

    Megan Thee Stallion - 'Suga'

  3. Scandalous

    The Aces - ‘Under My Influence’

    Daydream Lost Angeles My Phone Is Trying to Kill Me Cruel Can You Do All Mean Nothing 801 I Can Break Your Heart Too New Emotion Not Enough Kelly Thought of You Going Home Zillionaire UO vinyl ships 6/12, assuming that’s the release date
  4. PlaidShirtDays

    Naya Rivera - Untitled EP

    Naya very secretly uploaded what was supposed to be her EP rumor title "My Heart" to Soundcloud back in April of 2019 and only linked to it once on a IG story. No promo or mention of it after. I think it's time we all relive it and maybe those of you who didn't even know it was "released". We will miss and support you always Naya Heather Morris also just posted a dance tribute video to "RADIO SILENCE" which is on this EP.
  5. Hooker Barbie

    Carrie Underwood - 'My Gift'

    No one asked for it to be announced in the middle of summer yet here we are.

    Caribou - 'Suddenly'

    Tracklist: 1. Sister 2. You and I 3. Sunny's Time 4. New Jade 5. Home 6. Lime 7. Never Come Back 8. Filtered Grand Piano 9. Like I loved you 10. Magpie 11. Ravi 12. Cloud Song Out Feb 28
  7. Ghost

    Cam - 'The Otherside'

    1. Redwood Tree 2. 3. Classic 4. 5. 6. 7. Till There's Nothing Left 8. 9. Diane 10. 11. October 30
  8. Andrx

    Meghan Trainor - 'TREAT MYSELF'

    August 31st 1. TBA 2. NO EXCUSES 3. LET YOU BE RIGHT 4. TBA 5. TBA 6. TBA 7. TBA 8. TBA 9. TBA 10. TBA 11. TBA 12. CAN'T DANCE 13. ALL THE WAYS 14. TBA 15. TBA
  9. GardenPanty

    Summer Walker - “Life on Earth”

    July 10th
  10. Out August 31st. "Caution", "Fire In Bone" and "My Own Soul's Warning" are out now.
  11. SinterFold_

    Kanye West - ‘DONDA’

    July 24th
  12. Supervillain

    PVRIS - 'Use Me'

    Gimme a Minute Dead Weight Stay Gold Good to Be Alive Death of Me Hallucinations Old Wounds Loveless January Rain Use Me Wish You Well August 28th
  13. Arthritis

    Mariah Carey - 'The Live Debut' x Mariah releases her first performance on Spotify! including: Love Takes Time Vision of Love Vanishing Don't Play That Song (You Lied) [Aretha Cover]
  14. dangerousalex

    Alina Baraz - ‘It Was Divine’
  15. Supervillain

    RAYE - 'Her Heart Beats in 4/4'
  16. Renan90

    Black Eyed Peas - 'Translation'

    June 19 for Epic Records Tracklist 01. Ritmo (Bad Boys For Life) [feat. J Balvin] 02. Feel The Beat (feat. Maluma) 03. Mamacita (feat. Ozuna y J. Rey Soul) 04. Girl Like Me (feat. Shakira) 05. Vida Loca fea (feat. Nicky Jam & Tyga) 06. No Mañana (feat. El Alfa) 07. Tonta Love (feat. J. Rey Soul) 08. Celebrate 09. Todo Bueno (feat. Piso 21) 10. Duro Hard (feat. Becky G) 11. Mabuti (feat. French Montana) 12. I Woke Up 13. Get Loose Now 14. Action 15. News Today
  17. 01 To Someone Else 02 Much Higher 03 Just to Say 04 Porsche 05 I Believe in You 06 Everybody’s Mother 07 Told Me 08 Unkind 09 Six 10 Palladium 11 Dinner out June 19th.
  18. Sergi91

    Gloria Estefan- 'Brazil305'

    The Queen of Latin Pop is back! Her new album consists of re-recordings of her music catalog with Brazilian rhythms and four new songs. First single:
  19. GustavoBardusco

    Winona Oak - 'Closure'

    Debut EP out on January 10 01. He Don’t Love Me 02. Break My Broken Heart 03. Control 04. Lonely Hearts Club 05. Let Me Know 06. Another Story
  20. Out October 23 Pre-order
  21. TalkThatRihanna

    Bazzi - ‘Lost and Found’

    Out June 19th