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  2. Taylor fanboy

    Taylor coming April 26!

    J Mendel designer of Taylor's TIME 100 Gala dress said that Taylor helped him and said that she wanted an "ethereal" look. We have our first clue to how the album will sound. My baroque pop dreams may come in fruition.
  3. SweetTalker

    Daya - "Insomnia"

    Ugh pls be a fall smash
  4. Calypso


    What about the other songs...did they all increase?
  5. We don't want her or claim her.
  6. MusicandSoul

    Britney Spears

  7. MrBeyonceFan

    Would Taychella top Beychella?

    Festival demographic don’t wanna see Taylor, her music isn’t Festival or fun friendly unless your a middle schooler.
  8. ordinarynam

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    just do a quick google search and the game is still running after all this year the PC version I wonder if any song has dethroned Gee as the fastest sing on the game
  9. Flocon

    Kim Petras - "Broken"

    This sounds like Bad At Love by Halsey, and I think I love it ! Glad she slow down the autotune
  10. Fred Perry

    Katy Perry

    Kim Petras’ new song just proves that she needs to get back to Dr. Luke The publicity around her working with him again could be what she needs (or break what’s left of her career - it’s a gamble )
  11. PromptingSilver

    Taylor Swift "Gorgeous" 100M views

    the behind the scenes of creating this song makes me respect her as songwriter
  12. MrBeyonceFan


    I find it hilarious that Jermaine Dupri really said “let’s see where Beyoncé will be in 20 years...” for Janet in 2006. Now Beyoncé is on her 22nd year and
  13. Reza

    Lana with a puppy

  14. bestfiction

    Would Taychella top Beychella?

    Have you seen reputation tour? It’s better than anything Beyoncé has ever done.
  15. RyanYuno

    +1000 people sign petition for Normani to perform @ BBMAs

    not '1000+ people'
  16. The Neo-liberalism in this thread, UGGGHHHH. Joe Biden is the pits and I will not ever mark his name on a ballot box, that's all. The schism in the left is so upsetting. So many are fooled by the centrist mainstream Democratic bull****. Trump truly has it in the bag already
  17. I thought she said she would never back a dem.
  18. LiveYourLife

    Beyonce "Sorry" #4 on Apple Music US and WW

    Talent is winning
  19. Commercial success? Yes Selling album which doesnt sound commercial? Yes Longevity? Yes Talent? Yes Touring? Yes Making iconic moments? Yes Still relevant despite against aging? Yes I cant even name someone who can match all her skills
  20. ugh bitch don't slay me with this post bitch bnitch :kfdosgj
  21. Hobbes

    Are you scared of closing your eyes in the shower?

    ...no, I lock the door first.
  22. RyanYuno

    Lil Nas X switches on Nicki

  23. No, she was the one to originally propose the bureau in 2007 and then was the one that established it. A quick little skim through Wikipedia would have let you know that. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_Financial_Protection_Bureau Also, HOW did Bernie help with the passing of the ACA? He just voted for it. Yes, that’s cute and all, but every single Democrat in the senate voted for it, making that rather insignificant and unremarkable. I’ll admit that, yes, Bernie’s resume is obviously more than renaming post offices. That was extremely hyperbolic. I was kind of just thrown off by someone trying to say Elizabeth Warren hasn’t done anything and emotions got the better of me.
  24. Reza

    Gamers: Just got Overwatch for PS4

    Yes. Very much so. she has a self heal and a damage. The damage beam actually heals you as you damage them with it, She can also disappear and go behind them to confuse them. If a damage opponent doesn't have a healer helping them I can pretty much roast anyone.
  25. BigBangStan

    Ava Max - "So Am I"

    Is this going top 10 in the uk this week?
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