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  2. oh wow, some actual left-wing populism! don't be afraid of it, Democrats, embrace it!
  3. fax http://i.imgur.com/jUhH98j.gif[/IMG] fax fax
  4. SeoMania

    Giant man in Britain

  5. ArtForFreedom

    Best Documentaries about your fave?

    Truth Or Dare I'm Going To Tell You A Secret
  6. postsus

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    You. Me.
  7. Remy Ma stands accused of allegedly assaulting Love & Hip Hop actress Brittney Taylor, and now she's reportedly being investigated by the New York Police Department. Taylor made the claims during an interview with the New York Daily News on Friday (April 19). She alleges Mrs. Mackie, who recently gave birth to her and Papoose's newborn daughter, punched her in the face while backstage at Pretty Lou's Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza on Tuesday night (April 16). https://www.xxlmag.com/news/2019/04/remy-ma-under-investigation-alleged-assault/ Hasn't she just given birth
  8. For clarification, the OP isn't reaching. Indirectly Britney did agree with what the Host said about Whitney. If she laughed it off, it be a reach. But she agreed with him by saying yes I'm glad I didn't OD and die on drugs. I'm glad I'm not that kind of person. Britney prob didn't mean to come off like that. She is the sweetest gal ever, but that's how it came across. Rewatch the video.
  9. BlackStar_93

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Girl... have you even looked at Gatorade's linear notes?
  10. GypsyLife

    Lady Gaga

    Drugs ha impact
  11. Cherry123

    What's so special about...

    I wrote it while listening to track 4 tho I still think it's not that special. She's Living Home and Within You With You are amazing songs, the rest are meh.
  12. She looks incredible, so I'm not surprised. However, the JUMP from #20 to #12 after just one photo... the power that has, the impact that has. Crying at some of the comments in this thread tho. Every pop girl has had bad images they've needed to move away from in order to find success again. Rihanna from Rated R to Loud, Gaga from Artpop to Cheek to Cheek to Joanne to ASIB (changing image 4 times until something stuck), and most recently Miley from Dead Petz/Younger Now to NBLAH/Hannah Montana look. There were plenty of actors over the years that got plastic surgery and it ruined their careers because they no longer looked unique. Every Kay fan knew she needed to go back to long (besides some delusionals), it was the haters insisting "putting a wig on won't help anything". Well, it does. And not certain members talking Instagram forgery when they 1B "viewed" video existed. The audacity.
  13. ReH2o

    Gaga dancing to Bey's Drunk In Love

    DIL her power
  14. Starfire

    Bey is flopping with Homecoming

    we can only wish
  15. Cherry123

    Giant man in Britain

    Excuse sr, can you ****ing kill me, please?
  16. BlackStar_93

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    I don't get why people even attempt to drag Taylor; she's quite literally undraggable. She has it all: talent, sales, charts, visuals, and tours. If you try it you're just gonna end up looking delulu
  17. shookspeare

    What's so special about...

    i have the same question, i guess my gay brain just can't understand it
  18. Meowster

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Madonna is serving Pennywise in this gif.
  19. IamCY

    Ariana: Borderline > Touch It

    Touch It is so much better wtf
  20. JGibson

    2018 #ATRLMWC: R16 [lhdang2000 v. JGibson]

    Vote for the winner! [Match 51, Round of 16] Referee: Orfeo and JGibson @lhdang2000 v. @JGibson Next fixture: Gratitude v. AshleeSimpsonFan  [Round of 16] [Rules / ¿How to Score?: 3 Votes = 1 Goal. Needed 10 votes (at least) or 6 Hours to end the match after the ten votes ends anytime.] This match cannot end in a tie, so if this match is still tied after full-time, then we'll go to extra time. If still tied after extra time, we'll go to penalties to break the deadlock. The winner goes into the round of 8. Regular time end: Monday morning. Extra time end (if necessary): Tuesday morning. >>>> Lukey, Sunderland4ever, JGibson, and lhdang2000 cannot vote for this match! <<<<
  21. Gabe²

    The Monster hits 500M streams on Spotify

    Bebe is fed!!
  22. Alfred

    Britney Spears

    mte. access hollywood, e! news. is it a slow news week? it's wild how that podcast is actually gaining traction and chris crocker is being referenced... this really feels like 2008 bubbling up again.
  23. Timber

    Giant man in Britain

    His poor heart.
  24. IBeMe

    Taylor declares herself pro-Palestine

    A QUEEN I mean I think even the staunch Israelis here know that the West Bank is occupied and that the illegal settlements must end.
  25. postsus

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Her last 3 albums are all her. It must be so sad having a fave only respected by 13 year old white girls. Take a deep breath, everything will be okay.
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