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  2. BritUnd

    Ashley O - "On A Roll / Right Where It Belongs"

    i have been playing this song on repeat for the past week. this song is better than any of the recent pop girls releases. should be the song of the summer tbh! A BOP
  3. Cleanromantic

    Taylor Swift - "You Need To Calm Down"

    hopefully this serves longevity and sticks in the top 5 for a while
  4. Sailor Star

    Jojo Siwa wants to make “timeless” music

    So out of touch with reality
  5. Almost nobody votes on age, race, sexuality or gender. And people who do are more likely NOT to vote for someone because they're a woman, gay or a POC. Supporters of minority candidates express excitement about the possibility of more minority representation in the White House and bigoted people twist that into "you only support them because they're a woman/black/gay"
  6. Dolce Vita

    Nas Maraj: Panini is short to increase streams

    Get those 12 year old Tik Tok streams sissy
  7. Hurem

    Lady Gaga

    Bitch don't try it. One of my friends (a GP representative in this case) had the song downloaded on her android. It'd smash.
  8. ChrisTheLoner

    Will short songs become the new trend?

    It already has, better get used to it
  9. Save-Me-Oprah

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7246

    I know Raven invented makeup but mawma she looks DUSTY here. Truly a nightmare in beige.
  10. Schhh

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Adull's discography is garbage, her only decent song is When We Were Young. If I'm in a mood for ballads, I'm gonna play Mariah, she actually served quality.
  11. ontherocks

    Lana Del Rey - "Doin' Time"

  12. Sizzily

    Paranormal Activity 7 in the works

    When the f*** did 4-6 come out?
  13. Chemist

    K-pop: Red Velvet: ZIMZALABIM!

    Twice 'Fancy" Individual fancam views 1. Jihyo (3.7M) 2. Tzuyu (2.4M) 3. Sana (1.8M) 4. Nayeon (1.6M) 5. Momo (1.5M) 6. Dahyun 7. Mina 8. Chaeyong 9. Jeongeon The rise of Jihyo
  14. Thickorita

    Nas Maraj: Panini is short to increase streams

    he and like 10 others
  15. FrederickSpears

    Fox News drags Taylor

    Taylor keeping Faux News and republicans pressed QUEEN! That hag on Faux News really should take the songs advice
  16. Villanelle

    GaGa is devastated!

    Oh so she's the victim again Predictable
  17. itsluna

    Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita

    should've been the cover
  18. Miichael

    Favorite Nicki album opener

    Ganja Burn
  19. PurpleQueen

    Ed Sheeran f/ Camila C & Cardi B - "South of the Border"

    if he was American it would still be cringe worthy butt it would make more sense. This British guy probably gonna be singing about how hot latina girls are and sipping pina coladas "south of the [American] border" lol. He's such a wannabe cool try hard. Of course Camila would sign on for this too. After she said she didn't want to confine herself the latina pop girl she agrees to this mess.
  20. Rayman004

    Jojo Siwa wants to make “timeless” music

    Her 'Cerebownials' is upon us
  21. VampireGrin

    Zara Larsson - "All the Time"

    It’s finally here Song of the Year, her best, a BOP to remember, etc
  22. UGH Square Root was that ALBUM STROMAE OU TAI?
  23. Ohno

    K-pop: Red Velvet: ZIMZALABIM!

    SSU > ZZB > LP > Bing Bing > Milkshake > Parade And that's that on that!
  24. liberalmusiclover

    Nas Maraj: Panini is short to increase streams

    Nicki is NEVER getting a number one and never had a chance to
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