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  2. STONE

    Cats | Official trailer out now

    It's a.....CATastrophe!
  3. Plastic

    6 Months of 7 Rings

    I think this song, as well as the music video perfectly encapsulate gen-z and Ariana's generation that she has dominated.
  4. Unoriginal

    ATRL HQ | Read the OP Before Posting

    Two* other mods how could you forget [redacted] like that
  5. Burqa

    Sabrina Carpenter - 'Singular: Act II'

    Yeah Exhale and Pushing 20 were both written this year so there must be at least 1 scrapped song from Act 2
  6. Koons

    IT: Chapter 2 (2019) | Final Trailer, Poster Revealed

    This I hope they're brave enough to go really dark with this one. Although I doubt that's his dad in the trailer seeing as the guy is Bill and I don't think any of the losers have kids (unless they're gonna steer wildly away from the books, which I doubt) - I think that's just a random lost kid he comes across in there. Trailer was so good - cannot wait
  7. Katamari

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    ari praise? ddd
  8. 5hfangurl

    Mark Ronson delivered the best song of 2019.

  9. Jeremiah

    Britney doing free promo for Beyonce

    Britney saving this movie from flopping
  10. Katamari

    Artist X ended artist Y, do you believe in that?

    nirvana ended glam metal so by extension they ended many bands
  11. cityfolk

    Mark Ronson delivered the best song of 2019.

    He did but it's not the song in the OP
  12. Marianne COMING for the Presidential nomination.
  13. Triton

    Britney doing free promo for Beyonce

    Why doesn’t Britney jump on a Disney remake? She was a Disney star, I’m sure they have a role for her somewhere
  14. tylerrcrush

    Ariana Grande

    Mine is: 1. raindrops (intro) 2. no tears left to cry 3. fake smile 4. 7 rings 5. god is a woman 6. everytime 7. nasa 8. bloodline 9. better off 10. in my head 11. thank u, next 12. bad idea 13. break up with your girlfriend 14. r.e.m 15. goodnight n go 16. happy (outro)
  15. ArianadelRey

    Britney doing free promo for Beyonce

    Stream the most iconic female collab of all time!
  16. Katamari

    Mark Ronson delivered the best song of 2019.

    this isnt late night feelings but we still stan
  17. Marianne is going to own night one
  18. ZENO

    What's Best JLo album?

    Definitely "Love?". On The Floor, Papi, Invading My Mind, Hypnotico, Charge Me Up
  19. DG1

    Beyoncé - ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

    Approx 4 more hours before slayage ensues
  20. sex

    6 Months of 7 Rings

    Y does it sound better than ever after 6 months I still never get bored of listening on loop
  21. Caught up on the last 2 episodes and Sunday was whatever but as plenty have said, last night's was great. Really gross to watch but there was legit no time for filler and the editing was more accurate than usual. Hopefully they keep that up.
  22. First draw on CNN—results First night Steve Bullock Tim Ryan John Hickenlooper John Delaney Marianne Williamson Second night Bill de Blasio Michael Bennet Tulsi Gabbard Kirsten Gillibrand Jay Inslee Hmm at Marianne first night. I was hoping 2nd night
  23. jdanton2

    Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - "Señorita"

    Senorita getting close to top 50 at Rhythmic . on the HDD building chart with 4 days it debuts at #50. 67 50 SHAWN MENDES & CAMILA CABELLO Senorita Island/Epic-Republic 174 119 46.2% also on All Access on the all format chart as opposed to the published one it debuts at #50. 59 50 SHAWN MENDES & CAMILA CABELLO Senorita 438 369 69 1.045
  24. americanshameless

    Britney doing free promo for Beyonce

    Britney stanning Beyoncé’s The Lion King
  25. mcohen

    Taylor Swift

    Don't forget Cats and musicals fans. I'm pretty excited tbh. The movie looks really interesting. It's really weird and it's not only that photo.
  26. July 30 Bullock, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Williamson July 31 Bennet, de Blasio, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Inslee
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