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  2. Jump

    Xtina's Secret Project coming soon!

    its great to see her maintain good industry connections like Ellen
  3. GabrielLavigne

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Wednesdays @ 8/7c

    Literally anyone but Rick Devens to win this game. He annoys me soooo much.
  4. thedastardly

    45% sold out in Zurich l The Nicki Wrld Tour boxscores

    Shoutout to the Barbz who posted hypothetical 'million dollars per show' revenues for shows before she even performed. Way to set your fave up.
  5. Black Jesus

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    See above, dumbasses You literally are claiming that Muslim women are terrorists though and laughing about it, that's the sad part...after you knowingly changed it. As someone who has many Muslim friends, you're a pathetic individual
  6. musicwonder

    Erica Mena shades Nicki; gets exposed

    Who? your known for dating her ex lmfao......
  7. ☆starshine☆


    US AM Hold Up #18 Formation #23 6 Inch #37 DHY #46 Pray You Catch Me #47 Love Drought #56 All Night #57 Zaddy Lessons #81 Freedom #85 Sandcastles #91
  8. ItsJustMe.

    Britney Spears

    At this point idk what to believe anymore I just hope that she’s getting out of the facility because she’s ready for it and not because of the mayhem it caused
  9. brainmaniac

    Would Taychella top Beychella?

    Taylor could and would, but the media would never admit it since it doesn’t fit the narrative
  10. jvstin

    Do you remember Like a G6?

    sadly yes one my least favorite songs of all time
  11. Dolce Vita

    Erica Mena shades Nicki; gets exposed

    so dumb, did she not realise that stans will SEARCH for receipts? this is embarrassing
  12. cliche_display

    Who should replace Normani and Sam at BBMAs?

    And how many years does that take? I'd settle for Ally, Ava, or just give Ciara another slot
  13. Her tone would work in Europe but Americans are too patriotic to have their country roasted like that by a candidate. Sadly, in order to create the changes she wants to implement she has to play the cute game until elected, then she can get to business. Democrats are too often concerned about being right rather than being effective...
  14. Black Jesus

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    No. He edited his avatar after I called him out on it because he got scared. What you see is only part of the original avatar, which had explosions pictured in the background.
  15. thedastardly

    Erica Mena shades Nicki; gets exposed

    These two are literally surviving on a Youtube series about their relationship. Nicki's a mess but it's like, Safaree should be embarrassed that Nicki's still the most relevant thing about him in 2019.
  16. Now bitch don’t you come round here making so much sense getting my damn hopes up
  17. Black Jesus

    Cardi B shows off ABS

  18. Scotty

    Kim Petras - "Broken"

    Yeah my first thought on second listen was “This is a Rihanna song”. The progression at the one part reminds me of Teenage Dream a bit also. Generic but has mainstream hit potential. It’s more current sounding than anything she’s done so far, perfect throwaway song for Spring/Summer radio I have to say. Guess we’ll see but I think this will do well.
  19. BOAZ

    FKA twigs - Cellophane

    And of course Miss Björk "discovered" Andrew Huang before everybody
  20. kiiwii

    ABC's: Now (U) - ROUND 6

  21. Calypso

    'Lemonade' tops Apple Music. [2nd day #1]

    According to Financial Times, about 56 million paid users worldwide
  22. musicwonder

    Nicki Minaj

    Does ageism only apply in hip hop? because madonna is 60 still slaying.
  23. Shelter

    'Lemonade' tops Apple Music. [2nd day #1]

    How big is Apple Music
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