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  2. CarCAL22

    Lion King | RT: 55% | MC: 55

    From 14 ratings. Once we get over a few thousand we should have a good idea. But not a bad start.
  3. Overprotected

    Life Gamble ⚀⚄ Resolved//VOTE!

    -1 Earth +1 Daddy
  4. chaneloberlin

    Rihanna expands Fenty Beauty

    Queen of launching a successful makeup line while actually being beautiful and pleasant to look at! Not a gift many have been blessed with
  5. tiagol88

    3 TV Shows using Madonna tracks in the last month, why?

    Well...2 of those shows are happening in the 80's and in 1990 so yeah, Hung Up is not playing
  6. Blue Rose


    Just saw the movie and it was amazing. Beyoncé slayed. Actually they all slayed
  7. Hooligan

    Horror Movies

    I keep going back and forth as to if I wanna see this. It just seems so cheesy
  8. LovaticSwiftie

    ABC's: Now (Y) - Bottom 2

    You lost me
  9. Koons

    Taylor's Cats song coming tomorrow

    Is this confirmed to actually be coming today?
  10. The Witch

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Billie hasn't followed Godney back but she follows MariN/A
  11. Princedele25

    Artist X ended artist Y, do you believe in that?

    The public end them.
  12. Marianne alone with a bunch of old (except for Pete) white men so far She’s certainly going to stand out, especially if Biden and Bernie both end up in Night 1. EDIT: Oops, didn’t notice Klobuchar. Not uncommon
  13. First night seems so meh.. Marianne is going to have another meme night and Pete could shine
  14. Aqua

    Artist X ended artist Y, do you believe in that?

    R&B girls like Ciara, Cassie and Amerie were still successful in 2005/06 though. OT: No.
  15. The Witch

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    True! Godllie outsings that talentless prostitute without even trying
  16. "The film should be largely critic proof over opening weekend, but should audiences agree with the critical consensus this is likely to have something of an impact on the film's longevity." This is what will interest me. This movie was always expected to open around 200m.
  17. By the latest discussion about Mariah being local... I think that not only do current popstars not need any talent anymore, their fans seem to lack the ability to logical thoughts as well. so dumb acts, for dumb people. #Trump is everywher.e
  18. reece(:

    Tulisa Sippin

    Issa Bop!
  19. Elite Four Brad

    Wendy and Andy Reconcile Six Years Later

    Yes because of her ex-husband, but with him out of the way they can be messy together again!
  20. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/mitch-mcconnell-is-the-only-senator-more-unpopular-than-susan-collins/ maine has its kiss for collins
  21. Ryan

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    Highway to Heaven English was turned into a hoe anthem. Screaming.
  22. Nicole does not belong on the block I hope she wins comeback
  23. 808s

    Rihanna expands Fenty Beauty

    Get that asian money queen And release the ****ing album ofc
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