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  2. FakeHappy

    Why don't US radios support Billie?

    ugh talent won
  3. Babydoll.


    I can't get over how beautiful they are. Like... they literally look 11/10 on stage I can't stand it!!!!!
  4. jdanton2

    Is DWAS a hit or smash?

    smash definitely with a sure to be amazing Billboard Award performance coming in 11 days.
  5. Mr.Fenty

    Netflix Loses $3.2 Billion After Disney+ Announcement

    was it confirmed? i can't find proof
  6. Starfire

    Avril Lavigne

    the way she started with TABS! a WINNER
  7. WeFoundWill


    (BP about to overtake BTS again on WW Artists)
  8. The Second Coming

    Madonna - ‘Madame X’

    I want Die Another Day and Hollywood
  9. 19SLAYty9

    Taylor coming April 26!

    https://twitter.com/GiuseppeGiofre/status/1119402751891369984 her dancer's are tweeting about it. Makes me think they're in the video -- which means the song isn't country.
  10. Hongbin


    Let's move onto something more pointless like NCT's US promo
  11. TheFireLexus

    Madonna - ‘Madame X’

  12. Troye

    Michael Sam: "The LGBT community used me"

    His fault for not having a support system in place. If you play in sports, you NEED to have back up plans. Blaming the LGBT for not supporting him only shows an immaturity to acknowledge that he alone is responsible for taking care of his finances. There's a ton of career ending injuries that can happen in football (basketball being the higher statistic).
  13. that G.U.Y.

    2020 US Presidential Election 🇺🇸 Establishment!

    Get the millenial vote, Andrew. Yes before The Bros come for me i know and acknowledge Bernie was for legalizatin before everybody else. He gets an ounce of respect from me for that
  14. Bey'Knight

    Rihanna graces Vogue Australia

    Her edges finally grew
  15. i spit on haters

    Britney's mom likes post calling out Jamie Lynn

    This family.
  16. I love how season 11 is serving 'classic drag race', something we've been missing since season 6. Yvie, Silky & Brooke Lynn are iconic already! Even the early-out Mercedes made an impact. The Silky vs Yvie rivalry. Vanjie. In the future we'll look back and miss how fun watching this season was. It's really delivering (I still don't get where the rumors that it would be 'boring' came from).
  17. The Next Day

    Are u going to the #FreeBritney protest?

    This. The most effective way to actually accomplish sth. would be a strict boycott of her music. No streaming, no buying. The protesters are only financing the machine they try to fight.
  18. Zack


    Right! That one hater skipped math class it seems... If we divide Vixx's numbers by 6 (it's only fair!), we all know who the winner is. As a group member, as a solo artist... There is only one winner.
  19. Adonis

    The Apple Thread

    Take it in and ask them.
  20. Getting messier and messier.
  21. TheFireLexus

    Rihanna graces Vogue Australia

    Terrible shoot. Also pointless. I'm amazed at her consistency - doing these shoots with no interviews.
  22. Grumpy Gills

    Do you give straights attention?

    i don't discriminate
  23. cliche_display

    Why don't US radios support Billie?

    bad guy is almost top 40 on pop even before impact
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