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  2. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Hardest time to stan Gaga?

    Late BTW, but especially ARTPOP and the legendary Pop Emergency thread. ATRL has never been the same since then.
  3. hindsight

    K-pop: Red Velvet: ZIMZALABIM!

    luving GFRIEND's aesthetic for this comeback, they are coming for Navillera's wig
  4. Mariano

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    It can't be a rehash when 25>>>21 21's top 5 best songs are on par with the top 5 on 25, but the rest on 21 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< the rest on 25 sis
  5. Inner Insanity

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7246

    These are the only two AS1 looks that should be nominated. PeriodT.
  6. ArianadelRey

    is this best song of 2019?

    No late night feelings no truth
  7. luckystrike

    Zara Larsson - "All the Time"

    this is absolutely EXCELLENT I’m not even joking when I say this might be my favorite song she’s ever released, pure pop perfection. I really want this to smash so bad
  8. 80x100

    worst hit song of 2019?

    what is worst hit song of 2019? OT: ME!h
  9. alfonso12

    What made the ASIB era so successful?

    Talent. If that's the reason why did Gaga got all the awards and the only solo song that saw success was Gaga's Always remember us this way?
  10. Invisibility

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟 NEW ROUND!

    Is it your birthday tho? Have a great day sis @Yvess
  11. M A R C

    Camila’s ex thirsting over Normani

    He dated Camila?
  12. Meowster

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    I say this as someone that loved 19 and liked 21. Genuinely so disappointed in her to try and rehash 21 like that.
  13. Archetype

    Can Prince Fashion Style be Replicated?

    David Bowie did, and legend Tilda Swinton does all of the time.
  14. DoubleRainbow!

    Halsey covers Rolling Stone

    Looking latina now
  15. bullshizzlen

    ATRL is like Reddit for the gays

    Reddit is something else
  16. Scandalous

    Lauren nominated for 2 Teen Choice Awards

    the fumes already
  17. Witnessuss

    Will Trump become president again in 2020?

    If only the Disney president or Michelle Obama would run and Democrats would get their ***** together, it will have a high probability to take America from the horrific Republicans again
  18. StandwC

    Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora - 'Ritual'

    The way this song gets better with every listen
  19. I didn't feel bad. I also didn't nominate any Aquaria looks. Fight me.
  20. KillingYourCareer

    France's Top 5 Albums Of The Century: Adele's 21 #2 1.8 mil

    Mess at this having been released in October 2018
  21. GreatestLoveofAll

    Bey & Donald - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

    I mean who cares of its origin anyways, a classic is a classic at the end of the day and ppl are very cautious (for lack of a better word) about them.
  22. Genius1111

    The Amazing Race | Season 31 | BB vs Survivor vs TAR

    Rooting for Colin and Christie to win it all , and Tyler and Korey to finish 2nd. Justice will finally be served when C and C snatch the million dollars which they have won in TAR5. Having said that, I am glad to see the transformed C and C gracing our screens and making everyone realize that they have always been the most deserving of the million.
  23. Hector

    Ashley O's story inspired by Miley, Britney, Xtina, Whitney

    The way Xtina predicted Ashley O
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