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DESTINATION: WEEKEND [02 | 26 | 21] Tractor In Overdrive

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Listen!!! getting into the top 3, number 1 next?? Prisoner still in the top 10 


Due getting a cute debut… hopefully she preforms better with this song. I honestly wished it wasn't the next single… but oh well.. gotta settle with it. 

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Week 354  02 | 26 | 21


Top 25:

25. Dua Lipa- We're Good (-4) [2wks] [#21]
24. Tenille Arts- Somebody Like That (Return) [2wks] [#23]
23. Bree Runway- ATM (-1) [15wks] [#11]
22. Charlotte Lawrence- Talk You Down (-2) [6wks] [#19]

21. Miranda Lambert- Settling Down (Debut) [1wk] [#21]
20. Kings of Leon- The Bandit (-1) [6wks] [#17]
19. Conan Gray- Overdrive (Debut) [1wk] [#19]
18. RINSE- Tamaryn (Wherever I Am) (=) [3wks] [#18]
17. King Princess- Only Time... (-4) [19wks] [#01(x3)] 1 WK LEFT!!
16. Tom Grennan- Little Bit of Love (=) [3wks] [#16]
15. Pale Waves- She's My Religion (=) [10wks] [#12]

14. Martin Garrix & Tove Lo- Pressure (+3) [3wks] [#14]
13. Miley Cyrus- Prisoner (-3) [14wks] [#01(x1)]
12. Daya- Bad Girl (+2) [3wks] [#12]
11. Anna Vaus- In Bloom (+1) [4wks] [#11]


10. iris & SKAAR- voodoo voodoo (+1) [4wks] [#10]
09. Aly & AJ- Slow Dancing (-1) [12wks] [#04]
08. Weki Meki- COOL (-1) [8wks] [#05]

07. Jessie Ware- Remember Where You... (+2) [3wks] [#07]
06. ELIO- hurts 2 hate somebody (-2) [15wks] [#01(x2)]


05. Bleachers- chinatown (=) [14wks] [#01(x1)]
04. Ashnikko- Deal with It (+2) [6wks] [#04]
03. Aly & AJ- Listen!!! (=) [6wks] [#03]
02. ELIO- CHARGER (=) [5wks] [#01(x3)]

01. Pale Waves- Change (=) [15wks] [#01(x2)]




On Deck: wait... it's breathing!!


Most Played Songs:

15. Kacey M- Space Cowboy [13]
14. Sara Bareilles- Chasing the Sun [13]
13. Kacey M- Love Is a Wild Thing [14]
12. Sara Bareilles- Orpheus [14]
11. Miranda L- Way too Pretty for... [14]
10. Sara B- Gonna Get Over You [14]
09. Shania T- Man! I Feel Like... [14]
08. Shania T- From This Moment On [15]
07. Tracy Chapman- Fast Car [15]
06. Miranda L- How Dare You Love [15]
05. Faye Webster- Hurts Me Too [15]
04. Kacey Musgraves- Happy & Sad [15]
03. Sara Bareilles- Gravity [15]
02. Tracy C- Baby Can I Hold You [15]
01. Kacey M- Oh, What a World [17]


Most Played Artists:

05. Faye Webster [50]
04. Shania Twain [84]
03. Miranda Lambert [84]
02. Sara Bareilles [109]
01. Kacey Musgraves [126]


Album of the Week:

Kacey Musgraves 'Golden Hour' [x3]

Runner-Up | Sara Bareilles 'The Blessed Unrest'

a283f01505d17985ba95f5a043836e39.1000x1000x1.jpg  8ad01bf0ff4eb8420c7c8ecd4e3ce737.1000x1000x1.jpg

8ad01bf0ff4eb8420c7c8ecd4e3ce737.1000x1000x1.jpg  083b483cb6842cb928afffd2376c79ef.webp#083b483cb6842cb928afffd2376c79ef


FUN FACT: This is the 3rd time 'Golden Hour' has gotten AOTW near the start of the year (1/18/19, 1/31/20, 2/26/21.)


Most Played Songs (Continued):
21. Miranda Lambert- Locomotive [13]
20. Shania Twain- I'm Gonna Getcha Good! [13]
19. Shania Twain- Ka-Ching! [13]
18. Miranda Lambert- Mess with My Head [13]
17. Kacey Musgraves- Merry Go 'Round [13]
16. Faye Webster- Jonny [13]





25. Ruel- too many feelings [1wk] [#25]
24. Fickle Friends- Million [13wks] [#01(x1)]
23. The Weeknd- Save Your Tears [4wks] [#19]


Baby Queen "Raw Thoughts" [60%]
Chloe x Halle "Ungodly Hour" [100%]
Florrie "Hours" [65%]
Isaac Dunbar "fan behavior" [80%]
Nick Jonas "Spaceman" [55%]
Valley "Like 1999" [35%]



On 2/20/2021 at 10:49 PM, TayDine1989 said:

We're Good is okay but i think it's a slow burn song so maybe it's too early to judge

I had the chorus stuck in my head last night :fan: The song is good but it just doesn't hit me as hard as it probably should

On 2/21/2021 at 2:00 PM, Mr. Loco said:

Prisoner & Save your tears stable enough :gaycat5:

Well, about that... :mandown:

On 2/23/2021 at 3:08 PM, Green said:

That Kind of Woman is good too

Definitely the best from that rerelease :sats: That Kind of Woman >> If It Ain't Me >> We're Good > Fever >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Not My Problem

On 2/23/2021 at 9:59 PM, Pinkoverblue said:

Listen!!! getting into the top 3, number 1 next??


Due getting a cute debut… hopefully she preforms better with this song. I honestly wished it wasn't the next single… but oh well.. gotta settle with it. 

I don't think they'll be able to go past #3, unfortunately :frown:


Well it's already doing better than Fever, which didn't manage to chart :gaycat3: But overall it will be gone soon due to the chart being very competitive as usual. There were better single choices for sure, both on the rerelease and main album.

21 hours ago, Kevin2803 said:

Charger finally debuts on my countdown this week :oh:

Ayyy :sats: But I assume it's just because of the Charli remix :keir: Which was cute but I prefer the original, I wasn't really feeling Charli's robotic vocals when she was harmonizing.


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Save your tears out already :noparty:

prisoner & We're good falling :noparty:

Man! I feel like a woman is such a classic and a bop :clap3:

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Sara and Shania slaying the most played :clap3:

Overdrive is a bop

I don't really check for Miranda but her stuff is always pretty good when I hear it. I probably like Mama's Broken Heart or Over You the most overall.

Change actually got the #1 :eek: great for them :clap3:

I thought I wouldn't listen to RWYA that much as a single but surprisingly I still do. I hope it goes top 5 here

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